December 20, 2011

UEFA Euro 2012 Referees

The referees for the coming European Championship 2012 in Poland and Ukraine have been appointed by the UEFA referee comitee which has met in Nyon today. The full teams will be announced during the next days.

The selected officials are:

Cüneyt Çakır (TUR)
Jonas Eriksson (SWE)
Viktor Kassai (HUN)
Bjorn Kuipers (NED)
Stéphane Lannoy (FRA)
Pedro Proença (POR)
Nicola Rizzoli (ITA)
Damir Skomina (SVN)
Wolfgang Stark (GER)
Craig Thomson (SCO)
Carlos Velasco Carballo (ESP)
Howard Webb (ENG)

The fourth officials are:

Marcin Borski (POL)
Tom Harald Hagen (NOR)
Pavel Kralovec (CZE)
Viktor Shvetsov (UKR)

Discussion opened !


  1. I do not know what prevails.
    Joy that Alberto and Olegario are finally (and officially) out, or that they take two of the biggest talents at home European has to offer at the moment? Kralovec was the expected man, Hagen seems to get the deserved promotion very soon, perhaps a compromise as Moen is not there, but the two host fourths???

    Pedro for the final!!!

  2. **of course it should be: ...or that two of the biggest talents have to stay at home. Oh I am upset, no clear sentence..

  3. Congrats, and infinite luck for referees...There is no need for that much discussion. The list is nearly the same as we did in previous weeks. But, we should underline some facts:

    1. Taking Webb to Poland is an obvious massage to host country. Additionally, Atkinson was also born in 1971. Hence he has still chance for Brasil. But, I am a little bit dissapointed in this subject.

    2. Moen's non-appoitment isnt that much surprising. He wasnt that much pushed for this years appoitments. He is still so young, his time will eventually come

    3. Why do they just appoint 4 fourth-refs? The number was 8 for EURO 2008.

    4. Stark forever :D

  4. There is not much room for discussions, I agree, as far as one ignores appointments which have been obviously based on kind of political circumstances.

    @ Cagatay:

    1. Well, it is the right sign that UEFA does not care too much about the opinion of some idiots.
    Atkinson would have been more interesting, but a Webb in top form is better than every Atkinson in top form.

    2. Yes, he has much time. UEFA relies on the old men again, this was the same in 2008. There are some talents like Cakir and Skomina, but they are not that young as Moen is e.g.

    3. That was the first question I asked myself.

    4. Stark forever...personally, I think that we - as German refereeing - would have had more chances with Brych, but both will not get semis or more, Germany as football team are too strong at the moment.

  5. I will begin my analysis from the fourth officials.
    In my opinion, there is not so much to explain about Borski and Shvetsov: they are there just as countries representatives. Yes, Shvetsov is quite unknown, but tell me who to choose between ukrainian referees.
    Hagen and Kralovec, instead, are promising talents, so it will be a important experience even though only as fourth.
    I think they have chosen Hagen and not Moen because Moen is already on his way of growth.

    Now, the 12 officials. First thing to underline: no two referees from the same country, but only one. This is a tradition in the Euro Championship, and UEFA wanted to keep it. Most of these names were all expected. I can mention: Rizzoli, Proença, Cakir, Kassai, Thomson, Kuipers, Velasco Carballo, Eriksson and Skomina.
    Rather, we have something to say about: Stark, Webb and Lannoy.
    Stark won his personal duel against Brych. Webb won against Atkinson. Why? In my opinion, here we can focus our reasoning. Webb was a EURO Championship referee also in 2008. We remember that he had some problems, but we have also to say that he has more experience than his compatriot Atkinson, in these tournaments. If we take a look to their performances in the last Champions League and also EURO2012 Play Off matches, we don't see so much difference, it's true. And so, if there isn't difference, probably UEFA wants to keep the continuity with an experienced and reliable referee.
    About Stark and Brych maybe we should do the same speech, but it's however a bit different. In my mind, Brych is already on his way to WC 2014 in Brazil, and he will surely get an important appointment in 2012, maybe the Olympics. Furthermore, he is young and Euro2016 will be surely his task, when Stark will be retired.
    The last topic is about Lannoy choice: many times a controversial referee, but France was already missing a referee in 2008 Championship, so it was too much time. The French has however his experience, we hope that he will never repeat the South Africa 2010 mistakes.
    I think that's all, less or more, the next important topic will be about assistants and additional referees.

  6. To my mind, these will be the assistant referees:
    Cakir: Duran, Ongun
    Eriksson: Wittberg, Klasenius
    Kassai: Eros, Ring
    Kuipers: van Roekel, Zeinstra
    Lannoy: Dansault, Cano
    Proenca: Trigo, Santos
    Rizzoli: Faverani, Stefani
    Skomina: Arhar, Stancin
    Stark: Salver, Pickel
    Thomson: Ross, Rose (or Chambers, or Cryans, very difficult here)
    Velasco: Alónso, Yuste
    Webb: Mullarkey, Kirkup

  7. I think Rizzoli will have as additionals Rocchi and Tagliavento, the best trio from Italy. :)

  8. Ok, if you want the additional assistant referees as well, here: :D

    Cakir: Duran, Ongun, Gocek, Özkalfa
    Eriksson: Wittberg, Klasenius, Strömbergsson, Stalhammar (or Johannesson?)
    Kassai: Eros, Ring, Vad, Bognar
    Kuipers: van Roekel, Zeinstra, Nijhuis, Liesveld
    Lannoy: Dansault, Cano, Buquet, Chapron (or Gautier, Turpin?)
    Proenca: Trigo, Santos, Capela, Ferreira
    Rizzoli: Faverani, Stefani, Tagliavento, Rocchi
    Skomina: Arhar, Stancin, Jug, Vincic
    Stark: Salver, Pickel, Gräfe, Meyer (or Aytekin?)
    Thomson: Ross, Cryans, Collum, McLean
    Velasco: Alónso, Yuste, Fernández, Teixeira (or Mateu?)
    Webb: Mullarkey, Kirkup, Clattenburg, Marriner

  9. Derek Rose isn't on FIFA list

  10. That is the funny thing: i looked it up today as well and recognized that he does not appear on the list of Scotland. But he has the FIFA status for sure, Alan Cunningham was taken from the list in 2011, is suddenly appearing again and Rose was on it, he also took part of a u21 euro and had a CL match this season.
    By the way Mr !!!, the final pre list of FIFA for the last world cup was made in Oct 2008

  11. interesting. Rose disappeared in 2010, because he emigrated to the US due to a job at Barclays bank, then returned and is now off again. Strange. (info taken from scottishfa)

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  13. Isn't it more likely, that the AAR's are same as in the CL, because it is important to have the common practice. In some of the countries, the AAR'S, who you predict, are the same as usual, but at least in Germany, Gräfe, Meyer and Aytekin have no experience as AAR. So perhaps, Sippel, Dingert, Welz, Wingenbach have better chances, although they are no (more) FIFA referees?

  14. That is the Mattsson allowed? Are the listed Germans allowed?

  15. An interesting Collina interview:

  16. Last time pre list (World Cup referees) was published in January 2008:

    In October 2008 2nd list was published

    At now we don't have yet a pre list of referees for Brazil 2014.

  17. It is not understandable that the bad Lannoy is nominated again and again. Okay, UEFA President is a Frenchman

  18. Any word on the new categories?

  19. F. Taveira21/12/11 13:47

    the nominations for EURO2012 for me are just normal and expected. Before the list my only doubt was Lannoy going or not to POL/UKR. But the group has enough quality to give us a perfect month of good work. About 4th officials just Kralovec is understandable.
    the two home guys ok... was espected but not Borsky and no Shvetsov. I would prefer Gil and a young FIFA from UKR. About Hagen... well he has quality and had a good season until now but others were supposed to be in his place.
    Good luck all... and good luck Pedro :)

  20. Ver Hot news for new categories:

    Firat Aydinus is promoted to Elite development... He fully deserved that.. He has also got great marks from EL matches. There will two turkish ref.s in CL games from now on.

  21. F. Taveira21/12/11 14:18

    hum... interesting ... as expected some surprises in the next hours eheh

  22. It seems that mr Erzik is pushing a lot the Turkish referees.

  23. There is a great colloboration between UEFA referee commitee and turkish ref. department. It is not totally effect of VicePresident. But rather Jaap Uilenberg. He continously comes to Turkey and focus on turkish talents and gives instructions to every-level of refereeing. Jorn West Larsen also comes to Turkey two times a month. And makes after-match analyses with referees. That's great chance for talents...

  24. New names ED class - Borbalan ,Strombergsson , Hagen , Rasmussen , Mazic , Strahonja , Stavrev , Borski , Aydinus .

  25. Hmm... I remember Firat Aydinus from Wisła - Litex match. He was awful awful and... awful. Horror performance and his neutrality was a question...

  26. Are those names official? Can't find any news about categories.

    How about promotions/demotions from ED?

  27. Really waiting to see who s going up and down in the categories! Does anyone know when we can find out?

  28. If it's true that there are 9 new names in Elite development, someone must be promoted and someone must be demoted. Kralovec, Tagliavento, Gräfe and Clattenburg have chances for promotion, nobody else. I believe Johanesson is out, probably Chapron and Gumienny. I had a hunch that someone from Turkey will be promoted, I thougt it'll be Bülent Yildirim, but he got only 1 match this season, so I actually expected Aydinus to be promoted.

  29. Any idea about the new names on the FIFA panel from Europe? Any talents?

  30. Kralovec probably not. Since he went to Euro as fourth official and Borski, Hagen are also ED.

  31. I ment that only Kralovec, Clattenburg, Gräfe and Tagliavento were good enough to be promoted. They were much better then other ED referees.

  32. Aydinus promoted?? Perhaps he deserves it, but I know referees who deserve it more..
    UEFA and its political decisions, sometimes they are good (Cakir), sometimes they are bad (I think there is no need to name the concerned Euro ref).

    I must degist the appointments and news and will make a separate blog in the next days.

  33. @ !!!:
    Maicon has received FIFA's pre list, hence, we know the names.

  34. Actually, I didnt see EL performances of Aydinus for this season. But, he had a great domestic performance. His match average was 8.5 with quite hard matches in list. Let me say, he was better than Cakir in Turkish league for this year.

    It seems UEFA has extended the pool of ED so much...

  35. The Dutch FA confirmed:
    Bas Nijhuis (34) to Elite Development.
    Danny Makkelie (28) to Categorie 2.

  36. Borbalan ,Strombergsson , Hagen , Rasmussen , Mazic , Strahonja , Stavrev , Borski , Aydinus new Elite Development?
    Interesting, if true. However I think for sure Hagen, the appointment as fourth official during EURO2012 is a strong signal.

  37. 10 new names ED class - Borbalan , Orsato , Strombergsson , Hagen , Rasmussen , Mazic , Strahonja , Stavrev , Borski and Aydinus .

  38. It is a shame that István Vad is still joining 1st Group.
    I expected other names, I have to admit that.

  39. I had taken a look at Dutch FA website. For todays news, it published that Bas gets into ED and Blom stays in Elite category, And Gözübüyük takes the badge...

    UEFA categorie-indeling per 1-01-2012- Dutch FA

    Elite: Björn Kuipers, Kevin Blom
    Elite Development: Bas Nijhuis
    First: Pol van Boekel
    Second: Richard Liesveld, Danny Makkelie
    Third: Serdar Gözübüyuk

  40. Sorry, but I cannot be content with the new lists. Of course we have still to wait for the full one, but it is a no-go that Blom is still joining Elite Group.
    Gözübüyük was clear. A great talent, the best marks and what I have seen from him was very promising.

  41. Then, if Blom is still an Elite referee, also Nikolaev for sure...

  42. Blom is single handedly the worst referee UEFA have EVER produced!!!

  43. Nice to hear that, about Orsato.
    He is the youngest referee between the italian Category 1, so it was a good choice to select him.
    Damato and Banti had also good Europa League matches, however.
    I'm sure about Tagliavento ELITE.

  44. I think one cannot really blame UEFA for having promoted him so often and for having pushed him in this way.
    The two seasons prior to his promotions to Elite were very good in EL, then a not so good season followed, this can happen to every referee.
    But then there was the SCO-CZE match, some other poor perfomances, some "not-enough-perfomances". Then you have to ask UEFA whether it is not time to relegate him because I personally cannot see any visible improvement or development. The referees amongst and behind Blom are simply too good at the moment so that "letting-him-in-the-elite-group" does not appear logical to me.

  45. Yap,yap and Nijhuis ... Demoted Duhamel,Nikolaev ( first cat ), Busacca , de Bleeckere ...

  46. Kralovec, Clattenburg, Tagliavento and Gräfe must join Elite!
    I wrote a mail to dfb onto the German refs, perhaps they have already useful information.

  47. Very nice info. Nikolaev is demoted, but Blom not? UEFA, where is the sense?

  48. 4 Germans then in Elite? Or will Gräfe stay in Elite Dev.?

  49. Yap - Tagliavento , Clattenburg , Grafe ELITE ...

  50. YESSSS! But Kralovec not?

  51. No way, at least in the past, 3 was the maximum for each country. Maybe Meyer demoted and Gräfe promoted, then it would make sense.

  52. Hm, who knows what makes sense and what does not.
    Collina said @ that UEFA is doing radical changes. Who cares whether there are 4 Germans? It is easy to say that from my point of view, but if they are good enough for Elite. Meyer must improve, no doubt.

  53. UEFA has reduced the number of referees in the Elite, and increased in the elite development category.

  54. This therefore means that Kralovec stays in Elite Development and that Meyer stays in Elite? BTW Thanks a lot for this unfolded info, a pity that you do not want to announce yourself.

  55. Niclas,only Tagliavento and Clattenburg.Meyer stay !

  56. And Gräfe not? Confusing..

  57. This is a joke. Nikolaev demoted and Blom still Elite? UEFA has lost the reason.

  58. If this is true, I am very curious about next Blom appointments...

  59. The Duhamel demotion is more or less superflous. This referee never got matches which were on Elite level, against this background, it is a lost slot.
    Blom..he can get another chance but if he does not use it, he must be relegated. But how many chances did he get?

  60. Too many. Did Nikolaev get so many chances?
    If I have to be honest, I think Nikolaev maybe wasn't so good, but we can't compare him to Blom.
    It's a clear injustice. I'm not Nikolaev lawyer or his friend, but if it's true, this is a bad choice by UEFA.

  61. Of course (if it is right), it will be a political decision. Nikolaev had a poor r16 match, this was really poor, no basis for any further CL match, but he deserves a 2nd chance. Then a decent u17 WC which may not count IMO for UEFA measures and then nothing followed. But perhaps his demotion is also based on the fact that Mr Karasev seems to have overtaken Nikolaev in the Russian league, perhaps Karasev is Rosetti's no.1 for Russia (?).

  62. I have read that Blom in the Eredivisie is always the best referee, and he is also better than Kuipers. Maybe they want to give another chance.

  63. Johannesson,Gumienny - demoted ...

  64. I totally agree with u Chefren, Nikolaev has been so easily demoted. There is an obvious injustice in UEFA aspect. None can deny it, he had 1/2 U17 Final, and 1/4 EL Final. There is no such palmeres of Blom.

    These two names are promoted in the same season. The one goes down first didnt deserve to be first one to be demoted...

  65. Our mysterious anonymous is releasing informations one by one :D

  66. Gumienny was an expected demotion. Johannesson had his last chance in Slovan Bratislava Salzburg, but reading Niclas report, it was as a confirm for his demotion.

  67. Yes, Gummieny was very bad for this season. But, he should have had an important amount of credibility coming from previous season which was very very good staff.
    I am not satisfied of his demotion...
    Johannesson was obvious, agreed.

  68. Gumienny. Difficult case, to my mind he never was really great, but he showed some good and solid perfomances. Sporting-Lazio, Sevilla-Hannover were both very weak.
    And keep into consideration that Gumienny has one problem: he has no Marc Batta, no Hugh Dallas, no Senes Erzik, no Herbert Fandel, no Collina and no Peter Mikkelsen.
    One has to point that finally with all emphasis out. Promotions are political stuff, either you have the background which pushes you or you have not.

  69. I have some doubts about Maicon pre list for 2014 (no Atkinson). It`s official?

  70. Yes he is not on this first list, but it can still be modified before September, it may appear as Undiano in 2008.
    But with Webb and Clattenburg he has little chance.
    The next committee meeting on March 27 they will probably close the list, and make the appointment for the Olympics.

  71. Stark with a terrible perfomance in DFB Cup, missed two reds, gave two reds which were exaggerated. Poor control, no authority, the only thing which was good was his assistant referee, former AR Wezel, Pickel was disgraceful in his decisions again. I have my doubts that Stark will represent German refereeing in a good way in 2012; I can only emphasize: the Stark way IS NOT OUR WAY TO REFEREE.

  72. Guy, do not make me laugh! Overall, refereeing in this match was nearly perfect. OK, a ball was not off the pitch in Huntelaar situation - minor mistake by Pickel - but the Dutchman's behavior was disgusting. Yellow for protests, yellow for an ironic clapping after that. Was these cards exaggerated? I think - NO! Pickel was disgraceful? Again - NO! Goal for M'Gladbach (21th minute) was correctly disallowed (the same like in Real - Barca last match, where Borbalan's assistant missed it) - GREAT DECISION. The rest of offside calls were perfect too, like Pukki, who was offside only by his head. Missed two reds? Where, when? Maybe you say, that Jones came to de Camargo accidentally? No, he did it deliberately! Yellow for de Camargo for provocation and simulation, yellow for Jones for deliberately coming to de Camargo. GREAT DECISION AGAIN! This was VERY, VERY GOOD PERFORMANCE for which I gave him marks:
    CONTROL - 9 (He did it well with Huntelaar sent-off, with warnings and with acquiescence for hard, sometimes very hard play. Players are not children, players on this level are professionals, who must play)
    CALLS - 8 (The mistake by Pickel, that provoked Huntelaar's behavior, but it was Dutchman's disgraceful behavior and two yellows are perfect and courage decisions, perfect offside calls by assistants, perfect decision at the end of match with de Camargo and Jones, perfect booking)
    STYLE - 9 (Stark without arrogance? It is possible! He allowed very hard play and he was consistent with it. Foul detection - excellent, and his fitness and positioning was great too. Big personality and very unprofessional players like Huntelaar, Jones, Papadopoulos and de Camargo too.

    Sorry Niclas, but we have different opinions about this match. Yes, I agree, you (Germans) have different way of refereeing. This is kind, a bit blindness way (see Kircher, Perl, Gagelmann, who would not show this cards never).

  73. 1) the yellow against Papadopoulos was exaggerated.
    2) he missed a red card to Schalke's Jones in minute 10 when he tread on Reus' damaged foot.
    3) Wezel was superb as I said.
    4) Pickel's decision which provocated Huntelaar's reaction was wrong, the fact that he was too lazy to be on level with the ball did not even allow him a clear judgement. Of course the double yellow can be given, it was unprofessional behaviour, but is this an auhority we want to see from a Euro ref? Hm..
    5) 2nd yellow to Jones was to my mind still ok, taking all the small Jones fouls into consideration, it was ok.
    But he ignored that the situation was started and actually merely committed by de Camargo who feinted a headbutt and touched Jones head. To my mind the only consistent decision would have been yellow-red to Jones, red to de Camargo.

    It is not always just focussing on the calls, it is the whole package and this annoys not only me, but the German teams, players and supporters. He tends to be no authority anymore, I really like his style, but sometimes he is too hard and too arrogant (e.g. in Leverkusen-Dortmund, Gladbach-Leverkusen and now again).

    My marks hence:

    Control: only with cards, no real authority, at least no natural authority. Allowed some protests and lost it a bit during the last minutes, the first half was under good control --> 6,5

    Calls: the majority of the small calls was good, good to disallow Gladbach's goal, the 2nd yellow was based on a bad call by Pickel and probably a bit exaggerated. The 90+1 min. situation was not solved 100% satisfying. Wezel was brilliant -> 6,0

    Neutrality: whistled in fact more pro Gladbach, that was however no matter of unneutrality. He however missed some fouls following situations which were previously a free kick for Gladbach. --> 7,0

    Style: no authority, total arrogance. Sometimes his pedantic style is necessary, yesterday it was superflous -> 7,0

    Difficulty: 7,0

    = 6,4

    BTW: I did not say that Pickel got the offside call wrong, you must read more carefully. I said he was disgraceful in his decisions, I did not say which. The 46th minute was based on his arrogance and this destroyed the match. No discussion that Huntelaar did not behave as a pro should do.

    And please do not mix Germany and Kassai up. How can you rate Kassai in the final and some other matches with 8,5-9,3 if you hate blindness?

    The Perl way is a way which allows us - not as ref observers - but as supporters - to watch FOOTBALL! And not this nitpicking..and pls, if you book Huntelaar twice for not showing respect to referees - what I understand in this specific situation - then pls argue also the case for more respect towards the players and there is kind of decline of exactly this respect here, not only here, also in European matches.

    One can have different opinions, no doubt, probably my comment was written at a wrong point of time when the emotions were still up, but I nonetheless have my doubts on Wolfgang Stark as sovereign authority in the pitch, ok, one can have different definitions of authority..

  74. Here a very interesting interview to Massimo Busacca:
    Many topics, also Rafati and the list for 2014 World Cup...

  75. Yes, I hate blindness, but I love an acquiescence for hard football. This is small different between Perl and Kassai. Kassai has feeling of play, Perl is only lenient. It is reason why Kassai is Elite in UEFA and Perl is only national referee in Germany. I read carefully, but I must have emphasized this perfect decisions by assistants. It's a pity, that I did not watched match between City and Bayern Munchen, because, if there were three penalty missed, my marks would have been a bit lower than 8,5 - 9,3.

  76. Ok, good that you defined why you differentiate between Perl and Kassai.
    But just as small hint, I will publish the Bundesliga marks very soon, Perl is GER's no.3 at the moment according to the marks, he is one of the winners since Fandel is there.
    Bayern-City, perhaps you can download it or they will show it on TV again as there is now some time without football. With the benefit of handsight I can say that Kassai missed to my mind 2 clear penalties and one additional could be given, but I think Kassai has learnt from it, since this match he is not so lenient anymore and showed his other side which appeals to me much more. But this is also a question of taste.
    Nice interview with Busacca, I will post it as seperate thread.

  77. Niclas, thank you again for this blog. Any news regarding the categories?

  78. Only some aspects. E.g. that I did not receive a reply by DFB so far concerning the categories the German referees are in.
    But I know that Mateu Lahoz has been promoted to First Group. I am looking for any info at the moment for CAN 2012 (look at the top of the blog, I have found some names that have been confirmed for CAN 2012) and I am also looking for other promotions.

  79. Does anyone have a copy of the full list?? Also, is it right that Michael Oliver has been added to the list?? If so, he is one of the best talents in England at the moment, and will dominate FIFA refereeing from this country once Webb and Clattenburg are out of the way!!

  80. I said that in a WR report as well (or here?), Michael Oliver is a must for the 2012 FIFA list, I do not know whether your info is correct, a full list potentially follows in the next days in collaboration with a mate from NED.


  82. News from Italy for 2012 list.
    Assistants: out Cristiano Copelli, in Lorenzo Manganelli.
    No changes about referees.

  83. Wow. Manganelli is very good, but why Copelli out? I think he is a good AR.

    Spain: no new referee, no González Gónzalez.
    Pau Cebrian Devis is a new AR.

  84. Copelli will be 45 years old next year, so AIA preferred to replace him now. On June, he will retire also from serie A.
    He had many experiences: FIFA World Cup 2006 in Germany with Rosetti, FIFA Club World Cup in 2009, Confederations Cup in 2005, Europa League final with Rizzoli and many CL matches.
    It's enough. :)

  85. Ok, that is correct. And I saw Manganelli in APOEL-Schalke, seemed to be a very professional AR.

    I have added the list of UEFA in the thread above. Kircher AND Weiner demoted, 5 Germans in Second Group :D Attwell and Turpin maintain in 2nd.

  86. Delighted for of the best refs in PL

  87. The same counts for the new Germans. The best decision made by FA and DFB to appoint these three officials for the FIFA roster.

  88. Could you post the full list for the third class as well, so we could see all the new names on the 2012 FIFA List?

  89. I have not got the third list :S
    Nikolaev added, thx

  90. Hi Niclas

    Great post and discussion as always.

    As many are saying, the main points of contention seems to be Webb for Atkinson and Stark for Brych.

    For what it's worth, they happen to be 4 of my favourite officials (the other being Skomina), so I can understand the predicament the respective authorities had with this. As many have said above, I think the decision has gone with experience, and the last 18 months of form. Not only did Webb and Stark give the best performances (along with Kassai in the CL final) in that time (Webb, pick either of his finals - Stark, the thunderous el Clasico), but Atkinson and Brych seem to lack that vital consistency of performance.

    Indeed, I feel their refereeing style 'by the book' - the very thing that has got them this far too it has to be said - is one of the key reasons they have not been selected (the Rodwell and Vidic reds for MA and FB respectively spring immediately to mind).

    In short, Atkinson is my personal favourite from England (I suspected he'd be one of worlds best 7 yrs ago!), but it is clear that he has some way to go to reach the consistency of Webb - who on his day can match some of the best referees of our time. And lets not forget that he is still only 40 years old. Lots to offer in 2012.

    Other talking points? Great news for Clattenburg, much deserved - and is the the form referee in Europe at the moment.

    Pleased for my compatriots Koukoulakis and Kakos.

    And Niclas, great comments on Kassai in the comments section. I thought there was only very few of us observers who are often flinching with some of his distasteful (and often plain wrong) advantage calls. I agree with you that when he applies law with more authority, he is a much better referee. He does have the feel for the game, and his judgment is often impeccable as we saw in the CLF - but some decisions just dumfound me (but not UEFA!) - the arsenal game in portugal last season in the CL; the City/Munich game you mention, a recent England international which I forget …..


  91. ps - really happy for Kralovec - a real prospect, and unlucky to miss out to Cakir or Thomson IMHO

  92. It is a matter of subjective vision. One is for stark, another for Brych, the same goes for Webb, who is unfortunately too high estimated. Webb is a child of protection and from England, the cradle of football. Nevertheless, he is not top.

    1. Anonymous7/2/12 17:49

      I like to sign this!Webb is a child of protection and from England, the cradle of football. Nevertheless, he is not top.

  93. Coming onto the Atkinson/Webb question, I think Atkinson threw the place away rather than Webb gaining it. Atkinson has had an indifferent domestic season, and far too many contentious red cards. Webb, who hasn't been great, has managed to get away with a lot less controvesy. Maybe this helped sway the decision, as they were neck and neck internationally.

  94. Thanks for your comments here, you create this blog interesting.

    I totally agree with what you have said, but I want to pick out just one point.
    You mentioned that perhaps experience and more personality (or less rule book) have won in the English and German duels.
    Actually, Stark is the one who is said to be too pedantic here in Germany and to pay too much attention to the rule book, Brych is rather concentrating on reading the match, remember TUR-CRO, he could have given much more cards but he waited for the right time.
    My choice would have been Felix Brych and Martin Atkinson, but this is only, as you correctly stated, perception and opinion.
    Another point why Moen and Brych were not selected could be that the whole trio which is normally acting is very young and has a lot of time (Brych, Schiffner, Borsch; Moen, Haglund, Andas or Nebben).

    My OLYMPIC GAMES choices:

    if there is someone from ENG: Clattenburg
    Moen, Brych, Vad, Schörgenhofer

    I have added the complete UEFA list BTW in an extra post.

  95. Cheers Nic

    I partly agree re Byrch - firstly I love this referee since I first saw him 2 years ago - but feel his performances in the CL are somewhat more pedantic than Stark - either way it is very close I agree - so they seem to have selected Stark on experience (age as you say); Webb a combination of this, and him simply being the better referee than MA at this point. As a previous commenter states correctly, Atkinson has had some inconsistencies in his performances this year, though his 'bigger games' such as the vital Lancashire derby the other night, he has got the main calls right.

    Anyway, would also appreciate your thoughts on the RVP denied penalty incident at Villa? My opinion - as a referee - is that Moss got the call spot on. Warnock makes no contact with initial foot placement. RVP kicks the ball 2-3 meters ahead, and leans into leg of the fullback, urging the penalty. Great decision to caution for UB.

  96. Brych has changed his style on European level. He issues more cards than before. However, I still think that all the given dismissions in UCL this season were justified, the Vidic red is 50-50, I prefer a red card due to the intense pace etc. I however think that there is a difference between ESP/POR and ENG/GER. Brych and Atkinson were certainly not neglected due to bad perfomances on European stage. Stark and Webb were - from UEFA's point of view - the better choice because of different circumstances, a few of them have already been mentiones, e.g. experience. What about Undiano and Benquerenca? They were too weak, that is the whole truth.

  97. I have not seen the scene you described, unfortunately, the FA has deleted all the available videos, but perhaps PJC has seen it.

    1. Anonymous12/2/12 20:17

      When does UEFA name the assistants?


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