August 6, 2012

Olympia 2012 Referee Appointments - Semifinals

07 August 2012

M29, SF1
18:00 CET, London (Wembley Stadium)
Mexico - Japan
Referee: Gianluca Rocchi (ITA)
Assistant Referee 1: Elenito di Liberatore (ITA)
Assistant Referee 2: Gianluca Cariolato (ITA)
Fourth Official: Bakary Gassama (GAM)
Fifth Official: Jason Damoo (SEY)
M30, SF2
20:45 CET, Manchester (Old Trafford)
Korea Rep. - Brazil
Referee: Pavel Královec (CZE)
Assistant Referee 1: Martin Wilczek (CZE)
Assistant Referee 2: Antonin Kordula (CZE)
Fourth Official: Mark Geiger (USA)
Fifth Official: Mark Hurd (USA)


  1. Rocchi's appt is in contrast to other refs like Moen, Jedidi etc. not deserved. Irmatov for the final seems to be clear (?)

  2. Strange appointment for Rocchi, the only referee with one match in group stage and after that, directly a semifinal. It rarely happened in a FIFA tournament, correct me if I'm wrong.
    On the other side, a important appointment for Kralovec, with 2 Group stage matches and a semifinal, his tournament has been really excellent.
    Now, the two finals (in the perspective of the Olympic games, I think that also the bronze-medal match is extremely important).
    Irmatov for sure in one of the two matches (it depends on Japan).
    And in the other match we should bet on Gassama, why not?

    1. I forgot that there is also South Korea, so if FIFA wants to respect always the confederations criteria, the only chance is that bth asian teams have to win (or lose) their matches, so in this way we could have Japan- Korea Rep. in a match and Irmatov in the other match.

    2. Or Williams, he could be one of the 7 remaining refs.
      In 2008, Kassai directly got the final with only 1 gs.

    3. I saw the sending off given by Gassama, against Brazil.
      It appears correct, he was very close to action.
      I think that his chances to get one of the two finals are high.
      Fuerthermore, no african team involved for sure.. what do you think?
      Is finally possible after so much time, a final (also if 3rd place) for an african referee?

  3. FIFA is an international governing association of football, a sport which is known as Soccer in U.S.This association is responsible for organizing and managing the major international football tournaments under the name FIFA World Cup. It held once in every four years. What is FIFA

  4. Carlos have your received my mail with Geiger's report?

  5. On the US Referee blog, Geiger says that 7 of 16 trios have been retained. That means there are only 3 trios remaining who are not working on the semifinals.

    Can anyone find out who the 3 remaining trios are?

  6. The is said: Irmatov, Gassama, Geiger, Roldán, Rocchi, Královec and Clattenburg, but I can not ensure that.

  7. ok its confirmed: Irmatov, Gassama, Geiger, Roldán, Rocchi, Královec and Clattenburg are the teams on London, the rest is out.

    1. I only hope that they are not going to appoint Clattenburg for sure for the gold medal final just because he is the country-host referee... for the rest, if the final will be Mexico - Brazil, the only choice should be Gassama... interesting.

    2. Forgot Irmatov :D

    3. I would not like to see Irmatov again and im a bit upset because Clatts remains in the tournament, that -for me obviuos- red card offence should have let him out of the tournament.

      Gassama would be a great choise, after France 90 we don´t have CAF refs in major tournaments and Gassama´s final would be deserved

      I think this are the probable refs for the different finals (I dont count UEFA´s one, because they are able to whistle every match)

      BRA vs MEX: Irmatov, Gassama or Geiger
      JPN vs BRA Gassama or Geiger
      JPN vs KOR Roldán, Gassama or Geiger
      KOR vs MEX Gassama or Roldán

      The last final refs where for this refs...
      2008: Kassai (Hun)
      2004: Vassaras (Gra)
      2000: Ramos Rizo (Mex)
      1996: Torres Cadena (Col)

  8. Thanks. Very interesting.

  9. I'm sorry, but I just don't think Gassama is that good. He shows no personality and seems to be a very technical referee. There is no management of the game from him. I hope he does not get the final.

    I also agree that Irmatov should not have stayed. But FIFA love him, as we all know. I think there is a very good chance he gets the final.

    Remember that Geiger cannot do Mexico. Also, he's refereed Japan twice already. For that reason, I don't think he will get the final match.

    My thoughts:

    BRA : MEX - Irmatov
    BRA : JPN - Clattenburg
    KOR : JPN - Clattenburg OR Roldan
    KOR : MEX - Clattenburg OR Roldan

    I think Gassama will whistle the Bronze medal game.

  10. I really would not like to see Clattenburg or Irmatov in the final, we know them very very well and we know why they are able to. Furthermore Irmatov missed that penalty for Great Britain and Clatts allowed that brutal foul, thats not good for a final ref.

  11. I agree with you, Carlos. I just don't see many other options given the 7 referees remaining.

    I would have liked to see Moen get the Final. And I would love to see Geiger get it. But Moen is gone and I don't think Geiger is an option.

    There is NO reason to keep Irmatov around unless they plan to use him on Brazil v. Mexico. They could have kept O'Leary instead. There is only one match Irmatov can do (Brazil v. Mexico) so if that happens, I expect Irmatov.

  12. yeah, Irmatov would be clear in a BRA vs MEX duell, I know...
    But I still would prefere to see the Gambian Ref.
    There is where we see how stupid FIFA is with his politics... Moen was a far better option than Clatts and Williams would have deserved a bit more than Irmatov.

    By the way, what a shame with Roberto García and Yuichi Nishimura, they would have deserved at least a Quarter-Final...

  13. By the way, Moen got already the Under 17 FIFA World Cup final, and probably for this reason, they have sent him already home.
    The same speech could be done for Geiger, difficult to see him again with a FIFA final, after the Under 20 WC. Anyway, comparing his career with the other USA referee in the Brazil 2014 list (J. Marrufo), we have to admit that he is doing very, very well, and maybe (but now it's anyway early) he will be in Brazil, and no room for Marrufo again.
    Irmatov is a known referee, what we can say more about him...? As I said before this tournament, FIFA should test the new names, so for this reason, Roldan and Gassama are stronger candidates. But also Clattenburg is a candidate, because he is the local referee, yes, but he is also new in the FIFA list.
    Reading the last referees with the Olympics final, it seems clear that this time the choice should rule out a UEFA referee.

  14. Anonymous6/8/12 21:39

    By the way: What is the reason why Brych was sent home? As European he could have taken any match and if you just look at the names, Brych is clearly one of the better known.

  15. Said Enjimi was in charge of the friendly match PSG - FC Barcelona. He awarded a penalty to Alexis Sanchez which is shocking.

    Here is the video.

    1. OMG, more than shocking.
      The worst penalty call I have ever seen, anyway watching Enjimi position and his view, he wasn't in the best position.
      Luckily, it was a friendly.

    2. The problem Chefren is that he didn't change his decision even though his assistants clearly says to him that he is wrong.

  16. Could Alexis Sanchez tell the referee that he slipped because it was wet? No he couldn't, because he dove. It's in his nature!

  17. Just have read the 7 remaining refs and my anger is honestly growing.

  18. Friendly Italy - England

    Bern, Switzerland

    Sascha Kever

    1. Assistant Referees will be Raffael Zeder and Devis Dettamanti. 4th Official was nominated Alain Bieri.

  19. I am negatively stunned that a referee, it does not matter who, may stay for the final matches despite of a crucial mistake. Furthermore, the reason behind Geiger's and Rocchi's appearance at the last games is not clear to me. Garcia was not possible for a quarterfinal (JPN EGY not possible due to md3, MEX SEN and BRA HON of course either, and again GBR would have been surprising. Garcia was not better than someone like Williams or Gassama, but not weaker than Irmatov either. Brych's absence is unfortunately a consistent decision, he totally forgot which approach has made him show brilliant performances in previous matches, 84 fouls in 2 matches are a no-go in my opinion.

  20. Italian Super Cup, to be played in Beijing, China, on saturday 11 August:

    Referee: MAZZOLENI Paolo Silvio (Bergamo)
    Assistants: FAVERANI (Lodi) – STEFANI (Milano)
    Fourth: BERGONZI (Genova)
    Additional AR: RIZZOLI (Bologna) – TAGLIAVENTO (Terni)

    The first time in italian football ever with AARS

  21. Interesting.

    Here my predictions.

    FINAL KOR-JPN Wilmar Roldán
    FINAL KOR-MEX Wilmar Roldán
    FINAL JPN-BRA Mark Geiger
    FINAL MEX-BRA Ravshan Irmatov

    3rd in the same row

  22. My predictions (for final and 3rd place):
    KOR-JPN: Clattenburg
    KOR-MEX: Gassama
    JPN-BRA: Clattenburg
    MEX-BRA: Irmatov

  23. Carlos Salsedo coś ci się pomyliło, bo na igrzyskach w ATLANCIE nie sędziował Kolumbijczyk- TORRES-CADENA on sędziował finał na igrzyskach w BARCELONIE a w ATLANCIE sędziował WŁOCH PIERLUIGI COLLINA. Oj Carlos Salsedo z histori masz niedostateczny masz kolego kiepską wiedzie lepiej wiem od ciebie

  24. First team in the gold-medal final is Mexico, Geiger is out.
    Waiting for Korea Rep. - Brazil now...

  25. Anonymous7/8/12 21:07

    Without having seen it myself, I read that Mexicos 3-1 goal should have been disallowed due to offside. Correct?

    1. Anonymous7/8/12 22:32

      It was onsides alright.

  26. So, finally Irmatov can referee the final match without asian teams:

    Mexico-Brazil Ravshan Irmatov

    Third place:

    Korea Republic-Japan Bakary Gassama

  27. CAN vs FRA: Palmqvist, Nystron, Karo, Alvarado, KIM
    USA vs JPN: Steinhaus, Wozniak, Rafalski, Di Iorio, Rocco

  28. Steinhaus was quite clear, but Palmqvist is a bit surprising, because of the European involvement, Neguel could have been an alternative. But obviously they want experience in the medal matches.

    German supercup on Sunday:
    Bayern München - Borussia Dortmund: Weiner / Grudzinski / Willenborg

  29. Palmqvist was very good in her matches and would have deserved a final appt. Steinhaus has perfectly managed the match in 2011, I am sure she will repeat that.

    Concerning BAY-BVB, a normal appt made by DFL/DFB, but remembering Weiner's performance in that match many years ago makes me scared ;)

  30. This comment has been removed by the author.

  31. I have seen and reported now Kralovec match.
    Brazil is a very lucky team! Looking at what happened in the quarterfinal match against Honduras before, and then in the semifinal against Korea, one can state that you can be as good as you want, but if the luck goes away, that can be not enough to reach your goal.


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