March 6, 2012

Worst foul in this Bundesliga season has been heavily punished

Paolo Guerrero has been banned by the so called "DFB Schiedsgericht" for eight matches in Bundesliga after his serious foul against Stuttgart goalkeeper Ulreich. Hamburg lost the match by 0-4.
Referee Peter Sippel did not hesitate to send the Peruvian off. Due to the high pace, intensity and the fact that he accepted a serious injury of his opponent, he has been suspended for seven weeks until the 22nd April 2012. He is hence excluded from every official match in Germany.

The question of inhowfar this was more likely a malicious injury has to be allowed. I personally wait for the moment when a fouled player will finally inform against the player who committed such a foul.

Guerrero added on Sunday, one day after his dismissal, that he could not understand the trouble, because the goalkeeper "had just continued playing, so it could not have been that bad". Interesting point of view.


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