June 25, 2012

Cüneyt Çakır and Stéphane Lannoy receive EURO semifinal call-up

UEFA has announced the two teams of match officials who will take control over 2012 UEFA EURO's semifinals on 27 June, respectively 28 June 2012.

Cüneyt Çakır (photo above) of Turkey has been assigned for the all-Iberian duel between Portugal and Spain, which will be held in Ukraine's metropole Donetsk at Donbass Arena, the home of Shakhtar Donetsk. Turkish officials Bahattin Duran and Tarik Ongun will serve as assistant referees, while Hüseyin Göçek and Bülent Yıldırım will function as additional assistant referees standing at the bylines. Damir Skomina from Slovenia has been named fourth official, whereas his countryman Matej Žunič will be the reserve assistant referee. Jozef Marko from Slovakia has been appointed as UEFA referee observer, Janis Mežeckis from Latvia as the UEFA delegate.
For the 35 year-old policy broker from Istanbul, it is the third semifinal appointment in a row, after his engagements in 2010 UEFA Europa League' semifinal between FC Fulham and Hamburger SV, at 2011 FIFA Under 20 World Cup Colombia, when Portugal defeated France, and finally the recently played UEFA Champions League semifinal between FC Barcelona and Chelsea London at Camp Nou. His previous matches have been the group stage encounters between Ukraine and Sweden at Kyiv's final stadium, where he also acted as the fourth official in the quarterfinal between England and Italy, and between Italy and Ireland in Poznán.


Besides, French official Stéphane Lannoy (photo above) will be in charge of the traditional clash between Germany and Italy at Warsaw's opener match stadium. He will be accompanied by Frédéric Cano and Michaël Annonier as assistant referees; Fredy Fautrel and Ruddy Buquet will serve as additional assistant referees. The team is completed by English officials Howard Webb (fourth official), who may be considered as the most probable referee for the final match at Kyiv Olympic Stadium, and Mike Mullarkey as reserve assistant referee. Hugh Dallas of Scotland, himself a former successful referee, will be the UEFA referee observer, while Iceland's Geir Thorsteinsson will function as UEFA delegate, who has also executed 2011 UEFA Champions League final at Wembley Stadium.
Born in 1969, Lannoy is the oldest of the twelve referees who commenced the competition. He has already taken charge of the first match of the German side, when they defeated Portugal in Lviv. His second match was the Group A clash between Czech Republic and Greece in Wroclaw. Both matches were refereed in a very solide manner. His tournament experience is - despite of his advanced age - not that big. After a brief participation at 2008 Olympic Games China and after having accompanied the last EURO in Austria and Switzerland as one of the eight fourth officials, he experienced a quite poor 2010 FIFA World Cup. This appointment means the biggest success in UEFA competitions so far.


SF1 - 27 June 2012, 20:45 CET -  Donbass Arena, Donetsk, UKR
Portugal - Spain
Referee: Cüneyt Çakır (TUR)
Assistant Referees: Bahattin Duran (TUR), Tarik Ongun (TUR)
Additional Assistant Referees: Hüseyin Göçek (TUR), Bülent Yıldırım (TUR)
Fourth Official: Damir Skomina (SVN)
Reserve Assistant Referee: Matej Žunič (SVN)
UEFA Delegate: Janis Mežeckis (LVA)
UEFA Referee Observer: Jozef Marko (SVK)

SF2 - 28 June 2012, 20:45 CET - National Stadium, Warsaw, POL
Germany - Italy
Referee: Stéphane Lannoy (FRA)
Assistant Referees: Frédéric Cano (FRA), Michaël Annonier (FRA)
Additional Assistant Referees: Fredy Fautrel (FRA), Ruddy Buquet (FRA)
Fourth Official: Howard Webb (ENG)
Reserve Assistant Referees: Mike Mullarkey (ENG)
UEFA Delegate: Geir Thorsteinsson (ISL)
UEFA Referee Observer: Hugh Dallas (SCO)


  1. Mohammed Abdul Fattah25/6/12 14:59

    Çakır appointment is deserved but big question mark on Lannoy. It’ s critical match between two big teams.
    If Italy reach the final we can consider Webb for final otherwise Rizzoli appointment for final could be deserved.

  2. Anonymous25/6/12 15:08

    Does this mean that fourth officials are considerd for final?

  3. Blog Referee Observers for the last 3 matches

    Semifinal matches

    Portugal - Spain (Cakir)
    R1: Philipp S, Niclas E (GER)
    R2: Chefren (ITA)

    Germany - Italy (Lannoy)
    R1: Maicon O (BRA), Carlos S (COL)
    R2: Filipe T (POR)

    Final match

    Portugal/Spain - Germany/Italy (?)
    R1: Edward A (GRE)
    R2: Cagatay I (TUR)

  4. Do we no if any officials have been sent home?

  5. Apart from the four known, probably not. In 2008, Vassaras also stayed until the end. One must keep in mind that something unexpected could happen, injury or something like that. I think 6 refs are still there, after Rizzoli and Proenca went home. Cakir, Lannoy, Webb, Skomina, Eriksson and Thomson. Let us be honest. If I had had to gamble, I would have said that these six names rather get only 2 matches than staying until the end of the tournament..

    1. Yes, and many people are betting on Erksson.
      The fact that he was observed by Collina could be a signal.
      Anyway, that penalty not given to Greece... but when Collina is involved, there is always a reason (remember Proença)
      The most logical appointment would be Eriksson with Thomson as fourth, but I don't believe too much in this opportunity.

    2. Depends on the fixture, I would not appoint Webb for a final with again Spanish involvement, it would be a bit unlucky, despite of the fact that he has been the best ref of the remaining ones in his matches. Eriksson could have chances in e.g. POR-GER.

    3. I'm reading on many sites that in case of Spain in final, Webb should not be appointed, he is extremely hated there, after the WC final.

  6. Anonymous25/6/12 17:42

    Proença stays until the finalists era known

    1. Interesting. Then Rizzoli perhaps as well. Very strange, have they changed the statute? I would have a problem if Spain throws Portugal out and is then refereed by a Portuguese, no way that one can question his neutrality, but it would be unlucky in my opinion.

    2. Anonymous27/6/12 14:53

      He begins with a lot of yellows cards, after coming the red ones and if necesseray penalties! Spain is entraining forit!

      Poor Croatia!!!

      He is Çakir!!!

  7. Anonymous25/6/12 20:00

    Yes, Rizzoli as well. My only doubt is Eriksson. Does anybody knows?

  8. Byłem pewne że to Ciakir będzie we finale sędzią ale teraz stawiam na Rizzolli pod warunkiem że jego rodacy przegrają z niemcami w półfinale. Mam wątpliwości co do tego żeby finał sędziował Webb on dwa lata temu sędziował finał MŚ bordzo fatalnie wg mnie nie powinien. Co się tyczy obsady francuza Lane to jest zaskoczenie duże nie jest to jakiś bardzo dobry sędzia typu MICHEL VAUTROT na ale, pozatym Stephane jak również wszyscy arbitrzy znad sekwany przezyli duży dramat związany z popełnieniem samobujstwa przez STEPHANA DUHAMEL'A może to rekompensata

  9. Anonymous25/6/12 20:54

    Proença, Eriksson, Webb and Rizzoli are in Poland. A source of the Portuguese referee comitee told the press that these officials are on standby.

    Luís Almeida

  10. Anonymous25/6/12 23:49

    Germany - Spain , Proenca (likely) or maybe Rizzoli
    Germany - Portugal, Webb (likely) or maybe Rizzoli
    Italy - Spain only Proenca possible (only Eriksson could be 4th)
    Italy - Portugal only Webb possible ( only Eriksson could be 4th)

    or Eriksson in every case - he is very rich ;)

    and surprisingly bookies have Skomina as 2nd favourite just after Webb...


  11. In Turkish media (Hurriyet newspaper) they predict the final referees:

    % 30 Howard Webb-England

    % 25 Nicola Rizzoli-Italy

    % 20 Pedro Proenca-Portugal

    % 15 Damir Skomina-Slovenia

    % 5 Jonas Eriksson-Sweden

    % 5 missing by the newspaper but might be Thomson


  12. Very good decision by UEFA to maintain those officials at the tournament, remember Mejuto González in referees-at-work. Fandel also had to return after ESP-ITA in 2008.
    I would like to know how Collina characterized Eriksson's mistake..if they change an assistant referee in Webb's team, who says that it is impossible that they did not change an AAR2? It could be that the Swedish guys blamed everything on Johannesson in this decision, which was really the case and then we will perhaps see 4 Swedish and Collum in the final or something like that. But of course, Eriksson had not the best control in GRE-RUS.
    But that is theory, let us wait.

  13. Anonymous26/6/12 09:28

    The decisions of the Committee are often a mystery. Such as the semi final launch two colorless referees, to Lannoy only, because he is French (Platini).If the best to lead the final, then it must be Rizzoli...

  14. Today on "La Gazzetta dello sport":

    if Portugal - Germany = RIZZOLI (or WEBB)
    if Portugal - Italy = WEBB
    if Spain - Germany = RIZZOLI (or PROENçA)
    if Spain - Italy = PROENçA

    They are sure that UEFA Committee has already decided to consider only these 3 names for the final.
    It's also written that Webb with Spain will be not possible.
    No room for other referees.

  15. Anonymous26/6/12 12:36

    if Portugal - Germany : of course Rizzoli
    if Portugal - Italy : surprise Skomina
    if Spain - Germany : again Rizzoli
    if Spain - Italy : i think Thomson!

  16. Anonymous26/6/12 12:59

    Wgy not Webb with Spain?

    1. Mohammed Abdul Fattah26/6/12 14:58

      Niclas, I think it doesn’t matter that Webb have got WC2010 Final with Spain. I believe that this time it depends on performance during the tournament and from my point of view Webb, Rizzoli; Skomina & Caikr are the best referees in EURO 2012. Since Skomina & Rizzoli got quarterfinal match, Çakir got semifinal call. The final surely will be Webb & Thomason or Eriksson as 4th official.

    2. But it must have a reason that those sources do not consider Webb as a possible ref in a final with SPANISH involvement, although he did not referee Spain at this competition. So what else should be the reason except WC 2010?! I do not think one should pay attention to that and I know that these four referees have been good, but my ranking is 1) Proenca, 2) Cakir, 3) Webb and 4) Rizzoli .

  17. Niclas, your memories about Germany-Italy 0-2 and Benito Archundia :)

    1. Brrrr :D Good Mexican, poor but exciting match. Barbecue in the garden and a German commentator who philosophized about who will shoot the first penalty before a certain corner-kick in 118'..

    2. Anonymous26/6/12 19:06

      Hi Suricate,

      Béla Réthy?

      Kind regards from Vienna,

  18. Webb na finał nie dobry pomysł on już raz sędziował finał na MŚ RPA i zknocił zupełnie najleprzym byłby Rizzolli pod warunkiem że Włosi przegraja z Niemcami albo Proenca

  19. Hi Niclas

    I really respect your refereeing knowledge, but cannot understand your naivety on the Eriksson/Karagounis call. I am Greek and yet 100% certain he made correct call, the leg was firmly planted by defender way before Kara enters danger zone (i.e. not in tackle attempt), and Kara sees the opportunity to win a vital penalty. He has been doing this for the National team for years and for PAO too - notorious. Also the most fouled player at the tournament this and last time around - the refs know him too well. Eriksson has been superb, especially the Germany v Holland game.

    Agree with the analysis that Webb and Rizzoli remain favourites with Skomina and Proenca outside chances, with Eriksson a long shot.

    Going on season form of course, Proenca and Skomina have a shout, but Webb deserves it on present form (only 2 cards per game too), and Rizzoli close second due to form, but also the fact he has been knocking on the CL Final door for 2 consecutive seasons now - perhaps they planned for him to whistle the final all along?? (Italy were a shambles tactically pre-tournament lets not forget)

    1. Hi Nikos. I am Greek too but we have a different opinion on the Eriksson/Karagounis call. IMO it is a clear penalty. The defender is not going for the ball and Karagounis doesn't see the opportunity to fall but he is being tackled. He may have done this some times but this is not a reason not to give a penalty when this is happening.

    2. Whilst I agree that this pen can be given, I feel this type of call falls into what I term, 'Elite refereeing' (this can sometimes be aided if the referee has played the game to a high level); I feel this is rarely shown, because when it is, the referee is castigated and chastised unfairly - and as you say, expected to give the 'obvious' decision. Eriksson for me surrendered his popularity (and reputation one could say) in pursuit of the perfect decision. A call by Howard Webb 3 years ago comes to mind in a Liv-Che game at Anfield - Gerrard kicks the ball to the right, enticing the late tackle, losing control of the ball and essentially deciding on a penalty rather than a shot on goal - Webb waved it away to the amazement of the onlooking crowd, and tv audience. A superb decision.

      The Eriksson call was also in keeping with the tournament pattern; a judging close penalty calls in favour of the defender (we can name many), but as I say it was made easier by Kara's exaggerated fall, the fact that his superb run was coming to an end (i.e. running slightly away from goal) and, when it boils down to it - planting his left leg (trailing leg lets not forget, i.e. his initial movement gave him opportunity to pass DEF) into shin of DEF. Call of the tournament.

    3. We have to constitute two things in this situation:
      1) Karagounis was looking for the contact.
      2) The Russian defender carted his leg out.

      = result: I do not like such penalty kicks, but it was a clear one.

  20. Anonymous27/6/12 01:59

    Let's be real for a moment: Proenca, Webb and Rizzoli are candidates for a final, in that order. Only in case Italy and Portugal are in final, Webb will get it. Eriksson, come on people, there are much better referees. I think Svein Oddvar Moen would be better then Thomson and Eriksson together.

  21. Anonymous27/6/12 10:07

    hello everybody,
    i think you mistake.
    its impossible to be fourth referee in semi final and be candidate for a final!!!
    imagine weeb (fourth for deutch-ital) has a problem with a coach or something els....
    can you imagine he has in possibility to take the final...?
    in this cas (ITALIE in semi RIZZOLI out! PORTUGAL in semi PROENCA out! WEBB 4th with SKOMINA both out!!)
    the big favourit is............. THOMPSON!!!!
    best regards

    1. Anonymous27/6/12 10:21

      The Scotsman Thompson can be just a joke.First COLLUM in the Elitegroup, now a final referee? Away from any reality.

    2. Anonymous27/6/12 10:27

      we will see, don't forget hugues Dallas...

  22. Anonymous27/6/12 11:13

    So does this mean that all four referees in semi-final (Cakir and Lannoy as main referees and Skomina and Webb as fourth referees) will not get a final?

    1. Proenca has been announced on some sites as the final referee

  23. Anonymous27/6/12 11:13

    Didn't know that there's an EURO ref called ThomPson...

  24. Me either.
    Anyway, Proenca report will follow in a few moments, marks will be high for assistant referees, expected level for Proenca, who missed - from Philipp's and my point of view - a very clear penalty to England (66'). So decision marks lower than expected.

    1. Terry initiated the first contact. In line with the tournament 'style' which has been adopted, I can't see how Proenca can give this penalty. Perhaps on a Saturday afternoon with an over-zealous referee, yes.

      Macro (not micro) analysis elicits superb marks for his overall performance, possibly the best we saw this competition.

    2. Before the situation that can be seen in the screenshot, there was NO penalizable contact, I have watched it ten times from different angles and de Rossi behaved in a very fair manner.

  25. Zbliża się wielka chwila dla Stephana Lannoy to jego trzeci i zaazem ostatni w karierze mecz na ME, za cztery lata to chyba we Francji juz tego 43 letniego arbitra nie będzie chyba że zostanie nominowany jako obserwator

  26. Lannoy pożegnał się ale niecałkiem z wielkimi imprezami bo jest na liście kadydatów na wyjazd na MŚ do Brazyli jeśli zda testy to będzie kolejnym sędzią we Francji którzy mieli więcej niż jedne MŚprzed nim był m.in.Joel Quiniou Italia 1990 i Usa 1994

  27. Anonymous29/6/12 11:25

    Referee: Pedro Proença (POR)
    Assistant Referee 1: Bertino Miranda (POR)
    Assistant Referee 2: Ricardo Santos (POR)
    Additional Assistant Referee 1: Manuel de Sousa (POR)
    Additional Assistant Referee 2: Duarte Gomes (POR)
    Fourth Official: Cuneyt Cakir (TUR)
    Reserve Assistant Referee: Bahattin Duran (TUR)
    UEFA Referee Observer: David Elleray (ENG)


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