February 8, 2012

Our Predictions for CL and EL

Everyone, who wants to publish his ideas and predictions of who will in charge of next week's European club football competition matches in UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League, can send me his/her predictions via mail or just as comment underneath the thread.
points: 4 for the right referee, 2 for the right country.

UEFA Champions League Round of 16
14 February 2012

Olympique Lyonnais - APOEL Nicosia
Alexandru: Markus Strömbergsson (SWE) 0
Cagatay: Felix Brych (GER) 0
Carlos: Felix Brych (GER) 0
Chefren: Florian Meyer (GER) 0
Dino: Svein Oddvar Moen (NOR) 0
Edward: Svein Oddvar Moen (NOR) 0
Filipe: Svein Oddvar Moen (NOR) 0
Mohamed A.Fattah: Felix Brych (GER) 0
Niclas: Svein Oddvar Moen (NOR) 0
Philipp: Olegário Benquerenca (POR) 0
Qudamah: Jonas Eriksson (SWE) 0

Leverkusen - FC Barcelona
Alexandru: Kevin Blom (NED) 0
Cagatay: Stéphane Lannoy (FRA) 0
Carlos: Cuneyt Cakir (TUR) 0
Chefren: Damir Skomina (SVN) 0
Dino: Mark Clattenburg (ENG) 0
Edward: Damir Skomina (SVN) 0
Filipe: Howard Webb (ENG) 0
Mohamed A.Fattah: Damir Skomina (SVN) 0
Niclas: Howard Webb (ENG) 0
Philipp: Damir Skomina (SVN) 0
Qudamah: Damir Skomina (SVN) 0

15 February 2012

Zenit St. Petersburg - SL Benfica 
Alexandru: Mark Clattenburg (ENG) 0
Cagatay: Craig Thomson (SCO) 0
Carlos: Svein Oddvar Moen (NOR) 0
Chefren: Jonas Eriksson (SWE) 5
Dino: Florian Meyer (GER) 0
Edward: Cuneyt Cakir (TUR) 0
Filipe: Craig Thomson (SCO) 0
Mohamed A.Fattah: Mark Clattenburg (ENG) 0
Niclas: Jonas Eriksson (SWE) 5
Philipp: Craig Thomson (SCO) 0
Qudamah: Viktor Kassai (HUN) 0

AC Milan - Arsenal London
Alexandru: Jonas Eriksson (SWE) 0
Cagatay: Carlos Velasco Carballo (ESP) 0
Carlos: Pedro Proenca (POR) 0
Chefren: Björn Kuipers (NED) 0
Dino: Pedro Proenca (POR) 0
Edward: Felix Brych (GER) 0
Filipe: Pedro Proenca (POR) 0
Mohamed A.Fattah: Alberto Undiano Mallenco (ESP) 0
Niclas: Pedro Proenca (POR) 0
Philipp: Cuneyt Cakir (TUR) 0
Qudamah: Pedro Proenca (POR) 0

UEFA Europa League, Round of 32
14 February 2012 (0s not mentioned)

Rubin Kazan - Olympiacos
Alexandru: Serge Gumienny (BEL)
Cagatay: Ovidiu Hategan (ROU)
Carlos: Laurent Duhamel (FRA)
Chefren: Tom Hagen (NOR) 1
Dino: Paolo Tagliavento (ITA)
Edward: Milorad Mazic (SRB) 5
Filipe: Stefan Johannesson (SWE) 
Niclas: Robert Schörgenhofer (AUT) 1
Philipp: Serge Gumienny (BEL)
Qudamah: Florian Meyer (GER)

Braga - Besiktas
Alexandru: Antony Gautier (FRA)
Cagatay: Florian Meyer (GER) 1
Carlos: Tom Hagen (NOR)
Chefren: Tony Chapron (FRA)
Dino: Antony Gautier (FRA)
Edward: Wolfgang Stark (GER) 1
Filipe: Antony Gautier (FRA)
Niclas: Laurent Duhamel (FRA)
Philipp: Alberto Undiano Mallenco (ESP) 1
Qudamah: Manuel Gräfe (GER)

16 February 2012

Lokomotiv Moskva - Athletic Bilbao
Alexandru: Alon Yefet (ISR) 1
Cagatay: Alon Yefet (ISR) 1
Carlos: Alon Yefet (ISR) 1
Chefren: Peter Rasmussen (DEN)
Dino: Peter Rasmussen (DEN)
Edward: Tony Chapron (FRA)
Filipe: Robert Schörgenhofer (AUT)
Niclas: Pawel Gil (POL) 1
Philipp: Robert Schörgenhofer (AUT)
Qudamah: Antony Gautier (FRA) 1

RB Salzburg - Metalist
Alexandru: Manuel de Sousa (POR)
Cagatay: Huseyin Gocek (TUR)
Carlos: István Vad (HUN)
Chefren: Marijo Strahonja (CRO) 5
Dino: Stefan Johannesson (SWE)
Edward: Laurent Duhamel (FRA)
Filipe: Michael Koukoulakis (GRE)
Niclas: Marcin Borski (POL) 1
Philipp: Mark Clattenburg (ENG)
Qudamah: Pawel Gil (POL)

Ajax - ManUnited
Alexandru: Viktor Kassai (HUN)
Cagatay: Gianluca Rocchi (ITA) 5
Carlos: Alberto Undiano Mallenco (ESP) 1
Chefren: Daniele Orsato (ITA) 2
Dino: Alberto Undiano Mallenco (ESP) 1
Edward: Alberto Undiano Mallenco (ESP) 1
Filipe: Alberto Undiano Mallenco (ESP) 1
Niclas: David Fernández Borbalán (ESP)
Philipp: Gianluca Rocchi (ITA) 5
Qudamah: Wolfgang Stark (GER) 1

Plzen - Schalke 04
Alexandru: Stefan Johannesson (SWE)
Cagatay: Kevin Blom (NED) 1
Carlos: William Collum (SCO)
Chefren: Alan Kelly (IRL)
Dino: Bas Nijhuis (NED)
Edward: Manuel de Sousa (POR)
Filipe: William Collum (SCO)
Niclas: Alan Kelly (IRL)
Philipp: Peter Rasmussen (DEN)
Qudamah: Ovidiu Alin Hategan (ROU)

AZ Alkmaar - Anderlecht
Alexandru: Robert Schörgenhofer (AUT)
Cagatay: Marijo Strahonja (CRO)
Carlos: Markus Strömbergsson (SWE)
Chefren: Firat Aydinus (TUR)
Dino: Wolfgang Stark (GER) 3
Edward: William Collum (SCO)
Filipe: István Vad (HUN)
Niclas: Manuel de Sousa (POR)
Philipp: Carlos Velasco Carballo (ESP) 1
Qudamah: István Vad (HUN)

Lazio Roma - Atlético Madrid
Alexandru: Tom Hagen (NOR) 1
Cagatay: Peter Rasmussen (DEN) 1
Carlos: Marijo Strahonja (CRO) 1
Chefren: Markus Strömbergsson (SWE) 1
Dino: Viktor Kassai (HUN)
Edward: Alan Kelly (IRL) 1
Filipe: Stéphane Lannoy (FRA)
Niclas: Pavel Královec (CZE) 5
Philipp: Pedro Proenca (POR)
Qudamah: Svein Oddvar Moen (NOR)

Legia - Sporting
Alexandru: Pavel Královec (CZE)
Cagatay: Bas Nijhuis (NED)
Carlos: Robert Schörgenhofer (AUT)
Chefren: István Vad (HUN) 1
Dino: Matej Jug (SVN) 5
Edward: Alon Yefet (ISR) 1
Filipe: Matej Jug (SVN) 5
Niclas: Kevin Blom (NED)
Philipp: Alon Yefet (ISR) 1
Qudamah: Paolo Tagliavento (ITA)

Steaua - Twente
Alexandru: Pawel Gil (POL)
Cagatay: Tony Chapron (FRA)
Carlos: David Fernández Borbalán (ESP)
Chefren: Milorad Mazic (SRB)
Dino: Milorad Mazic (SRB)
Edward: David Fernández Borbalán (ESP)
Filipe: Milorad Mazic (SRB)
Niclas: William Collum (SCO)
Philipp: Aleksandar Stavrev (MKD)
Qudamah: Stefan Johannesson (SWE)

Wisla Krakow - Standard Liège
Alexandru: Ovidiu Hategan (ROU)
Cagatay: Aleksei Nikolaev (RUS)
Carlos: Milorad Mazic (SRB) 1
Chefren: Alon Yefet (ISR)
Dino: Alon Yefet (ISR)
Edward: Michael Koukoulakis (GRE)
Filipe: Alon Yefet (ISR)
Niclas: Alon Yefet (ISR)
Philipp: Pavel Královec (CZE) 1
Qudamah: Cuneyt Cakir (TUR)

Udinese - PAOK
Alexandru: István Vad (HUN)
Cagatay: ----
Carlos: Matej Jug (SVN)
Chefren: Robert Schörgenhofer (AUT)
Dino: Alan Kelly (IRL)
Edward: Robert Schörgenhofer (AUT)
Filipe: Florian Meyer (GER) 1
Niclas: Markus Strömbergsson (SWE)
Philipp: Manuel de Sousa (POR)
Qudamah: Martin Atkinson (ENG) 1

Trabzonspor - PSV
Alexandru: Matej Jug (SVN)
Cagatay: Alan Kelly (IRL)
Carlos: Manuel de Sousa (POR)
Chefren: Manuel Gräfe (GER) 2
Dino: Gianluca Rocchi (ITA) 1
Edward: Serge Gumienny (BEL)
Filipe: Pavel Královec (CZE)
Niclas: Milorad Mazic (SRB)
Philipp: Jonas Eriksson (SWE) 1
Qudamah: Alan Kelly (IRL)

Hannover - Club Brugge
Alexandru: Alexandru Tudor (ROU)
Cagatay: Milorad Mazic (SRB)
Carlos: Michael Koukoulakis (GRE) 1
Chefren: Marcin Borski (POL)
Dino: Michael Koukoulakis (GRE) 1
Edward: Stefan Johannesson (SWE) 1
Filipe: Tom Hagen (NOR)
Niclas: Tom Hagen (NOR)
Philipp: István Vad (HUN) 1
Qudamah: William Collum (SCO)

Porto - ManCity
Alexandru: Nicola Rizzoli (ITA) 1
Cagatay: Alberto Undiano Mallenco (ESP) 1
Carlos: Gianluca Rocchi (ITA) 1
Chefren: Aleksandar Stavrev (MKD)
Dino: Marijo Strahonja (CRO)
Edward: Florian Meyer (GER) 1
Filipe: Cuneyt Cakir (TUR) 5
Niclas: Marijo Strahonja (CRO)
Philipp: Manuel Gräfe (GER)
Qudamah: Stephane Lannoy (FRA) 1

Stoke City - Valencia CF
Alexandru: Damir Skomina (SVN)
Cagatay: Robert Schörgenhofer (AUT) 1
Carlos: Serge Gumienny (BEL)
Chefren: Manuel de Sousa (POR)
Dino: Tom Hagen (NOR) 1
Edward: Marijo Strahonja (CRO) 1
Filipe: Manuel de Sousa (POR)
Niclas: István Vad (HUN)
Philipp: Florian Meyer (GER)
Qudamah: Markus Strömbergsson (SWE) 1

Results (correct ref: 5, correct country: 2, correct ref group: 1)
Alexandru: 3 pts
Cagatay: 11 pts
Carlos: 6 pts
Chefren: 18 pts
Dino: 12 pts
Edward:  12 pts
Filipe: 12 pts
Niclas: 13 pts
Philipp: 11 pts
Qudamah: 5 pts


  1. Anonymous8/2/12 13:54

    HMMM...Benquerenca,Grafe,Orsato,Borski,Stavrev not pased the fitness-test ...

  2. Anonymous8/2/12 14:59

    RELIABLE!Atkinson,also...There are more,but enough for now,is not it?

  3. OK ;)
    Do you know what this can mean? No match in this season anymore?

  4. F. Taveira8/2/12 15:12

    Benquerença is injured since November(last mtach in Portugal 6nov) and not totally ok. Probably the information is correct but in Benquerença's case we have a justification. In 2012 he just did one match(22 jan). A second league match in Portugal and the information I have is that he was in bad shape and not 100% recovered... all the others... a bit surprising.

  5. Ok, then this is explained.
    I could really imagine that Gräfe failed the tests. As I have explained in the other thread, these YoYo tests mainly concentrate on short sprints as they occur in the real match as well; Gräfe is tall, has a good overview, he never moves too much in the pitch, so this would not be a real surprise.

  6. POL-POR (friendly, 29/2)
    Alon Yefet, Amihay Mozes, Nisan Davidi

    1. F. Taveira9/2/12 16:41

      Ireland-Czech Republic (29/2-Dublin)
      Jorge Sousa, Bertino Miranda, Rui Licínio

    2. Interesting. Important test for two EURO teams. Licinio's debut along with two good officials.

  7. Aydinus has also failed, actually he got injured during the test and couldnt finish. Cakir got it, Turkish media has noted that there will be no appointment till summer time.

    1. Anonymous8/2/12 20:01

      Catagay put forward what I have concealed-Aydinus also failed...;)

  8. Uy uy uy..harsh news.

  9. the question is: is Borski's position as 4th at EURO 2012 in danger?

  10. Interesting news, but the very important question is (in my opinion) how much importance UEFA wants to give to the failed tests. And if this really mean that some referees will not be able to get any appointment in short times.
    I think it's hard for UEFA if they want or they have really to rule out some names for the next matches.
    The meeting in Turkey was not open to all referees, so I think that they can't select other officials, for example from the First Category.

  11. as you were..

    My UEFA source said that no Elite referee has failed the tests, so Atkinson either. (Benquerenca probably not considered due to the long duration of his injury)

    He said that there were problems in development and first group.

    1. Anonymous8/2/12 20:11

      All Elite referee except-Benquerenca and Atkinson.INJURY-eternal excuse...;) This test requires the involvement of nutritionists and specialists in the field of medical physiology!

  12. Benouza has by the way given a correct penalty in the early stages for Ghana. However, it was not converted. He is making a good impression until now.

  13. Nice to hear that.
    Anyway, Benouza was (at least until a few days before) a WC referee, so he should always show great performances.
    Waiting for Bennett!

  14. Alexandru Neculai - Romania:
    Champions League
    Lyon - APOEL Nicosia: Markus Strombergsson (Sweden)
    Leverkusen - Barcelona: Kevin Blom (Netherlands)
    Zenit - Benfica: Mark Clattenburg (England)
    AC Milan - Arsenal: Jonas Eriksson (Sweden)
    Europa League:
    Rubin Kazan - Olympiacos Pireu: Serge Gumienny (Belgium)
    Sporting Braga - Besiktas: Antony Gautier (France)
    Lokomotiv Moskva - Athletic Bilbao: Alon Yefet (Israel)
    Salzburg - Metalist Harkov: Manuel de Sousa (Portugal)
    Ajax - Manchester United: Viktor Kassai (Hungary)
    Plzen - Schalke: Stefan Johannesson (Sweden)
    Alkmaar - Anderlecht: Robert Schorgenhofer (Austria)
    Lazio - Atletico Madrid: Tom Harald Hagen (Norway)
    Steaua - Twente: Pawel Gil (Poland)
    Wisla - Standard Liege: Ovidiu Hategan (Romania)
    Udinese - PAOK: Istvan Vad (Hungary)
    Trabzonspor - PSV: Matej Jug (Slovenia)
    Hannover - FC Bruges: Alexandru Tudor (Romania)
    Porto - Manchester City: Nicola Rizzoli (Italy)
    Stoke - Valencia: Damir Skomina (Slovenia)

  15. thanks Alexandru! We however know that Tudor will not get a match, Hategan is the only Romanian who remains in the KO stage.

    Benouza with 2nd yellow card, Zambia with the sensation? They lead 1-0 in 85', but it is not a surprise at all.
    Benouza on 8,5 level. Wow.

  16. Great surprise Zambia... final for them!

  17. Benouza was excellent. No real mistake.
    final mark 8,6

  18. with pleasure. Alexandru

  19. Alexandru, Legia Sporting is missing.

    1. Legia Sporting
      Pavel Kralovec (Czech Republic)

  20. Anonymous8/2/12 20:18

    Nominations have arrived in the national federations...:)

  21. Anonymous8/2/12 22:26

    Velasco in Champions; Undiano and Borbalan in Europa League.

  22. Anonymous8/2/12 22:59

    Skomina-CL,Strahonja-EL,Mazic-two nominations.

  23. Nice. Fernández Borbalán or Undiano Mallenco would be good in Ajax-ManU.
    Skomina would be very interesting for Leverkusen-Barca; Mazic two nominations is really interesting. Schörgenhofer had that last year I think.
    I will look for DFB announcements as well.

  24. Undiano with EL AND CL.

  25. Anonymous9/2/12 13:34

    Mazic is the fitness-test showed high performance.I think it is in top form!

  26. Nice to hear that. Mazic should have good chances to reach at least a r16 match in EL.

  27. F. Taveira9/2/12 16:28


    Proença: Europa League- 22 or 23 Feb. and CL 13 or 14 March. Attention to the team selected. Additional assistants: Gomes and Sousa (both cat1). Assistants: Bertino Miranda present in both nominations... the choice will be Santos vs Trigo.

    Sousa: Europa League- 14/16 Feb. with: Trigo/Santos

    Source: http://www.apaf.pt/apaf/noticias/?p=1&id=1668

    1. Anonymous9/2/12 16:33

      the date for Cl match is wrong... but.. later i will try to correct that..

  28. I think that is a good step. Capela and Ferreira are a good team, but he needs de Sousa as AAR.

    I think this will be the full team for EURO:

    Pedro Proenca
    Bertino Míranda
    Ricardo Santos
    Duarte Gomes
    Manuel de Sousa

    Reserve-AR: Trigo (I would prefer him as AR2, but well, Santos got the CRO-TUR call)
    Reserve-AAR: Capela or Paixao

    I am surprised that other confederations reveal the appointments.
    According to Kenn Hansen (twitter) and also to dfb, whose mail I received to day, the KO stage consists of "confidental matches", so they are not ALLOWED to reveal any info on it. More or less, the Portugues federation is breaking the rule.

  29. F. Taveira9/2/12 17:47

    no... it's just a different interpretation. the matches remain confidential. we just now the refs teams but we don't know were they are supposed to be... so not a big deal.
    Hum... I guess Trigo will be in the Euro. He is more consistent, more experienced and with better classifications in domestic leagues.
    For example, yesterday Proença got Portuguese Cup semi and Santos had a poor poor night. Trigo and Miranda are the best in Portugal.
    Remember Joao Santos? the ar2 of ajax-real. It's not official but rumors say that he will be out of the lists because of that performance.

  30. Yes, of course. Trigo had a superb call in Bayern-Inter last year, that was the point when he remained in my remembrance, but as I said, this playoff appt...moreover I do not understand why Miranda must be an AR at EURO. Proenca grew up with Trigo and Santos, not with Trigo and Miranda. The same counts for Kuipers. Now Zeinstra is there after Simons and van Roekel supported Kuipers in his early stages. Is this fair?

  31. ah and towards this different interpretation: I replied Hannsen as well, I said: i do not want to know the exact match, but whether you are appointed in general. No reply so far, but dfb said, they may not say it in general, after I had referred to other federations who already published the appts.

  32. I have received something interesting from my UEFA source:
    A referee who is selected for the EURO will get a CL match along with the planned assistant referees. He will also get a EL match for sure, the planned AR2 is then replaced by Reserve-AR.

    CL R16: Proenca, Miranda, Trigo (then Trigo would be the planned AR2)
    EL R16: Proenca, Miranda, Santos (then Santos would be the reserve AR)

    Moreover, if the 2nd referee from the country (in this case it could be de Sousa) has a EL, there will be the planned AR2 with the reserve AR
    example: EL R32: De Sousa, planned AR2 (Trigo), reserve AR (Santos).

    So, every assistant referee will have at least 2 matches.
    The minimum number of matches EURO referees will oversee are according to the source 5.

  33. Brych is in charge of a 2nd division match on 13/2, so surely no CL.
    Philipp told me that he found some info which say that two German teams will referee the two EL matches on 14/2 (Rubin-Olym./Braga-Besiktas)

    1. F. Taveira10/2/12 12:36

      hum interesting news hehe... i want Stark in Braga-Besiktas hahahahaha

    2. Besiktas is really going badly in the league (1 point from last 3 matches). They will undoubtfully show their best and fight in Portugal. An Elite is required in my point of view.

    3. Hm in my opinion Ajax-ManU does not necessarily require an ELITE ref, I would focus on the closer duels with guys like Meyer etc. Braga-Besiktas is just one example, the same counts for matches like Stoke Valencia or Legia Sporting as well. Close and intense duels. ManU and Man City as well as Schalke can be for development IMO.

  34. :D Stark will get CL.
    Brych, Gräfe, Meyer. These three come into question.

  35. I think Skomina will be certainly in LEV-BAR. He never had Barca before, would be an excellent test for the whole team.

  36. And also a deserved appointment, if confirmed.
    Skomina is young and great.

  37. Champions League
    Lyon - APOEL Nicosia: Jonas Eriksson
    Leverkusen - Barcelona: Damir Skomina
    Zenit - Benfica: Viktor Kassai
    AC Milan - Arsenal: Pedro Proenca
    Europa League:
    Rubin Kazan - Olympiacos Pireus: Florian Meyer
    Sporting Braga - Besiktas: Manuel Grafe
    Lokomotiv Moskva - Athletic Bilbao: Antony Gautier
    Salzburg - Metalist Kharkov: Pawel Gil
    Ajax - Manchester United: Wolfgang Stark
    Plzen - Schalke: Ovidiu Alin Hategan
    Alkmaar - Anderlecht: Istvan Vad
    Lazio - Atletico Madrid: Svein Oddvar Moen
    Steaua - Twente: Stefan Johannesson
    Wisla - Standard Liege: Cuneyt Cakir
    Udinese - PAOK: Martin Atkinson
    Trabzonspor - PSV: Alan Kelly
    Hannover - FC Bruges: William Collum
    Porto - Manchester City: Stephane Lannoy
    Stoke - Valencia: Markus Strombergsson
    Legia - Sporting: Paolo Tagliavento

    1. I just added them, please check there is no mistake by copy...

  38. Anonymous11/2/12 00:53

    Niclas,a bit frivolous act nomination.30% of which are nominated by your colleagues have not ran fitness-test.Vad,Vad,Vad...What he deserves so much attention?Stoke-Valencia?!Sorry-but I find it funny!No offense,please...

  39. Some more friendlies

    Denmark - Russia: Istvan Vad (HUN)
    Romania - Uruguay: Victor Kassai (HUN)
    Hungary - Bulgaria: Jonas Eriksson (SWE)
    Greece - Belgium: Daniel Stalhammar (SWE)

  40. Interesting, thanks.
    Vad with a great match.

  41. ESP-VEN: Treimanis (LVA)
    WAL-CRC: Webb (ENG)

  42. Niklas you have mail.

    The first unconfirmed appointment.

  43. Rubin Kazan - Olympiakos

    Referee: Milorad Mazic (SRB)
    Assistants: Milovan Ristic, Igor Radojcic (SRB)
    Additional Assistants: Bosko Jovanetic, Vlado Glodjovic (SRB)
    Fourth Official: Milenko Vukadinovic (SRB)

    UEFA Referees Observer: Rune Pedersen (NOR)

    Thanks to Edward!

  44. sources say that Damir SKOMINA will be the ref for ManU Ajax 2nd leg.

  45. Anonymous12/2/12 17:23

    Blom for Braga Besiktas

  46. The result of our appointment game:
    Chefren: 12
    Filipe: 8
    Niclas: 8
    Dino: 6
    Cagatay: 4
    Edward: 4
    Philipp: 4

  47. We count it differently. 5 points for right ref, 2 points for right country, in EL also 1 point for the right referee group.


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