October 30, 2011

A real dilemma for players..

Yesterday, there was again one situation which was quite remarkable in Gelsenkirchen (Schalke 3-1 Hoffenheim):

Without any doubt, this goal has been scored according to the rule book. Raúl surely touched the ball with his arm or hand, only due to this contact the ball crossed the line. However, it was neither a deliberate handball, nor there was an unnatural position of the hand. Furthermore, the distance was very small.
However, referee Tobias Welz decided to consult Raúl. Obviously, he admitted that he touched the ball with his hand but without intention. Hence, Welz allowed the goal.
After the match, some players of Hoffenheim were upset and even called Raúl a liar.

To my mind, it is impossible that a referee can, must or may ask a player. The referee converts the responsibility for the decision to the player. Apart from the fact that it was a correct decision, Welz and Bartsch (AR2) must see that themselves. One could observe yesterday what happens with the reputation of a player like Raúl, even though he said the truth. What happens if a player lies like Luis Fabiano did last year in the conversation with Lannoy? So far nothing, but consulting a player unfolds as indefensible condition.


  1. It's a correct decision, but the referee was wrong, asking a player.
    What do opponents think? The player decides for himself? Really unfair. I would even prefer a heads or tails (throwing a coin to decide without any criteria) but not a player.... please...

  2. either the referee must see it himself or we need a video device, which would be only installed and used for close situations. In ice hockey, there is already such a system.

    Watch this video for that (3:55-6:20)
    of course ice hockey, in Arena Auf Schalke..

  3. 11.11.2011, 20.45, Wrocław
    Referee: Laurent Duhamel (FRA)
    Assistant referee: Mickaël Annonier (FRA)
    Assistant referee: Christophe Capelli (FRA)
    4th official: Robert Małek (POL)

    15.11.2011, 20.30, Poznań
    Referee: Hannes Kaasik (EST)
    Assistant referee: Marko Leevand (EST)
    Assistant referee: Jaanus Mutli (EST)
    4th official: Szymon Marciniak (POL)

  4. thx.
    I will have the opportunity to observe Kaasik on Wednesday in the Arena, perhaps some nice shots again.


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