December 26, 2012

Our "Worldreferee 2012": Cüneyt Çakır

Turkish official Cüneyt Çakır (1976) has been elected by this blog's community as this year's best international referee.

After Uzbekistan's Ravshan Irmatov had managed to get this small and inofficial "award", Çakır's semifinal appearance in UEFA Champions League (FC Barcelona - Chelsea), at EURO 2012 having been one of the best officials of the tournament and finally his FIFA Club World Cup final were reasons enough for the majority to vote for him. Colombia's Wilmar Roldán, who had taken charge of 2012 Copa Libertadores final and matches at FIFA Olympic Games, ended on the 2nd place, while UEFA Champions League and UEFA EURO 2012 final referee Pedro Proença of Portugal took the third place.

Our top 3: Çakır (TUR), Roldán (COL), Proença (POR)

A mixture of both achievements and match performances created the basis of the voting. This ranking is aimed at posing a counterpart to the quite narrow-minded IFFHS ranking that is published annually. In addition, it was a main condition to include referees from different confederation into every participant's personal ranking.

The top 10:

1. Cüneyt Çakır - Turkey - 82 points
2. Wilmar Roldán - Colombia - 61 points
3. Pedro Proença - Portugal - 58 points
4. Damir Skomina - Slovenia - 55 points
5. Yuichi Nishimura - Japan - 54 points
6. Felix Brych - Germany - 44 points
7. Bakary Gassama - Gambia - 30 points
8. Roberto García - Mexico - 21 points
9. Dario Ubriaco - Uruguay - 20 points
10. Pavel Královec - Czech Republic - 19 points

On the further places according to achieved points: Benjamin Williams (AUS), Ravshan Irmatov (UZB), Gianluca Rocchi (ITA), Milorad Mazic (SRB), Nicola Rizzoli (ITA), Viktor Kassai (HUN), Howard Webb (ENG), Antonio Arias (PAR), Carlos Vera (ECU), Enrique Osses (CHI), Badara Diatta (SEN), Néstor Pitana (ARG), Daniel Bennett (RSA), Peter O'Leary (NZL), Bouchaib El Ahrach (MAR), Joel Aguilar (SLV), Nawaf Shukralla (BHR)



  1. I hope you didn't miss my ranking like last year ;) Cakir was sure to my mind, although Proenca had two finals, but overall his perforances weren't excellent... Roldan is surprise to me as well as Mazic low rank...

  2. Finally somebody from Turkey is being recognized. Cakir is the best example of surpassing narrow minded people's acts against referees in Turkey and believe to do what is right for him. He also proved that continuous hard work along with courage will, one day, be rewarded and appreciated.

  3. I will not comment on the results as such, because they are just the opinion of the crowd. But don't worry, this time all your points are included, Yun Hyeon ;).
    All we wanted to achieve is to form a real counterpart to IFFHS. IFFHS' policy is merely to include 8 Europeans in the first ten places, to give someone the award who had a big final. In this case, Proenca had even two big finals, so it should be clear whom they will select this time.

  4. I won't make this as a full post, but we also had a small election of the best assistant referee in 2012 (Europe).

    The results were (according to votes):

    1. Bertino Miranda (POR, 4)
    2. György Ring (HUN, 3)
    3. Matej Zunic (SVN, 2)
    4. Mark Borsch (GER, 1), Frédéric Cano (FRA, 1), Juan Yuste Jiménez (ESP, 1), Mike Mullarkey (ENG, 1), Tarik Ongun (TUR, 1) Sander van Roekel (NED, 1)

  5. OFF Topic.

    UEFA has informed the Greek Football Association that Efthalia Mitsi (GRE) is one of the 9 Women Referees that will officiate at the up-coming Women's EURO 2013 (held in Sweden) from 10/6 to 28/6.

  6. In this ranking, it takes off me the shoes. This community features recognizable you can probably only of fans and no experts...

  7. I have no info so far concerning the German representatives at the women's EURO. Steinhaus will probably be there, but Baitinger has also chances.

    I would say Mitsi, Staubli, Palmqvist, Heikkinen, Ihringova, Steinhaus, Pedersen could be sure, then there are two Italians and a few others who should get the missing slots, e.g. Monzul or Albon. UEFA published the men's EURO list in December 2011, but they did not do so for the women's EURO..

    1. Maybe UEFA will not be so quick with Christina Westrum Pedersen, but I would still assign her.

    2. I also had to think about her Olympic Games presence when typing it, but I also believe UEFA will definitely select her.

  8. Maybe somebody is going to be astonished, readingthe fact that Proença is not in the first place, but at the end I agree with you Niclas.
    This is our ranking, and we have to ake a "mix" between performances and appointments. Of course, we can't deny that Proença had the best year of his whole international career until now, culminated in a wonderful double appointment for CL and EURO2012 final, but we can't overlook Cakir, a CL semifinal and the CWC final.
    Furthermore, we have 6 confederations, and we are proud to have in our list also men outside Europe!
    IFFHS is ridicolous, they look only at the major appointments in our confederation.

    1. we have to ake = we have to make

      sorry, my keyboard is often stupid

    2. 100% agree, Proenca didn't deserve to be No1. As I mentioned, his assignments were amazing but performances... Hmmm. By the way, don't worry about someone who has not the courage to write even fiction name and give us his own rankings or even one argument why our ranking is so wrong!

      Regards :)


    Mike Dean overruled Collin's flag.

    What do you think?

    1. Very difficult, for me it's offside and overruling assistant's flag in such case (problematic situation) is not good.

    2. If the defender was not influenced/distracted by the striker, it would be onside. The replays are not clear enough, but I go more with Dean here.

    3. I think striker made the intervention only due to presence of defender... But I think both referees would have his arguments :)

    4. In my opinion, the defender made an own goal just because he was influenced by the near striker.
      I can anyway understand who says that the defender was not still "totally" influenced by the opponent, for this reason I can't say that Dean decision was 100% correct, neither that Collin was 100% right in his flag.
      This is the probem when we have to evaluate "active" offside position.
      If you remember a situation happened in Italian serie A several months ago, assistant Claudio La Rocca disallowed an own goal scored by Javier Zanetti in Internazionale-Parma, there was a striker in a clear offside position but he never touched the ball. Anyway, just his position was enough to take an active part in the action.
      AIA evaluated as correct the call, maybe it was a bit different from this situation happened in Premier, but again I repeat, I'm sure that we can share both opinions without coming to a final 100% correct or wrong decision.

    5. Yes I agree. That's kind of gray area. An overruling is of course an immense thing, Dean must have been 120% sure...and he actually could not be. I like this interpretation very much, counting distracting an opponent as active offside, but it also provokes conflicts without end.


      Hi guys

      I wrote something about the Dean/Collin decision - please let me know what you think? (The beauty of Dean is that he is always 100% alert in the phase by phase scenarios).

      As an aside, was disappointed that Gibson/Cole red card appeals have been upheld. Anthony Taylor now a FIFA referee and was probably refereeing to 'CL standard'. Ah, oh well ...

  10. UEFA EURO U21 - ISRAEL 2013

    BEBEK, Ivan [CRO]
    BOYKO, Serhiy [UKR]
    GAUTIER, Antony [FRA]
    GIL, Paweł [POL]
    HATEGAN, Ovidiu Alin [ROU]
    JUG, Matej [SVN]

  11. Excellent choices, although I had Vad in mind instead of Boiko.

  12. Does Ivan Bebek need a under21 tournament?
    Yes it's an important experience, but probably UEFA has forgotten that he was a preselected official for the 2010 WC and he attended already FIFA tournaments... t omy mind, a questionable choice.
    About the other names, ok, Sergy Boyko the new talent of Ukrainian refereeing?

    @Yun: Was it a nwes announced in Poland, due to Gil presence? I can't find info elsewhere.

  13. In general, I think that there was a caesure in Bebek's international career with his relegation. But he "recovered" and made a superb comeback, so I think everything else is more or less past.
    Concerning Boiko, it is good to have talents from different countries and Ukraine never had a really great official, and they had many problems in the last year. But still there is one thing which is disturbing. If I remember correctly, Collina is an instructor of Ukraine's refereeing department, isn't he?

    1. You are right, probably Collina is also trying to show that he did a good work as instructor in Ukrainian refereeing.
      Maybe he did a promise to Ukrainian football federation, too many years without an important referee from this big country.
      Let's wait and we will see if this choice is right.

    2. I saw a bit of Boiko's performance in Marítimo, he was good, gave a correct penalty in the final stages of the match..I am curious how those 6 will do.

    3. @ Chefren
      Yes, the info comes from PZPN source of our ( site :)

    4. Thanks. I think that UEFA will publish these names not for now.

  14. Çakir and Proença are two middlings referees, but they are friends of Collina.

    1. So, who is the best in your opinion?

  15. that's right, but in my opinion could be


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