March 20, 2012

Rafati probably without return to the pitch

After his suicide attempt prior to last year's Bundesliga match between 1.FC Köln and FSV Mainz 05, after several months of cure, the former FIFA official Babak Rafati has left the hospital.

Nonetheless, DFB has emphasized that it is very unlikely that he will return as active Bundesliga referee, even though DFB has kept his slot clear.
As several newspapers reported, the risk, that Rafati again could crack under the enormous pressure, was too high. Rafati himself however stated that he wanted to continue active refereeing.

A new occupation at DFB is surely on the cards, e.g. working as referee observer or mentor seems to be possible.


  1. We have the first CL app, Carlos Velasco has a match for the 1/4 CL has to be Marseille vs Bayern München becuase in the other two is Barca and Real and the other one has Chelsea as team and he had Napoli vs Chelsea in the 1/8...

    1. Was clear. It was very probable that he gets the match in Velodrome and not in AllianzArena. Stark has a match next week, too, but we do not know which one. APOEL Real? Hmm. Again Milan-Barca seems to be quite unlikely.

    2. F. Taveira22/3/12 12:28

      Proença with EL 1/4 final match next 29th.
      Soares Dias(4th)

  2. So this means either Schalke or Hannover.
    Superb. Would be great to observe him live in Arena

  3. Niclas, I think that Stark will be appointed for Banfica-Chelsea.
    For sure, it's impossible to see him again in Milan-Barcellona.
    I would like to see a different name in APOEL - Real.
    Anyway, my guess for Milan-Barcellona first leg is Eriksson.

  4. Rizzoli with Viazzi and Liberti in a Qatar Stars League match, this week end. I don't know what is the match but I have this info. It seems quite sure that Rizzoli will not be in Champions League next week.

  5. Have a look at this great article about Abraham Klein (Israeli top referee in the 70s-80s) in the Guardian:

  6. Anonymous22/3/12 18:25

    Joel Matip's red card annulled. Very good decision by UEFA

    L.Z.I. Bonfils

    1. Positive surprise, UEFA has not lost its common sense.


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