April 15, 2012

Cuneyt Çakır appointed for CL?

Cuneyt Çakır (TUR) (c) ZIMBIO
According to an online newspaper, the Turkish ELITE referee Cuneyt Çakır has been nominated by UEFA to be in charge of a Champions League semifinal. Contrary to it - however - it will not be a match next week.
He will probably assisted by Bahattin Duran, Tarik Ongun (Assistant Referees), Hüseyin Göcek, Bülent Yildirim (Additional Assistant Referees) and Fırat Aydınus (Fourth Official).
His prior UEFA club matches in this season were (in CL)  Villarreal CF - Bayern München, ManU - Benfica, Real Madrid - Olympique Lyon and the round of 16 match between Olympique Marseille and Internazionale. In 2012, he has also overseen two EL matches, after the round of 32 match between FC Porto and ManCity, he refereed Athletic Bilbao - ManU.
Çakır, who was promoted to UEFA Elite Group at the start of this season, has taken an enormous development in UEFA competitions. His performances at UEFA U21 EURO 2009 in Sweden, in his first EL semifinal between Fulham and Hamburger SV and in many other clashes like Germany - Netherlands or in Champions League top matches like ManU - Benfica or Real Madrid - Olympique Lyon were also observed by the world federation FIFA which invited the 35 year-old for 2011 FIFA U20 World Cup in Colombia. Furthermore, he is one of the 19 UEFA officials who are on FIFA's Prospective List of Referees for 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil.


  1. Interesting, but if confirmed I'm a bit sorry for him :)
    I was almost sure that he would have been appointed for the Europa League final.
    Anyway, we should underline how much important is that match: the memory of Øvrebø is still in your minds. It's a top clash between two strong teams, and so it would be a magnificent appointment.
    I don't think that he can get this semifinal and also a final, so we have to think about other names for Europa League.
    Is UEFA going to kid us, Niclas?
    As often you write ;)
    At any rate, great future for this turkish referee

    1. Why is it not possible for him to get the final? Velasco last year?
      It is to my mind THE perfect appointment (if the source is right!!) for this match. His style is adequate for it and IMO even better than Stark's, Proenca's or Kassai's for this specific tie.

    2. Do you want me to be honest?
      Well, I think that Schalke - United was a bit different from Chelsea - Barcellona. We can't compare so much these two matches.
      Chelsea - Barcellona sounds already like a final, even more in the first leg match. Cakir has really to do his best to handle it. For me, it will be also a mental effort. Then, some weeks later again a challenging game, that is even a final?
      I think it's hard.
      Ok, not totally impossible, right, but really difficult.

  2. I honestly don´t like Cakir´s appointment if it´s truht, he can be a really good ref, but that match would not be easy at all, I think of all the matches we have the Webb´s one is the only in which we can do some experiments, but the rest Chelsea vs Barca with all that history and conflicts, I hope I´m wrong but I think that match needs and deserves a better referee, also when Cakir is a good one and should have gotten the final but in Europa League, not this CL semifinal, I hope Im wrong and I hope UEFA will not have to cry for that mistake!

  3. No mistake, deserved appointment after the marks he received by the observers, style fits perfectly with this match, of course it is risky, but I am confident that he will do well.

    1. petschovschi15/4/12 18:33

      Just a question: how did you find out the marks of Cakir ? As far as I know these marks are not public (referee observers send the report to UEFA and than UEFA will inform the national referee committes).

    2. I think Cagatay often told us them. (in Real-Lyon 8,3), and the rest was based on our observers ;)

    3. The ones that I informed are based on news that Turkish media has released. There is nothing controversial here.
      -For example; for Real-Lyon, there was a disallowed goal of Real which was emphasised that decision taken was totally correct with an 8,5.
      -Another news about Porto-M.City

      There is no doubt that Cakir had a great season this year.

      Let's come to my point of view about Chelsea-Barca:
      At first, we suppose that news is true, we'll see...
      This tie has a heritage, whenever I remember about Ovrebo performance, a smile covers my face :D, There were many things that he made wrong in that match. However, players especially Drogba, Terry terrifictly abused him. If Cakir gets the appoitment, he would never allow such things. There would be cards, and too many cards...

      But, If I were in Collina's shoes, I wouldnt assign him to this match. But, Cakir had a great season, he can handle it.

      By the way, I am proud to have a UEFA referees head like Collina. He trust our European referees, I believe that also we should.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. I thought of that as well..kind of provoking a referee's reaction. I hope Cakir (if the info is right) is going to be prepared for that. I am sure. He once showed that he does not care about big names: ManCity - Kyiv. (his best performance on UEFA level ever IMO)

    2. So, Brych will be in the middle and not Cakir.
      Brych had many problems with Drogba in Chelsea-Napoli.
      I'm worried. I hope Brych will use more his card, if needed.
      Cakir would have acted differently, as Niclas wrote.

  5. what is this stupid news about appointment of Cakir?????
    Chelsea barca is for Brych

  6. Mohammed Abdul Fattah16/4/12 12:24

    I don’t know why UEFA is doing such a very appointment how they appoint Brych again in Stamford Bridge for Chelsea after Chelsea Vs Napoli. I don’t like their policy. It doesn’t make any sense for everybody here.
    I think that Rizzoli, Çakır or Proenca were the deserved candidate for this big & strong match.

    Chefren you are totally right, but we may also see Stark on EL final.


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