July 14, 2011

Kari Seitz with 3rd place match

Kari SEITZ (USA) with 3rd place match
According to her blog, Kari Seitz has been appointed to referee Saturday's 3rd place match between Sweden and France in Sinsheim.
She said on her blog:
"My dream since I set my sights on becoming a FIFA referee back in 1994 and I couldn't be happier to share the experience with my amazing USA referee crew Veronica & Marlene."

M31, Sinsheim, 16/07/2011, 17:30
Sweden vs France
Referee Kari Seitz (USA)
Assistant Referee 1 Marlene Duffy (USA)
Assistant Referee 2 Veronica Perez (USA)
4th Official Quetzalli Alvarado (MEX)
Reserve Assistant Referee Mariana Corbo (URU)

A match report can be found here.


  1. No real surprise, however, the big error seems to have no real consequence..

  2. Do not forget who is the boss of the FIFA Women's Refereeing:) Since she got that job, CONCACAF female referees got more and better appointments than ever!

    With A CONCACAF referee in the third place match, I expect an European referee in the final.

  3. AssistantRef14/7/11 22:22

    A great satisfaction for the only referee (male or female) who has participated in 4 World Championship

  4. Congratulations to Seitz!

  5. Well, Mrs Denoncourt may have this certain influence in it. But they all did well: Seitz, Alvarado and especially Chenard.

  6. I asked Kari Seitz in her blog about the other two officials: Quetzalli Alvarado will be the Fourth Official, Mariana Corbo the Reserve Assistant Referee.

  7. In your first post above, you said "the big error seems to have no real consequence", so I just gave you the explanation for that:) Other than that, the CONCACAF refs did very well.
    By the way, Mrs. Denoncourt is actually Ms. Denoncourt:)

  8. Of course I will explain it: She oversaw a clear foul made by Marta ahead the 1-0. Without this goal, Brazil would have had (probably) more problems with Norway.


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