March 31, 2012

Marrufo and Perea to head semifinals

The 34 year-old American professional referee Jair Marrufo from El Paso, Texas, has been appointed to oversee the first semifinal of this year's edition of CONCACAF's Olympic Games qualifying tournament. The son of a former Mexican referee will be in charge of El Salvador - Honduras that will be played in Kansas City tonight, while being accompanied by his countryman Eric Boria and the Surinamese Ramon  Louisville, who is one of the most experienced CONCACAF assistant referees and has potential chances to reach one of the next FIFA tournaments along with Enrico Wijngaarde. Walter López from Guatemala will function as Fourth Official.
Marrufo, who actually counted as favourite for the final match, after USA did not qualify for the semifinals, was already in control of two Honduran group stage ties against Panama (3-1) and Trinidad & Tobago (2-0). In both matches, he issued 4 yellow cards each.

Jair Marrufo (USA), prospective referee of FIFA World Cup 2014 (c) CONCACAF

In addition, CONCACAF has also assigned Jafeth Perea from Panama as the other semifinal referee. The 30 year-old was in charge of USA - Canada (0-2) in the group stage - there, he sent a Canadian player off with a straight red card - and also joined 2011 FIFA Under 17 World Cup in Mexico, where he refereed one match (Congo 1-0 Netherlands).
Perea's assistant referees will be Keytzel Corrales from Nicaragua, one participant of the U17 WC, too, and António Lopez from Puerto Rico, Hugo Cruz Alvarado from Costa Rica completes the team as Fourth Official.

The two winners of both semifinals, the finalists, will join the Olympic Games in London 2012.


At Kansas City, 31 March 2012
El Salvador - Honduras
Referee: Jair Marrufo (USA)
Assistant Referee 1: Eric Boria (USA)
Assistant Referee 2: Ramon Louisville (SUR)
Fourth Official: Walter López (GUA)

Mexico - Canada
Referee: Jafeth Perea (PAN)
Assistant Referee 1: Keytzel Corrales (NCA)
Assistant Referee 2: António Lopez (PUR)
Fourth Official: Hugo Cruz Alvarado (CRC)


  1. Jair Marrufo could have many chances, he was already a prospective referee for South Africa 2010. I don't know so much Perea from Panama.

    1. Marrufo, I think FIFA actually wanted him for South Africa, but in the late 2009, USA Soccer Association suspended him for "poor performances". He is only 34 year-old, can have a big future though.

    2. Still abour CONCACAF:
      Do you think that Marco Rodriguez will be at his third world cup?

    3. Not sure due to his suspension in Mexican league, but I think that normally, he should/will be CONCACAF's no 2 with Aguilar as no.1 in 2014. Marrufo, Wijngaarde, Lopez, Garcia. These guys hopefully "battle" for the other slots, no idea how to evaluate Geiger's chances.

    4. Forgot Roberto Moreno of course.

  2. Marrufo is not allowed to referee Mexico, due to his father's status there, so this semifinal makes sense. If they saved him for the Final, and Mexico made it, they could not use him. Plus, the semifinals are the qualifiers for the Olympics, so this is a bigger match.

    As for the World Cup, I think Rodriguez, Aguilar, Lopez, Moreno and Geiger are going to be the top 5 fighting for spots to begin the campaign. Others, like Marrufo and Garcia, have a shot... but I think they start from behind.

    An additional point... American fans despise Aguilar. It seems his ratings here are based totally on the Gold Cup Final. I urge you to watch more matches. He is weak and timid and never seems to manage the match. He is incapable of interacting with players and using his personality. I have no idea what FIFA sees in him.

    1. I have tryed to watch some Concacaf Champions League matches when I don´t have Conmebol, but I always get the same referees, its diffucult for us to see always one and we get the matches of FIFA tournaments or Gold Cup, but we would like some Concacaf reporters.

      By the way, what do you think abouth Salazar´s performance? I think he was not the best for this match, taking into account that Toronto plays in the same league he does and he did not had refereed a single match before of Champions. I would have prefered Vaughn if it had to be an US ref but, as I said I dont have the hole picture to give my gess.

  3. Anonymous1/4/12 03:14

    Oh my God... Finally someone says it what I always say :D Aguilar is very poor referee. He has not any control in his matches, lack of personality. Thanks USARef for these words. His Gold Cup Final was not the best referee's performance too in my opinion (I gave him the lowest marks) - Qudamah H. Nader

    1. I can only deal with the impressions I had at the FIFA tournaments (u-tournaments, club world cup) and the Gold Cup. I think that he was a good referee in those matches.
      Could you please recommend me some matches of great importance and intense during the last year which I can download and observe? He had plenty of CL matches, but I do not know which ones make sense to watch. (of course I will watch his CL final).

      What do you think of the chances Enrico Wijngaarde has?
      Another candidate is Walter Quésada, to my mind one of the poorest referees of the last Gold Cup, but FIFA and also CONMEBOL (--> Copa America) must like him.
      The advantages CONCACAF has got are in my opinion not the referees, but the assistant referees (Williamson, L.Leal, G.Lopez, William Torres, José Camargo..)

    2. Your final guesses?

      I expect:
      López - Louisville, Lemus - Wijngaarde (or the other way round)

  4. The Copa America assignment was ONLY because Costa Rica was a guest team. In the grand scheme of things, it means nothing.

    Here are highlights of one of Aguilar's worst matches:

    You won't be able to see all his problems, but he had no control over the match from the beginning. I'd look at other US qualifiers and even, I believe, the US-Argentina friendly a few years ago.

    I think Wijngaarde has got better and if the Carribean powers want a referee, he has a chance. But I think he's behind. Rodriguez and Aguilar will go. I think an American will finally go. And Lopez should go. That's four CONCACAF referees. I don't see room for a fifth.

    I think your prediction for the Final will be correct.

  5. I think right now, Roberto Garcia, Joel Girls, Mark Geiger and Roberto Moreno are the strongest in CONCACAF, They have been very successful in these playoffs.
    It's a shame for Leonel Leal, that was in the past world, but I do not think Walter Lopez arrives. The most logical ubiera been that he was the assistant Roberto Moreno, but the young Keytzel Corrales, little known even before the World Cup in Mexico, exclente has worked with him and has not been out of place.
    I think you can classify Keytzel Corrales as one of the 10 best of CONCACAF.

    1. centroamericano19/10/12 11:38

      What of the arbitrators agree with you, regarding the audience, I think it has Corrales Keytzel well earned, Very good job at the World U-17. Mens Olympic Qualification Final, 2 Premundiales participacions in team matches and several more. The bad thing about him is that he lives in a country of little soccer ...... Nicaragua.
      But is an assistant referee exclente as you look at Costa Rica against Mexico and also in the U.S. and match against Guatemala, Getting better job if it comes to the world has gained

    2. What do you think of Jafeth Perea? A match at U17 World Cup, then the Olympics tournament and now two qualifiers, one of them was not so unimportant, he handled MEX-SLV without a card.


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