January 31, 2013

Observers wanted!

After several hundreds of match reports for competitions like UEFA Champions League or FIFA organized tournaments such as 2012 Olympic Games have been written by many supporters of this blog's great community, we have got to a certain point being very close to specially UEFA's official referee assessment system.

While direct contact with the match officials in form of debriefings is, for comprehensible reasons, not possible, this blog has focused on publishing inofficial referee observation reports from its very beginning. It must be clear that we won't be able to touch on UEFA's professionalism, nonetheless independence and a larger distance to the officials could be our advantages.
It should not be the aim to judge, nor to discredit the match officials. These reports target at giving our point of view concerning the match officials' performances and in particular the referee's way and approach to lead a match, keeping in mind that referees and assistant referees are the most relevant part of the game, but often subject to a disproportionate public pressure and debate. 
Additionally, the referee's interpretation of the Laws of the Game as well as his tactical approach are vital components of the report. It has to be said that our report documents nearly exactly equate the official ones deployed by UEFA.  We would like to welcome more of this blog's followers from diverse nations to support us writing such reports in the knockout stages of both UEFA club competitions, Champions League and Europa League. The normal procedure is like that: be assigned for a match, receive a report document, watch the match while making notes (or re-watch the match while making notes; either on TV or via download), write the report, award marks for the officials, send the report to our mailboxes and the report will be uploaded by us.
A good knowledge of the Laws of the Game and its practical application as well as a sufficient usage of the English language are main conditions. And finally, an unquantifiable value is decisive: reliability. 

If you like to join our team or just want to have a try, contact us via mail - please include a small motivational letter: footballrefereeing.blogspot@gmx.de !

Sporting regards!

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UEFA referees gear up for 2013 at Rome's courses

At today ceasing referee courses held in Rome both UEFA's top referees and those who have become international referees at the start of 2013 have prepared for coming challenges in UEFA's major competitions, such as UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, UEFA U-21 EURO or the 2013 Women's EURO. 

(c) UEFA.com

At the 21st UEFA Advanced Course for Top Referees and the 22nd UEFA Introductory Course for International Referees, held in Rome this week, the top men's match officials were joined by newcomers to the FIFA international list – and, for the first time, elite female referees attended a UEFA winter course, reflecting the huge strides forward taken by women's football in recent years.
Over the three days in Italy, the referees undertook fitness tests and medical checks within an intensive training programme, held group discussions, attended presentations by UEFA Referees Committee members, and followed video sessions analysing specially prepared footage from UEFA matches over past and present seasons. The course has primed the officials for their assignments in UEFA club and national-team competitions over the coming months – especially those who will be in the middle at the eagerly awaited European women's final round in July.
The opportunity for the women referees to join their male counterparts has been a welcome innovation – a point taken up by Hungary's Katalin Kulcsár, who will be a member of the UEFA Women's EURO 2013 team this summer. "We have all appreciated this occasion," she told UEFA.com. "It's a new challenge for us to be here. It's special to be together with the men referees and share experiences with them.
"We appreciate the help that we are given by [UEFA referee fitness expert] Werner Helsen and his team. We need this help. When you start refereeing, it's not easy to find out for yourself how to train well – you need the coaches to help you do this."
An exciting few months lie ahead for Kulcsár, and her experience in Rome will doubtless stand her in good stead. "I am in the group who were selected for EURO 2013, so my goal this year is to perform well at this event," she said. "I'm looking forward to it – and this was a good start to preparations for this year."
German men's referee Felix Brych, a seasoned performer at the highest European levels, echoed the unanimous view of his colleagues that UEFA's winter course was an ideal and stimulating way to look back at the first part of the campaign and to plan for future assignments. "We meet every half-year and it provides big motivation for the upcoming games. We also refresh the main topics of refereeing," he explained. "I love to come to meet my colleagues, and to prepare for the next matches. It's a great opportunity to share experiences with referees from the present and past."
UEFA is also deploying additional assistant referees (AARs) in its major competitions, after the system was introduced into the Laws of the Game last summer. The system is proving its worth, with the additional assistants posted on the goal line to help referees make decisions on penalty-area incidents in particular. A fascinating feature of the Rome activities was a practical session where the referees were shown the specific training methods being used to train AARs and further improve their performances.
"It was interesting to stand beside the goals in order to see the view of the additional assistant referees," said Brych. "It was good for me to change my perspective and angle of view, and I'm sure this will help in matches."
"I'd never been in that position in a game or even in a training session – I had only heard some things about it and it was certainly interesting to see the game from a different angle," Kulcsár added.
UEFA chief refereeing officer Pierluigi Collina wished the delegates every success in their spring and summer appointments. "We are happy that you have worked hard," he said. "We are pleased about the women referees' performances. The presence of the women referees is a milestone for UEFA.
"We are now facing the most important part of the season," Collina told the referees. "Your commitment has been outstanding. You are professionals, you are at the top of football. You have to be proud and you also have to be responsible – and UEFA is always ready to support you."

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January 30, 2013

CAF has resisted NFF appeal to suspend Grisha

The Confederation of African Football (CAF) have allegedly suspended Egyptian referee Ghead Grisha from the 2013 Africa Cup of Nations, according to report from South Africa. A top official of CAF was quoted as saying that the referee committee was totally dissatisfied with Grisha's mishandling of the match between Nigeria and Zambia, and as a result suspended the Egyptian from the 2013 Africa Cup of Nations. Nonetheless, Grisha stays at the tournament and has been appointed as fourth official for a quarterfinal.
Egyptian official Ghead Grisha (c) Naji.com

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January 27, 2013

Eric Otogo-Castane rewarded with Côte d'Ivoire - Algeria clash

Gabonese match official Eric Otogo-Castane has been appointed to take charge of the Group D encounter between Côte d'Ivoire and Algeria. The match will be kicked off on 30 January 2013, 18:00 CET.

Eric Otogo (Gabon) (c) stamford

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January 24, 2013

Hazard kicks ball-boy and is sent off

In Wednesday's English League Cup semifinal between Swansea City of Wales and Chelsea London of England, the Champions League winners' Eden Hazard was sent off for committing a violent conduct against a ball-boy.

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January 22, 2013

CAF unveils AFCON Referee Appointments for matches 9-16

CAF has released the referee appointments for matches 9-16 at Africa Cup of Nations to be held in South Africa between 23 and 26 January 2013.

 Koman Coulibaly (Mali) (c) focus.de

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January 19, 2013

Appointments that make sense

As Africa's football governing body CAF has, more or less, released the first eight match official appointments of the tournament, AFCON's refereeing is definitely materializing. "More or less", because there was again no official announcement and our provision of appointments depended on sources and various online newspapers. In a nutshell: CAF's public relations management has not improved during the last year, but I am sure that their refereeing quality has done so..

Daniel Bennett (RSA) issueing a sending-off at AFCON 2012 (c) GhanaFA

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January 18, 2013

Haimoudi with opener, Gassama with top clash

CAF has recently unveiled the match official appointments for the first eight matches of this year's Africa Cup of Nations. While Algeria's Djamel Haimoudi has the honour to blow the starting whistle of this competition in Soccer City, Gambian Bakary Papa Gassama has received the probably most striking appointment of the first round, being in charge of the top clash between Algeria and Tunisia.

Bakary Papa Gassama (Gambia) (c) dumbfind.com

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January 17, 2013

Reports for 2014/15

Reports for UEFA Competitions (2014/15)

UEFA Champions League and Europa LeagueFinals

UCL - Juventus 1:3 FC Barcelona
(Cüneyt Çakır, Turkey) New Report
UEL - Dnipro 2:3 Sevilla FC
(Martin Atkinson, England) Report

WUCL - 1.FFC Frankfurt 2:1 Paris SG (W)
(Esther Staubli, Switzerland) Report

Semifinals (2)

UEL - Dnipro 1:0 SSC Napoli
(Milorad Mažić, Serbia) New Report
UEL - ACF Fiorentina 0:2 Sevilla FC
(Damir Skomina, Slovenia) Report
UCL - Bayern München 3:2 FC Barcelona
(Mark Clattenburg, England) Report

*Eriksson & Mazic soon

Semifinals (1)

UEL - Sevilla FC 3:0 ACF Fiorentina
(Felix Brych, Germany) New Report
UEL - SSC Napoli 1:1 Dnipro
(Svein Oddvar Moen, Norway) Report
UCL - FC Barcelona 3:0 Bayern München
(Nicola Rizzoli, Italy) Report

UCL - Juventus Turin 2:1 Real Madrid
(Martin Atkinson, England) Report
*Brych soon

Quarterfinals (2)
UEL - SSC Napoli 2:2 VfL Wolfsburg
(Cüneyt Çakır, Turkey) New Report
UEL - Zenit St Petersburg 2:2 Sevilla FC
(Nicola Rizzoli, Italy) Report
UEL - Dnipro 1:0 Club Brügge
(Alberto Undiano Mallenco, Spain) Report
UCL - Real Madrid 1:0 Atlético Madrid
(Felix Brych, Germany) Report
UCL - AS Monaco 0:0 Juventus Turin
(William Collum, Scotland) Report
UCL - Bayern München 6:1 FC Porto
(Martin Atkinson, England) Report

Quarterfinals (1)
UCL - FC Porto 3:1 Bayern München
(Carlos Velasco Carballo, Spain) Report
UCL - Atlético Madrid 0:0 Real Madrid
(Milorad Mažić, Serbia) Report
UEL - VfL Wolfsburg 1:4 SSC Napoli
(Antonio Mateu Lahoz, Spain) Report 1, Report 2

UEL - Club Brügge 0:0 Dnipro
(Damir Skomina, Slovenia) Report
UEL - Dynamo Kyiv 1:1 ACF Fiorentina
(Szymon Marciniak, Poland) Report
UEL - Sevilla FC 2:1 Zenit St Petersburg
(Bas Nijhuis, Netherlands) Report
UCL - Juventus Turin 1:0 AS Monaco
(Pavel Královec, Czech Republic) Report
UCL - Paris SG 1:3 FC Barcelona
(Mark Clattenburg, England) Report

European Qualifiers
EURO - Bulgaria 2:2 Italy
(Damir Skomina, Slovenia) Report
EURO - Georgia 0:2 Germany
(Clément Turpin, France) Report

UEFA Champions League and Europa League

Round of 16 (4) in CL, Round of 16 (2) in EL

UEL - Internazionale 1:2 VfL Wolfsburg
(Mark Clattenburg, England) Report

UEL - AS Roma 0:3 ACF Fiorentina
(Cüneyt Çakır, Turkey) Report

UEL - Sevilla FC 2:1 Villarreal CF
(Martin Atkinson, England) Report

UEL - Besiktas 1:3 Club Brugge
(Sergei Karasev, Russia) Report

UEL - FC Torino 1:0 Zenit St Petersburg
(Matej Jug, Slovenia) Report

UEL - Dinamo Moskva 0:0 SSC Napoli
(Bas Nijhuis, Netherlands) Report

UCL - FC Barcelona 1:0 Manchester City
(Gianluca Rocchi, Italy) Report

UCL - AS Monaco 0:2 Arsenal FC
(Svein Oddvar Moen, Norway) Report

UCL - Borussia Dortmund 0:3 Juventus Turin
(Milorad Mazic, Serbia) Report

UCL - Atlético Madrid 3:2 pso Bayer Leverkusen
(Nicola Rizzoli, Italy) Report

Round of 16 (3) in CL, Round of 16 (1) in EL

UEL - SSC Napoli 3:1 Dinamo Moskva
(Tasos Sidiropoulos, Greece) Report

UEL - Zenit St Petersburg 2:0 FC Torino
(Manuel de Sousa, Portugal) Report

UEL - Club Brugge 2:1 Besiktas
(Craig Thomson, Scotland) Report

UEL - ACF Fiorentina 1:1 AS Roma
(Antonio Mateu Lahoz, Spain) Report

UEL - VfL Wolfsburg 3:1 Internazionale
(Szymon Marciniak, Poland) Report

UEL - Dnipro 1:0 Ajax Amsterdam
(Ivan Bebek, Croatia) Report

UEL - Everton 2:1 Dynamo Kyiv
(Carlos Velasco Carballo, Spain) Report

UCL - Bayern München 7:0 Shakhtar Donetsk
(William Collum, Scotland) Report

Round of 16 (2) in CL, Round of 32 (2) in EL

UEL - Dinamo Moskva 3:1 RSC Anderlecht
(Svein Oddvar Moen, Norway) Report

UEL - SSC Napoli 1:0 Trabzonspor
(Ivan Bebek, Croatia) Report

UEL - Feyenoord 1:2 AS Roma
(Clément Turpin, France) Report

UEL - Dynamo Kyiv 3:1 EA Guingamp
(Martin Strömbergsson, Sweden) Report

UEL - RB Salzburg 1:3 Villarreal CF
(Kenn Hansen, Denmark) Report

UEL - Olympiakos 2:2 Dnipro
(Danny Makkelie, Netherlands) Report

UEL - Everton 3:1 Young Boys
(Stefan Johannesson, Sweden) Report

UEL - Club Brügge 3:0 Aalborg BK
(Tasos Sidiropoulos, Greece) Report

UEL - Zenit St Petersburg 3:0 PSV Eindhoven
(Cüneyt Cakir, Turkey) Report

UEL - ACF Fiorentina 2:0 Tottenham
(Hüseyin Göcek, Turkey) Report

UEL - Legia Warszawa 0:3 Ajax Amsterdam
(David Fernández Borbalán, Spain) Report

UCL - Bayer Leverkusen 1:0 Atlético Madrid
(Pavel Královec, Czech Rep.) Report
UCL - Arsenal FC 1:3 AS Monaco
(Deniz Aytekin, Germany) Report

UCL - Juventus Turin 2:1 Borussia Dortmund
(Antonio Mateu Lahoz, Spain) Report

UCL - Manchester City 1:2 FC Barcelona
(Felix Brych, Germany) Report
Round of 16 (1) in CL, Round of 32 (1) in EL

UEL - Celtic FC 3:3 Internazionale
(István Vad, Hungary) Report
UEL - Dnipro 2:0 Olympiakos
(Robert Schörgenhofer, Austria) Report
UEL - Young Boys 1:4 Everton
(Manuel de Sousa, Portugal) Report
UEL - VfL Wolfsburg 2:0 Sporting
(Alon Yefet, Israel) Report
UEL - Sevilla CF 1:0 Borussia M'gladbach
(Aleksandar Stavrev, FYROM) Report

UEL - Ajax Amsterdam 1:0 Legia Warszawa
(Jonas Eriksson, Sweden) Report

UEL - AS Roma 2:1 Feyenoord
(Ovidiu Alin Hategan, Romania) Report

UEL - Villarreal CF 2:1 Salzburg
(Robert Madden, Scotland) Report

UEL - EA Guingamp 2:1 Dynamo Kyiv
(Slavko Vincic, Slovenia) Report

UEL - Aalborg 1:3 Brugge
(Tom Harald Hagen, Norway) Report

UEL - RSC Anderlecht 0:0 Dynamo Moskva
(Felix Zwayer, Germany) Report

UEL - Liverpool FC 1:0 Besiktas
(Szymon Marciniak, Poland) Report

UEL - PSV Eindhoven 0:1 Zenit St Petersburg
(Paolo Tagliavento, Italy) Report
UCL - Schalke 04 0:2 Real Madrid
(Martin Atkinson, England) Report
UCL - FC Basel 1:1 FC Porto
(Mark Clattenburg, England) Report
UCL - Shakhtar Donetsk 0:0 Bayern München
(Alberto Undiano Mallenco, Spain) Changed Report

UCL - Paris SG 1:1 Chelsea FC
(Cüneyt Çakır, Turkey) Report

Matchday 6:

UCL - NK Maribor 0:1 Schalke 04
(Szymon Marciniak, Poland) Report

UCL - Real Madrid 4:0 Ludogorets
(Clément Turpin, France) Report

UCL - Ajax Amsterdam 4:0 APOEL
(Carlos Velasco Carballo, Spain) Report

UCL - Galatasaray 1:4 Arsenal FC
(David Fernández Borbalán, Spain) Report

UEL - Legia 2:0 Trabzonspor
(Kenn Hansen, Denmark) Report

UCL - Chelsea FC 3:1 Sporting
(Svein Oddvar Moen, Norway) Report

UCL - SL Benfica 0:0 Bayer Leverkusen
(Aleksei Kulbakov, Belarus) Report

UCL - Athletic Club 2:0 BATE Borisov
(Daniele Orsato, Italy) Report

UCL - Olympiakos 4:2 Malmö FF
(Stéphane Lannoy, France) Report

UCL - Bayern München 3:0 CSKA Moskva
(Olegário Benquerença, Portugal) Report

UCL - FC Porto 1:1 Shakhtar Donetsk
(Ruddy Buquet, France) Report

UEL - OSC Lille 0:3 VfL Wolfsburg
(Halis Özkahya, Turkey) Report

UCL - AS Monaco 2:0 Zenit St Petersburg
(Damir Skomina, Slovenia) Report

UCL - FC Barcelona 3:1 Paris SG
(Martin Atkinson, England) Report

UCL - Borussia Dortmund 1:1 Anderlecht
(Alberto Undiano, Spain) Report

UCL - Liverpool FC 1:1 FC Basel
(Björn Kuipers, Netherlands) Report

UCL - Juventus Turin 0:0 Atlético Madrid
(William Collum, Scotland) Report

Matchday 5:

UCL - CSKA Moskva 1:1 AS Roma
(Felix Brych, Germany) Report

UCL - Arsenal FC 2:0 Borussia Dortmund
(Viktor Kassai, Hungary) Report

UCL - Schalke 04 0:5 Chelsea FC
(Jonas Eriksson, Sweden) Report

UCL - Atlético Madrid 4:0 Olympiakos
(Wolfgang Stark, Germany) Report

UCL - Ludogorets 2:2 Liverpool FC
(Antonio Mateu Lahoz, Spain) Report

UCL - BATE Borisov 0:3 FC Porto
(Ovidiu Hategan, Romania) Report

UCL - Anderlecht 2:0 Galatasaray
(Ivan Bebek, Croatia) Report

UCL - Sporting 3:1 NK Maribor
(Craig Thomson, Scotland) Report

UCL - Shakhtar 0:1 Athletic Club
(Mark Clattenburg, England) Report

UCL - Malmö FF 0:2 Juventus Turin
(Pedro Proença, Portugal) Report

UCL - APOEL 0:4 FC Barcelona
(Gianluca Rocchi, Italy) Report

UCL - Manchester City 3:2 Bayern München
(Pavel Královec, Czech Republic) Report

UCL - Paris SG 3:1 Ajax Amsterdam
(Matej Jug, Slovenia) Report

UCL - FC Basel 0:1 Real Madrid
(Milorad Mazic, Serbia) Report

EURO - Spain 3:0 Belarus
(Kenn Hansen, Denmark) Report

Matchday 4:

UCL - Juventus 3:2 Olympiakos
(Martin Atkinson, England) Report

UCL - Real Madrid 1:0 FC Liverpool
(Viktor Kassai, Hungary) Report

UCL - NK Maribor 1:1 Chelsea FC
(Daniele Orsato, Italy) New Report

UCL - Malmö FF 0:2 Atlético Madrid
(Mark Clattenburg, England) ReportUCL - Athletic Club 0:2 FC Porto
(Felix Brych, Germany) Report

UCL - Borussia Dortmund 4:1 Galatasaray
(Pavel Královec, Czech Republic) Report

UEL - Feyenoord 2:0 Rijeka
(Craig Thomson, Scotland) Report

UCL - Paris SG 1:0 APOEL
(Olegário Benquerença, Portugal) Report

UCL - Manchester City 1:2 CSKA Moskva
(Tasos Sidiropoulos, Greece) Report

UCL - FC Bayern München 2:0 AS Roma
(Cüneyt Cakir, Turkey) Report

UCL - Sevilla CF 3:1 Standard Liège
(Robert Madden, Scotland) Report

UCL - Zenit St Petersburg 1:2 Bayer Leverkusen
(Alberto Undiano, Spain) Report

UCL - FC Basel 4:0 Ludogorets
(Stéphane Lannoy, France) Report 
UCL - Ajax Amsterdam 0:2 FC Barcelona
(Pedro Proença, Portugal) Report
  UCL - Arsenal FC 3:3 RSC Anderlecht
(Clément Turpin, France) Report
UCL - Sporting 4:2 Schalke 04
(Paolo Tagliavento, Italy) Report

Matchday 3:

UCL - Galatasaray 0:4 Borussia Dortmund
(Antonio Mateu Lahoz, Spain) New Report

UCL - Atlético Madrid 5:0 Malmö FF
(Matej Jug, Slovenia) New Report

UCL - AS Monaco 0:0 SL Benfica
(Szymon Marciniak, Poland) Report

UCL - FC Barcelona 3:1 Ajax Amsterdam
(William Collum, Scotland) Report

UCL - Olympiakos 1:0 Juventus
(Milorad Mazic, Serbia) Report

UCL - CSKA Moskva 2:2 Manchester City
(István Vad, Hungary) Report

UEL - Internationale 0:0 Saint-Etienne
(Anthony Taylor, England) Report

UEL - Villarreal 4:1 FC Zürich
(Halis Özkahya, Turkey) Report

UCL - Chelsea FC 6:0 NK Maribor
(Danny Makkelie, Netherlands) Report

UCL - APOEL 0:1 Paris SG
(Ovidiu Hategan, Romania) Report

UCL - Ludogorets 1:0 FC Basel
(Deniz Aytekin, Germany) Report

UCL - Schalke 04 4:3 Sporting
(Sergei Karasev, Russia) Report

UCL - Bayer Leverkusen 2:0 Zenit St Petersburg
(Björn Kuipers, Netherlands) Report

UCL - Liverpool FC 0:3 Real Madrid
(Nicola Rizzoli, Italy) Report

UCL - AS Roma 1:7 Bayern München
(Jonas Eriksson, Sweden) Report

UCL - FC Porto 2:1 Athletic Club
(Damir Skomina, Slovenia) Report

Matchday 2:

UCL - FC Basel 1:0 Liverpool FC
(Jonas Eriksson, Sweden) New Report

UCL - Arsenal FC 4:1 Galatasaray
(Gianluca Rocchi, Italy) Report

UCL - Atlético Madrid 1:0 Juventus
(Felix Brych, Germany) Report

UCL - Ludogorets 1:2 Real Madrid
(Craig Thomson, Scotland) Report

UCL - Shakhtar 2:2 FC Porto
(Cüneyt Cakir, Turkey) Report

UEL - Asteras 2:0 Partizan
(Danny Makkelie, Netherlands) Report

UEL - Villarreal CF 4:0 Apollon
(Arnold Hunter, Northern Ireland) Report

UCL - Schalke 04 1:1 NK Maribor
(Carlos Velasco Carballo, Spain) Report

UCL - Zenit St Petersburg 0:0 AS Monaco
(Mark Clattenburg) Report

UCL - Manchester City 1:1 AS Roma
(Björn Kuipers) Report

UEL - FC Zürich 1:1 M'gladbach
(Slavko Vinčić, Slovenia) Report

UEL - Rijeka 2:2 Sevilla
(Kenn Hansen, Denmark) Report

UCL - APOEL 1:1 Ajax Amsterdam
(Milorad Mazic, Serbia) Report

UCL - Malmö FF 2:0 Olympiakos
(Sergei Karasev, Russia) Report

UCL - Leverkusen 3:1 Benfica
(Martin Atkinson, England) Report

UCL - CSKA Moskva 0:1 Bayern München
(William Collum, Scotland) Report

Matchday 1

UCL - AS Roma 5:1 CSKA Moskva
(David Fernández, Spain) New Report

UCL - Sevilla 2:0 Feyenoord
(Ruddy Buquet, France) New Report

UCL - Olympiakos 3:2 Atlético Madrid
(Pedro Proença, Portugal) New Report

UCL - Athletic Club 0:0 Shakhtar
(Tasos Sidiropoulos, Greece) Report

UCL - Real Madrid 5:1 FC Basel
(Damir Skomina, Slovenia) Report

UEL - RB Salzburg 2:2 Celtic
(Artur Soares Dias, Portugal) Report

UCL - Liverpool 2:1 Ludogorets
(Matej Jug, Slovenia) Report

UCL - Borussia Dortmund 2:0 Arsenal FC
(Olegário Benquerença, Portugal) Report

UEL - Dnipro 0:1 Internationale FC
(Felix Zwayer, Germany) Report

UEL - Club Brugge 0:0 Torino FC
(Halis Özkahya, Turkey) Report

UCL - Bayern Munchen 1:0 Manchester City
(Alberto Undiano Mallenco, Spain) Report

UCL - Barcelona 1:0 Apoel
(Deniz Aytekin, Germany) Report

UCL - Galatasaray 1:1 Anderlecht
(Istvan Vad, Hungary) - Report

UCL - Maribor 1:1 Sporting
(Clement Turpin, France) - Report

UCL - Benfica 0:2 Zenit
(Svein Oddvar Moen, Norway) - Report

UCL - Chelsea 1:1 Schalke 04
(Ivan Bebek, Croatia) - Report

UCL - AS Monaco 1:0 Bayer Leverkusen
(Pavel Kralovec, Czech Republic) - Report

UCL - Juventus 2:0 Malmö FF
(Szymon Marciniak, Poland) -

CAN - Sudan 1:0 Nigeria
(Janny Sikazwe, Zambia) Report

EURO Qualifiers - Iceland 3:0 Turkey
(Ivan Bebek, Croatia) - Report

EURO Qualifiers - Spain 5:1 FYR Macedonia
(Tasos Sidiropoulos, Greece) - Report

EURO Qualifiers - Hungary 1:2 Northern Ireland
(Deniz Aytekin, Germany) - Report

EURO Qualifiers - Austria 1:1 Sweden
(Pavel Královec, Czech Republic) - Report

UEL - Internazionale 6:0 Stjarnan
(Harald Lechner, Austria) - Report

UEL - Feyernoord 4:3 Zorya
(Kenn Hansen, Denmark) - Report

UEL - Midtylland 1:2 Panathinaikos
(Danny Makkelie, Netherlands) - Report

UCL - BATE Borisov 3:0 Slovan Bratislava
(Wolfgang Stark, Germany) - Report

UCL - APOEL 4:0 Aalborg
(William Collum, Scotland) - Report

UCL - Bayer Leverkusen 4:0 FC København
(Mark Clattenburg, England) - Report

UCL - Athletic 3:1 SSC Napoli
(Cüneyt Çakır, Turkey) - Report

UCL - Malmö FF 3:0 RB Salzburg
(Damir Skomina, Slovenia) - Report

UCL - FC Porto 2:0 Lille OSC
(Svein Oddvar Moen, Norway) - Report

UCL - Slovan Bratislava 1:1 BATE
(Olegário Benquerenca, Portugal) - Report

UEL - Tottenham 3:0 AEL Limassol
(Miroslav Zelinka, Czech Republic) - Report

UEL - Debrecen 0:0 Young Boys
(David Fernández Borbalán, Spain) - Report

UCL - Aalborg 1:1 APOEL
(Martin Atkinson, England) - Report

UCL - FC Kobenhavn 2:3 Bayer Leverkusen
(Carlos Velasco Carballo, Spain) - Report

UCL - Steaua 1:0 Ludogorets
(Felix Brych, Germany) - Report

UCL - SSC Napoli 1:1 Athletic
(Jonas Eriksson, Sweden) - Report

UCL - Lille OSC 0:1 FC Porto
(Björn Kuipers, Netherlands) - Report

UCL - Besiktas 0:0 Arsenal FC
(Milorad Mažić, Serbia) - Report

UEL - Sparta Prague 3:1 PEC Zwolle
(Ivan Bebek, Croatia) - Report

UEL - Elfsborg 2:1 Rio Ave
(Slavko Vincic, Slovenia) - Report

UEL - Apollon 1:1 Lokomotiv
(Ivan Bebek, Croatia) - Report

UEL - Grasshoppers 1:2 Brügge
(Clément Turpin, France) - Report

SUPER CUP - Real Madrid 2:0 Sevilla CF
(Mark Clattenburg, England) - Report

UCL - Besiktas 3:1 Feyernoord
(Felix Zwayer, Germany) - Report

UCL - Malmö FF 2:0 Sparta Praha
(Ruddy Buquet, France) - Report

UCL - Steaua 2:1 FK Aktobe
(Miroslav Zelinka, Czech Republic) - Report

UCL - Lille 1:1 Grasshoppers
(Tasos Sidiropoulos, Greece) - Report

UEL - Asteras 3:1 Mainz 05
(Serge Gumienny, Belgium) - Report

UCL - Grasshoppers 0:2 Lille OSC
(Aleksei Eskov, Russia) - Report

UEL - Esbjerg 2:2 Ruch
(Kristo Tohver, Estonia) - Report

UCL - Qarabag 2:1 Salzburg
(Serhiy Boiko, Ukraine) - Report

UCL - NK Maribor 1:0 Maccabi Tel-Aviv
(Ivan Kruzliak, Slovakia) - Report

U19 EURO - Portugal 0:1 Germany
(Javier Estrada Fernández, Spain) - Report

UCL - Sparta Praha 4:2 Malmö FF
(Halis Özkahya, Turkey) - Report
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January 14, 2013

IFFHS honours Pedro Proença as the World's Best Referee 2012

The International Federation of Football History and Statistics (IFFHS) has recently published its annual ranking of international match officials. For the past year 2012, Portugal's Pedro Proença has been honoured as the World's Best Referee.

Pedro Proença Oliveira Alves Garcia (Portugal) (c) kicker

Having been in charge of both UEFA Champions League and UEFA EURO 2012 final in Munich and Kyiv respectively, this choice does not pose a huge surprise. Cüneyt Çakır (Turkey) and Howard Webb (England) have come second and third place. 
In addition, two countries are represented twice, since Howard Webb and Mark Clattenburg (England) as well as Wolfgang Stark and Felix Brych (Germany) are included in the list.
Unfortunately, IFFHS' ranking again underlines its high extent of labouring under a fundamental misapprehension: although the headline "World's Best Referee" arouses the impression that this ranking would pose a Worldranking, the ranking itself cannot hold this promise:

1.   Pedro Proença - Portugal - 174 points (UEFA)
2.   Cüneyt Çakır - Turkey - 73 points (UEFA)
3.   Howard Webb - England - 72 points (UEFA)
4.   Viktor Kassai - Hungary - 50 points (UEFA)
5.   Wolfgang Stark - Germany - 40 points (UEFA)
6.   Ravshan Irmatov - Uzbekistan - 35 points (AFC)
7.   Damir Skomina - Slovenia - 26 points (UEFA)
8.   Wilmar Roldán - Colombia - 20 points (CONMEBOL)
9.   Felix Brych - Germany - 15 points (UEFA)
10. Stéphane Lannoy - France - 13 points (UEFA)
 ~   Nicola Rizzoli - Italy - 13 points (UEFA)
12. Milorad Mažić - Serbia - 11 points (UEFA)
13. Carlos Velasco Carballo - Spain - 8 points (UEFA)
14. Mark Clattenburg - England - 6 points (UEFA)
15. Carlos Vera - Ecuador - 5 points (CONMEBOL)
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January 6, 2013

2013 Africa Cup of Nations South Africa


This blog will accompany the 2013 Africa Cup of Nations to be held in South Africa.

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January 4, 2013

"English referees!"

When Howard Webb and his team entered their cubicle following the final whistle at Vienna's Ernst-Happel-Stadion in the Group B match between hosting nation Austria and Poland at UEFA Euro 2008, the police sergeant of Rotherham imitated a Polish team-official swearing at "English referees!", as captured by the film "Referees at Work". Webb had previously awarded a correct penalty kick to Austria in the very last minute of play. 

Only two years later, the same Howard Webb was in charge of the probably hottest and most difficult World Cup final ever. He issued a binary amount of bookings and also one dismissal. But one scene stayed in everybody's mind and turned out to be the biggest problem of the English referee team's performance: a kung-fu-kick "performed" by Nigel de Jong that was only "rewarded" with a yellow card. The match got out of control after that. As Howard Webb later admitted, this should have definitely been a red card for serious foul play, as the Laws of the Game clearly define it. An error of perception, undoubtfully.

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New FIFA referees have been officially confirmed

The world's football governing body FIFA has officially unveiled each member federation's roster of international referees and assistant referees.

You can find the officials for this new year following this link to FIFA's website. In December 2012, UEFA had already updated their referee categories.
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