January 30, 2012

Felix Brych in charge of England - Netherlands

The German UEFA Elite Group referee Dr. Felix Brych from Munich has been selected to officiate the classic between England and the Netherlands played in Wembley Stadium on February, 29th. 

According to DFB, he will be assisted by his regular Champions-League assistant referees Thorsten Schiffner from Konstanz/Lake Constance and Mark Borsch (Mönchengladbach).
This match will be his second showpiece held at Wembley after already having refereed England - Switzerland in 2008 (2-1), while it will be his third involvement in a Dutch friendly match (after Netherlands - Wales and Netherlands - Austria).
Brych was also in charge of the classic Italy - Spain in 2011 (2-1). This reinforces his great acknowledgement on international level. The question is inhowfar this match could also function as kind of preparation for further insets in Wembley with regard to the upcoming Olympic Games organized by FIFA.

Furthermore, Florian Meyer (Burgdorf) has been appointed to referee the friendly match between Switzerland and Argentina on the same day. He will be assisted by Holger Henschel (Braunschweig) and Christoph Bornhorst (Damme).

Thorsten Kinhöfer (Herne) will referee the friendly between Turkey and Slovakia held in Bursa at the same evening. He will be assisted by Detlef Scheppe (Wenden) and Stefan Lupp (Zossen).

Apart from that, Paolo Valeri will make his A-friendly bow when overseeing Austria - Finland. The assistant referees are not known yet.


  1. Anonymous31/1/12 02:10

    I just saw appointments for Premier League next weekend. Michael Oliver finaly got great match as he deserves: Liverpool-Tottenham (Oliver, Kirkup, Mullarkey, Atkinson), very soon he'll get Liverpool-Man. UTD or Chelsea-Arsenal I hope. Howard Webb got Chelsea-Man. UTD (Webb, Cann, McDonough, Dowd).

  2. It is a very good appointment, but continues to disappoint me that Webb is continually given big games, despite having a poor season.

    1. Anonymous31/1/12 14:43

      Webb resides with his good name by World Cup, although he is not a top referee

  3. I cannot anything on your comments..
    Perhaps only one aspect: the CL performances of Webb have been great.

  4. I will add the appts soon in the MATCHCENTRE!

  5. Anonymous1/2/12 09:49

    Webb, good name in World Cup? That is
    one joke?
    Felix Brych, very good referee.
    Florian Meyer, very bad. Yet I remember
    Meyer in Atletico Madrid-Valencia. One

  6. Niklas 1 mistake.

    Webb wasn't always great at CL. He failed in many matches. And crucial matches.

  7. Anonymous1/2/12 16:13

    I also saw 3. Bundesliga, Aalen-Sandhausen, important match, Aalen is third, Sandhausen is first, Bibiana Steihnaus is appointed. I was convinced she'll be promoted to Bundesliga and then they promoted Tobias Stieler. I believe he's good referee, but I realy think Steinhaus should get a chance in Bundesliga.

  8. On the same evening, Thorsten Kinhöfer is the referee of the friendly Turkey-Slovakia in Bursa. He is assisted by Detlef Scheppe and Stefan Lupp.

  9. Yes, many appointments are already known. You can go to take a look on UEFA website, EURO2012 section, "matches", "friendlies 2012" and take a look to febraury 2012. Day by day tey will add other names.
    About Italy, Paolo Valeri has his bow in a match between senior national teams, that is Austria-Finland

  10. Nice info, thanks! Did not know that UEFA offers the service of the friendly matches as overview on their website.

    Concerning Webb. I wanted to say that he had a good CL season so far. Of course he was fussy in Shakhtar-Roma (one of many examples), but the three matches in this season were quite satisfying, at least the ones I have personally seen (Zenit-Porto and Dortmund-Marseille). (in one match he suffered from an AR). I am going to publish UEFA's evaluation procedure in the next days, I have received a partly blacked report from the UEFA source as well. I will explain you how they proceed and I am sure that we will have the same procedure when reporting on EURO 2012. (short info: the official observing reports are 9 pages long :D)

  11. You know if un romanian referee is appointments from friendlies match in 29 feb?

  12. Anonymous29/2/12 22:54

    After his performance tonight, keep him in Germany please !!


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