February 14, 2012

About the appointments...

The appointments UEFA had to make during the last days are more important than others are. They indicate who will assist the main referees,we already know, at EURO 2012:

According to a source, UEFA applies a certain procedure in this K.O. stage with regard to the assistant referees' nominations: if a referee who will join EURO 2012 gets a CL match, he will be assisted by the planned referees for the final competition. If a referee considered as no.2 or 3 of a certain country gets a EL match, he will be assisted by the planned AR2 along with the Reserve AR. An example? David Fernández Borbalán has been appointed for EL with Juan Carlos Yuste Jiménez and Jesús Calvo Guadamuro. This means that UEFA has selected Yuste Jiménez as AR2 for the final tournament in Poland and Ukraine at Velasco's (and probably Alonso Fernández' side) while Calvo Guadamuro is the reserve AR for the finals.
Therefore, a closer look on the appointments UEFA made can be useful.

UEFA Champions League

It will be a special match tonight for the Italian Paolo Tagliavento (r.). After having recently been promoted to UEFA Elite Group, he will make his CL K.O. stage bow when overseeing Olympique Lyon against APOEL Nicosia. The Cypriots are surely the biggest surprise in the pool of teams that have reached the K.O. stage of this season's edition of the most popular league of the world, whereas Lyon can be lucky that they have even the opportunity to listen to the CL anthem this year again. What happened in Zagreb was for many nothing else than falsification of the match, for less it was a normal football match, also Platini felt called to be one of this small group.
Tagliavento already knows Stade de Gerland: he accompanied Nicola Rizzoli in Olympique Lyon - Real Madrid on Matchday 4. The same counts for one of his assistant referees: Renato Faverani surely does not have the best associations with this stadium. In addition to him, Luca Maggiani joins the team as AR2. Here we can apply the same procedure again: The planned AR2 of Rizzoli's EURO Team assists another referee from the same country along with the reserve AR, therefore, Andrea Stefani should be the AR1 of the EURO team, Renato Faverani the AR2 and Maggiani will potentially remain in standby. Luca Banti and Andrea de Marco will complete the team as Additional Assistant Referees, Paolo Valeri will function as Fourth Official. Juan Antonio Fernandez Marin from Spain will observe the Italian team.
My bet: 0-0

The most surprising appointment was probably Craig Thomson's nomination for Leverkusen - Barcelona. Of course, it is a good test for the EURO team, but Thomson has already refereed a match with Leverkusen's involvement, it was MD3, the match between Leverkusen and Valencia was also played in the same stadium. Alasdair Ross and Derek Rose seem to be the names who will appear in Poland/Ukraine, too. While Steven McLean has lost his slot as AAR - he will now act as Fourth Official - William Collum and Euan Norris assist Thomson as AARs. Surely no surprise.
Thomson in Serbia, minutes before the match was abandoned
Taking all his performances and especially the amount of matches he received in 2011 into consideration, one has to emphasize that Thomson has really developed to a very good ELITE referee. I am not sure how much he will get in this CL season, his big advantage is that no Scottish team will probably be involved in the next decade's UCL semifinals. One thing is clear: UEFA needs (at least) six referees  they will not appoint anymore after the Group Stage of EURO as main referees. Guys like Thomson have to show something, so he should use the chance today; Horst Brummeier from Austria will expect a lot from the team.
My bet: 1-1

Jonas Eriksson from Sweden will have presumedly no problem with the weather conditions in St. Petersburg. Even though most parts of Europe are finally defrosting, the thermometers still show a temperature of -13°C in St.Petersburg. The multimillionaire from Sigtuna will be able to cope with that. To my mind, Eriksson was the best referee of the CL group stage, he got the highest amount of matches (4), although this was due to an injury of Strömbergsson.
from left: Eriksson, Wittberg, Fernandez Marin, ..., Klasenius.
Unfortunately, Mathias Klasenius will not run his lines in this match which also means that he is not considered as AR at EURO. Klasenius has accompanied Eriksson for years, joined several youth tournaments and - one has to say that - better performances than the selected AR2 Fredrik Nilsson who did not make good impressions in e.g. Bayern - Villarreal. Anyway, Stefan Wittberg's participation at EURO should not be in danger, the last "remnant" of the great generation "Frisk" and "Fröjdfeldt". Eriksson has established himself at the peak of UEFA refereeing, I think that he can reach a lot this year, perhaps even a final appointment in UEFA Europa League or at least a semifinal. Zenit St.Petersburg - Benfica is probably not such a big match like others, but two teams which are on one level and which will do everything to win guarantee a good match. Daniel Stalhammar as Fourth Official, Markus Strömbergsson and Stefan Johannesson as AARs will assist him; the team is observed by the Czech Dr. Vaclav Krondl, certainly no "no-name" in the UEFA referee observers' pool.
My bet: 1-2

Viktor Kassai at Wembley, cautioning Valdés
History sometimes repeats itself: Viktor Kassai's "opener match" into the new international season will be held again in Giuseppe Meazza, again it is the first leg of a round of 16 match (last year Internazionale - Bayern), but this time, AC Milan will be the hosts when meeting Arsenal London from "the Island". In the last year, this round of 16 match was enough for UEFA to appoint Kassai for the CL final, that cannot be the case this time, but without any doubt, the world's best referee of 2011 is one of the favourites for EURO 2012's final match. He will be assisted by Gabor Eros and György Ring. According to the statistics I have at hand (they go back until EURO 1984), Ring will be the youngest assistant referee ever at EURO finals aged 31 when the final competition will take place. Tamás Bognar has been appointed as Fourth Official while the two EURO AARs should be clear by now, too: István Vad, to my mind the biggest talent which is currently in UEFA's First Group, and Mihaly Fabián will be the men at the goallines.
Even though UEFA should actually know Kassai by hard, they have sent a committee member to evaluate him: the German Herbert Fandel will be the UEFA referee observer.
My bet: 2-2


  1. Anonymous14/2/12 13:50

    I don´t understand that Thomson repeats in

  2. Hi,

    In last 6 February you wrote a comment a tell us that Olegário Benquerenca has failed the UEFA fitness test conducted in Turkey. This is official?


    1. The first information is true,


  3. I have watched some higlights and a few minutes of second half about Thomson. He was wearing the red kit (by the way: the black and the green were not suitable, but what about the violet one?). I think the most important calls were correct but he seemed a bit missing in control during second half.
    Not a big problem, anyway.
    Barcellona - Leverkusen will be maybe for a Elite development.

    1. this again shows that the adidas guy who chose the colours has to be fired

  4. People on worldreferee writing that Barca third goal was offside: I'm wondering what match they were watching. It was a great call by Alasdair Ross, correct position, and difficult to see.

  5. Benquerenca failed, that was my first information, but probably, that was due to his long injury.
    CL KO is only for ELITE.

    Thomson was good, except from a few minors (e.g. YC to Castro wrong, missed handball by Messi which led to a good goal attempt), the ARs had an offside rate of 100%, the goal was no offside either:

  6. The goal is a great call. Of course it not offside.

  7. I have my doubts on 1st Barca goal, whether there was foul before the attack started...

  8. Hm, it was a duel, yes, but according to Thomson's line he applied throughout the match, it was ok to let the game flow in my opinion.

  9. György Ring was again perfect. Many close offsides, also preceding 2-0, he saw everything correctly. Great AR.

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. Acceptable Kassai, ok on penalty, but I saw many minor mistakes and a possible penalty for Arsenal. As mark, it would be a 6 about calls.

  12. Yes. Second goal for Milan followed by Ibrahimovic's offside. Minimal, but offisde. Ambrosini should have been dismissed for his Kompany's tackle in 81'. Missed penalty for Arsenal (81'). My marks: control-8, calls-5, neutrality-5, style-6, match difficulty-6. He had problems with positioning in the first half, too long whistles. Average performance.

  13. No offside preceding 2-0, sky sports drew the line in half time, it was level.
    I am looking for a useful screenshot..

  14. http://s7.directupload.net/file/d/2802/jrxxxt6o_jpg.htm

  15. I don't know, is this line accurately... In my TV it's 4-5 cm offside :) I think this line in screen shot is drawn shortly after moment of pass. However we can't blame assistant for this call.

  16. I also agree that that was sligthly offside. I checked with the actual pitch zones/lines, it seems to be.

  17. Sorry I did not find a better one, can just say that sky sports showed that exactly, but of course the perspective may convulse.

    and yes, the line my photoshop drew is exact ;)

  18. This comment has been removed by the author.

  19. Eriksson was solid... really solid.
    A wonderful match and in my opinion he was almost perfect.
    Maybe just one or two minor mistakes.
    Consistent with cards, I think it was the best refereeing in this week.
    At least, he will reach a further appointment in quarterfinals.
    My marks are:
    8 CALLS
    8 STYLE

    Ok, maybe 7 on match difficulty but still solid.

    1. I have already send my report on Niklas. His mark is around 7,60. He was good with some minor mistakes.

    2. will be published soon.

  20. Anonymous16/2/12 23:50

    Tagliavento.....penalty for Ajax.....

    1. Tagliavento?? Do you mean Rocchi?
      I think he missed the foul, but to my mind it would have been a free kick then, the contact (if available) occurred cms before the box.

      Lannoy was still good, a few minors but his presence was good.
      De Sousa had not always full control, made good decisions, but missed a clear penalty to Hannover.

  21. I was watching AZ vs Anderlecht yesterday and I was particularly impressed by the performance of Jan-Hendrik Salver. He certainly is one of the best (and most experienced) ARs internationally at the moment. I assume he will be the AR2 in Stark's EURO team (alongside Mike Pickel).

  22. I think he should be even clear as AR1.
    Salver had many excellent matches, but he is humane, too, he always wants to have a certain influence on the decisions, he helps the main ref, but in POR-BIH and Fortuna-Frankfurt, he should not have done that IMO.

    Ring, Salver, Mullarkey, Yuste Jiménez and Stefani are at the moment the best ARs to my mind.

  23. short info: referee observer Fandel told Ring that the 2-0 should have been offside.

  24. I came to the same conclusion (that it was slightly offside), although this was extremely hard to see correctly in real-time.

    Ring certainly has a huge potential, especially considering his age. And of course it is also his luck that Kassai is so highly regarded by UEFA/FIFA at the moment.

  25. I think Kassai is the favourite for EURO 2012 final, Rizzoli has the potential, too, but after Rosetti 2008, it is hard to imagine that the next Italian will get it.
    Stark, Webb, Kuipers and Velasco are subject to the national teams, Lannoy, Thomson to my mind no option, Skomina hardly.
    Proenca and Cakir could be options, too.

  26. They are twelve.
    UEFA will pay extreme attention to the performance, so let me say that each referee will be in the right to dream the final, if showing good perfromances.
    Obviously the only problem will be the possible presence of the national team.

  27. Carlos Velasco Carballo has a game next week.

    Full team.
    Árbitro Asistente 1: ROBERTO ALONSO FERNÁNDEZ
    Árbitro Asistente 2: JUAN CARLOS YUSTE JIMÉNEZ
    A. A. Adicional 2: CARLOS CLOS GÓMEZ

    This seems to be the full Spanish team for EURO.

  28. Yes I think so too. Not sure about AAR2 however.

  29. Napoli-Chelsea? Basel-Bayern? I would like the first.

  30. And Mallenco has a CL match on 6,7 March

    Árbitro Asistente 1: ROBERTO ALONSO FERNÁNDEZ
    Árbitro Asistente 2: JESÚS CALVO GUADAMURO
    A. A. Adicional 2: CÉSAR MUÑIZ FERNÁNDEZ

  31. Thanks, should be Arsenal Milan.

  32. UCL - 13/14.03.2012
    Árbitro: Pedro Proença Oliveira Alves Garcia
    Asistente 1: Bertino Cunha Miranda
    Asistente 2: José Tiago Garcias Bolinhas Trigo
    Cuarto Árbitro: João Carlos Santos Capela
    Asistente Adicional 1: Manuel Jorge Neves Moreira de Sousa
    Asistente Adicional 2: Duarte Nuno Pereira Gomes

  33. Thanks a lot!
    I think it could be Chelsea Napoli or Inter Marseille.


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