May 5, 2012

Jenny Palmqvist appointed for the women's UEFA Champions League Final

Jenny Palmqvist (SWE)
The 42 year-old Jenny Palmqvist of Sweden will be in charge of this year's female UEFA Champions League Final between the German side of 1.FFC Frankfurt and the French Olympique Lyon that will be held in the venerable Olympiastadium in Munich on 17 May 2012.
UEFA has confirmed that the full team would be completed by Palmqvist's compatriots Helen Karo, Anna Nyström and Sara Persson.
Born in Korea Republic, the professional referee Jenny Palmqvist may exhibit a large extent of international experience after having participated in the 2008 edition of the Olympic Games, 2009 UEFA EURO Finland, 2007 FIFA World Cup China and 2011 FIFA World Cup Germany, where he went along with Bibiana Steinhaus as Fourth Official in the final match.


  1. Anonymous5/5/12 21:42

    Great appointment.
    The strongest candidates for Champions League final are appointed to referee top-clashes:

    Porto - Sporting /// Pedro Proença
    Inter - Milan /// Nicola Rizzoli

    1. Yes, right.
      The full appointment for Rizzoli is:

      Niccolai - Di Liberatore

      This time it's impossible for Rizzoli, to be with his assistants Faverani and Stefani, because they are from Milano (and neighborhood) so they can't referee Inter or AC Milan.
      It's the derby that can decide the winner of serie Aa, also looking at Cagliari-Juventus (Orsato).

    2. Anonymous6/5/12 17:52

      Hi Chefren!
      What is with Luca Banti? I watched many matches with him and I was extremely impressed. He has a great style, which I evaluated twice as 10. I am curious how does he cope in Italy.

    3. Hi. Luca Banti is a good referee. Often his performance are solid and he shows good control of the game. I think he is on the top, just after Rizzoli, Rocchi and Tagliavento.
      This year he had a good season without so big mistakes and several interesting matches, like Udinese-Inter some days ago.

  2. no co prawda to prawda że ta Koreańska Szwedka to doświadczona pani REFEREE jej koledzy ze Szwecji jeszcze finału ligi mistrzów nie sędziowali tylko Frojdfeld sędziował finał PUCHARU UEFA w 2008 roku. Ostatnio Szwedzcy arbitrzy coś mało sędzióją na MŚ w Niemczech niebyło żadnego w RPA był co prawda Hanson ale jako sędzia techniczny jedynie na ME wcześniej 4 lata temu był Frojdfeld a teraz będzie Eriksson

  3. Anonymous6/5/12 02:16

    Oh my God, I watched a match from 02.05.2012 Paris Saint-Germain FC - AS Saint-Etienne Loire and I am extremely disappointed by Stephan Luzi performance. That FIFA assistant was completely wrong in many situations like corner kick and three fouls near to him, but penalty kick to PSG in 18' is... it's a tragedy. Said Ennjimi correctly rejected all appeals about penalty, but 30sec later Luzi said him it's penalty (after Nene's shouts near to him for sure...). After long talk Ennjimi awarded a penalty kick to PSG... In fact, that was step on Marchal knee, so why penalty? Ennjimi was very good, but Luzi's performance completely destroyed his match.


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