July 15, 2011

Copa América Referee Appointments Quarterfinals

CONMEBOL has published the referee designations for matches 19-22 (Quarterfinals).
The `clásico del Rio de la Plata` between Uruguay and Argentina will be officiated by Carlos Amarilla, this appointment is no real surprise as the experienced Paraguayan often got the biggest matches although only one person seems to be convinced by his doubtful perfomance in his first match, and that is Carlos Alarcón.

QF1, M19, 16/07/2011, 16:00 lt, Córdoba 
La tarjeta amarilla en persona.....Carlos AMARILLA (PAR)
Colombia vs. Peru
Referee Francisco Chacón (MEX, mark 7,5)
Assistant Referee 1 Leonel Leal (CRC)
Assistant Referee 2 Francisco Mondria (CHI)

4th Official Walter Quesada (CRC)

QF2, M20, 16/07/2011, 19:15 lt, Sante Fe 
Argentina vs. Uruguay
Referee Carlos Amarilla (PAR, mark 5,5)
Assistant Referee 1 Nicolás Yegros (PAR)
Assistant Referee 2 Luis Sánchez (VEN)

4th Official Juan Soto (VEN)

QF3, M21, 17/07/2011, 16:00 lt, La Plata 
Brazil vs. Paraguay
Referee Sergio Pezzotta (ARG, mark 7,0)
Assistant Referee 1 Ricardo Casas (ARG)
Assistant Referee 2 Efraín Castro (BOL)
4th Official Raúl Orosco (BOL)

QF4, M22, 17/07/2011, 19:15 lt, San Juan 
Chile vs. Venezuela
Referee Carlos Vera (ECU, mark 6,8)
Assistant Referee 1 Luis Alvarado (ECU)
Assistant Referee 2 Luis Abadie (PER)
4th Official Victor Rivera (PER)

As the semi-finals will contain the matches between Winner of QF1 vs Winner of QF2 and Winner QF3 vs. Winner of QF4, I would leave Silvera, Roldan, Fagundes and Osses in the pool for the last insets.


  1. Any idea why the Mexican AR Torrentera was not appointed along with Chacon?

  2. Yes.
    In his first three matches, he did well.
    But in the last one (Paraguay-Venezuela), there is was 3-1 until the 89' minute.
    Then watch this video (4:40): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=beOPBJnCcBM&feature=related

    A clear offside not seen by him which led to the 3-2 and only two minutes later, Venezuela could equalize. The result? Well, Paraguay must play now against Brazil and Venezuela against Chile. Therefore it was not even a match decisive mistake but a tournament influencing as well.


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