July 10, 2011

Our very first prospective list of referees for WC 2014

Carlos Salcedo (Arbitro Internacional) and I created a very first prospective list of referees which we expect to have chances for the next FIFA World Cup 2014 in Brazil.
This list includes our impression we have received during the u17 World Cup 2011. In general, this list contains possible names with regard to their positions in their confederations (e.g. the UEFA categories).


There are several names which were difficult to put in - or out. Our decision for Clattenburg and against Atkinson is based on - not more but not less either - politics. In our opinion, FIFA prefers Clattenburg. The same counts for other duels. We will update the list after the u20 World Cup when we will have got new impressions of referees like William Collum, Dong Jin Kim or Noumandiez Doue (just to name some of them).
What do you think of the names? Is someone missing who must appear?


  1. AssistantRef10/7/11 18:24

    I would add Ben Williams from Australia and Walter Quesada from Costa Rica.
    About European group: I think that Stark and Lannoy (45 years old in 2014) will give their place to Graefe and another French (Gautier? Chapron?); it's hard to review Webb (only Langenus, Eklind and Glockner refereed at a World Cup 4 years after a World Cup's final); Benquerença is in decline (19° in Portugal this season); two hungarians in the list are too many; I add an Italian referee (Tagliavento is better than Rocchi) and a Swedish (Strombergsson or Eriksson)

  2. I would probably add Benjamin Williams (AUS) - AFC, Djamel Haimoudi (ALG) - CAF, Raymond Bogle (JAM) or Enrico Wijngaarde (SUR) - CONCACAF, Martin Vasquez (URU) - CONMEBOL, Jonas Eriksson (SWE) - UEFA.
    On the other hand, I do not think that Gantar (CAN), Vad (HUN) or Cakir (TUR) have any chances.

  3. Wijngaarde is impossible as he is too old in 2014. Bogle..puuh. Did not convince me in Mexico. Williams was sent home due to partisanship in AFC Asian Cup (Kuwait-China), this referee does not deserve being on a football pitch. Carlos has more insightful views in CONMEBOL as he lives in Colombia. Vazquez is according to him more or less outdated, Ubriaco got the better matches. Moreover, Vazquez was not invited to any of the bigger tournaments. Silvera and Ubriaco are higher considered. Vad, a future referee from First Group. Perhaps no chance, but we decided pro Vad and against Strombergsson. It will be difficult to decide between Clattenburg and Atkinson.
    But thanks for your suggestions. Our impression is that CONCACAF likes Gantar a lot, therefore we put him on the list. Haimoudi might be.

  4. oh sorry, Wijngaarde is 1974, of course he can. my mistake

  5. When I proposed those names, I did not say that I like (or want) them, but, for example, there must be a candidate from Australia. Breeze is, using your words, outdated, so Williams is the only potential candidate from his country.
    Yes, Vasquez was not invited to any major tournament this year, but the same situation applies to the "big names" from other confederations as well. I believe that FIFA wanted to have a look at new names in 2011 and then prepare a list of referees that will be used for selection in 2012 and 2013.
    From the experience point of view, Vad, Strombergsson and Clattenburg are still far away, while Atkinson got some good games in Europe.
    CONCACAF may like Gantar, but he has no experience and only got one match at the Gold Cup. The North American candidate trio is Geiger (USA) - Hurd (USA), Fletcher (CAN). Canada cannot have a candidate referee as long as their national championship only has 4 teams:) Vergara is an excellent AR, but Canada only had one World Cup referee (Winsemann, born in Germany) in their entire history.
    Anyway, as far as I know, FIFA picks the candidates, not the confederations.

  6. yes. Wijngaarde seems to be more logical than Gantar. Williams might be, but if he gets a chance, it will be a joke.
    We decided to pick 52 names. therefore we had to decide: do we want Vad or Strombergsson? Chapron or Cakir?
    Yes, FIFA picks it. That is right. Marrufo may have a chance as he was there last time as well but we decided to choose geiger. but we will update the list after u20 wc with new impressions. your opinion plays a role then as well.


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