May 19, 2012

Discussion: Pedro Proença's final performance

This post has been established in order to ensure that all your comments on the Iberian referee team's performance in today's UEFA Champions League final will not be spread in three different posts but that they can be bundled as comments underneath this inconspicious thread.
Everything related to this final should be posted here as from now.


  1. @Niclas: Who are the blog-obervers of the match?

    1. Chefren (ITA) and Pascal J. (SUI)

    2. But as always, we appreciate as many detailed reports as possible. You can only just insert your marks for the parameters with a short explanation at refmarks.

    3. Then, we wont need any blocknote while watching it :)
      Best luck to ref. team.

    4. You can take pencil and pad with you, why not, being not the appointed observer does not mean that you may not make a report ;) the official observers are just the ensurance that a certain match is covered and naturally, their marks normally count more. The more detailed it is, the more it counts and the more professional our work is.

  2. Anonymous19/5/12 20:08

    No mistake so far ...

  3. First half: mmmhh, so so.
    Some situations so underline:
    1) The given card for handball was his choice, I think that it was a situation in which the referee has to decide if the player is going to stop a potentially dangerous action and if he committes the handball in a blatant way, so ok.
    2) a handball by a Chelsea player was evaluated as unintentional, I agree
    2) He missed a clear (at least) yellow card to Bosingwa for a brutal kick to Ribery on his legs. Here I really can't understand why he whistled just the foul
    3) Just a few seconds later after that, the free kick for Chelsea (with Mata attempting to shot) was absolutely wrong

    Generally, Proença whistled often just for slight contacts.
    Assistants ok, just one offside to raise for Bertino Miranda, but quite easy, and a NO FLAG (also not so difficult) for Ricardo Santos.

    Velasco Carballo was not so far from the place where Bosingwa committed the brutal foul, he could have helped Proença.

    That's all for now... a small report for the blog ;)

    1. Totally agree Chefren, Bosingwa was for Yellow Card as for Chelsea's free kick we can't really blame him because watching the situation from his position it seemed definitely a foul. Perhaps Bertino Miranda could have helped him.

      As for the YC at min 1' I am totally with him. I would have done the same thing. Good choise.

  4. Second half: the big call was the offside raised by Miranda, which disallowed a Bayern goal. Totally correct and very difficult to see, he has shown again his skill.
    Proença finally gave 2 right cards, and Chelsea is so lucky... I really can't describe this team... unbelievable!

  5. Bosingwa should have got a yellow card in the first half. Other than that, I think the officials have been very good (so far!!)

  6. A superb performance by Proença and his team. Of course some mistakes, but overall he was so right. A confident style, always in control.

    Well done, Pedro Proença!

  7. słowem congratulaion "DON-PEDRO" były handbalistawypadł wyśmienicie IFFHS powinni uznać go najleprzym REFEREE 2012 roku

  8. I will not say anything on the question of whether that was deserved or not, in the laws, there is nothing prohibiting Chelsea's destructive way of playing. I am frightened of the signal that you win titles with such a manner of football. Tragically that the diver from CIV scored the last PK. Bayern obviously did not want to win - like Barca - if you miss 4 heavy attempts.
    Proenca's performance was still very good in my opinion, I agree with what Chefren said.

    My impressions were these (in brief):
    - absolutely correct YC to Schweinsteiger
    - missed YC to Bosingwa
    - wrong free kick, Boateng touched him, but the Chelsea player had started falling before
    - correct penalty and YC
    - correctly disallowed goal
    - missed a YC in extra time (forgotten who it was)
    - good positioning, movement and tactical approach
    - excellent control

    For 80 minutes I thought that even my grandma could have refereed the match, there were so less duels...but then it became more intense.

    And in a few minutes, I have a small surprise for you ;)

  9. I also think Proença was very good overall. He certainly was too lenient in terms of bookings, but the rest was really convincing. The important decisions were all correct in my opinion.

    Full report will be ready soon.



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