October 13, 2011

Armenian Federation appealed to the UEFA

After their end in the UEFA Euro 2012 qualifiers, the Armenian Federation has filed an official complaint against the sending-off of the Armenian goalkeeper Beresowski. They furthermore argued the case for a punishment against the Spanish referee Eduardo Iturralde González. According to the FFA (Football Federation of Armenia), TV screens confirm that the goalkeeper was wrongly sent off. Obviously, the outcome of the match was influenced by this decision. With a win, Armenia could have reached the Euro finals.
The UEFA has not given any statement thus far.


  1. Ireland - Armenia deserved a better appointment. In my opinion, UEFA underestimated the importance of the match. In previous matches, Armenia had shown great performances, winning often with many goals.
    About Iturralde: he isn't a so bad referee overall, but sometimes he has really shocking performances. Even though so experienced and old.
    I don't think however that UEFA will do anything.
    Iturralde is at the end of his career and maybe he will take a trip to Armenia, when retired :)

  2. Iturralde hm..he showed many good international and domestic perfomances. I think the overall perfomance was just o.k., a few mistakes, but still solid. The main error in minute 26' was however based on a lack of concentration, positioning etc., see where he was on the pitch, he could not see it, Yuste did not raise his flag. Very weird call.


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