July 8, 2011

UEFA Referee Categories announced

Finally, I got a reply by UEFA which contained the referees for the categories below.
UEFA has changed its categories for the referees, so that the referees are now divided into five groups: Elite, Elite Development, First, Second and Third.

The Elite Group:

BEL Frank de Bleeckere, 01.07.1966
ENG Martin Atkinson, 31.03.1971
ENG Howard Webb, 14.07.1971
ESP Alberto Undiano, 08.10.1973
ESP Carlos Velasco Carballo 16.03.1971
FRA Laurent Duhamel, 10.10.1968
FRA Stéphane Lannoy, 18.09.1969
GER Dr. Felix Brych, 03.08.1975
GER Florian Meyer, 21.11.1968
GER Wolfgang Stark, 20.11.1969
HUN Viktor Kassai, 10.09.1975
ITA Nicola Rizzoli, 05.10.1971
Cuneyt CAKIR is now allowed to referee UEFA CL K.O. matches
ITA Gianluca Rocchi, 25.08.1973
NED Kevin Blom, 21.02.1974
NED Björn Kuipers, 28.03.1973
NOR Svein Moen, 22.01.1979
POR Olegário Benquerenca, 18.10.1969
POR Pedro Proenca, 03.11.1970
RUS Aleksey Nikolaev, 01.08.1971
SCO Craig Thomson, 20.06.1972
SUI Massimo Busacca, 06.02.1969
SVN Damir Skomina, 05.08.1976
SWE Jonas Eriksson, 28.03.1974
TUR Cuneyt Cakir, 23.11.1976 (promoted)

It is nearly the same list as the last one published in spring 2011. Martin Hansson from Sweden is leaving Elite group, Cuneyt Cakir has been promoted who is now, ahead Brych and Skomina, the 2nd-youngest referee in this pool, as Moen is even three years younger.

The Elite Development group: (once Premier Development)

Pavel KRALOVEC may now referee CL matches
AUT Thomas Einwaller, 25.04.1977
AUT Robert Schorgenhofer, 21.02.1973
BEL Serge Gumienny, 14.04.1972
CZE Pavel Kralovec, 16.08.1977(promoted)
ENG Mark Clattenburg, 13.03.1975
FRA Tony Chapron, 23.04.1972
GER Manuel Gräfe, 21.09.1973
IRL Alan Kelly, 09.04.1975
ITA Paolo Tagliavento, 19.09.1972
SCO William Collum, 18.01.1979
SWE Johannesson Stefan, 22.11.1971

Pavel Balaj and Bruno Paixao are missing in the Elite Development, presumably, they have been demoted to First category.
A full list of names can be downloaded here and found as well on the download site.


  1. To my mind, Hansson's demotion is the logical consequence of everything we have seen from him the last two years.
    Well, do not understand why Johannesson is still ahead Strombergsson, moreover, it is slightly odd that Balaj is demoted. He showed two good perfomances in CL (with one error) and got no further match in EL either...for Paixao the same.

  2. Anonymous8/7/11 12:34

    It's strange that Paolo Tagliavento wasn't promoted to Elite category: he's surely better than Duhamel or Blom

  3. Indeed. Duhamel is only good for some smaller matches, I remember he got some matches last year like Braga-Partizan or something like that. I am quite sure that Tagliavento is promoted in spring 2012.

  4. AssistantRef8/7/11 14:18

    Then, Elite list is interesting because for Euro 2012 referees should be chosen only in this category (it happened in 2007)

  5. Absolutely, it will be a hard decision for UEFA who is taken to Euro 2012. Brych or Stark? Benquerenca or Proenca? Velasco or Undiano? Atkinson or Webb?
    Difficult. My predictions for Euro will be published sooner, but it would be great to know whether it will be possible that more than only one official from each country may be chosen (e.g. both, Stark AND Brych...)

  6. Anonymous8/7/11 14:50

    Great that you provide the Lists. When will you publish the full document. I am interested in the smaller Categories. As to the Elite list, Hansson Demotion was natural. IMO Tagliavento and Schorgenhofer will be promoted at December. I am very surprised with Einwaller's stay because he didn't had any UEFA or FIFA match from January.

  7. Yes, I wondered as well why Einwaller is still there. He got one CL match last year, ok, but that was Kobenhavn-Rubin, nothing too amazing.
    At the moment, I am typing in all the names (about 250 or something like that) into a Word doc. which I expect to publish as pdf document perhaps in two or three hours..

  8. Anonymous8/7/11 15:10

    Well good luck with typing.

  9. Anonymous8/7/11 15:11

    Paixao being demoted is an obvious consequence of the poor performances both in europe and at home games. But I was expecting some changes in the lists, they were very conservative this time. About the EURO12 i believe they can be all in Ukr/Pol. Because if this tournment will have 6 officials per match uefa will need more man power to do that.lol, Not all the 25 but some 18 can be there (some will probably serve as 4th/5/6 officials only).

  10. AssistantRef8/7/11 15:23

    For Euro 2012 I think that each referee team (1 referee, 2 assistant referees and 2 additional referees) will come from the same Federation.
    Then i think there will be 4 or 6 reserve officials.

  11. thanks.
    Ah of course, I forgot that those additional assistant referees are in 2012 as well. A joke to my mind...But then Brych is in Ukraine/Poland for sure.

  12. Anonymous8/7/11 15:42

    I agree with that. Brych and Rizzoli can be sure.

  13. the list: http://www.2shared.com/document/uFQ1jujc/UEFA_referee_list.html

  14. Anonymous8/7/11 20:32


    thank you for all these lists!
    I have a question...what is your opinion about the relegation of Tudor? Good matches in EL, good marks...but still not in Development...

  15. AssistantRef8/7/11 21:04

    Waiting for Niclas' opinion, I think that Tudor lost right chance years ago, when he was a considered young referee with designations for World Cup U17 in 2001 and Euro U21 in 2004: in this tournament he didn't behave very well and it stopped his growth. When he recovered, he was too old

  16. Anonymous8/7/11 21:15

    Thank you , assistantref

    waiting also for niclas' opinion!

    Where are you from, assist ref?

  17. AssistantRef8/7/11 21:46

    I'm Italian

  18. sorry that you had to wait so much, but at this time, I was offline til this morning :D
    Well, Tudor's case is difficult indeed.
    I saw him first time in U21 Euro as well but live as I visited a match which was refereed by Tudor, I think it was Belarus-Serbia in Oberhausen. I agree, he did not perform well.
    After that there were many, really many good perfomances. I saw him live again in Euro League when Schalke met Manchester City. He had a good evening, then, a few weeks later, I saw him on TV in Saint Etienne-Werder Bremen and he did not convince me. I think Tudor is what you may call a surprise bag. You never know how he will perform, one day it is brilliant, the other day it is not that convincing.
    He is 40 years old know, reasonable that UEFA does not put him into Elite development. I think he refereed one CL match in Barcelona, against Basel I mean..
    The real surprise is to my mind the demotion of Pavel Cristian Balaj. He was not appointed often last season, one big error in the KOB-BAR match, but then he got no chance to show what he can.

  19. I forgot something: why is Johannesson in Elite Development?? I see no reason for this.

  20. AssistantRef9/7/11 12:07

    I agree about Johannesson: it' strange because he had no games in the 2nd half of the season (except for a match in June), he is no longer young, and the countryman Strombergsson showed to be in better form.
    About Balaj: in Copenaghen-Barcelona he had a very poor game and Collina doesnt't forgive this.

  21. Apart from the mistake that he did not send Victor Valdes off, the perfomance was ok, but ok. When Collina was the referee observer, it is not really an advantage ;)
    but if one bad perfomance leads to a demotion, then we would not see Undiano again on the pitch because latter had bad perfomances in a certain regularity. But Mr Angel Llona seems not to recognize that, but why? :D what a random, Undiano comes from Spain...

  22. AssistantRef9/7/11 13:12

    I remember a bad performarce of Balaj (observer was Norwegian Pedersen): apart Valdes' episode (very heavy), I think there was a penalty for a clear foul against Villa.
    Whatever, that match was a great chance(perhaps last chance) for Balaj's growth (he wasn't not longer young) and I think he failed.
    Undiano has more experience and he is continually tested in a very strong league like Liga, where he's one of the best.
    It's more justified when he makes a mistake; whatever, also Undiano was punished, because the countryman Velasco Carballo is now more considered than him.

  23. Although I do not really understand why UEFA was THAT convinced by Velasco. Of course, he did well in his CL matches, but I was pretty surprised when he was appointed for Schalke-ManU and later the EL final. If you remember Cantalejo and Mejuto Gonzalez, both were much better than Velasco and Undiano.
    I would be very interested in the mark Jaap Uilenberg gave Stark for el clásico. Some say he did very well (like me) and some say he did not well...we will probably see how UEFA recognized this perfomance with regard to coming appointments.

  24. AssistantRef9/7/11 13:43

    I agree: Medina Cantalejo (expecially for me) and Mejuto Gonzalez were better than Velasco anda Undiano (of less personality)

  25. you have got the point. These referees, Cantalejo, Rosetti, Michel, Merk, Frisk....they all had personality and they were allowed to SHOW this personality. Remember Collina when he founded a new rule by sending off a substitute player. Or Busacca showing the middle finger..we will never see that by Kassai, will we? Thank Godness, we have a few of them, perhaps still de Bleeckere, but Rizzoli? Kassai? No...
    As Italian you certainly remember one of the best referees of the world, Byron Moreno, (:D:D:D). This odd guy had personality (and when you follow the news he still has it..) but was incapable to referee a match in an adequate way. It is a mixture of both, but sometimes I get slightly bored by the referees we have...

  26. AssistantRef9/7/11 19:25

    Also your countryman Felix Brych is a referee who would be been very well between great referees of the past, like Collina, Merk or Meier (apart, obviously, other Italians like Rizzoli, but my opinion is partisan about them)

  27. Rizzoli and Brych are to my mind the best referees we have, ok, Kassai as well.


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