February 5, 2012

Card confusion

An unbelievable incident has occurred in the match Gabon - Mali. Djamel Haimoudi from Algeria has cautioned a Mali player (Modibo Maiga, no.10) for a harmless foul (36'). In the 83th minute, he again cautioned the same player for unsporting behaviour - without sending him off! This was the impression we, plenty of international websites and also the Eurosport TV commentary had.

Of course this situation reminds us on Graham Poll's performance in 2006 FIFA World Cup match between Australia and Croatia where he booked Croatia's Simunic three times.

The consequences of this are not sure of course, but well, there is a certain consequence for a FIFA Prospective List referee who is breaking formal rules like that...we have to wait for the official match report how this is considered.
The situation was not recognized by his assistant referees Redouane Achik (Morocco) and Abdelhak Etchiali and by the 4th Official Daniel Bennett (South Africa) either.

According to the official match report, a Gabonese player has received the yellow card in the 35th minute, however, questions remain why the hell more than ten (!) different websites from France, USA, England and Germany show that the yellow card has been issued to Maiga. As soon as videos are available, the issue will be clearer.

Update: http://www.elwatan.com/sports/haimoudi-ne-s-est-pas-trompe-10-02-2012-158371_110.php


  1. That's terrible. I'm reading some news on different websites.
    For example, coupedafrique.com in the live match reports only the first card, at 36'. Livescore.com annouces the only card for Maiga at 86'. So, there is a obvious error. They don't know how to justify (or hide?) it.
    Very bad. However, I want to download the full match because I need to see with my eyes both bookings.
    Mali won after the penalties, so I think the match will be re-played. It's obvious. Any news about Gabon official complaint against CAF?

  2. F. Taveira5/2/12 21:08

    i missed first half because in eurosport international they were live from a winter sport competition. But yes i checked in some livescores and none had a clear answer. A big mess ... but the match will not be repeated... that never happens...

  3. In the WC 2010 CAF qualifiers there was a match repeated due to the fact that a player was born in a foreigh country what was unknown for CAF.
    Many websites have recognized the mistake, the eurosport commentary as well, some websites even show a yellow-red card :D
    Funny, terrible, I don't know. I am looking for another video to make screens.

  4. BTW Alioum showed a stellar performance.

  5. Hello Niclas,
    I'm not able to find the full match. I wait for your screencaps. We want to be sure about this situation.

    About Ghana-Tunisia: I have seen the straight red card by Alioum for Tunisia player in the extra time. It was suggested by his first assistant. Correct decision, but there was a considerable riot in which Alioum seemed a bit in trouble. However, it was a totally right call.

  6. Yes, the minutes around the red card have been very difficult for him, he should have cautioned at least one Tunisian more. There was a small Kung-fu foul as well, but aimed at the ball, the Ghana player was immediately able to stand up again, but could have been a card, too.
    All in all, Alioum showed a very good performance in the most difficult match so far.

    I have no video either..moreover, eurosport repeats Ghana Tunisia 5 times (!) but Gabon Mali not. In one hour, I will watch Alioum again, I slept during the game for a few minutes as it was so boring for a long time, but the extra time compensated for that!

    Filipe, it does not matter whether you have not seen the first half. Ok, of course it is bad due to this card confusion, but in general I can say that according to sources, Haimoudi was in the first half as always, a bit too pedantic, the first yellow seemed to be exaggerated, major calls and offside good. I think it is enough for a report.

    I will use the new UEFA report model for Alioum's match as paramount example to explain you how I imagine that. But again: don't blame me for this detailed report, UEFA pays attention to so many things :D
    We can try it for the round of 16 first legs, if you do not want this type of report, let me know, then we can easily return to the old system (the system itself has not changed, just the scope extended.)

  7. the Alioum report will follow in a few minutes, Qudamah's a report at worldreferee makes me laugh at the moment.

  8. Anonymous6/2/12 20:05

    Phil Dowd appointed for UTD-Liverpool this saturday :D

  9. My predictions for semifinals (referees still unknown) are:

    Daniel Bennett in Zambia - Ghana
    Mohamed Benouza in Mali - Ivory Coast

  10. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vPWEz6Uv8u4&feature=channel_video_title

    Gabon-Mali full match finally here. I think the first yellow at 36' is for the Gabon player, due to the previous foul, TV broadccaster showed the wrong booked player. If you watch it with attention, you can notice that while Gabon player is committing the foul, Haimoudi makes the gesture of advantage. Then, after he book the player. For sure, not a Mali one.

  11. It's clear that the gabonese player booked is the number 18

  12. Good to have this clear! Thanks for the link.

  13. I was by the way quite amused when I read the CAF official report for Alioum's match. The observer has come from Cameroon as well...


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