August 29, 2011

Wolfgang Stark again with heavy work

As usual, the German referee head Herbert Fandel had some special announcements for the new Bundesliga season concerning issues in and off the pitch. He told the German tabloid "Bild" a few weeks ago:

"It is out of the question that coaches are madly jumping. There were some cases at the sideline which will not be possible anymore." (excerpt: Bild, 3rd August 2011)

Jürgen Klopp and Stefan Trautmann...
In the last year's first half of the season, Jürgen Klopp - coach of the champions Dortmund - clashed with the Fourth Official Stefan Trautmann (photo r.) in the match between Dortmund and Hamburg after the main referee Deniz Aytekin did not give free-kick to Dortmund after an obvious foul. In the 2nd leg between those two teams, Klopp turned in a freaky cheers-sprint after his team equalized in the very last minute. For both scenes, he received a punishment (10.000 €).
Moreover, several coaches attacked referees in after-match-interviews so that Fandel seemed to have felt compelled to urge the 18 Bundesliga coaches and their assistants to avoid that.

"..there were some cases at the sideline which will not be possible anymore.", really Mr Fandel?

Last Saturday, the first top clash of the recently started Bundesliga season was held when Leverkusen met Dortmund; correspondent to the importance of this match, DFB appointed the German WC 2010 trio for this match: Wolfgang Stark, Jan-Hendrik Salver and Mike Pickel while Bundesliga referee Markus Schmidt functioned as Fourth Official. 
And again, Klopp showed a behaviour that cannot be accepted by the referee; this time, he blamed Stark for a straight red card given to the German "Super-Mario" Götze. This time, Klopp even shouted at the TV moderator who only wanted to get to know his opinion on this dismission (one could really feel sorry with the helpless Sky-reporter..). In his interview, he then attacked Stark and stated that his perfomance "was no worldclass", but this was the kindest sentence in Klopp's monologue.
But what happened? A review in a nutshell:

- 45th minute: Leverkusen got the ball and had a promising counter, 3 against 3. What did Stark do? He whistled for half-time. A "by-the-book" decision without any sensitivity; he then cautioned Renato Augusto for kicking the ball away (just to let out steam...).
- 62th minute: Mats Hummels (Dortmund) fouled Augusto who was on the way to the goal, a clear tactical foul, he was already booked, has to be sent off, Stark only gave free-kick
- 65th minute: Michal Kadlec (Leverkusen) was dismissed for a foul from behind, rude foul, clear red card. Stark gave a straight red, although he had already seen yellow, good to send him off with a straight red!
- 71st minute: Götze was in front of the goal, slided away and slipped with foot-up into the goalkeeper, Stark gave only yellow, too less in my opinion.
Calm but strict: Stark dismissed Super-Mario Götze
- 77th minute: Götze was fouled by Balitsch and was then dismissed for a trial of retaliation. Correct decision.
- 83rd minute: Dortmund scored the first goal after a free-kick, but Stark was on the way to the Fourth Official, the free-kick was not released by him; sent then the Dortmund assistant coach off but forgot a yellow for the early execution of the free-kick.
- 90th minute: Dortmund wants to change, three times Stark tried to allow this substitution, however, the match had too small interruptions. The player who should come in was angry about that (Kehl) and shoved the Fourth Official Schmidt who noticed everything.

Who said that Bundesliga is boring ?!

The DFB sports tribunal has banned Kadlec for three matches, at the moment, they are negotiating suspensions against Götze, Dortmund's assistant coach but perhaps Klopp and Kehl as well...
UPDATE: Kehl has been suspended for two matches. 
Mario Götze has been suspended for two matches and has to pay 10.000 €.
Wolfgang Stark has achknowledged faults in an interview..

My evaluation:
Control (25%): 7,5; Calls (25%): 7,0; Neutrality (20%): 8,0; Style (20%): 7,5; Match Difficulty (10%): 9,0 = 7,625 = well done

Watch this video here:

(Do not pay attention to the commentator, he is from BVB-Netradio ....)


  1. Anonymous29/8/11 17:21

    Agree with all situations, hard work for Stark.

    I'm worried about what is next? Players lack of respect towards the referees is increasing more and more. Here you can see the substitute player pushing the fourth official...players shouting, insulting, sorrounding the referees seems common nowadays.

    Hope Collina's comment about showing red for verbal abuse will be aplied. Only the referees can change what is happening right now, but they must be supported 100% by their own Federations, referees Committees...

    Good to read you again, Niclas.


  2. I agree..the time when the referee is the idiot should be over.
    More respect for referees must be ensured, consequently, Klopp should be banned with a hard punishment...
    Good that DFB banned Kehl for two matches.

  3. I remember a section in "Referees at work" when Rosetti, Griselli, Calcagno and Benquerenca are talking about Webb who received murder threats. Rosetti said: "It is important how they talk about us and our decisions", or something like that.
    I do not know whether you understand German, but the words the commentator used were not that kind..they should have respect, THEY have to evaluate the referees' decisions in an adequate way. How should a supporter think anything different when the commentator says: Red for Götze is wrong!!

  4. Anonymous29/8/11 19:01

    Well, sadly I don't understand german, but I could imagine what he said. You should have seen and heard what happened in Spain after the 4 "Clásicos": former spanish elite referees arguing if Pepe was correctly sent off by Stark...if the referees don't stand together...that is the result, referees vs referees. One may criticize referees decisions, but there are limits.

    I remember the converstaion between Rosetti, Griselli, Calcagno, Benquerença and Batta...quello che noi vediamo non conta, conta il commento de quello che vediamo. And that's true.


  5. right.
    Remembering El Clasico (Pepe incident)...I had my opinion these months ago and I have the same today as was a correct decision.
    You said "referees vs referees", absolutely. Check Graham Poll's blog, there is one very good article published yesterday..

  6. Just small excerpts of this nice commentator (who is a guy who deserves the word with "a" at the beginning...


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