April 22, 2012

Fermin Martínez Ibáñez or el clásico's eagle eye..

FC Barcelona have lost the decisive "el clásico" in La Liga yesterday. Real Madrid managed to defeat the Catalans by 2-1 in Camp Nou. The match was intense, as always, but fair for 90 minutes. Referee Alberto Undiano Mallenco, who was assisted by Jesús Calvo Guadamuro, Fermin Martínez Ibáñez and Julio Leo Ollo, showed a good performance with only smaller weaknesses. A detailed report on that will follow at the appropiate time.
When Sami Khedira scored the first goal in the 17th minute, one could have got a very quick impression: "was not that offside?!". No it was not, as the following screens show.

Corner kick for Real (di María)..
Pepe (the white Real player on the left) gets the ball as header
Valdés cannot hold the ball...
Khedira hence scores...
The goal is given, 0-1 for Real Madrid!

Now the important screenshot..

Busquets' foot (21), which is in the air, was on level with Khedira, who scored!

Therefore a correct and excellently seen goal. Apart from this, it has to be mentioned that both assistant referees made no mistake in more than ten important and close offside situations. Excellent performance.


  1. I was not able to see the match yesterday, because my team was playing in the same time :)
    Anyway, it seems that it was a fair Clasico, easier for the referee than many other times.
    I think also that Fermin Martínez Ibáñez has been one of the most excellent assistant referee in Spain and it's a pity that in a few he will have to retire from the pitch.

    1. I watched that live. What a great match. This time Real hasnt totally defenced, however made totally the right things. Do u think that the magic of Barcelona has been solved ? :)
      And I have seen a very good Mallenco. He made some phantom foul decisions in final minutes. But for rest he was really good IMO.

    2. I agree with both of you. Carlos and I are making a teamreport for this match, will be something in the area of 78.
      He missed a clear (and dark) yellow card to Alonso in the first half, but the rest was good, both assistant referees were really brilliant.
      Good match, Barca seemed to be tired, they had no ideas, but I think that it was not the best clásico of the last seasons..a bit boring sometimes, less goal attempts, less tension, but we must also say that the players were quite friendly.


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