April 16, 2012

Peter Gagelmann and Inka Müller-Schmäh in charge of DFB Cup Final

Peter Gagelmann from Bremen has been appointed by DFB to be in charge of this year's edition of DFB Cup between Borussia Dortmund and Bayern München in Berlin's Olympiastadion on 12 May 2012.
The 43 year-old Bremen referee, who was never on the international FIFA list, will be accompanied by his regular assistant referees Matthias Anklam and Sascha Thielert, both from Buchholz i.d. Nordheide. Furthermore, Marco Fritz from Korb will function as Fourth Official.

Peter Gagelmann (c) DFB.de

Gagelmann joins the group of the most experienced German referees and has so far overseen 166 Bundesliga matches. In Bundesliga, he has already controlled the same match in 2011, however in Munich. Dortmund defeated the Bavarians by 1-0.
Inka Müller-Schmäh (c) ZIMBIO
Herbert Fandel stated that Gagelmann "finally deserved refereeing a cup final". The DFB refereeing head and UEFA Referee Committee Member added that "Gagelmann also showed excellent performances in difficult matches this season."
Gagelmann himself emphasized the tension in this specific tie and the atmosphere in Berlin, which is, according to him, "awesome". He must know it: in the last season, when Schalke 04 beat MSV Duisburg (5-0), he assisted Wolfgang Stark as Fourth Official.

Prior to the men's final, the women's final between 1.FFC Frankfurt and Bayern München (W) will be played in Köln's RheinEnergieStadion. 
Inka Müller-Schmäh has been nominated to oversee this match. The 36 year-old lawyer from Potsdam will be assisted by Mirka Derlin (Bad Schwartau) and Kathrin Heimann (Gladbeck), while internationally renowned Christine Baitinger (former Beck, Magstadt) will serve as Fourth Official.
Müller-Schmäh joins the same football club like Manuel Gräfe, Hertha 03 Zehlendorf.


  1. Sometimes it's not important if you aren't a FIFA referee, you can show anyway great performance. Maybe it seems trivial what I'm saying, but we are accostumed to think that the good referees of a country are only the FIFA ones, that is wrong.

    1. Right. Gagelmann never showed good performances in a row, so he was not consistent. That has changed since Fandel is there. He gets big matches (no other DFB referee gets so many good matches). We still have him 3 or 4 years in Bundesliga, he is one of the best. Welz is heavily pushed in this season, Philipp and I think that he will replace Weiner or Kircher in January on FIFA list. Dingert, Wingenbach, Stieler and Hartmann are not ready.

  2. Olympic qualifying (AFC-CAF play-off)

    23.04.2012, 19.45, City of Coventry Stadium, Coventry
    REFEREE: Howard Melton Webb (England)

    *4th official will be Martin Atkinson (England)

  3. jedno jest pewne nie każdy arbiter który jest najleprzy na własnym "podwórku" mósi być też najleprzym na świecie to że GAGELMAN nigdy nie znalazł się na liście sędziów FIFA świadczy tylko o tym jaka jest w Niemczech silna grupa sędziów zdolnych.Pozatym jeśli znowu Fandel zdecyduje o zmianie sędziów to na pewno nie będzie nim TOBIAS STIELER on w stycznniu zastąpił RAFATI bo ten był na leczeniu depresji więc to będzie Welz Wingenbach a może Drees którego ostatnio pomijają

  4. Why is Ms Müller-Schmäh wearing a FIFA Assistant Referee badge?

    1. she is a FIFA Assistant Referee and a NON-FIFA Referee

    2. Ah, fair enough. Thanks!

  5. Referee Team for FA Cup Final
    Phil Dowd - Stuart Burt, Andy Garratt - Mike Jones (reserve assistant referee Simon Long)

  6. Ciekawa sytuacja otuż Inka Muller " niewiem czy jest córka Heinera Muller wieloletni FIFA-ASSISTANT-REFEREE DFB chyba nie bo Heiner ma 51 lat a Inka 36" jest na codzień sędzia FIFA-ASSITANT-REFEREE jak wspomniany Heiner Muller i zamiast chorągiewki piękna Inka weźmie do ust gwizdek żadka to okazja ale to decyzja Herberta Fandel szefa niemieckich sędziów


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