May 29, 2012

2014 FIFA World Cup Qualifiers (June 2012, I)


Group A, 19:00, Tashkent
Uzbekistan - Iran
Referee: Yuichi Nishimura (Japan, r.)
Assistant Referee 1: Toru Sagara (Japan)
Assistant Referee 2: Toshiyuki Nagi (Japan)
Fourth Official: Jumpei Iida (Japan)

Group A, 20:30, Beirut 
Lebanon - Qatar
Referee: Nawaf Shukralla (Bahrain)
Assistant Referee 1: Yaser Tulefat (Bahrain)
Assistant Referee 2: Ebrahim Saleh (Bahrain)
Fourth Official: Jameel Abdulhusin (Bahrain)

Group B, 19:00, Tashkent 
Jordan - Iraq
Referee: Valentin Kovalenko (Uzbekistan)
Assistant Referee 1: Rafael Ilyasov (Uzbekistan)
Assistant Referee 2: Mamur Saidkasimov (Uzbekistan)
Fourth Official: Vladislav Tseytlin (Uzbekistan)

Group B, 19:30, Saitama 
Japan - Oman
Referee: Ravshan Irmatov (Uzbekistan)
Assistant Referee 1: Abdukhamidullo Rasulov (Uzbekistan)
Assistant Referee 2: Bakhadyr Kochkarov (Kyrgyzstan)
Fourth Official: Timur Faizullin (Uzbekistan)


01 June 2012

Group D, 17:00, Kumasi
Ghana - Lesotho
Referee: Badara Diatta (Senegal, r.)
Assistant Referee 1: Djibril Camara (Senegal)
Assistant Referee 2: Felicien Kabanda (Rwanda)
Fourth Official: Daouda Gueye (Senegal)

Group G, 20:00, Alexandria
Egypt - Mozambique
Referee: Sylvester Kirwa (Kenya)
Assistant Referee 1: Aden Marwa Range (Kenya)
Assistant Referee 2: Elias Wamalwa (Kenya)
Fourth Official: Moses Osano (Kenya)

02 June 2012

Group A, 15:00, Bangui
Central African Republic - Botswana
Referee: Bernard Camille (Seychelles)
Assistant Referee 1: Hensley Petrousse (Seychelles)
Assistant Referee 2: Gilbert Lista (Seychelles)
Fourth Official: Jean-Claude Labrosse (Seychelles)

Group B, 16:30, Freetown
Sierra Leone - Cape Verde Islands
Referee: William Agbovi (Ghana)
Assistant Referee 1: Malik Salifu (Ghana)
Assistant Referee 2: David Laryea (Ghana)
Fourth Official: Hamidu Bomison (Ghana)

Group B, 18:00, Monastir
Tunisia - Equatorial Guinea
Referee: Mehdi Abid Charef (Algeria)
Assistant Referee 1: Mohamed Benarous (Algeria)
Assistant Referee 2: Bouabdallah Omari (Algeria)
Fourth Official: Farouk Houasnia (Algeria)

Group C, 16:30, Bakau
Gambia - Morocco
Referee: Neant Alioum (Cameroon, r.)
Assistant Referee 1: Evarist Menkouande (Cameroon)
Assistant Referee 2: Francis Bamock (Cameroon)
Fourth Official: Henry Mouandjo (Cameroon)

Group C, 17:00, Abidjan
Côte d'Ivoire - Tanzania
Referee: Slim Jedidi (Tunisia)
Assistant Referee 1: Bechir Hassani (Tunisia)
Assistant Referee 2: Sherif Hassan (Egypt)
Fourth Official: Youssef Essrayri (Tunisia)

Group D, 20:00, Khartoum
Sudan - Zambia
Referee: Aboubacar Bangoura (Guinea)
Assistant Referee 1: Aboubacar Doumbouya (Guinea)
Assistant Referee 2: Sidiki Sidibe (Guinea)
Fourth Official: Yakhouba Keita (Guinea)

Group E, 18:00, Ouagadougou
Burkina Faso - Rep. Congo
Referee: Bouchaib El Ahrach (Morocco)
Assistant Referee 1: Redouane Achik (Morocco)
Assistant Referee 2: Bouazza Rouani (Morocco)
Fourth Official: Khalid Ennouni (Morocco)

Group F, 16:00, Nairobi
Kenya - Malawi
Referee: Eric Otogo (Gabon)
Assistant Referee 1: Theophile Vinga (Gabon)
Assistant Referee 2: Sylvain Mouala (Gabon)
Fourth Official: Yves Roponat (Gabon)

Group H, 20:30, Blida
Algeria - Rwanda
Referee: Bakary Gassama (Gambia)
Assistant Referee 1: Jason Damoo (Seychelles)
Assistant Referee 2: Angesom Ogbamariam (Eritrea)
Fourth Official: Bakary Camara (Gambia)

Group I, 15:30, Yaounde
Cameroon - Congo DR
Referee: Daniel Bennett (South Africa)
Assistant Referee 1: Enock Molefe (South Africa)
Assistant Referee 2: Zakhele Thusi Siwela (South Africa)
Fourth Official: Lwandile Mfiki (South Africa)

Group J, 18:00, Dakar
Senegal - Liberia
Referee: Noumandiez Doue (Côte d'Ivoire)
Assistant Referee 1: Songuifolo Yeo (Côte d'Ivoire)
Assistant Referee 2: Moussa Bayere (Côte d'Ivoire)
Fourth Official: Denis Dembele (Côte d'Ivoire)

03 June 2012

Group A, 15:00, Rustenburg
South Africa - Ethiopia
Referee: Hamada Nampiandraza (Madagascar)
Assistant Referee 1: Alberto Razafitsitamy (Madagascar)
Assistant Referee 2: Pierre Andrivoavonjy (Madagascar)
Fourth Official: Rado Rajaobelinavalona (Madagascar)

Group E, 16:00, Niamey
Niger - Gabon
Referee: Djamel Haimoudi (Algeria)
Assistant Referee 1: Abdelhak Etchiali (Algeria)
Assistant Referee 2: Mahmoud Bitam (Algeria)
Fourth Official: Sofiane Bousseter (Algeria)

Group F, 16:00, Calabar
Nigeria - Namibia
Referee: Khalid Abdel Rahman (Sudan)
Assistant Referee 1: Waleed Ahmed Ali (Sudan)
Assistant Referee 2: Mohammed Idam Hamid (Sudan)
Fourth Official: Badr Abdel Gadir (Sudan)

Group G, 15:00, Harare
Zimbabwe - Guinea
Referee: Rajindraparsad Seechurn (Mauritius)
Assistant Referee 1: Balkrishna Bootun (Mauritius)
Assistant Referee 2: Vivian Vally (Mauritius)
Fourth Official: Dharamveer Hurbungs (Mauritius)

Group H, 16:00, Cotonou
Benin - Mali 
Referee: Janny Sikazwe (Zambia, r.)
Assistant Referee 1: Ernest Simwanza (Zambia)
Assistant Referee 2: Kabwe Chansa (Zambia)
Fourth Official: Emmanuel Njolo (Zambia)

Group I, 15:30, Lomé
Togo - Libya
Referee: Koman Coulibaly (Mali)
Assistant Referee 1: Balla Diarra (Mali)
Assistant Referee 2: Nouhoum Bamba (Mali)
Fourth Official: Mahamadou Keita (Mali)

Group J, 16:00, Luanda
Angola - Uganda
Referee: Ghead Grisha (Egypt)
Assistant Referee 1: Ayman Degaish (Egypt)
Assistant Referee 2: Tamer Dorry (Egypt)
Fourth Official: Yasser Younis (Egypt)

My own appointments I made two weeks ago, every appointment is considered independently from real appointments and circumstances:
Matchday 1
Matchday 2


02 June 2012

15:00, Montevideo
Uruguay - Venezuela
Referee: Antonio Arias (Paraguay)
Assistant Referee 1: Rodney Aquino (Paraguay)
Assistant Referee 2: Dario Gaona (Paraguay)
Fourth Official: Julio Quintana Rodriguez (Paraguay)

16:10, La Paz
Bolivia - Chile
Referee: Alfredo Intriago (Ecuador)
Assistant Referee 1: Juan Cedeño (Ecuador)
Assistant Referee 2: Christian Lescano (Ecuador)
Fourth Official: Omar Ponce (Ecuador)

19:30, Buenos Aires
Argentina - Ecuador
Referee: Victor Rivera (Peru)
Assistant Referee 1: César Escano (Peru)
Assistant Referee 2: Jorge Yupanqui (Peru)
Fourth Official: Henry Gambetta (Peru)

03 June 2012

17:00, Lima
Peru - Colombia
Referee: Néstor Pitana (Argentina, r.)
Assistant Referee 1: Diego Bonfá (Argentina)
Assistant Referee 2: Ricardo Casas (Argentina)
Fourth Official: Federico Beligoy (Argentina)


  1. Some referees (but not all) have their official assistants of the PRE list.
    A new name from Seychelles, I think that Maillet has definitely retired from the pitch even though having still 7 months as FIFA referee.

  2. FIFA confirmed the South American Refs for the first 4 matches (5 Matchday) and there is one change: Diego Bonfa replaces Hernán Maidana, trying to look if it´s more than a simple desicion. The rest of the referees:

  3. Concerning CAF I would like to emphasize that I wonder why Yakhouba Keita from Guinea is more or less forgotten by CAF and FIFA in the last years.
    He had many important qualifiers, is still not that old and now there is Bangoura.
    Also reasonable that Bayere accompanies Doue, the match does not require Birumushahu.

  4. I have attached my final version of own appts below the CAF real ones.

  5. Anonymous30/5/12 19:23

    Does anyone of you watch "Rizzoli & Isles" on VOX this evening?

  6. Anonymous30/5/12 20:13

    When will be ready new article of pre list for World cup 2014?

    1. very soon, I hope tomorrow. It will be about CAF.

  7. Klossner with intensive match U-19 Serbia - Romania with 3 straight reds :) But it's nothing when we look at Polish Ekstraklasa's match between Korona Kielce and Zagłębie Lubin where Paweł Pskit showed 17 yellows and 3 reds :D

    1. That is not totally correct. Is depends on how you count cards, the general way of counting them would mean that he issued "only" 11 yellows and 3 reds.
      Klossner's match must have been intense, also three penalties to Serbia, 1-5 yellows...

    2. I count yellow is yellow. We have a foul then yellow card, officially it's yellow card at first and red as a consequence, so I don't understand cunting only one yellow and then red like a straight red. It's obviously mistake, because how do you count e.x. yellow card in 75' and then straight red card in 80' to the same player or two "normal" yellow cards and then red as a consequence. It's the same? I think, NOT. Two yellow cards showed to the one player are always TWO yellow cards not one or not straight red as well. We have two yellows and red as a consequence. Other way of counting cards is wrong IMO.

    3. If player A gets a yellow card, this yellow is counted as such. If he gets a 2nd yellow, it is deleted, only the 2nd yellow card stands then. FIFA applies this fashion of counting the issued cards, UEFA follows your way. In the end, we of course must know about what we are talking if we say 10 yellows and 2 second yellow cards. In all the statistics I have ever published here, I have counted it like FIFA.

    4. And it's, in my opinion, wrong. But it doesn't matter. It's your and FIFA choice. So, say me, where is a different between two yellows and one yellow and straight red, huh? Regards :)

  8. Proenca with his team refereed a friendly Angola - Macedonia yesterday (along with his additional assistants). Schorgenhofer will be referee of Netherland - Northern Ireland and Spain - China will be referee Nijhuis, Simons, Langkamp and Mateu Lahoz.

    26.05.2012, 20.00, EverBank Field, Jacksonville, United States of America
    Referee: Élmer Arturo Bonilla Ruiz (SLV)
    Assistant Referees: William Alexander Torres Mejía (SLV), Douglas Alexander Bermúdez Caballero (SLV)
    4th Official: Terry Vaughn (USA)

    27.05.2012, 15.05, MetLife Stadium, East Rutherford, United States of America
    Referee: Ricardo Salazar (USA)
    Assistant Referees: Peter Manikowski (USA), Charles J. Morgante (USA)
    4th Official: Jose Carlos Rivero (USA)

    27.05.2012, 18.00, Independence Park, Kingston, Jamaica
    Referee: Mauricio Rafael Morales Ovalle (MEX)
    Assistant Referees: Marvin César Torrentera Rivera (MEX), Alejandro Ayala Valderrama (MEX)
    4th Official: Raymond Bogle (JAM)

    27.05.2012, 20.00, Beşiktaş İsmet İnönü Stadyumu, Istanbul, Turkey
    Referee: Hüseyin Göçek (TUR)
    Assistant Referees: Mehmet Cem Satman (TUR), Erdinç Sezertam (TUR)
    4th Official: ?

    30.05.2012, 17.00, Sportpark Kelsterbach, Kelsterbach, Germany
    Referee: Michael Weiner (GER)
    Assistant Referees: Holger Henschel (GER), Christoph Bornhorst (GER)
    4th Official: Laurent Kopriwa (LUX)

  9. Interesting.
    I'm looking for the referee of Italy-Russia, on friday 1st June in Zurich (Switzerland).
    No swiss referees are appointed for this match, so probably a Austrian, French or German will be in the middle.
    I think that it's a important friendly because both teams involved will be at EURO2012.

  10. Samoa vs Tahiti
    Referee: Gerald Oiaka (SOL)
    Assistant Referees: Mark Rule (NZL), Jackson Namo (SOL)
    4th Official: John Saohu (SOL)

    Vanuatu vs New Caledonia
    Referee: Peter O'Leary (NZL)
    Assistant Referees: Jan-Hendrick Hintz (NZL), Ravinesh Kumar (FIJ)
    4th Official: Chriss Kerr (NZL)

  11. A terrible penalty call in USA-BRA, not sure who refereed the match.

    Furthermore, my own appts for OFC.

  12. It lookes like Walter Lopez (?)

    1. Jeffrey Solis (Costa Rica)
      I think that it was a gift, you can't whistle when the arm is in that position, never!

    2. Thanks for that info.

    3. 30.05.2012, 20.00, FedEx Field, Landover, Maryland, United States of America
      Referee: Jeffrey Solís Calderón (CRC)
      Assistant Referees: Leonel Leal Bermúdez (CRC), Octavio Jara Carballo (CRC)
      4th Official: Jair Antonio Marrufo (USA)

      30.05.2012, 20.15, Nya Gamla Ullevi, Gothenburg, Sweden
      Referee: Peter Rasmussen (DEN)
      Assistant Referees: Niels Høg (DEN), Lars Hummelgaard (DEN)
      4th Official: Daniel Gustavsson (SWE)

      30.05.2012, 20.15, Swissporarena, Lucerne, Switzerland
      Referee: Svein Oddvar Moen (NOR)
      Assistant Referees: Dag Roger Nebben (NOR), Magnus Lundberg (NOR)
      4th Official: Beat Hidber (SWI)

  13. 31.05.2012, 20.30, Kufstein Arena, Kufstein, Austria
    Referee: Alexander Harkam (AUT)
    Assistant Referees: Andreas Witschnigg (AUT), Armin Eder (AUT)
    4th Official: Markus Hameter (AUT)

  14. As Pedro Proença refereed Angola - Macedonia last Tuesday, have there been any more matches in preparation for the EURO referees?

    1. Here you have all friendly matches appointments updated by me:


    Vaughn - Vasoli, Boria - Jurisevic (USA)

    Zwayer - Häcker, Kleve (GER)

    Hänni - Zeder, Helbling - Bieri (SUI)

    Damato - Di Liberatore, Tonolini (ITA)

    Delferière - Vromans, De Neve (BEL) - Siejewicz (POL)

    Rasmussen - Sønderby, Høg (DEN)

    Studer - Navarro, Pozzi (SUI)

    Hameter - Trunner, Hübler (AUT)

    Schörgenhofer - Hoxha, Fellinger (AUT)

    Nijhuis - Simons, Langkamp (NED) - Mateu Lahoz (ESP)

    Hansen - Kristensen, Vang (DEN)

    Brych - Kleve, Achmüller (GER)

    Makkelie (NED)

  16. Yesterday Blom was ok, match was easy, especially in first half.
    A possible penalty in the first minutes but it was a slight contact, in my opinion Blom did a right choice, not whistling.
    Generally, he let the game flow as far as possible. For this reason, I think that he missed several minor fouls, but not important or big mistakes.
    He appeared really calm.
    About offsides: unluckily the TV didn't show replay, so we must trust the second assistant Langkamp, which had more work than his colleague.
    After this match, it's difficult to decide about his future, I think that he will be confirmed in the Elite category.

    Control 8
    Style 7
    Calls 7

  17. This match was no real measure for anything. No penalty correct, no cards acceptable and good assistant referees. The team appeared good, but finally, was it a trio for UCL? I have doubts. Královec will probably replace him on the ELITE list and Gräfe could follow after his good EL match.

  18. 01.06.2012, 19.00, Generali Arena, Prague, Czech Republic
    Referee: Lee Probert (ENG)
    Assistant Referees: Stuart Burt (ENG), Jake Collins (ENG)
    4th Official: Libor Kovařík (CZE)

    04.06.2012, 20.30, Puskás Ferenc Stadion, Budapest, Hungary
    Referee: Kenn Hansen (DEN)
    Assistant Referees: Henrik Kristensen (DEN), David Vang (DEN)
    4th Official: Tibor Vámos (HUN)

    1. Tibor Vamos: an assistant referee as fourth?

      This evening Italy was really bad, I think that if we play in that way we will return home soon. :) Spain-Italy will be a very difficult match.

      About CAF matches: Ghana - Lesotho was suspended in the 56' minute (score 4-0) when the lighting system went down. More than two hours to fix it, and then the match was resumed (final score 7-0).

    2. Yes, it's normal in Hungary and in many other countries taking into consideration friendly matches.

      I think, that corruption scandal has a big influence on your national team...

      Heh, African organization of matches is still far away from other confederations.

  19. Fiji vs New Zealand
    Ref: Isidore Assiene-Ambassa (NCL)
    AR1: Michael Joseph (VAN)
    AR2: Terry Piri (COK)
    4th Bruce George (VAN)

    Papua New Guinea vs Solomon Islands
    Ref: Norbert Houata (TAH)
    AR1: Tevita Makasini (TON)
    AR2: Paul Ahupu (TAH)
    4th: Kader Zitouni (TAH)

    Match Day 3 Sunday June 3rd

    Vanuatu vs Samoa
    Ref: John Saohu (SOL)
    AR1: Jackson Namo (SOL)
    AR2: Simon Lount (NZL)
    4th: Gerald Oiaka (SOL)

    Tahiti vs New Caledonia
    Ref: Chris Kerr (NZL)
    AR1: Mark Rule (NZL)
    AR2: Ravinesh Kumar (FIJ)
    4th: Peter O’Leary (NZL)

  20. Jérôme Efong Nzolo got Toulon final Mexico - Turkey

  21. Anonymous2/6/12 07:08

    I just noticed DFB posted that Baitinger was appointed for the U20 Women's World Cup ([showUid]=33787&tx_dfbnews_pi4[cat]=120). Does anyone have the full list?

  22. Anonymous2/6/12 07:13

    Does anyone have the UEFA Futsal Referee Categories list for 2012?

    1. Futsal Cat 1
      Bauernfeind Gerald Austria Futsal Cat 1
      Colbasiuc Vladimir Moldova Futsal Cat 1
      Fernandes Coelho Eduardo Jose Portugal Futsal Cat 1
      Fritz Pascal France Futsal Cat 1
      Gutierrez Lumbreras Fernando Spain Futsal Cat 1
      Henych Karel Czech Republic Futsal Cat 1
      Ivanov Oleg Ukraine Futsal Cat 1
      Janosevic Danijel Croatia Futsal Cat 1
      Kammerer Stephan Germany Futsal Cat 1
      Kovacs Gabor Hungary Futsal Cat 1
      Lemal Pascal Belgium Futsal Cat 1
      Massini Francesco Italy Futsal Cat 1
      Panayides Petros Cyprus Futsal Cat 1
      Shabanov Ivan Russia Futsal Cat 1
      Sivic Borut Slovenia Futsal Cat 1
      Sorescu Bogdan Romania Futsal Cat 1
      Stawicki Sebastian Poland Futsal Cat 1

      Bajan Alexandru Romania
      Benazzi Abdallah Netherlands
      Birkett Marc England
      Blazquez Sierra Marcelino Spain
      Bylois Gerd Belgium
      Cachia Franco Malta
      Cetin Kamil Turkey
      Constantinides Antonis Cyprus
      Darahan Vyacheslav Ukraine
      Drebuzhan Sergey Ukraine
      Eichler Swen Germany
      Enchev Trayan Bulgaria
      Farkas Balazs Hungary
      Gherman Gabriel Constantin Romania
      Giacomin Luca Italy
      Gracia Marin Roberto Spain
      Grönman Tommi Finland
      Hora Hennadiy Ukraine
      Kancleris Audrius Lithuania
      Kolev Borislav Bulgaria
      Kovacic Gregor Slovenia
      Kresta Jan Czech Republic
      Lehtinen Toni Finland
      Leladze Kiazo Latvia
      Lenting Robert Pieter Netherlands
      Mammadov Elchin Azerbaijan
      Mantev Petar FYR Macedonia
      Nikolic Dejan Slovenia
      Onatsu Timo Finland
      Pena Diaz Francisco Miguel Spain
      Samadli Elchin Azerbaijan
      Seca Parrinha Francisco Jose Portugal
      Skakic Dragan Bosnia-Herzegovina
      Sliva Aleksandras Lithuania
      Stamoulis Epaminondas Greece
      Tomic Sasa Croatia
      Vadan Stefanita Mugurel Romania
      Vasic Sreten Serbia
      Venc Radek Czech Republic

      Futsal Cat 3
      Abbassov Almas Kazakhstan
      Abrayev Olzhas Kazakhstan
      Akimtsev Ilya Russia
      Barton Josip FYR Macedonia
      Bogdanov Zoran Serbia
      Bohun Mario Slovakia
      Boskovic Veljko Montenegro
      Cerny Ondrej Czech Republic
      Cohen Tomer Israel
      Constantinou Demetris Cyprus
      Coombes Darren Republic of Ireland
      Costa Bogalho Nuno Miguel Portugal
      Deraeve Stéphane Belgium
      Dzeikala Maksim Belarus
      Frak Tomasz Poland
      Gal Marian Slovakia
      Gerina Amil Montenegro
      Golac Edin Bosnia-Herzegovina
      Golubevs Aleksandrs Latvia
      Hakrama Kreshnik Albania
      Jelic Nikola Croatia
      Kinov Kalin Bulgaria
      Kukhilava Shota Georgia
      Kuusk Ainar Estonia
      Lobo Silva Mario Fernando Portugal
      Malfer Alessandro Italy
      Markoski Marjan FYR Macedonia Football
      Mikaelyan Eduard Armenia
      Muntean Ruslan Moldova
      Namazov Ramil Azerbaijan
      Nicolaou Costas Cyprus
      Nilholt Fredric Sweden
      Nonikashvili Arsen Georgia
      Paitreault Christophe France
      Papir Erez Israel
      Paradzik Goran Bosnia-Herzegovina
      Pelissier Cédric France
      Pesko Lukas Slovakia
      Radovic Damir Serbia
      Rafiq Omar Norway
      Rakutski Vitali Belarus
      Sartain Gavin England
      Shpenkov Sergey Russia
      Soykan Ozan Turkey
      Steczko Slawomir Poland
      Subocz Jacky France
      Topic Andrej Croatia
      Vigfusson Andri Iceland
      Walet Edwin Netherlands
      Waroux Cédric Belgium
      Weijers Barry Netherlands
      Yalovtsev Vitaliy Kazakhstan
      Yeghoyan Gevorg Armenia
      Zahović Admir Slovenia
      Zisimopoulos Dimitrios Greece
      Zogaj Bekim Switzerland

    2. Is this the official List from the second half of season? Can you send it to my mail?

    3. This is the one from December 2011.

      Of course from Bajan to Venc it is cat.2.

  23. Predictions for EURO matches 1-12 can be found on the page 'Match Files' (at the left top of the page)

  24. Match Files is now renamed into UEFA EURO 2012. Everything related to that tournament pls underneath this thread until a new thread for appointments etc. is there!

  25. Alioum's AR2 Bamock wrongly disallowed a goal of Morocco due to an alleged offside position. At least 50 cms no offside..big mistake.

    1. Also Alioum's performance was very poor. I mention only lack of obvious penalty to Morocco and red card to Gambia's GK in 7th min. I know, Niclas, we had different opinions about Alioum's performance, but he disappointed me very very much again in this match. I can't imagine him in WC match at all. All his international matches, which I saw was very poor by him. Far away to an action, big mistakes influencing the final result... I can't see anything positive in his refereeing skills.

    2. I totally agree with you, this was a huge step back. Thank Godness, I have not published the CAF prospective referee post so far. It is ready, but I will now concentrate on EURO. It comes after the tournament.

      Alioum missed a penalty (at least yellow, probably really a sending-off to the GK). Unbelievable how he could not detect it. Missed another yellow card, had a strange positioning, Menkouande was quite good, Bamock a total failure. He was also overruled once by Alioum.

      I have seen eight matches from this Cameroon official now, the u17 WC was to my mind good, especially JPN-ARG, both AFCON matches raised doubts, the CAF CL final was good and this yesterday was awful. The only positive thing is that he is very young and can learn.

      Have you seen any other match?

    3. Many pre list refs with important decisions: We have already talked about Alioum; Jedidi, Doue and Diatta with sending-offs, Bennett with a match decisive penalty kick.

    4. Interesting: Kerr with two sending-offs and a penalty.

    5. Gambia - Morocco report is ready and sent to Carlos. I also will be able to report Algeria - Rwanda match with Gassama in the middle. I agree with all what you said about Alioum and his assistants' performance. Bamock's one was a joke at all. Menkouande with right but also with two wrong calls. I will report some friendlies also. Regards

    6. kerr game and their decisions

    7. Thanks.
      I find it funny that this glorious anthem is played at this arable pitch :D

    8. Never a red card IMO in 27'. No intention, small distance, we have even to argue whether it was a deliberate handball and Kerr sends him off..what do you think?

    9. Just saw the highlights. Penalty OK to me but the red card is probably on of the worst decisions I have seen the whole year.

    10. Yes. The second red card is a bit doubtful, too. I cannot judge it because I do not know his line in the rest of the game, but this is a really soft sending-off o.O

    11. And the second straight red is not OK. Only a Yellow for the challenge. Not a red, never.

    12. First red wrong since it was not a clear situation and manifests goal. When the correct second thought, one more thing to show how some different moves are seen in South America and Europe, this would undoubtedly be a bid to red.

    13. Very interesting situations.
      In the first straight red card there are several things to underline:
      1) The opponent is really close and it's absolutely impossible to think that it was a deliberate handball but...
      2) ... but, yes I think that you can't jump raising both arms in that way in the penalty area, it's anyway a dangerous action and the referee can whistle the penalty if he recognizes that you have increased the volume of your body.
      Considering these first two points, it seems wrong the penalty. Anyway, after that we can also say:
      3) if you give the penalty, red is wrong, even though the handball happens in the penalty area and near the goal line, if you watch the video, you see that there are at least 4 players, ready to take part in the action, if the ball passes. And even though they aren't keepers, they can commit another handball to save, so no straight red card absolutely.
      4) also the keeper is still there, there absolutely wrong call

      About the second straight red card:
      Really, really, really harsh. I can accept it, but if you referee a match in that way, you have to send off many players, a yellow would have been adequate!

  26. I have seen the penalty given by Damato in Denmark Australia. It seemed a correct decision.
    Penalty (missed by Cristiano Ronaldo) also in Portugal - Turkey, correct decision by Studer.

    Anyway, my opinion about Alioum: there is not a need to push so much him, he isn't still 30 y. o. so he has the time. Other good referees are on the CAF pre list and I think that FIFA should wait for the Cameroon referee, even though he showed good performance, at Under17 WC.

  27. Have you read about the GOAL - NO GOAL technology tried in the friendly England - Belgium? Very interesting, I hope that FIFA can go on in this way.

    1. Yes, I am fan of it and ONLY it. Goal-line technology is needed, but I am against all other technologies :)

  28. I am against this kind of goalline technology, I think a chip in the ball would be better, as it does not reveal the referee's mistake in front of 90.000 visitors. Remember what happened in ARG MEX, it cannot be the case that Ayroldi has seen himself that it is wrong and that fans had to murmur and laugh about the offside call. It was "only" an offside decision. What if an assistant referee does not detect a 10 cm-goal like Espinosa?
    Therefore, I think that a chip in the ball which evokes kind of vibration is the more sensible technology and let me say another thing, after having disliked the AARs experiment, in the K.O. stages of both competitions, it worked in a tremendously good way. These additional assistant referees are the better option IMO, as long as they are consistent and good.

    1. * i meant of course onside call by Ayroldi.

    2. Full agree - chip would be better than public signal. But football needs a technology, which will solve this problem.

  29. Straight red card given by the Ecuadorian referee Alfredo Intriago in Bolivia-Chile adbsolutely correct: a killer tackle on the legs of the opponent.
    I have downloaded the whole second half to watch the sending off, because isn't available in the highlights. Well done.
    What do you think? If you have the opportunity to see it...

    1. Chefren: Intriago was bad, very bad, one of the worse performances of this Quali of Conmebol. You mention the red card, yes it would have been grat if it would have been for the one who did the tackle, but look at it again! He sent of an other player because he kicked the ball in front of Alexis Sanchez and he got hit (it was only for yellow and he gave red) and the one of the tackle only got yellow!
      Furthermore he missed at least one handball in the first half for Bolivia, and missed at least teo ellbows from bolivian players in the faces of the chile players.

      It was terrible!

    2. Oh, that's terrible. I didn't care of that, I thought it was for the tackle, I wasn't looking at the sent off player.
      So, big mistakes there.
      I'm sorry Carlos... I should watch again it maybe better

    3. There is nothing to be sorry about, Intriago was the worse yesterday, Arias was better than Rivera, so the ranking until we wait for Pitana this evening stays so: Arias, Rivera, Intriago ;)


  30. ok :)
    I have already deleted the second half and I have to download it again :D, maybe I will do it later it's strange that he hasn't sent off the player after the tackle.

    1. It´s not strange at all, Intriago has been always weak in the disciplinary aspect, and when he makes mistakes in the technical one it becomes a real mess. I don´t know what is seen on him, at first was it understandable, becuase he was the natural succesor of Byron Romero after he retired, also when Intriago was very yung (he had already two WC Quali matches URU VEN and COL BOL (I saw him live :) ). Then he was forgeotten after a couple of bad matches and last year from the nothing he came to "live" also when there were Vera and Ponce was been pushed...

    2. Byron Romero should be Byron Moreno, right? :)
      He is a superstar here in Italy, as you can imagine.
      But at any rate, I think that in the famous Korea - Italy of 10 years ago, the first faults were ours.

    3. Yes Moreno of course, I got confused with the AR (also from Ecuador) :D

    4. @ Chefren: Byron Moreno was one of the best refs of the world IMO :P :P No, the dive call against Totti was great to my mind, the rest was shit.

    5. @Niclas eheh :)
      Byron Moreno has surely written the history of refereeing with his performance. Now he is one of the most hated people of the world here in Italy.
      I think that only few nations can be proud of a thing like this.
      Germany probably hasn't a referee to hate so much.
      Believe me, after that match here in Italy he became almost a hero or something like that: many people talked about him, in a good or bad way, but this isn't important. He was also invited here as guest in TV or festivals in some towns.
      And nowadays if a referee is poor on the pitch, here he is often called "Moreno" or something like that.
      One of his nicknames was "bambolotto ecuadoriano", sorry I can't translate it in the right way to explain the real meaning, it's difficult. :D
      And now where is he? He is in the jail because of the reasons that you probably know!

  31. Thanks for all your info Carlos, I want to know more about the CONMEBOL referees, after the last world cup, as we have already said, many things have changed.
    Simon, Baldassi, Larrionda, Ruiz, Pozo, all these referees have retired and therefore there are new names now.
    By the way, what about Amarilla, Vazquez and Torres? Are they still a bit active?
    Why no place for them in the PRE list?

    1. Torres injured, Amarilla and Vazquez too bad, that would be my solution :D Carlos, now you.

    2. Vazquez too bad but he was fourth official at last world cup.
      That's why I asked :)
      And anyway Amarilla has a big palmares.

    3. Basicly Niclas is right, Torres is injured since one year, therefore he is not considered also when he was in the first list we have. Amarilla´s power came to the end, every match he has some polemic with his style and I really dont like him therefore that place is for Arias who is doing the job quite good.

      Vazquez had a bad season even before the WC! Then he came and he did not get good matches until this year, but he is not that strong, it´s clear Silvera and Ubriaco are before him, therefore was no place for him even in the first list.

    4. I think CONMEBOL is wrong about one thing. We don't see demotions at its lists as UEFA is doing. If a referee can't do the job he should be demoted. Remember Martin Hansson and at this season Duhamel and Nikolaev.

    5. "If a referee can't do the job he should be demoted." In which category is Mr Blom?

      Even though these lists exist, it is everywhere the same: political decisions unfortunately seem to play the major role.

    6. OK there political aspects as well. Blom and Lannoy are 2 big examples of political decisions.

    7. In general I however agree with you, one should have lists.

  32. Can anyone explain me why Alioum's whistle stayed silent?

    1. and Bamock's offside goal

    2. I tried to explain those calls, but sorry I can't...

    3. How many times the commentators said "Alioum" after the foul? :D
      Anyway terrible, it wasn't a penalty, it was more than a penalty. He should be really blind, to miss a foul like this.

      And about the offside: big mistake, yes, probably he wasn't in the best position, because the situation appeared clear to read.

      Furthermore, take a look at Alioum's socks when the video is 32' 41'' :) Cool...

    4. Obviously kind of ritual :D
      And the commentator did not only say Alioum Neant hakem ääähähhh....but also Bamock ääähahhalla Bamock and so on :D the Moroccon tv studio SOLELY focused on Alioum during the halftime

    5. They had a right to say only about referees... :D

    6. Both calls are terrible. I guess Alioum has lost many points for the next WC after this match. He maybe a talent but making such mistakes says that it is too premature to talk about a WC in 2 years. Maybe in 6.


    John Saohu (SOLOMON ISLANDS) in Vanuatu - Samoa: good penalty call, I think that he gave a correct yellow (and not straight red, because there were 2 other defenders) to the keeper (video doesn't show it but it's written on FIFA website) and good work also by assistants, as it seems in several situations.

    1. I agree, although the green player could be lucky that Saohu did not repeat the Pk for encroachment.

  34. Canadian referee Silviu Petrescu (first time ever that I hear his name, clearly Romanian born) whistled a penalty in the friendy Brazil - Mexico. I'm not convinced at all, what do you think?

    furthermore, reading the comments, it seems that he missed a penalty for Brazil?

    1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Yes, probably I'm wrong but I think that we can't judge a foul considering players reaction. As here in Italy many people are accostumed to say: "This is a correct call because the player hasn't complained" That's wrong, in my opinion!
      Well, we can't look just at this. In the video, I see that the Mexican player is able to fall down theatrically.

    4. A clear penalty to my mind, but Petrescu's AR1 wrongly disallowed a Brazilian goal due to an alleged offside decision.

      Kika, your behaviour is beneath contempt, isn't it?

    5. I neglect my own statement that it was no offside, it was.

    6. The ARs were Hurd and Fletcher. This was originally Geiger's assignment but he was removed from the game a few days prior. Petrescu was a last second replacement.

      Some have said Geiger is injured. But others have said that USSF and CONCACAF did not want Geiger doing this match--which had the potential for more incidents than a typical friendly--in the run-up to World Cup qualifiers and the Olympics.

    7. Hi usaref, can you give me a full trio appointments to El Salvador - New Zealand (23.05.)? I know main ref was Terry Vaughn, but ARs and 4th official, pls.

    8. OK it was a joke!But still i apologise for my comment.I guess everybody who has seen that agrees that its a clear the players af the brazilian team.And its a pity in such cases to try to find something to blame the referee who afterall had a very good desicion...

    9. I think we understood your "joke", but it still passed a certain borderline. I cannot read the thoughts of those who are concerned by internet insults, even if they are meant as jokes. So I have to weigh up as admin of this blog to what extent it is still acceptable and I think one should never make fun with "go to the doctor". I hope you understand that ;)

    10. Kika, do you think that saying "I'm not convinced by that penalty" was in order to blame the referee? It was just my opinion and nothing else.
      Anyway, don't worry Niclas. There aren't problems for me, I'm happy to stay here and take part in your discussions, one can say everything.
      There is nothing to apologize.

    11. This comment has been removed by the author.

    12. Pls stop inflaming superfluous discussions. Chefren said that for him everything was ok. No need, really no need to heat it up again.

      And concerning the penalty call, yes, I agree that the player fell theatrically and perhaps he even knew exactly what he is doing, the problem is that the defender's leg is pulled out, touches him and that it is hence a correct penalty in my opinion.

    13. Yes Niclas, you have explained everything well. This was the reason for which I had just some doubts. Penalty, ok. But sometimes players are too much cunning :)
      I hope you can get my point of view, kika. Never against the referee.
      Yun Hyeon: thanks for your words, I have read your message

  35. This comment has been removed by the author.

  36. OFC Nations CUP
    Papua New Guinea vs. New Zealand
    12:00pm, Monday 4 June
    Lawson Tama Stadium
    Honiara, Solomon Islands

    Referee: Bruce GEORGE [VAN]
    Assistant Referee 1: Michael JOSEPH [VAN]
    Assistant Referee 2: Terry PIRI [COK]
    4th Official: Isidore ASSIENE-AMBASSA [NCL]

    Fiji vs. Solomon Islands
    3:00pm, Monday 4 June
    Lawson Tama Stadium
    Honiara, Solomon Islands

    Referee: Kader ZITOUNI [TAH]
    Assistant Referee 1: Tevita MAKASINI [TGA]
    Assistant Referee 2: Paul AHUPU [TAH]
    4th Official: Norbert HAUATA [TAH]

    1. Zitouni in Fiji - Solomon Islands:
      27': handball to score, well seen, good detection and yellow card, I think also that it was difficult to see for the referee, he was far!
      61': no penalty, I agree
      89': watching both situations in this minute, you understand why the game ended in a 0-0 :)
      90'+4: player falls down alone, anyway not trying to dive, correct decision to let the game flow


      George in Papua New Guinea - New Zealand:
      97': handball, penalty and yellow card. Do you think it was correct? Replay isn't clear but probably the decision was right.

    2. Of course 87' not 97'

  37. Referees FIFA U-20 Women's World Cup 2012:

  38. Eli Hacmon in Ireland - Italy Under 21.
    A brief comment to follow later

    1. It was a very interesting match with a great beginning. Just after several minutes the first card of the match on the free kick that caused the own goal (if you want, take a look at highlights).
      Then, other major calls were correct too. Penalty to Ireland was right, for a stupid handball. In the last minutes absolutely SPOT ON for the straight red card to Verratti, a terrible kick from the back, a foul probably caused by frustration.
      So so the assistant referees, I have to be honest, most of the calls appearead wrong, even though often difficult to evaluate.
      At any rate, a good performance in a challenging match.

  39. OFC Nations Cup 2012

    05 June

    New Caledonia vs. Samoa
    12:00pm, Tuesday 5 June
    Lawson Tama Stadium
    Honiara, Solomon Islands

    Referee: Gerald OIAKA [SOL]
    Assistant Referee 1: Ravinesh KUMAR [FIJ]
    Assistant Referee 2: Jackson NAMO (SOL)
    4th Official: John SAOHU [SOL]

    Tahiti vs. Vanuatu
    3:00pm, Tuesday 5 June
    Lawson Tama Stadium
    Honiara, Solomon Islands

    Referee: Peter O’LEARY [NZL]
    Assistant Referee 1: Jan Hendrik HINTZ [NZL]
    Assistant Referee 2: Mark RULE [NZL]
    4th Official: Chris KERR [NZL]

  40. The last AFC CL 1/8 reports, if someone's interested in:

  41. I was watching Sportscenter on TV and they showed the an other Ghost Goal, this time were Nishimura and Nagi the ones who did not see the ball crossing the line in Uzbekistan vs Iran, I´m looking for a video, but was a big mistake and probably a group decisive mistake since the goal was scored by Uzbekistan.

    If anyone has the video please post it!


    1:30 there is the action...

    1. Terrible, I'm very sorry for all Uzbekistan fans, this is the biggest problem of our football today, I will never be bored to repeat it again and again, something must be done, in order to solve this situation once and forever. It is happening very often, please FIFA! Please!

  43. Brilliant, fantastic, etc. call made by Al-Zarouni and Al-Jalaf (UAE) in Ulsan - Kashiwa AFC CL match:

    1. Excellent and very difficulr.

    2. Yes, what is also important, that call was very very quick.

  44. OFC Nations CUP

    06 June

    Papua New Guinea vs. Fiji
    12:00pm, Wednesday 6 June
    Lawson Tama Stadium
    Honiara, Solomon Islands

    Referee: Kader ZITOUNI [TAH]
    Assistant Referee 1: Tevita MAKASINI [TGA]
    Assistant Referee 2: Terry PIRI [COK]
    4th Official: Isidore ASSIENE-AMBASSA [NCL]

    New Zealand vs. Solomon Islands
    3:00pm, Wednesday 6 June
    Lawson Tama Stadium
    Honiara, Solomon Islands

    Referee: Norbert HAUATA [TAH]
    Assistant Referee 1: Paul AHUPU [TAH]
    Assistant Referee 2: Michael JOSEPH [VAN]
    4th Official: Bruce GEORGE [VAN]

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