December 10, 2011

Bundesliga Referee Appointments MD16


  1. I have two things on my mind.
    first: Croatian football federation dismissed Croatian Referee Committee. CFF will appoint new president and he will pick new members of committee.
    second: Niclas, I'd like to know who appoints referees for Bundesliga matches, ref committee or do you have officer who appoints refereess?

  2. Normally, it is the referee comitee's head's decision to appoint the 1st and 2nd Bundesliga, in the lower leagues, that is different. So it is Herbert Fandel, probably in cooperation and with teamwork with Lutz Wagner, Lutz Michael Fröhlich and Eugen Strigel, but as far as I know, it is Fandel's own decision (at least on the paper).
    I read that with your former FIFA ref. Many crudities at the moment..

  3. F. Taveira11/12/11 19:57

    In Portugal, until yesterday we had two committees. One in the federation (II, III division,women Leagues, Amateur, Portuguese CUP, Futsal, International nominations) and other just for the two top Professional Leagues.

    In 2012 we will have just one comittee (with all the responsabilities) and the president will be former FIFA and WC referee Vitor Melo Pereira.

  4. I also read that Lucilio Baptista will join the comitee. Is it the Euro 2004 ref? I only know him as Lucilio Batista (without p)..
    Nuno Castro is a known name among the referee observers inset by UEFA.

  5. In Greece there are three members at the committee and each one is appointing referees and observers at one category.

    Kyros Vassaras (member of UEFA referees committee) appoints the referees for Greek Super League.
    Georgios Douros (former FIFA referee) appoints the referees for the Football League (2nd Category) and
    Athanasios Briakos (former FIFA referee) appoints the referees for the Football League 2 (3rd Category).
    But president of the Committee is Georgios Sarris who is at the Executive Committee of the Greek Football Association.

  6. In Croatia, Ivan Peraic (I'm not sure was he FIFA referee) is appointing referees for First and Second division and Ante Kulusic (he was FIFA referee) appoints observers. But I don't know if they'll stay on their positions when new Ref Committee is established.

  7. DFB has announced that a young talent will move up to potentially replace Rafati.
    I do not know who it could be.
    My assumptions:
    - Christian Bandurski or
    - Robert Kempter

    - Harm Osmers (also from Hannover, has a great development)
    - Martin Petersen: superb development, but only for 4 months 2nd Bundesliga ref now, 8 matches as AR in Bundesliga, very good, his 4 matches in 2nd Bundesliga as main ref as well.

  8. the other possibility: Bibiana Steinhaus...

  9. and the triple-post: I forfot to mention Bastian Dankert.

  10. what do you think of Chiquimarco's decisions in the Mexican league final?

    Thanks to Carlos, I found these red cards...

    My impressions:
    1. Penalty correct
    2. red card for penalty-foul against GK can be given due to the severity of the foul, not due to the position
    3. 2nd red: yes, why not. Also justified
    4. the yellow no.2 is a bit too active, I doubt yellow would have been enough, but the cameras do not show us too much..

  11. F. Taveira12/12/11 19:10

    yes. Lucilio Baptista and Paulo Costa will be present in the committee. Both former FIFA refs, Lucilio present in Euro2004. And yes Nuno Castro will be in the classification department. He is an UEFA observer with presence in EL and CL matches this season.

  12. Regarding Marco Rodríguez...what about the "double-yellow card" you'll know, Thomas Metzen...very disappointing, he knows he's loosing his FIFA/CONCACAF reputation.

  13. My predictions for promotion to Bundesliga would be Willenborg or Steinhaus, both from Lower Saxony as Rafati. Maybe Steuer has also chances.

  14. In my opinion, if someone deserves to be promoted to Bundesliga, it is Bibiana Steinhaus, I watched her matches few times, she was brilliant every time.

  15. Hm I have to contradict you a bit. Steinhaus made some penalty gifts in the last minutes in the past..a bit pedantic sometimes. But of course with a large experience.

    Willenborg is simply too weak in my opinion. Steuer has a good development, but I do not like his style very much (that does not mean he is not good), furthermore, Schalke, my team, could not be refereed by him :(
    But he has Krug as mentor, regarding latter's influence, it would not be a big surprise.
    And yes, Thomas Metzen is popular in the whole German football for his action...he said in a TV interview after this incident that it is a superstition for him to have two cards of each colour and he used it :D

    a question towards the Spanish friends:

    Carlos Clos Gómez was normally accompanied by Juan José Gallego Galindo. However, Gallego is not appointed at his side anymore, he has not assisted so many international matches. Is there any sign of retirement or loosing the FIFA badge?
    Moreover, who will replace Fermin Martínez?
    I know that González González will make his FIFA bow as referee, normally, each FIFA referee has two standard assistant referees in Spain, one FIFA and one non-FIFA. Is e.g. Ignacio Rubio Palomino in consideration for this slot?

  16. Is not sure that Gonzalez Gonzalez
    be referee FIFA.

  17. Lucilio Batista CARDOSO more known so.

  18. full name: Lucílio Cardoso Cortez Batista...

    Why is not it sure? Ok, FIFA has to give their ok, but I cannot remember any case when they rejected a referee who was supposed to become FIFA ref.

  19. why did the referee in the byern/cologne match play no stoppage time ?the result was not in doubt but as a gambler i needed the corner to be taken to win but instead the referee blew for time before it was taken playing only 6 seconds stoppage time even though the ball went out on 89mins,58 seconds and there had been 4 substitutions in the second half.the lack of professionalism by the referee is disgraceful

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  21. Oh I really cry with you.
    Let us spend you a round of mercy...


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