March 28, 2012

UEFA unfolds 17th team at EURO 2012

After having already published the names of the 12 match officials, who will head their referee teams at the matches of UEFA EURO 2012 in Poland/Ukraine, in last December, UEFA has revealed the full teams that will be in charge of the greatest and most popular football competition in 2012.
Even though most of the designations are no surprises at all, since they were able to be deduced by analyzing and interpretating the previously appointed teams in UEFA Champions League's K.O. Stage, there may be some kind of amazement with regard to the Standby Assistant Referees whose presence was not clear to us until today.

The selected officials are (enumerated by origin):

Referee: Howard Webb
Assistant Referee 1: Mike Mullarkey
Assistant Referee 2: Peter Kirkup
Reserve Assistant Referee: Stephen Child
Additional Assistant Referee 1: Martin Atkinson
Additional Assistant Referee 2: Mark Clattenburg

Referee: Stéphane Lannoy
Assistant Referee 1: Eric Dansault
Assistant Referee 2: Frédéric Cano
Reserve Assistant Referee: Michaël Annonier
Additional Assistant Referee 1: Fredy Fautrel
Additional Assistant Referee 2: Ruddy Buquet

Referee: Wolfgang Stark
Assistant Referee 1: Jan-Hendrik Salver
Assistant Referee 2: Mike Pickel
Reserve Assistant Referee: Mark Borsch
Additional Assistant Referee 1: Florian Meyer
Additional Assistant Referee 2: Deniz Aytekin

Referee: Viktor Kassai
Assistant Referee 1: Gábor Eros
Assistant Referee 2: György Ring
Reserve Assistant Referee: Robert Kispál
Additional Assistant Referee 1: István Vad
Additional Assistant Referee 2: Tamás Bognar

Referee: Nicola Rizzoli
Assistant Referee 1: Renato Faverani
Assistant Referee 2: Andrea Stefani
Reserve Assistant Referee: Luca Maggiani
Additional Assistant Referee 1: Gianluca Rocchi
Additional Assistant Referee 2: Paolo Tagliavento

Referee: Björn Kuipers
Assistant Referee 1: Sander van Roekel
Assistant Referee 2: Erwin E.J. Zeinstra
Reserve Assistant Referee: Berry Simons
Additional Assistant Referee 1: Pol van Boekel
Additional Assistant Referee 2: Richard Liesveld

Referee: Pedro Proença
Assistant Referee 1: Bertino Miranda
Assistant Referee 2: Ricardo Santos
Reserve Assistant Referee: José Tiago Trigo
Additional Assistant Referee 1: Manuel de Sousa
Additional Assistant Referee 2: Duarte Gomes

Referee: Craig Thomson
Assistant Referee 1: Alasdair Ross
Assistant Referee 2: Derek Rose
Reserve Assistant Referee: Graham Chambers
Additional Assistant Referee 1: William Collum
Additional Assistant Referee 2: Euan Norris

Referee: Damir Skomina
Assistant Referee 1: Primoz Arhar
Assistant Referee 2: Marko Stancin
Reserve Assistant Referee: Matej Zunic
Additional Assistant Referee 1: Matej Jug
Additional Assistant Referee 2: Slavko Vincic

Referee: Carlos Velasco Carballo
Assistant Referee 1: Roberto Alonso Fernández
Assistant Referee 2: Juan Carlos Yuste Jiménez
Reserve Assistant Referee: Jesús Calvo Guadamuro
Additional Assistant Referee 1: David Fernández Borbalán
Additional Assistant Referee 2: Carlos Clos Gómez

Referee: Jonas Eriksson
Assistant Referee 1: Stefan Wittberg
Assistant Referee 2: Mathias Klasenius
Reserve Assistant Referee: Fredrik Nilsson
Additional Assistant Referee 1: Markus Strömbergsson
Additional Assistant Referee 2: Stefan Johannesson

Referee: Cuneyt Çakır
Assistant Referee 1: Bahattin Duran
Assistant Referee 2: Tarik Ongun
Reserve Assistant Referee: Emre Eyisoy
Additional Assistant Referee 1: Hüseyin Göcek
Additional Assistant Referee 2: Bülent Yildirim

The selected Fourth Officials are: 

Marcin Borski (Poland) 
Tom Harald Hagen (Norway, r.)
Pavel Královec (Czech Republic)
Viktor Shvetsov (Ukraine) 

The selected StandBy Assistant Referees are:

Marcin Borkowski (Poland)
Damien Macgraith (Ireland)
Roman Slysko (Slovakia, r.)
Oleksandr Voytyuk (Ukraine)


  1. Niclas, what about the stand-by additional assistant referees?
    It seemed that every team had to have, together with the standby assistant referee, also another referee as standby additional assistant.
    So, fourth officials will be used for that?
    Or maybe UEFA did not want to publish the names?

  2. Furthermore, I think that it's important to underline Damien MacGraith appointment: considering that the polish and the ukrainian assistants are there just as host-nations representatives, and Sisko just because he is an experienced talent, the young irish is probably very much appreciated from UEFA, and with a great future waiting for him. In fact, he was appointed for the Under 21 Championship final, one year ago...

  3. Yes indeed, I however would have favoured to appoint 6 StandBy ARs. Slysko is a good idea with regard to the other ARs, he has a lot of experience and can transmit it to all the teams he accompanies in matches. However, his palmarès of the last 3 years does not justify the appointment. But ok, Macgraith, Slysko is ok, the two host nations' ARs, too, but I would have chosen then Nebben and Wilczek as well.
    I am glad that Klasenius is there, a wonder that Chambers has not been replaced. The Portuguese team must have been a close "battle".

  4. It was not Slysko fault if in the last 3 years there wasn't a decent referee from Slovakia. I think that we have to point out that. Sometimes if an assistant referee is really good, but his "teammate" referee has to quit due to age or other reasons, it's possible that he had not chances to get any appointment on high levels, and I think that just for this, UEFA wanted to call him, as award for his excellent career.

    1. Yeap, you are right, have nothing to contradict :)


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