June 5, 2012

Carlos Velasco Carballo to blow EURO 2012's starting whistle

Spanish referee Carlos Velasco Carballo of Madrid has been assigned to take control over the first match of this year's UEFA European Championship Poland/Ukraine that will be played between Poland and Greece at Warsaw National Stadium on Friday, 18:00 CET.

The 2011 UEFA Europa League final referee and 2012 UEFA Champions League final fourth official will be supported by his countrymen Roberto Alonso Fernández, Juan Carlos Yuste Jiménez (assistant referees) as well as David Fernández Borbalán, Carlos Clos Gómez (additional assistant referees), while Gianluca Rocchi from Italy will act as fourth official. Renato Faverani completes the team as reserve assistant referee. Pierluigi Collina from Italy, UEFA's chief officer for refereeing, will observe the officials.
Furthermore, UEFA has also nominated matches 2-4. English referee of the year 2010 Howard Webb will be in charge of Russia - Czech Republic in Wroclaw, along with Mike Mullarkey, Peter Kirkup, Martin Atkinson and Mark Clattenburg, also from England, whereas Manuel de Sousa from Portugal and Bertino Miranda complete the team of selected referees for this match, that will be observed by German refereeing chief Herbert Fandel.
The Group B tie between the Netherlands and Denmark will be handled by Damir Skomina of Slovenia, who will be assisted by Primoz Arhar and Matej Zunic. Matej Jug and Slavko Vincic will function as additional assistant referees and Pavel Královec from Czech Republic will act as fourth official. Greek official Kyros Vassaras will observe and evaluate the team's performance.
French official Stéphane Lannoy has the honour to blow the whistle in Lviv's encounter between Germany and Portugal. Frédéric Cano and Michael Annonier have been nominated as assistant referees, Fredy Fautrel and Ruddy Buquet as additional assistant referees. Marcin Borski from the host nation Poland will be the fourth official, his countryman Marcin Borkowski the reserve assistant referee. David Elleray from England will be the official UEFA referee observer.
The world's best referee of the year 2011, Viktor Kassai of Hungary, has been appointed to take control over the clash between Spain and Italy in Gdansk. Gabor Erös and György Ring will act as assistant referees, while István Vad and Tamás Bognar will stand at the goallines. William Collum (Scotland) and Damien Macgraith (Ireland) will be the fourth official, respectively reserve assistant referee. The team will be observed by Jaap Uilenberg from the Netherlands.
The other match in Group C, Ireland - Croatia, will be handled by Björn Kuipers from the Netherlands. The 2011 UEFA Super Cup final referee will be supported by Sander van Roekel, Erwin Zeinstra (assistant referees), Pol van Boekel, Richard Liesveld (additional assistant referees) as well as by the Ukrainians Viktor Shvetsov (fourth official) and Oleksandr Voytyuk (reserve assistant referee). Yuriy Baskakov from Russia will observe the team.
Two high profile referees have been nominated to take charge of the first two Group D encounters. Turkish referee Cüneyt Çakır from Istanbul will blow the opener whistle for the host nation Ukraine, who will play Sweden in Kyiv. Bahattin Duran, Tarik Ongun (assistant referees), Hüseyin Göçek, Bülent Yıldırım (additional assistant referees) and the Polish officials Marcin Borski and Marcin Borkowski are completing the call-up. Herbert Fandel has been nominated as observer.
In addition, Nicola Rizzoli from Bologna, Italy, has been nominated to referee the top clash between France and England along with Renato Faverani, Andrea Stefani (assistant referees), Gianluca Rocchi, Paolo Tagliavento (additional assistant referees) and Pavel Královec from Czech Republic as fourth official. They will be evaluated by Jozef Marko (Slovakia).

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  1. Could be an important signal?
    Yes, Spain will be a big problem for Velasco, as Barcelona and Real were problems for him in the Champions League.
    Anyway first appointment absolutely deserved and I agree with Niclas (what he wrote in the other post): this is a group (A) in which there are 4 teams probably with a not so different gap. So each match could / will be crucial.
    Maybe more than other groups... Velasco was therefore a good choice

  2. Velasco right now is the most steady referee UEFA can produce. Always the opener is the most important match of the Tournament. Remember EURO 2008 when Rosetti got the opener and the final! Could Carballo do the same? If Spain doesn't reach the semifinal YES. But if Spain goes to the SF then the EURO will be over for him.

  3. Opener performance is hypothetically important, because it gives an obvious massage to teams/fans/commentators about the approach of EURO referees to tournament and positions. We will see whther Carballo will be assertive in foul detection or will be letting the game flow most commonly.

  4. Mohamed Abdul Fattah6/6/12 00:34

    The most important thing that NO Body from the observer predict Carballo appointment. Any way it is deserved for him after good season in CL&EL

  5. There were just so many good possibilities for the opening appointment... This again shows that we have a whole range of top officials for this tournament, which is a good thing obviously.

    I have no complaints about the appointment of Velasco Carballo. He has shown his qualities over the last two seasons. I think it has also to do with the fact that Spain is (again) the no. 1 favourite to go far in this tournament.

  6. Today the most important italian sports newspaper (La Gazzetta dello Sport) reports that today UEFA will publish the referee for Russia-Czech Republic, Netherlads-Denmark and Germany-Portugal. Tomorrow they will announce the referees for sunday's matches.
    The guess for Germany-Portugal is Howard Webb and for Spain-Italy Viktor Kassai.
    Let's wait and see.

  7. Anonymous6/6/12 09:41

    My prediction:
    Russia-Czech Jonas Eriksson
    Netherlads-Denmark Damir Skomina
    Germany-Portugal Viktor Kassai

  8. RUS-CZE - Howard Webb
    NED-DEN - Damir Skomina
    GER-POR - Stephane Lannoy !!(big sursprise, I expected Kassai or Rizzoli)

    1. http://www.uefa.com/uefa/footballfirst/matchorganisation/refereeing/news/newsid=1807537.html#carballo+handle+euro+opening+match

      The officials for the remaining games will be announced two days before the matches at 09.00CET and will be published on UEFA.com and on the Media Information System (MIS), which is accessible for all accredited media representatives of UEFA EURO 2012.


      Niclas, you should be happy with Lannoy :D
      Skomina is my first correct prediction.

  9. 4th officials:
    RUS-CZE: de Sousa
    NED-DEN: Kralovec
    GER-POR: Borski

  10. F. Taveira6/6/12 12:48

    i am a bit surprised with the nominations. Lannoy?! a big nightmare it's my prediction with a lot of cards and poor control.

    Happy with the 4th official nominations.

    The good of all this is i am excited with the next nominations... some surprises to come :P

    1. Anonymous6/6/12 14:57

      If Lannoy gets injured, then Borski will handle GER-POR? ;)

    2. YES Borski handles the match.

  11. A good message is at least that Lannoy is then not able to handle NED POR, the Ivanov nightmare.
    Dansault and Stancin seem to have failed the tests.

    1. So, who will be the assistant referees of Lannoy and Skomina in saturday matches?

    2. Full appointments:


    3. Lannoy - Cano - Annonier

      Skomina - Arhar - Zunic

    4. Interesting.
      UEFA is harsh with this tests, like FIFA.
      But I habve a question for you, guys.
      Marco Stancin, 1968 born, FIFA assistant from 2005.
      Matej Zunic, 1983 born, FIFA assistant from 2010.
      15 years of difference, we can't absolutely compare these 2 assistants. I think that it's dangerous. UEFA prefers an unexperienced assistant, than a long-time one, just because he has failed the tests.
      Are tests the only important thing?
      Well, you can do mistakes also if you have passed a test.
      By the way, the law should be the same for all people, yes.
      But this young guy, 1983 born, is ready for a so big tournament?
      And what about the workshops, meetings, and so on, in the months?
      It seems everything a NO-SENSE if you change at the last moment.
      Having said that, of course I wish the best for Zunic.

    5. Anonymous6/6/12 14:54

      I think it's almost impossible to ignore the requirements of the tests. Where would you draw the line if you start to allow exceptions?

      You have a point regarding Zunic's experience, though. I don't remember any of the "big" matches Skomina had with Zunic on the line and not Arhar/Stancin. However, I think it's better to act this way instead of sending all five officials home just because one of them didn't make it.


  12. Anonymous6/6/12 13:40

    Cano/Annonier, Arhar/Zunic

  13. Graham Poll's EURO 2012 referee guide:
    (Kuipers, Lannoy and Skomina aren't his favourite refs)


  14. Anonymous6/6/12 15:46

    Éric dansault is injured after fitness tests in poland. Mickael annonier replaces Him after have successfully done the tests with french team.
    I m a ligue 1 referees commissioner for host refs in evian Thonon gaillard. I Know Stéphane lannoy and trust me he is a fantastic man. So niclas...don't be so bad before his performance.
    Best regards from France
    Benoît :-)
    Ps: i like a lot your work here.

    1. Thanks.
      I really think that Germany Portugal is a kind of match Lannoy can handle very well. It will focus on football, he can be lenient, so I am not very pessimistic. But nonetheless, all the appointments surprised me a bit. Stark for ESP ITA. Or for IRL-CRO? We cannot be sure :)

  15. One should spend those people as much attention as they deserve. If a former referee, who does not manage to count cards, calls someone like Skomina a "low profile referee", he counts to those.

    1. What Poll says about Kuipers is also not true. The Dutch FA decided to let them into the dressing-room, and Kuipers felt highly uncomfortable with it. After the match the FA announced this was a one-off experiment.

    2. Right, but it's one question. Why does such experienced and great referee like Poll say such things about his colleagues? I was also disappointed when called some of them as 'low-profile refs'.

    3. He wants to be interesting and relevant, I think... Also, regarding Webb's chances for the final he implies the Refereeing Committee may not choose him because they are 'jealous'. I don't see what Collina, Uilenberg or Vassaras should be jealous about, after their glittering careers. Let's say Graham has to sell papers ;-).

    4. Full agree, but at any way he shouldn't give such opinions about his colleagues, it's slightly unethical...

    5. You are right, of course but I have become used to it. In Holland we have two former top referees (Mario van den Ende and Dick Jol) who incessantly criticize the Dutch FA and the referees in the media. What's more, Van den Ende used to be the mentor of many referees he's criticizing now before he was fired by the Dutch FA. Frustrations...

    6. It just says a lot about the character of some of these people, or shall I say the lack of character... Dissapointing.

  16. And I think the reason for the uefa.com problems are clear now as well. They have changed the font of the matchcentre into Arial.

    1. What is your opinion about the fourth man?
      Borski should replace Lannoy in case of problems...

    2. I rely on Lannoy's fitness...

      Blog Observers are nominated as well.
      POL-GRE: Carlos S, Maicon O
      RUS-CZE: Sander dBR
      NED-DEN: Pascal J
      GER-POR: Chefren

      If there are problems, contact me via mail.
      The "appointments" can be also found on the match files page.

    3. I think Borski isn't such a bad referee. He can cope with high profile matches for sure...

  17. Poland-Greece full appointment:

    Referee Carlos Velasco Carballo (ESP)
    Assistant referees Roberto Alonso Fernández (ESP), Juan Carlos Yuste Jiménez (ESP)
    Additional assistant referees David Fernández Borbalán (ESP), Carlos Clos Gómez (ESP)
    Fourth official Gianluca Rocchi (ITA)
    Reserve official Renato Faverani (ITA)
    UEFA Delegate Geir Thorsteinsson (ISL)
    UEFA Referee observer Pierluigi Collina (ITA)

    A bit strange, an italian observer with a fourth italian official :)

    1. Remember what I sent you as example for the observing template. I chose as example POL GRE, inserted Velasco's team and Thorsteinsson as delegate :D

      Thorsteinsson has already delegated the 2011 Wembley final.
      To my mind, a no-go that Collina is the observer. What if Rocchi has to replace Velasco? But probably the fourths will not get marks.

    2. Strange indeed. I mean it's not surprising that Collina is the observer in the opening match. But then it would have been easy to select a fourth official from another country...

  18. During the final tournament any injured referee will be replaced either by the fourth official or by the first additional referee at the match, thanks to a permission granted by the IFAB.

    1. this does not count for EURO. Thanks to a source, I can confirm that the HIGHEST RANKED official amongst the additional assistant referees and the fourth will replace the ref in case of injury. This means that Rocchi would replace Velasco. De Sousa would however not replace Webb because Atkinson and Clattenburg are ELITE. Then, it is probably the referee himself who decided whether Atkinson and Clattenburg would replace him upon consultation with the ref observer (the last thing is a guess from my side).

    2. That sentence comes from the UEFA web site and refers directly to Euro 2012. According to it, Atkinson will replace Webb, if needed, since he is the first additional AR. It clearly says fourth official OR the FIRST additional assistant referee.

    3. Here is the link: http://www.uefa.com/uefa/mediaservices/mediareleases/newsid=1806151.html

  19. Anonymous6/6/12 20:23

    Who are the UEFA observers for the other matches?
    More, could Proença handle Spain vs Italy? It's going to be a good game...

    1. I do not think so because de Sousa will be the fourth on 8 June.
      I also thought about the reserve assistant referees. I am sure that Slysko will accompany Královec, then Hagen and Macgraith only can be active in Group C (Group D: FRA-ENG: Macgraith impossible; UKR-SWE: Hagen impossible --> ESP-ITA or IRL-CRO).

    2. Macgraith is Irish correct? So no Group C with Ireland.

  20. Even though the second press kit is published, no info about match officials in it :S

  21. Niclas, my prediction for Spain-Italy is always Stark, no changes after having seen these first appointments. Another name could be Kassai.
    Wolfgang Stark would be surely prouf to referee that match.

    1. Ref. commitee also considered wther referee has handled a Euro qualifier of teams involved until now. I dont know whether it is strict rule, if so Kassai may not get a Spanish duel at Groupstage. But most probably, that will cover just EURO-Playoff stage.

      Lannoy's appoitment is surprising, we'll all see outcomes.

      Take a look at the path that Rosetti has taken at EURO2008, no great teams involved in groupstage. Thats sth pretty obvious, final referee may come from somewhere unnoticable. Hence, Spain-Italy may be handled by someone who is a darkhorse.

  22. My updated predictions are:

    ESP-ITA: Stark Salver Pickel Meyer Aytekin Vad Eros
    IRL-CRO: Eriksson Wittberg Klasenius Strömbergsson Johannesson Shvetsov Voytyuk
    FRA-ENG: Cakir Duran Ongun Göcek Yilidrim Hagen Slysko
    UKR-SWE: Proenca Miranda Santos De Sousa Gomes Fernández Borbalán Alonso Fernández

    And of course Macgraith at Kralovec' side, not at Hagen's...

  23. Russia - Czech Republi:

    Referee Howard Webb (ENG)
    Assistant referees Michael Mullarkey (ENG), Peter Kirkup (ENG)
    Additional assistant referees Martin Atkinson (ENG), Mark Clattenburg (ENG)
    Fourth official Manuel De Sousa (POR)
    Reserve official Bertino Miranda (POR)
    UEFA Delegate Nodar Akhalkatsi (GEO)
    UEFA Referee observer Herbert Fandel (GER)

  24. Anonymous7/6/12 00:22

    Germany - Portugal:

    Referee Stéphane Lannoy (FRA)
    Assistant referees Frédéric Cano (FRA), Mickaël Annonier (FRA)
    Additional assistant referees Frédy Fautrel (FRA), Ruddy Buquet (FRA)
    Fourth official Marcin Borski (POL)
    Reserve official Marcin Borkowski (POL)
    UEFA Delegate Jozef Kliment (SVK)
    UEFA Referee observer David R. Elleray (ENG)

  25. ESP-ITA Kassai
    IRL-CRO Kuipers
    UKR-SWE Cakir
    FRA-ENG Rizzoli

    All the favourites are away for GER - NED.
    Stark and Proenca will go into Group A, Eriksson and Thomson for Group B. Then it is clear IMO, the Swedish trio for GER-NED or perhaps one of matchday 1 in Group A (Velasco or Webb).

    1. Observer Appointments:
      ESP-ITA: Niclas E
      IRL-CRO: Filipe T
      UKR-SWE: Philipp S
      FRA-ENG: Edward A.

    2. I'm quite content with Kassai, for sure a referee with a great experience. He has already whistle Spain not only in a qualifying match for this EURO2012, but also in the well known semifinal of South Africa 2010 I think that he will assure a good performance, even more the teams will play football and not a war of fouls. The way of playing of Spain is suitable for the Hungarian referee.
      So, Stark is preserved until now.
      Excellent appointment for Nicola Rizzoli, France - England, a top clash.

    3. Well Rizzoli certainly deserved this appointment. I am quite happy to observe him because really can handle a difficult match like this.

  26. Fopurth officials:

    Spain-Italy William Collum (again, I don't know what UEFA sees in this referee)
    Irelad-Croatia Viktor Shvetsov
    France-England Pavel Kralovec
    Ukraine-Sweden Marcin Borski

    1. About Collum. If I am not mistaken he is Elite Development (former Premier) for 3 years now. I can't understand how much time UEFA needs to test him if he is suitable for the Elite Category.

    2. Right, it's a long time for him in that Category, but probably the answer is that he often doesn't convince the Committe with some weird performance.

    3. He maybe born at 1979 but being 3 years at a category called Development it is too much. If they can't make a decision about him then this is a problem. IMO Collum got too many chances and I have the feeling that he will demoted before the start of the new season.

  27. Anonymous7/6/12 12:34

    Velasco Carballo - Collina
    Webb - Fandel
    Skomina - Vassaras
    Lannoy - Elleray
    Kassai - Uilenberg
    Kuipers - Baskakov
    Rizzoli - Marko
    Cakir - Fandel

    Interesting appointments for observers

  28. Some pics of the italian team, probably with Maggiani behind the camera :)


  29. Im glad to tell you that I have made the post in Ref Marks for these matches in which we know the refs. They will publish themselves at 19:00 and 21:00 respectivly on the day of the match so you can gave your comments right after the match. We will try to put the reports as soon as we can on Ref Marks, so that we would like to ask you to send a copy of them to refmarksblog@gmail.com


    Ref Marks Team


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