November 20, 2011

UEFA Champions League, MD 5

Next, please! After Barca, Chelsea, Internazionale, Bayern and Real now to Old Trafford: Cuneyt Cakir

After yesterday, it is hard to focus on football and appointments again. I also forgot our appointments for CL, UEFA was faster, some very satisfying appointments, but also some surprising ones, we can discuss that later!

Group A,  20:45
Napoli - Manchester City
Referee Damir Skomina (SVN)
Assistant Referees Primoz Arhar, Marko Stancin (SVN)
Additional Assistant Referees Dragoslav Peric, Roberto Ponis (SVN)
4th Official Slavko Vincic (SVN)
UEFA Referee Observer Jean Lemmer (LUX)
Blog Referee Observer Chefren (ITA)

Group A,  20:45
Bayern München - Villarreal CF
Referee Markus Strömbergsson (SWE)
Assistant Referees Fredrik Nilsson, Magnus Sjöblom (SWE)
Additional Assistant Referees Daniel Stalhammar, Johan Hamlin (SWE)
4th Official Martin Hansson (SWE)
UEFA Referee Observer Jaap Uilenberg (NED)

Group B, 18:00
CSKA Moskva - Lille
Referee Pavel Kralovec (CZE)
Assistant Referees Martin Wilczek, Antonin Kordula (CZE)
Additional Assistant Referees Miroslav Zelinka, Radek Prihoda (CZE)
4th Official Libor Kovarik (CZE)
UEFA Referee Observer Francesco Bianchi (SUI)

Group B,  20:45
Trabzonspor - Internazionale
Referee Martin Atkinson (ENG)
Assistant Referees Michael Mullarkey, Peter Kirkup (ENG)
Additional Assistant Referees Stuart Attwell, Mark Clattenburg (ENG)
4th Official Andre Marriner (ENG)
UEFA Referee Observer Jozef Marko (SVK)
Blog Referee Observer Cagatay Iris (TUR)

Group C,  20:45
Manchester United - Benfica
Referee Cuneyt Cakir (TUR)
Assistant Referees Bahattin Duran, Tarik Ongun (TUR)
Additional Assistant Referees Tolga Özkalfa, Suleyman Abay (TUR)
4th Official Hüseyin Göcek (TUR)
UEFA Referee Observer Marc Batta (FRA)
Blog Referee Observer Filipe Taveira (POR)

Group C,  20:45
Otelul Galati - Basel
Referee Tom Harald Hagen (NOR)
Assistant Referees Dag-Roger Nebben, Frank Andas (NOR)
Additional Assistant Referees Espen Berntsen, Dag Vidar Hafsas (NOR)
4th Official Svein-Erik Edvartsen (NOR)
UEFA Referee Observer Rene Temmink (NED)

Group D,  20:45
Real Madrid - Dinamo Zagreb
Referee Alan Kelly (IRL)
Assistant Referees Damien Macgraith, Marc Douglas (IRL)
Additional Assistant Referees Padraigh Sutton, Tomas Connolly (IRL)
4th Official David Mckeon (IRL)
UEFA Referee Observer Oguz Sarvan (TUR)
Blog Referee Dino (CRO)

Group D,  20:45
Lyon - Ajax
Referee Jonas Eriksson (SWE)
Assistant Referees Stefan Wittberg, Mathias Klasenius (SWE)
Additional Assistant Referees Stefan Johannesson, Tobias Mattsson (SWE)
4th Official Martin Strömbergsson (SWE)
UEFA Referee Observer Alan Snoddy (NIR)
Blog Referee Observer Carlos Salcedo (COL)

Group E, 20:45
Bayer Leverkusen - Chelsea
Referee Viktor Kassai (HUN)
Assistant Referees Gábor Erös, György Ring (HUN)
Additional Assistant Referees Mihaly Fabian, Sandor Andó-Szabó (HUN)
4th Official Zsolt Szabó (HUN)
UEFA Referee Observer Hugh Dallas (SCO)
Blog Referee Observer Carlos Salcedo (COL)

Group E, 20:45
Valencia - KRC Genk
Referee Tony Chapron (FRA)
Assistant Referees Emmanuel Boisdenghien, Fredji Harchay (FRA)
Additional Assistant Referees Said Ennjimi, Clément Turpin (FRA)
4th Official Philippe Malige (FRA)
UEFA Referee Observer Christakis Skapoullis (CYP)
Blog Referee Observer TBD

Group F, 20:45
Olympique Marseille - Olympiacos
Referee Nicola Rizzoli (ITA)
Assistant Referees Andrea Stefani, Renato Faverani (ITA)
Additional Assistant Referees Gianluca Rocchi, Paolo Tagliavento (ITA)
4th Official Paolo Silvio Mazzoleni (ITA)
UEFA Referee Observer Aron Schmidhuber (GER)
Blog Referee Observer Edward A. (GRE)

For sure the last time in UCL: Frank de Bleeckere, Peter Hermans

Group F, 20:45
Arsenal - Borussia Dortmund
Referee Frank de Bleeckere (BEL)
Assistant Referees  Peter Hermans, Walter Vromans (BEL)
Additional Assistant Referees Luc Wouters, Alexendre Boucaut (BEL)
4th Official Sébastien Delferiere (BEL)
UEFA Referee Observer Charles Agius (MLT)

Group G, 18:00
Zenit - APOEL
Referee Felix Brych (GER)
Assistant Referees Thorsten Schiffner, Mark Borsch (GER)
Additional Assistant Referees Markus Wingenbach, Tobias Welz (GER)
4th Official Marco Fritz (GER)
UEFA Referee Observer Athanassios Briakos (GRE)

Group G, 20:45
Shakhtar - Porto
Referee Craig Thomson (SCO)
Assistant Referees Alasdair Ross, Derek Rose (SCO)
Additional Assistant Referees Steven McLean, Stephen O'Reilly (SCO)
4th Official Crawford Allan (SCO)
UEFA Referee Observer Kyros Vassaras (GRE)
Blog Referee Observer Cagatay Iris (TUR)

Group H, 19:00
BATE - Viktoria Plzen
Referee Kevin Blom (NED)
Assistant Referees Nicky Siebert, Patrick Langkamp (NED)
Additional Assistant Referees Danny Makkelie, Ed Janssen (NED)
4th Official Tom van Sichem (NED)
UEFA Referee Observer Rune Pedersen (NOR)
Blog Referee Observer Edward A. (GRE)

Group H, 20:45
AC Milan - FC Barcelona
Referee Wolfgang Stark (GER)
Assistant Referees Jan-Hendrik Salver, Mike Pickel (GER)
Additional Assistant Referees Peter Sippel, Christian Dingert (GER)
4th Official Peter Gagelmann (GER)
UEFA Referee Observer Vítor Melo Pereira (POR)
Blog Referee Observer Chefren (ITA)

We again need many people who can observe the matches. You can either write me a mail or write it down as comment underneath this thread ! 
You perhaps noticed that I did not finish making the pdfs. It is thus much work so that I decided to continue this work for the K.O. Round. Overall, a report is still sufficient.


  1. There are two assistant referee appointments which surprised me: Kordula (CZE) and Wittberg (SWE). Atfer his big error, I had actually expected someone else..

  2. I'm available for Real Madrid-Dinamo Zg

  3. Hello Niclas, if there aren't problems for you, I will watch Napoli - City and Damir Skomina.
    I want to register on worldreferee, as you suggested in the mail, so I will submit my report there. My nickname will be the same, Chefren.

  4. F. Taveira20/11/11 17:17

    I am available for ManUtd-Benfica.

  5. and also Milan - Barcellona on wednesay I think

  6. Yeap yeap and yeap, thanks a lot!
    Nice to welcome another WR member ;)

  7. Batta to observe Cakir. Well, THAT is an announcement which indicates that we are not so wrong concerning Cakir's status..

    I think we can surely state one thing. A referee who has Barca, Chelsea, Inter, Bayern, Real and now ManU in his only 6 CL matches, a young referee who has a 2nd leg of a EL semifinal, who joins an u20 WC and gets 5 matches including a semifinal, who has qualifiers like Portugal Norway and Sweden Netherlands and friendlies like Germany Netherlands, can this ref stay at home? No way, Cakir 100% at Euro 2012.

    The other thing is, I know that one should not "burn" talents too quickly, but he is the type of referee UEFA wants to have, like Kassai, I do not doubt that he will referee a CL final very very soon.

  8. By the way, there has been a CAF Elite Referee Fitness Test in Cairo during the last week (13-20 Nov), the only information I have is that these refs were under the participants (only referee who have joined it can participate into the CAN 2012):
    Mohamed Benouza (ALG), Djamel Haimoudi (ALG), assistant referee Abdelhak Etchiali (ALG), Daniel Bennett (RSA, he has passed the test), assistant referees Zakhele Siwela (RSA), Andrew Rezeers (RSA).

    Jerome Damon is still injured and will therefore miss the CAN 2012. Clear way for Bennett (?)

  9. Philipp: Lee Probert was the referee of Chelsea-Liverpool today instead of Martin Atkinson. Does anybody know, whether he is injured and possibly replaced for CL as well? Or is it just because there are only two days until Trabzon-Inter?

  10. Atkinson and team had to travel today (Sunday) and were therefore unavailable for the Chelsea-Liverpool game.

  11. Cakir at Euro 2012? incredibly, a colourless referee!

  12. Mazic was announced for this Matchday but he has not been appointed. Why?
    De Bleeckere last match in Champions League will be Arsenal Dortmund

  13. Good appointment for Fdb!! I counted with this match, as Milan-Barca, well, could have been as well.
    Chapron, a wonder that he is appointed. Kassai is a good appointment, Blom, as Duhamel, the demotion is a question of time.

  14. 4 questions !!:

    1. Where is William Collum?
    2. Where is István Vad?
    3. Is the Italian quintet the one which will go to Euro 2012? I think the answer is a clear 'yes'
    4. Can anyone observe other matches?

  15. I can answer to question number 3: I think so.
    For Rizzoli, this is the first appointment made in this way, and the last (he will fly to Japan) in this group stage.

    About De Bleckeere: this is for sure his last CL match, you can read it on his site.

  16. About questions 1 and 2: there are other "disappeared" referees. I still don't understand what UEFA wants to do with Nikolaev. It was enough Chelsea - Genk to judge him? And now? The next appointments?
    Some doubts are in my mind also about Undiano Mallenco absence, he got just one group stage match.

  17. Undiano got 6 matches so far in the WHOLE YEAR 2011 at all. I cannot imagine that they will take such a referee to a European tournament. Nikolaev, .. to my mind it is a clear signal that it was not enough for Euro 2012 as main ref, but probably as 4th.
    Of course, one never knows whether there are personal reasons. Perhaps there is a situation in his family which does not allow him to travel too far or something like that. We have to keep the human in mind again, it need not always be based on perfomances.

  18. UEFA's policy is not very kind again. I actually thought they would appoint Francis Andrews for the last time in CL, he will retire in 2012. But nope, actually they are still in their plans for Euro 2012, Rose participated in the u21-Euro 2009, has hence tournament experience, however, they should prefer either Cryans along with Ross or Chambers.

  19. About Question 4. I can observe Marseille - Olympiakos and the other matches via download. Blom is a big surprise. About Rizzoli it is his last match before EURO selection so it is natural.

    And another info. The observer on Felix Brych is Athanasios Briakos (GRE). Very weird observer appointment since Briakos NEVER did a CL match and was only a Cat 2 referee.

  20. 2 More observer

    Leverkusen - Chelsea: Hugh Dallas (SCO)
    Shakhtar - Porto: Kyros Vassaras (GRE)

  21. Ok, thanks.
    You are listed for OM-OLY.
    Briakos can only mean that they have seen enough from Brych, this "enough" could mean different things.
    But why to appoint Dallas for Kassai? Aren't they sure????

  22. UEFA Observer Charles Agius from Malta will have the honor to observe last De Bleeckere match.
    You could say: "A totally meaningless appointment" but we can read it also as a honor.

  23. Yes, you are right. It is funny that Listkiewicz is the Delegate in this match. A WC 1990 final assistant referee as Delegate, a guy from Malta as observer. Who is the real observer?
    No, my prediction for the other important ref-match (Blom) is Fandel. He had Duhamel in this encounter's first leg, perhaps he may have the honour to see these two great teams playing again...

  24. Lemmeer (LUX) for Skomina.
    Dallas for Kassai. Mmmhh, if Skomina and Kassai are sure names for EURO2012, something should be strange.
    However, we can discuss, but finally only UEFA knows how to act and what is the real importance of every observer appointment. We read a big name and we think there should be something, maybe isn't so..

  25. Yes, could be. But one thing is sure: First Group refs are always observed by Comitee members.

  26. Blom has Pedersen to observe him.

  27. I have a major trust on Strömbergsson. I believe he will do well in such an important game. We have closely watched him in U-s this summer. He has a style that I like very much and capability to handle it. His first game in 11/12 season is a pretty big one.

  28. Bayern-Villarreal, hmm. Bayern needs a point to qualify, Villarreal is 4th 100%. I counted with a First Group ref for this match.
    Yes, I like his calm style as well, typical of the Scandinavians.

  29. It is not a Otelul game which was dedicated to cat1 referees. Two big clubs...
    On Atkinson, If the reason for Chelsea v Liverpool withdrawal is appoitment on CLMD5, then I am totally in favor of the move. Cakir got Besiktas v Galatasaray on Sunday night, and tomorrow night another big game. Refs in this respect may have physical obstacles. UEFA should take these domestic appoitments into account.

  30. This is what makes me angry.
    FIFA/UEFA always request the best perfomances, they request that their refs are physically and mentally on a top level, but in two aspects, they leave them in the lurch:
    1. this issue, too many big matches in too less period of time

    2. no technical aids applied..pressure, responsibility, being the fool when you make a mistake, physical and mental requirements and jetlag. Oh dear, how right Eriksson is...

  31. Strömbergsson with a poor first half.
    His assistant referee 2 Sjöblom wrongly disallowed a superb goal attempt by Bayern after 100 seconds. Bayern's 2nd goal was offside (also Sjöblom) but not seen by the AR.
    Only one minute earlier, three refs (Strömbergsson, Stalhammar, Nilsson) missed a clear handball by Lahm in the penalty box, must be a penalty to Villarreal. Are three officials who have got a CL (!!) match blind?
    I just do not understand that. Referees tend to miss the most obvious penalties if it could go against the final's host.

  32. Strömbergsson is very overrated referee, who has a quality for only first class I think. He's not a material on Champions League referee, 4th official on Euro and other high-class matches. Inconsistent, too much mistakes and without control (sometimes many cards, sometimes blind).

  33. Niclas, I have some problems on worldreferee report. I wrongly wrote a paragraph without the title, so the system ended the report in the middle. I'm so sorry, I don't know how to change it.

  34. F. Taveira23/11/11 00:12

    Hi, Cakir today was very good. Just one mistake for Duran (but an understandable one) in an off-side situation.

    About Chapron... I have a tough schedule in the next days. I don't have time to watch it... sorry ;)

  35. Chefren, you can write me a mail, then we can see what went wrong, perhaps we can add it.

    Thanks for observing the matches to everyone!

    Ok Filipe, that is no problem. Perhaps, there is another guy at WR who wants to see it, if not, I can watch it via download next weekend.
    Garay's foul was to my mind dark yellow. No chance to get the ball, a bit from behind, high pace. There are referees who dismiss Garay, but of course, that would not fit with Cakir's style and line. Offside obvious, but I think only 0,5 seconds further, it was onside, therefore hard to see, furthermore, the striker was covert, Duran could not see him.

    Yes, Qudamah, you are perfectly right.
    But he showed that he has quality, yesterday, it was not good enough (at least in the first half). Report is just online.

  36. F. Taveira23/11/11 11:58

    If Cakir shows red card the match would be so hard to handle. I believe he was very smart, he didn't want to destroy a good match with a border-line red. About Duran, it's an error with influence but he did the correct, in case of doubt play on.

    And The Tom Hagen case?
    I am curious about him. second CL match and just a cat 1. Probably one of the guys that will move to development next january. If we see just appointments Hagen goes up and Mazic not...for example... I am more and more expectant with changes in the lists next month... My prediction... a lot of surprises :P

  37. Yes.
    Of course, sending a player off in the 14th minute is hard.
    I however doubt that any referee or assistant referee can defend his decision with this "in doubt for the striker". That is in this specific situation wrong, there may not be any doubt, perhaps he had his doubts, but this does not change the fact that it was a wrong decision with influence.
    Of course a difficult call.

  38. Bayern second goal was good, great decision

  39. nope, it was not. The hand does not count, as one may not score a goal with it. If a screenshot is necessary, pls let me know.

  40. in TV I had the impression that it was clearly offside, the replays which I see now indicate that it is offside, but only a few centimetres. Due to the situation one has to protect Sjöblom. I raised his mark in calls from 4 to 5. Hence, 6,0.

  41. Screenshot please

  42. Niklas I see that you don't have an observer on Hagen. Do you want to download the match and observe him? I will probably have my report ready by Friday.

  43. Missing part on worldreferee was about the third and fourth cards, always for City players. Correct decisions, but maybe for Kolarov (rough foul on Lavezzi) it was a straight red card. Skomina was far and he chose to give yellow.
    Assistants were almost good, there was maybe only a mistake, but irrelevant for the game.
    I was impressed, as already wrote, by his foul detection. Even though he missed something, deciding to whistle as little as possible, he was really consistent, and so totally neutral.
    I think he is almost ready for Euro 2012, but he has to improve some things, to become a better referee. He is really experienced but still young, so he has time to improve.
    A curious detail about the match: in first half, Skomina had problems with earphone, so he had to referee the match, communicating with assistans and fourth in another way.
    That's all.

  44. Ok. It does not matter whether it is at WR or not, it is enough when we know what you wanted to write. However, I think Skomina has already improved something: his style. In the last season, he whistled too much. He was really pedantic, especially in his QF.
    That has changed.

    Screenshot (again, we are talking about centimetres):

  45. @ Edward: yes, I have just downloaded the match and will watch it on Friday.

  46. I see that for today you got 3 matches. I can do one of your matches because I know you don't have much time.

  47. I can watch two matches for sure, Zenit-Apoel and FdB. BATE-Plzen must be a download then, if you have time and lust to see this spectacular match :D :D you can take it if you want to.

  48. or you can choose Valencia-Genk, perhaps a better match..
    it's upon you.

  49. Brych is not far away from deciding that Zenit-APOEL is abandoned. Some idiots again with bengalo fires, one cannot see one's hand in front of one's face..

  50. DRAGAN:
    Why yellow for Nesta, and not second yellow for Acquillani, who fouled Xavi for the penalty??
    Dissent? I don't believe...

  51. I confirm it was for complaints, DRAGAN.
    Bad call. Go to read my report on worldreferee.
    Sippel (it's my opinion) ruined Stark performance.

  52. I was a bit surprised when I read that.
    I agree on all other points, Chefren.
    There is a touch, we do not see in the replays whether this touch perhaps was the reason for Xavi to slip or something like that. I would have preferred no penalty, but I do not think it was a red card. Angle and Xavi not having the ball under total control contradict that, however, it must be at least yellow.

  53. by the way, do not wonder what I did in the FdB report. I blocked it, as I am allowed to do it. Gefluegel was a bit faster and wrote the report, now my standard marks 6,0 are final marks, I cannot change it anymore. The system of WR is in a way stupid.

    My marks would have been:
    Everything 9, difficulty 6 = 8,7
    Good bye Frank! A post will follow on the next weekend concentrating on FdB's career and most important matches.

  54. If you give this kind of penalty, I think you have to give many penalties in a match. Maybe 10, or more. It was just an hand on the back. Watching the replay, you should notice that Xavi was still falling down.
    Ok, if we don't want to say: "wrong penalty", we have to say at least "gift-penalty".
    But the most important mistake was the absence of any card.
    Stark had to ask it to Sippel.
    However, Niclas I was surprised by a terrific mark for Brych on the italian sports newspaper "La Gazzetta dello Sport". They gave a 4 (out of 10) to Brych for Zenit - APOEL match. They wrote that there were at least 3 possible penalties for home team. I haven't watched the match, tell me if they are wrong or Brych had a terrible day.

  55. This is a big joke. There were two situations (not three) where Zenit claimed a penalty:

    1. was a handball of an APOEL player, but it was not deliberate, Zenit protested for a short time, then stopped, they knew he was right.
    2. the second situation was indeed a bit closer.
    Perhaps you can watch a youtube video, perhaps there it is shown.
    I asked this question in the report as well (which I have published a couple of minutes ago): what shall a referee do when a defender's and a striker's paths cross? No intention, just being there may lead to a penalty? I do not think so, but probably, APOEL would not have protested much when he would have given it. It was certainly possible, but not necessary.

    What do you think, did Stark only pointed on the spot because of Sippel? Could be possible, Sippel is by far the weakest referee in Bundesliga at the moment. It was however not just a "hand on the shoulder", he pulled his opponent's arm for a few moments (perhaps 0,X seconds), sometimes it is enough. Ok, we can call it a gift. It is the same as for Portugal-Bosnia where there was another penalty situation. Always this "no mistake, but not 100% correct", actually it may not exist..

  56. I understand. There are always different points of view.
    Nesta got a card because he went to do complaints against Sippel. If Stark was sure of this penalty, I really don't see any reason to give it without a card.

  57. I understand, however there are different points of view.

    Nesta received a yellow card, because he went to complain about the penalty in front of Sippel. My opinion is: if Stark was sure, giving the penalty, why he didn't give any card? I'd like to understand the reason!

  58. That is definitely a wrong decision, a yellow card is a must IMO.

  59. I think, it's also possible, that Stark mixed up Nesta and Aquilani (they don't look very different...) and therefore booked Nesta for the foul. Of course, that would be an even bigger mistake of the referee team.

  60. Rizzoli with problems at Marseille and Blom good but not enough IMO.

    Reports to follow at WR.

  61. This comment has been removed by the author.

  62. Rizzoli is very busy and maybe with a bit of stress, before FIFA CLUB WORLD CUP, last saturday he refereed Napoli-Lazio with a big mistake by Nicola Nicoletti, two days ago he was in Marseille, and on sunday he will referee Cesena-Genoa, his last match in serie A before leaving for Japan.
    Sometimes is a bad choice, to appoint a referee just because he will be unavailable in the next times.

  63. Rizzoli's Marks

    Calls: 4
    Control: 7
    Style: 9
    Neutrality: 6
    Match Diff: 5

    Final Mark: 5.90

  64. Blom's Marks

    Calls: 6
    Control: 7
    Style: 7
    Neutrality: 7
    Match Diff: 5

    Final Mark: 6.25

  65. Thanks a lot Edward. I only saw Faverani's first two offside decisions, the one which was very good but his mistake as well.
    I however do not doubt that Rizzoli has already the Euro ticket in his bag.

  66. About Euro Ticket I agree. But I am sceptical for him especially from what I saw at his 2 CL matches.

  67. Valencia-Chelsea was very good, Lyon-Real, hm not the Rizzoli I know, but everyone may struggle sometimes. Remember Brych in Milan-Real 2 years ago, it could have been his end, it was not enough. But UEFA trusted him and what he paid back was a large amount of perfomances in the area of 8,5.
    Rizzoli is to my mind the best European referee at the moment, yes, he struggles sometimes, but I just prefer his style. Brych, Rizzoli, Kuipers and Cakir could be names for the next finals.


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