August 14, 2011

CL Play-Offs 1st legs: Referee Appointments

UEFA has published the match officials for the first legs of CL Play-Offs. These are the appointments:


16/08/2011, 20:45, Emirates Stadium, London
Arsenal FC vs Udinese Calcio
Referee Kevin BLOM (NED)
Assistant Referee 1 Nicky SIEBERT(NED)
Assistant Referee 2 Patrick LANGKAMP(NED)
Additional Assistant Referee 1 Reinold WIEDEMEIJER(NED)
Additional Assistant Referee 2 Tom van SICHEM(NED)
4th Official Danny Desmond MAKKELIE(NED)
UEFA Referee Observer Wilfried HEITMANN (GER)

16/08/2011, 20:45, Parken, Kobenhavn

Kobenhavn vs Plzen
Referee Martin ATKINSON (ENG)
Assistant Referee 1 Michael MULLARKEY (ENG)
Assistant Referee 2 Peter KIRKUP (ENG)
Additional Assistant Referee 1 Anthony TAYLOR (ENG)
Additional Assistant Referee 2 Kevin FRIEND (ENG)
4th Official Michael JONES (ENG)
UEFA Referee Observer Nikolay LEVNIKOV (RUS)

16/08/2011, 20:45, Stade de Gerland, Lyon

Olympique Lyonnais vs Rubin Kazan
Referee Gianluca ROCCHI(ITA)
Assistant Referee 1 Elenito DI LIBERTATORE (ITA)
Assistant Referee 2 Nicola NICOLETTI (ITA)
Additional Assistant Referee 1 Paolo Silvio MAZZEOLENI (ITA)
Additional Assistant Referee 2 Paolo VALERI (ITA)
4th Official Andrea GERVASONI (ITA)
UEFA Referee Observer Francesco BIANCHI (SUI)

16/08/2011, 20:45, Twente Stadium, Enschede

Twente vs Benfica
Assistant Referee 1 Fermin MARTINEZ IBAÑES (ESP)
Assistant Referee 2 Juan Carlos JUSTE JIMÉNEZ (ESP)
Additional Assistant Referee 1 Carlos CLOS GÓMEZ (ESP)
Additional Assistant Referee 2 Cesar MUÑIZ FERNANDEZ (ESP)
4th Official  José Luis PARADAS ROMERO (ESP)
UEFA Referee Observer Rodger GIFFORD(WAL)

16/08/2011, 20:45, Haradski Stadium, Borisov

BATE vs Sturm Graz

Referee Svein Oddvar MOEN (NOR)
Assistant Referee 1 Dag-Robert NEBBEN (NOR)
Assistant Referee 2 Kim Thomas HAGLUND (NOR)
Additional Assistant Referee 1 Espen BERTSEN (NOR)
Additional Assistant Referee 2 Brage SANTMOEN (NOR)
4th Official  Svein-Erik EDVARTSEN (NOR)
UEFA Referee Observer Christakis SKAPOULLIS (CYP)


17/08/2011, 20:45, Allianz Arena, Munich

Bayern München vs Zurich

Referee  Alexei NIKOLAEV (RUS)
Assistant Referee 1 Anton AVERIANOV (RUS)
Assistant Referee 2 Tikhon KALUGIN (RUS)
Additional Assistant Referee 1 Stanislav SUKHINA (RUS)
Additional Assistant Referee 2 Vladimir KAZMENKO (RUS)
4th Official  Maksim LAYUSHIKIN (RUS)
UEFA Referee Observer James MCCLUSKEY(SCO)

17/08/2011, 20:45, Maksimir, Zagreb

Dinamo Zagreb vs Malmö FF

Referee  Pedro PROENCA (POR)
Assistant Referee 1 Tiago TRIGO (POR)
Assistant Referee 2 Ricardo SANTOS (POR)
Additional Assistant Referee 1 Joao CAPELA (POR)
Additional Assistant Referee 2 Joao FERREIRA (POR)
4th Official  Hugo MIGUEL (POR)
UEFA Referee Observer Patrick KELLY(IRL)

17/08/2011, 20:45, TRE-FOR Park, Odense

Odense BK vs Villarreal CF

Referee  Damir SKOMINA (SLV)
Assistant Referee 1 Primoz ARHAR (SLV)
Assistant Referee 2 Marko STANCIN (SLV)
Additional Assistant Referee 1 Roberto PONIS (SLV)
Additional Assistant Referee 2 Dragoslav PERIC (SLV)
4th Official  Slavko VINICIC (SLV)
UEFA Referee Observer Jozef MARKO (SVK)

17/08/2011, 20:45, Henryk-Reyman-Stadium, Krakow

Wisla Krakow vs APOEL

Referee  Stéphane LANNOY (FRA)
Assistant Referee 1 Erick DANSUALT (FRA)
Assistant Referee 2 Fédéric CANO (FRA)
Additional Assistant Referee 1 Oliver THUAL (FRA)
Additional Assistant Referee 2 Ruddy BUQUET (FRA)
4th Official  Hervé PICCIRILLO (FRA)
UEFA Referee Observer rene H.J. TEMMINK (NED)

17/08/2011, 20:45, Kieryat Eliezer Stadium, Haifa

Maccabi Haifa vs KRC Genk

Referee  Wolfgang STARK (GER)
Assistant Referee 1 Jan-Hendrik SLAVER (GER)
Assistant Referee 2 Mike PICKEL (GER)
Additional Assistant Referee 1 Peter SIPPEL (GER)
Additional Assistant Referee 2 Christian DINGERT (GER)
4th Official  Guido WINKMANN (GER)
UEFA Referee Observer Dragutin Kario POLJAK (CRO)


  1. Josh R (jbfpack)17/8/11 21:08

    It's not making any sense to me why the AARs are positioned on the same side of the field as the ARs...just wondering if you might know the reason?

  2. Anonymous18/8/11 00:41

    I know because I saw conclusions that IFAB made in March this year. Official explanation: they want old way of referee moving on the field.


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