July 1, 2012

Proença thrilled by Kyiv honour

Portuguese referee Pedro Proença will set the seal on a memorable season when he takes charge of his fourth, and most important fixture, at UEFA EURO 2012 in Kyiv tonight. The 41-year-old also officiated the UEFA Champions League final on Munich on 19 May and told UEFA.com that being awarded the final at the Olympic Stadium is not only a privilege and an honour, but the peak of his career.

UEFA.com: Being awarded the UEFA EURO 2012 final must be very special for you?
Proença: Yes, it's an honour to have this chance and to be invited. For any referee this would be one of the best moments of his career and I really feel privileged to have been asked, both for me and my team. It's a sign of acknowledgement of the work we have done at this tournament so it brings us happiness that has to be shared with the two finalists
UEFA.com: How does it feel having been awarded the UEFA Champions League final and the UEFA EURO 2012 final?
Proença: This means I have finally reached my peak as a referee. Several factors were involved in me getting here at my age and reaching the top level. I feel really satisfied and privileged so tomorrow I will try to honour the job, make the most of it and share the happiness with my colleagues.

UEFA.com: You have refereed a lot of these players before. Does that help you?
Proença: Luckily I have met a lot of the players over the years during UEFA competitions and, of course, football has a universal language. The behaviour of people of latin heritage is a bit different and we have a body language that makes us understand each other. I understand players' behaviour and the players understand the referee's behaviour. From this point of view it will be a bit easier for me.

UEFA.com: What does it mean for a Portuguese man to referee the final?
Proença: At the moment we represent the quality of Portuguese refereeing and I hope tomorrow we prove it on the pitch. It shows the work we Portuguese have been doing all this time. I feel satisfied and I know this feeling is shared by every Portuguese referee. I'll represent Portugal tomorrow.

UEFA.com: Can you explain a little bit about what you need from your assistants?
Proença: The referee is just the face of a team and I couldn't do anything if I didn't have these fantastic men with me. They're the ones who, at the end of the day, give me support and the confidence to decide what's best. Tomorrow is a prize which will be shared by many people, but most of all, by the people who will be with me on the pitch, these four fantastic men.

UEFA.com: What are your thoughts on UEFA EURO 2012 so far?
Proença: It has been fantastic. I really want to highlight the behaviour of every athlete and every player. They have shown extraordinary fair play. This shows the respect they have for the fans, the crowd and the people who watched them on TV. Unity and respect, which I think people deserve, was conveyed by players.

source: UEFA.com


  1. Proença should be tired to be always interviewed by UEFA :D
    Every time, different questions and answers to think. But finally, what we can say is that Pedro is the 2012 world best referee. Just the fact that he had two important finals, says everything.

  2. Proenca jest zachwycony i nic dziwnego to jego drugi FINAŁ wtym roku któru jest zwieńczeniem jego kariery, on ma już 42 lata to już jest pożegnanie z ME bo jego równierz za 4 lata nie będzie pozostały mu na koniec jeszcze MŚ w Brazyli wszystko wskazuje nato że w wieku 44 lat zadebiutuje w największej światowej imprezie piłkarskiej jaką są MŚ

  3. Anonymous1/7/12 20:24

    Proença just sharing a banana with
    Miranda, Santos littering the peel.

  4. Anonymous1/7/12 21:54

    OMG what a handball missed by Proença and Gomes, I'm shocked.

  5. Anonymous1/7/12 23:44

    The handball was not intentional. The palyer didn't see the ball before the touch in his hand. Good decision and by Collina recomendations they were okay in that decision.

  6. Anonymous2/7/12 00:24

    I dont understan so much about refereeing but and i saw the position for once but :), his hands were really far from his body, i mean does it have to be intentional? thx, Insan Evladı

  7. From my point of view, it was a clear penalty. If we consider again the handball whistled by Lannoy in Germany-Italy, yesterday that foul was a clear situation. The problem of handballs has never an end, there isn't consistency among referees.
    In the rest of the game, no problems for Proença and his assistants, excellent decisions on offsides, as always. Correct cards.
    And yes, I have to be honest, the terrible end of a dream for us, yesterday. A rude awakening: but compliments to Spain, they are talents for real. 2 Euros and a World Cup in 4 years. Neveer happened.

  8. Difficult call, not deliberate, but still unnatural behaviour and really too far away from the body..high pace as well. I rather agree with Proenca and Gomes, but that was soft and is a 50-50 call I think.
    The rest was good, Proenca was a bit inattentive at the beginning when he e.g. oversaw a harsh foul by Balotelli on Ramos. Directly after the NO hand call, a dangerously wrong onside decision by Miranda. The rest was very good and no comment on the match itself.

    1. I agree Niklas. It is a 50-50 call. Personally I am with Proenca and the no penalty call. I just downloaded the match to watch it a second time closely. Report will be ready by tomorrow.

  9. Anonymous2/7/12 13:02

    hmm, again im the one who dont und so much about the refereeing :) For handballs there is a guideline like thing in your book right :)? I mean if your hands are far from your body and if its not about balancing urself, so even the ball can be at speed of light, does it matter :) ? and he is in penalty area as well. There should be a rule to define it objectively and say penalty or not :)

  10. Anonymous2/7/12 19:11

    Proença: Penalty,penalty,penalty.....


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