December 30, 2011

Jorge Larrionda to retire

Jorge Larrionda from Uruguay has decided to retire from active football refereeing. Aged 43, which means that he could have experienced two more years of international refereeing, Larrionda is going to leave the pitch forever, but not refereeing. 

Jorge Larrionda (c.) leaves the football pitch

The Uruguayan top referee, who certainly counts among the best referees having ever appeared at World Cups, will join FIFA Referee Commitee.

Larrionda has been an international official for 13 years and participated in two Copa Américas (2001 and 2007) and also joined two World Cups (2006 in Germany and 2010 in South Africa).
He became famous for the denied goal scored by England in the round of 16 encounter against Germany when Frank Lampard's lob obviously crossed the line.
Larrionda was also in charge of several Copa Libertadores and Copa Sudamericana finals.
He furthermore was in charge of five matches at Confed Cups and oversaw two Club WC matches including one final in 2004. In addition, he boasts an appointment at Egypt's U20 WC 2009.

The Uruguayan came into favour by his calm but rigorous style which was one reason for the fact that Larrionda had one of the highest amounts of issued cards in South America to offer.

His regular assistant referees throughout his long career mostly were Fernando Cresci, Wálter Rial, Pablo Fandiño and Mauricio Espinosa.

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  1. Rosetti, Busacca, de Bleeckere, Archundia, Baldassi, Ruiz, Simon, Pozo, Shield, Larrionda. Who will come next?
    All the excellent refs with whom I have grown up have retired..

  2. And now he have what?

    Lannoy, Blom, Hansson, Webb etc. Poor refereeing!!!!

  3. "We have"
    We who?
    And however, you mention only these names, why?
    is there a reason?
    there are other good referees

  4. I'm pretty sure Webb will be the next to retire. He achieved everything a referee can achieve. And who knows if he will get an EURO final or Europe League final.

  5. Yes, one may not forget the great referees who have moved up. Rizzoli, Kassai and so on can create (or have already created) the new generation.
    Webb's retirement is a rumour that is apparent in GB as well, if he shows a good Euro, that will be a good ending, but Webb is a professional referee, FIFA needs him for 2014 (even though Clattenburg is a pro as well.)

  6. A very great referee has retired.
    About him, I remember especially the match USA - Italy, in the FIFA World Cup 2006 group stage.
    He gave 3 red cards. As was his habit, zero tolerance for rough play.
    Unfortunately in South Africa he was affected by a terrible mistake of his assistant first, and the presence of Uruguay national team until the semifinals.
    In my opinion, he was one of the names for the final.
    However, looking at his palmares, I think he can be proud of what done in all these years as international referee.

  7. Yes, you are right.
    The Italy-USA perfomance was just outstanding (except an important offside error..) and the beginning of his international reputation.
    In the 3 matches prior to GER ENG he was superb and in GER ENG he was brilliant as well, but this one damn mistake. I still emphasize that it was not his mistake, Espinosa's either. If you have to stand on level with the last defender who was 18 metres away from the goalline, you cannot say as assistant referee with 100 % certainty that a ball was in or outside the goal..

    It is a good moment to retire for him, Busacca used the chance as well and now we have two great refs in the committee who hopefully will pattern the future of FIFA refereeing.


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