June 28, 2011

Pezzotta received death threats

Record-championship River Plate from Buenos Aires dismounted last weekend from the Primera Division. After that, the supporters who could hardly believe their eyes razed the stadium and its environment to the ground.
In the first leg of this play-off match against Belgrano Córdoba River Plate lost 0-2, in the second leg, there was still a bit hope as they led with 1-0. However, in the 61st minute, Córdoba could equalize. At this point, some strange odds happened: The referee, Sergio Pezzotta, awarded a dubios penalty in the 69th minute for River Plate which was missed by the striker.
The background? After the match, Pezzotta told a Tribunal of AFA that he was threatened to death by River Plate supporters during the half-time. He mentioned that they said "We will kill. A penalty kick or we will kill you". Pezzotta is under police protection to date.
44 seconds before the final whistle, Pezzotta abandoned the match due to a lack of safety when supporters stormed the field.
The question which naturally comes up is: is Pezzotta able to appear at Copa America which is held in Argentina? But of course, this is not the major question...


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