July 9, 2011

Match preview: Germany vs. Japan

Germany celebrating their victory against France last Tuesday
This evening, Germany will face Japan in quarterfinals of FIFA Women World Cup 2011. The host has still hopes that the Asian team is just one hurdle on their way into the final. Nonetheless, Japan managed to convince with good perfomances and good results against Mexico and New Zealand although England put them in their place.
Japan's plan was to meet Germany first in a possible final, however, they had to win against England to fulfil this plan. As they did not win, they have now the chance to spring a surprise by kicking out the host, or to pack bags and leave the tournament.

Japan showed in their first two matches that they are capable to play in a technical adept way, their big problem is that they did not show that they are able to fight for every ball; England knew that and exploited that. Therefore, the Germany have to interrupt the Japanese play, they have to be superior to them with regard to ball possession. If they manage that, the victory will not be in danger.

The match will be seen by approximately 18 million people in Germany, that means that (theoretically) every fourth German will watch the match.

Looking at the statistics - meetings at international tournaments:

World Cups:
1995 in Sweden.........group stage: Germany vs. Japan 1-0
2003 in the U.S..........group stage: Germany vs. Japan 3-0
2007 in China............group stage: Germany vs. Japan 2-0

Olympic Games:
1996 in Atlanta (USA).....group stage: Germany vs. Japan 3-2
2008 in Beijing (CHN)....3rd place: Germany vs. Japan 2-0

A closer look: Quetzalli Alvarado

Quetzalli Alvarado with the host's quarterfinal
The match will be refereed by the Mexican Quetzalli Alvarado, who could convince in her first match between Norway and Equatorialguinea. She will be - again - accompanied by her country(wo)men Rita Muñoz and Mayte Chavez. Carolanne Chenard from Canada will function as Fourth Official, Veronica Perez from the United States is the Reserve Assistant Referee.

Alvarado, international since 2004, participated in the U17 World Cups in New Zealand in 2008 and in Trinidad & Tobago and now in Germany 2011.  In Trinidad & Tobago, she whistled a quarterfinal where Germany was defeated by Korea PRK.

Rita Muñoz (MEX)
Rita Muñoz, international since 2002, participated in the Women's World Cup held in China in 2007 and the following Olympic Games as well. She was the first assistant referee in China's 2007 final between Germany and Brazil (2-0) at Tammy Ogston's side.

Mayte Chavez also serves as an assistant, is FIFA referee since 2004 and its most important achievements are the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, the FIFA U-17 World Cup in New Zealand in 2008, the U-20 World Cup in Germany in 2010 and the U-17 World Cup in Trinidad & Tobago in 2010 and now in the Women's World Cup Germany 2011.

Overview: The full appointment (match graphic by FIFA.com)

                                                                     0-1 a.e.t.
Volkswagen Arena in Wolfsburg


  1. Come on ladies! Show what you can!

    Who do you think will be the final referee?
    As Dagmar Damková will end her career after the tournament in order to become member in UEFA Referee Comitee, she has a chance to my mind.
    The extended pool for the final might be (just a prediction): Heikkinen, Damkova, Fukano and Chenard.

  2. finally this German disaster had its logical consequence...

  3. Josh R (jbfpack)10/7/11 06:20

    I see Damkova getting the Third-Place maatch and Heikkinen with the Final.

  4. yes, the might be. My hope is:
    JPN-SWE (probably): Alvarez (ARG)
    BRA-FRA (probably): Chenard (CAN)

    SWE-FRA (probably): Damkova (CZE)

    BRA-JPN (probably): Steinhaus/Heikkinen (FIN)

  5. AssistantRef10/7/11 12:00

    I think so.
    If Damkova will referee the Final, she would make "Grand Slam" finals in major tournaments: the Olympic Games, World Championships, European Championships and Champions League. First of all (men and women) in the world

  6. yes, that's right. the question is whether Sweden goes through into the final. If yes, I think no European referee has a chance because FIFA prefers in those days the principle that the officials must come from another confederation than the teams. only if there is a duel UEFA vs. UEFA, then we might see a UEFA official (Webb in final NED-ESP, Heikkinen in GER-FRA)


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