February 10, 2012

Badara Diatta with AFCON final

The Senegalese Badara Diatta (photo) has been selected to officiate the 2012 Africa Cup of Nations Final between Zambia and Côte d'Ivoire in Libreville, Gabon.

The 41 year-old teacher from Ziguinchor, Senegal, is in his thirteenth year as international referee. It is his fourth participation in an AFCON, but only the first real K.O. match at this competition, after having refereed last edition's 3rd place match. He will be assisted by Beshir Hassani from Tunisia and Evarist Menkouande from Cameroon while CAF made a nice gesture and appointed Eddy Maillet as 4th Official. For the Seychellois, it will be probably he his career end.
Badara Diatta issued the first red card of this Africa Cup of Nations: John Mensah was sent off by him due to a professional foul in the Ghana - Botsuana encounter.
Diatta, born in 1969, could be the lucky guy who takes a place on the FIFA prospective list for 2014 World Cup.

Ghead Grisha from Egypt has been nominated for the 3rd place match between Ghana and Mali in Malabo, Equatorial Guinea. It will be his second match at this competition, too, after having already overseen Côte d'Ivoire - Burkina Faso. He will be assisted in this match by Moffat Champiti from Malawi who will be rejected from FIFA list in 2013 and Peter Edibe from Nigeria, Bakary Gassama from Gambia will be the Fourth Official.

Special thanks to Mohamed E.Fattah for this info.

#31, 3rd place match, 11/02/2012, 17:00, Malabo (EQG)
Ghana - Mali
Referee: Ghead Grisha (Egypt)
Assistant Referee 1: Moffat Champiti (MWI)
Assistant Referee 2: Peter Edibe (NGA)
4th Official: Bakary Gassama (GAM)

#32, final, 12/02/2012, 20:00, Libreville (GBN) 
Zambia - Côte d'Ivoire
Referee: Badara Diatta (Senegal)
Assistant Referee 1: Beshir Hassani (Tunisia)
Assistant Referee 2: Evarist Menkouande (Cameroon)
4th Official: Eddy Maillet (Seychelles)

A summary containing the impressions one could receive during the last weeks of AFCON and also referee awards (Best Referee, Most Promising Referee for the future, Best Refereed Match, Best Assistant Referee, Most Promising Assistant Referee for the future) will follow on Monday.


  1. I thought so... Probably due to Morocco's bad performance at this AFCON. And he was very good in his first match.

  2. Sources say he has received the best mark of all the referees at this competition in his match by the CAF observer.

  3. And big info!

    Referee: Nicola Rizzoli (ITA)
    Assistant referee 1: Giorgio Niccolai (ITA)
    Assistant referee 2: Roberto Romagnoli (ITA)
    4th official: Marai al-Awaji (KSA)

    Also Daniele Orsato (Roberto Carrer/Espedito Marco Musolino)in Qatar Stars League with Al Arabi - Al Sadd match today.

  4. Oh, nice info, thx.
    It is often the case that Europeans are invited in countries like QAT, I remember some Germans being in these matches as well a few years ago.

  5. Yeah, it's true. Semi-finals of Crown Prince Cup were refereed by Romanians. Alexandru Dan Tudor and Pavel Cristian Balaj. Qatar is more more moderate with foreign trios last times.

  6. Wow! Nice to hear that!
    Italian interesting and important appointements.
    AS ALWAYS, here in Italy no news from AIA. Ok.

    Niccolai e Romagnoli are the best italian assistant referees not on FIFA list.
    They are both 1967 born, so at their last year on the pitch.

  7. And, even though I was waiting for Badara Diatta, I'm quite content with Bouchaib El Ahrach. Niclas, if you remember yesterday, I mentioned him. It was a really good performance in his first match, yes, the only mistake was by Hassani with that goal not seen.

  8. Yeah, it's strange that AIA does not post any news at his site. E.g. Romanian federation published infos about their referees in Saudi Arabia many days before.

  9. Yes you are absolutely right. El Ahrach was an option, but I did not consider him as he did not get any KO appointment. The question is: may Achik assist him after he had a semi?

    My dreamteam would be: EL AHRACH, KABANDA, ACHIK, JEDIDI

  10. My:
    F - El Ahrach - Menkouande, Achik - Bennett
    3rd - Diatta - Damoo, Camara - Gassama

  11. 3rd place appointment has gone to Ghead Grisha, I am sorry for Diatta.

    1. Mohammed A.Fattah10/2/12 17:11

      Niclas as i have told you that Gehad Grisha nominated for 3rd place, i have get the information from CAF now that Badara Diatta will be responsible for final match.
      Al Ahrach has left the CAN after group stage and it’s impossible to get final match.

  12. WOW?! Thanks for that info, strange: http://www.bladi.net/forum/307883-maroc-final-can/

  13. Anonymous10/2/12 18:00

    I'm sorry, but matches #31 and #32 should be interchanged. The final match is the #32.

  14. Woooww! But let's wait. It seems that the referee for the final changes every hour :D
    We want to be sure, so waiting for the CAF confirmation.
    I hope this evening... great Badara Diatta, really great!

  15. Yeap, thanks.
    I have no idea why these guys reported that El Ahrach would have it.
    But remember the Gold Cup final, one website said Gantar would be the ref, everybody was surprised and then concacaf told us that Aguilar had it.

    1. Mohammed A.Fattah10/2/12 19:06

      Dear guys,
      Diatta for final & Grisha for the 3rd Place is confirmed and to be final decision. I have got the information from my source in side CAF. No doubt about it

  16. Rizzoli with straight red card for Byung Soo-Yoo from Al Hilal. I will watch the match today or tomorrow.
    Here is the match report at soccerway: http://www.soccerway.com/matches/2012/02/10/saudi-arabia/crown-prince-cup/al-hilal-riyadh/al-ittifaq-dammam/1254082/

    Niclas, will you watch Wolfsburg - Freiburg?

  17. Anonymous11/2/12 09:23

    There is a question about date/time of the match #31. It was planned that it should be played today
    3rd Place match – Match de classement
    31. Loser 29 vs. loser 30 11/02/2012 20H:00 Malabo

    It the date/time in this acticle (12/02/2012, 17:00) correct?

  18. Thanks for this info, I am going to correct it, had something wrong in remembrance.

    Yes, I watched Wolfsburg Freiburg, but only minute 30-90.

    Rizzoli's card average is rising..

  19. http://www.cafonline.com/football/news/13140-orange-can-2012-final-referee.html

    Caf has confirmed Diatta appointment. What a joke, they were able also to write wrongly the surname of the fourth official, Mailley...


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