March 19, 2012

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Diego Abal under fire
The promising referee from Argentina, who had also been in charge of two matches at FIFA U17 World Cup 2011 in Mexico, has been attacked by "fans" of the Argentine football club San Lorenzo. People unfolded his address and phone number in the web. What happened? In the 67th minute of the league game between San Lorenzo - Colón, the assistant referee 2 raised his flag for offside. Abal however rejected the call made by his colleague, unfortunately, the defenders did not recognize that and Colón easily scored the equalizer. After having watched the incident quite often, the tendency is more likely that Abal was wrong with overruling the assistant referee 2.

In the meantime, Abal has admitted his error based on a wrong interpretation of the offside rule. He has been suspended by the Argentine Referee Association for an indefinite period.


  1. Anonymous19/3/12 21:52

    Refereeing teams for the Dutch Cup Semifinals are:

    Heerenveen - PSV
    Referee: Bas Nijhuis
    Assistant referees: Rob van de Ven and Hans Olde Olthof
    Fourth official: Ed Janssen

    Referee: Richard Liesveld
    Assistant referee: Angelo Boonman and Dave Goossens
    Fourth official: Dennis Higler


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