July 13, 2012

Danny Makkelie appointed for Tallinn final

Danny Makkelie (c) Wikipedia
Dutch official Danny Makkelie from Dordrecht in the Southern Netherlands has been nominated to take control over Sunday's 2012 UEFA Under19 EURO final between Spain and Greece at Tallinn's Lilleküla Stadium. 

The 29 year-old former policeman, who now concentrates on refereeing and on an engagement within the Dutch federation KNVB, who will however soon continue his original work at a police department once a week, joined the Dutch Eredivisie roster in 2009. Since 2011, Makkelie is also a FIFA listed referee. At the start of 2012, he has been promoted by UEFA to their Second Group of referees. 
At Estonia's competition, Makkelie took already charge of the first match of the Greek side against the hosts and furthermore a Group B clash on matchday 3 between France and England. In both matches, he did not issue any card. 
Besides, he will be assisted by Belgian Yves de Neve, who has already gained experience in UEFA Champions League matches at Frank de Bleeckere's side, and also by Russian official Aleksei Lebedev. Alain Bieri of Switzerland completes the final appointment.


  1. Anonymous13/7/12 10:59

    In my opinion the best referee of the tournament. So far without any problems and cards. It will be a difficult and interesting match I think.

    1. I fully agree. UEFA has made a very good decision appointing him for this tournament at all and now also for the final. I am sure that he could be very soon promoted to First Group, which - I guess so - will only be a staging post on his way up to the top (a very early guess ;))

    2. Anonymous3/8/12 01:59


  2. I can't say too much about this appointment because I haven't watched the matches of this tournament, anyway it's a important signal that he was able to handle two matches without any card. And if there weren't complaints, his work was great.
    For sure, thank also to his age, he can have a brilliant future.

  3. The most deserving appointment for Makkelie. He is surely the best referee of the tournament and he will be very soon promoted to First category.

    On another topic FIFA has informed the Greek football association that Ilias Spathas has been appointed at a WC 2014 Qualifier at 11 September.

    Full Greek team

    Referee: Ilias Spathas
    Assistants: Dimitrios Bozatzidis, Dimitrios Saraidaris
    Fourth official: Anastasios Kakos

  4. Powiem wprost że DANN idzie wślady tych wielkich takich jak JAN KEIZER, JOHN BLANKENSTEIN, MARIO VAN DER ENDE, DICK JOL, PIETER VINK czy chociarzby BJERN KUJPERS mimo że ME mu nie wyszły to nr.1 w HOLANDI bo JAN VILLEM WEGEREEF to był słaby mimo iż 10 lat temu był na MŚ w KOREI i JAPONI.Najsłabszy w tym gronie był 46 letni ERIC BRAAMHAR który nie sędziował w żadnym wilkim turnieju


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