August 31, 2011

My prospective list for WC 2014

As the list will be published by FIFA in a few weeks, here is my final prospective list of referees joining FIFA World Cup 2014 in Brazil.
My prospective list contains my opinion combined with what I think FIFA thinks ..
> Prospective List


  1. Anonymous3/9/11 13:34

    Hi Niclas!

    What about the possibility that UEFA will preselect referees from 20 DIFFERENT countries as it did four years ago when the first shortlist for the WC 2010 comprised the following candidates:

    Olegario Manuel Bartolo F. Benquerenca, Portugal
    Ivan Bebek, Croatia
    Massimo Busacca, Switzerland
    Frank De Bleeckere, Belgium
    Thomas Einwaller, Austria
    Grzegorz Gilewski, Poland
    Martin Hansson, Sweden
    Viktor Kassai, Hungary
    Stephane Lannoy, France
    Claus Bo Larsen, Denmark
    Manuel Enrique Mejuto Gonzalez, Spain
    Lubos Michel, Slovakia
    Roberto Rosetti, Italy
    Damir Skomina, Slovenia
    Wolfgang Stark, Germany
    Craig Thomson, Scotland
    Kyros Vassaras, Greece
    Pieter Vink, Netherlands
    Howard Melton Webb, England
    Tom Henning Övrebö, Norway

    If so, the shortlist for the WC 2014 would have to contain the countries of ALL eligible current elite and elite development referees (AUT, BEL, CZE, ENG, ESP, FRA, GER, HUN, IRL, ITA, NED, NOR, POR, RUS, SCO, SVN, SWE, TUR) plus two further from Category First.

    Kind regards from Vienna,

  2. Well, that could certainly be.
    But we have to ask ourselves why FIFA preselected those names coming from different countries.
    Today, we have three countries which contain six top referees: Germany, Spain and Portugal (Brych, Stark, Undiano, Velasco, Benquerenca, Proenca). But where were the alternatives in 2008? There was only Undiano as Mejuto was too old (but ok, Mejuto was a special case). Portugal only had Benquerenca, Germany only had Stark at this time. So the choice of FIFA was rather following the perfomance principle and not the politics-principle. Today we have some top referees coming from different countries (Kassai, Moen, Cakir..) but no-one from Slovakia, no one from Denmark, no one from Poland, no one from Belgium and no one from Switzerland (I know Gumienny and Studer are developing, but they are not ready at the moment).

    If FIFA does not take Brych, Proenca and Velasco on the list, they are simply stupid.

  3. Hey Niclas, I want to report Hester retirement:

  4. Yes thanks, I wrote an article on the main page a few minutes ago ;)

  5. Anonymous1/11/11 06:15

    It seems that FIFA already compiled the list. Can anyone get it?

  6. We already have it, but give us time please.

  7. Anonymous1/11/11 19:32

    The list that you have is the official list compiled by FIFA or just names put together by you and Carlos? Apparently, FIFA denied making such a list...

  8. Natej liście nazwiska które są już w elite ich niema. Jakoże Rosjanin Nikołajev podobnie jak Austyjacy Einwaller i Schorgenhofer czy Szwed Strombergsson już ich oficjalnie niema. Eniwaller i Strombergsson oraz Nowozelandczyk Hester zakończyli kariery na międzynarodowej arenie, zaś Austryjak-Schorgenhofer i Rosjanin-Nikołajev wypadli z grupy ELITE(RUSEK)i ELITE-DEVENPOLERT(AUSTRYJAK)


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