March 10, 2013

Champions League - Round of 16 Second Legs - Referee Appointments (II)

UEFA has appointed Jonas Eriksson (Sweden), Viktor Kassai (Hungary), Pavel Královec (Czech Rep.) and Nicola Rizzoli (Italy) to head their officiating teams into this week's Champions League Round of 16 Second Legs.

Pavel Královec (Czech Republic) (c) ZIMBIO

The quickest goal in CL history...

(c) M.M. Ilgaz
12 March 2013, 20:45 CET
Veltins Arena, Gelsenkirchen, Germany
FC Schalke 04 - Galatasaray Istanbul
Referee: Jonas Eriksson (SWE)
Assistant Referee 1: Mathias Klasenius (SWE)
Assistant Referee 2: Daniel Wärnmark (SWE)
Additional Assistant Referee 1: Stefan Johannesson (SWE)
Additional Assistant Referee 2: Markus Strömbergsson (SWE)
Fourth Official: Stefan Wittberg (SWE)
UEFA Referee Observer: Charles Agius (MLT)
UEFA Delegate: David Findlay (SCO)
UEFA Referee Liaison Officer: Manfred Wichmann (GER)

(c) M.M. Ilgaz
12 March 2013, 20:45 CET
Camp Nou, Barcelona, Spain
FC Barcelona - AC Milan
Referee: Viktor Kassai (HUN)
Assistant Referee 1: Gábor Erös (HUN)
Assistant Referee 2: György Ring (HUN)
Additional Assistant Referee 1: Tamás Bognar (HUN)
Additional Assistant Referee 2: Mihaly Fabián (HUN)
Fourth Official: Robert Kispal (HUN)
UEFA Referee Observer: Jaap Uilenberg (NED)
UEFA Delegate: Sune Hellströmer (SWE)
UEFA Referee Liaison Officer: Antonio Uzcudun Gómez (ESP)
13 March 2013, 20:45 CET
Allianz Arena, Munich, Germany
Bayern München - Arsenal FC
Referee: Pavel Královec (CZE)
Assistant Referee 1: Roman Slyško (SVK)
Assistant Referee 2: Martin Wilczek (CZE)
Additional Assistant Referee 1: Radek Příhoda (CZE)
Additional Assistant Referee 2: Michal Patak (CZE)
Fourth Official: Antonin Kordula (CZE)
UEFA Referee Observer: Kyros Vassaras (GRE)
UEFA Delegate: Pierino L.G. Lardi (SUI)
UEFA Referee Liaison Officer: Josef Maier (GER)

(c) M.M. Ilgaz
13 March 2013, 20:45 CET
La Rosaleda, Málaga, Spain
Málaga CF - FC Porto
Referee: Nicola Rizzoli (ITA)
Assistant Referee 1: Andrea Stefani (ITA)
Assistant Referee 2: Renato Faverani (ITA)
Additional Assistant Referee 1: Luca Banti (ITA)
Additional Assistant Referee 2: Paolo Mazzoleni (ITA)
Fourth Official: Riccardo Di Fiore (ITA)
UEFA Referee Observer: Ilkka Koho (FIN)
UEFA Delegate: Martin Sturkenboom (NED)
UEFA Referee Liaison Officer: Raúl Masso Zambudio (ESP)


  1. Just to keep it in mind, is there a fixed rule that a referee may not handle a CL final twice? :b

    1. There isn't any rule, of course :)

      By the way, Eriksson had Schalke in group stage and also two years ago in the round of 16 two years ago, probably Admin you remember Schalke Valencia 3-1. Is that a good signal?
      About Kassai, very interesting that he will be observed by a committee member, probably the explanation is that they give a big importance to this match. It's almost impossible to think about another final for him, talking honestly.
      And Gabor Eros is confirmed at Nou Camp: I don't want to bring bad luck to him, but flagging offsides to Barça it's a very difficult work, and he is out from several poor performance... a hazard by UEFA?

    2. His last performances have not been good, that's sure. Let's see how he will do.
      Concerning Eriksson, he was the last one I expected for this match, due to the reasons you mentioned. It's additionally his 8th UEFA competition match in Germany, a huge number.

  2. Considering the missing Elite in CL, these should be Wednesday apointments:

    Porto - Malaga Rizzoli
    Bayern - Arsenal Proença

    1. Anonymous10/3/13 11:41

      And what about Lannoy?

    2. It seems now almost sure, Lannoy and Benquerenca for their reasons, are going to skip this whole KO stage.
      They will come back next season in CL, I think.
      By the way, Lannoy situation is different, he is on the pre-list, so FIFA should appoint him for a tournament this summer, to keep the hope.
      And what about the missing Elite development without reasons? Rasmussen and Nijhuis? Here the question seems merely based on poor performances.

    3. I would say we could see two Italian crews tomorrow, Rocchi in Malaga and Rizzoli in Munich. Královec could also go to Malaga, even though there is no relevant observer. We may not forget Stark either..many opportunities.

    4. These are 2 excellent appointments. I think their styles complement the games.

      Why is there surprise that Lannoy has not been selected here? Been off his game for over a year.

    5. Anonymous11/3/13 19:48

      Rasmussen has had troubles with his mental state and death threats since the game in Manchester. He has not been appointed to a match in the Danish top league since that.

  3. Anonymous10/3/13 12:57

    Milan-Barça, Thompson.
    Barça-Milan, Kassai.

    Collina, Collina.........

    1. Anonymous10/3/13 13:00

      Where is the problem?

    2. Don't understand that either.
      And I say this again, don't mix up Thomson and Thompson.

      That's Craig Thomson:

  4. Anonymous10/3/13 21:33

    I would be interestend in how UEFA makes the appointments for the rematches: Do they determine all referees for e.g. round of last sixteen before it starts or do they wait for the results of the first matches? So would Aydinus have been referee of Juve-Celtic too if the first match had been won by Celtic 1-0?

    1. Almost certainly if the result wasn't already pretty much decided you would of seen an Elite referee and not Elite Development, this much I am sure of.

    2. This year, in this particular case of Elite development referees appointed, I'm almost sure that they waited for Celtic-Juventus and Valencia-PSG first leg results, especially for Aydinus match, since I give for sure now a promotion for Mazic.

    3. They make the appointments 7-10 days prior to kick-off. So of course, they knew the first leg results.

  5. I thought somebody had watched Skomina to file a report in Dortmund game?

    What did people think of a strange moment in the game, roughly 27th minute (or was it 37?). Clear foul, and Skomina did not blow, but also did not acknowledge or signal advantage.

    Appreciate thoughts...

    1. Hi,

      I send the report already, but we are translating it since I dont speak english very well and I did it in Spanish.
      About that situation, there were some fouls and non-fouls like that all over the first half, when Skomina was not 100% concentarte, i think, but at the end it did not affect the result...


  6. Anonymous11/3/13 10:07

    Pavel Kralovec with Bayern - Arsenal and Nicola Rizzoli with Malaga - Porto.

  7. Anonymous11/3/13 10:28

    The problem is clair. Collina designates different style of referees to italian clubs at home and

  8. Very good appointment for Kralovec, even though the match seems already decided (1-3), it will be an important test for him under the eyes of a committee's member, Kyros Vassaras.

    Normal appointment for Rizzoli, but very important match, after the first leg, in which Porto won scoring an offside goal.

  9. Very good appointment for Kralovec but I can't really understand what is the reason to appoint a committee member (Vassaras) to watch such a referee when he is already in Elite Category.

  10. Anonymous11/3/13 14:59

    Maybe he is going there for Eros?

    1. Could be, you mean Uilenberg in this case.
      Concerning Vassaras and Kralovec, well, to my mind his three CL performances have been superb in group stage, so he is one of those I see ready for Amsterdam final in EL..

  11. You have to ask what it means, for Kassai Uilenberg observer, and Dallas for Kralovec. Otuż lot and noting at the same time. A lot of posible context CHAMPIONS-LEAGUE-FINAL, bul I do not thing that Kassai is also now got the final because his form has dopped significantly. Kralovec is posible, alt houg in this case, which would put the experience Rizzoli CHAMPIONS-LEAGUE-FINAL. And noting for two REFEREES because context posible participation of both men in the CONFEDERATION-CUP, it's not the end of the season, and if FIFA will see one of the judges on the CONFEDERATION-CUP, it will send its member as in the case Damir Skominy the observer was Peter Mikkelsen.

  12. Fenerbaçhe - Viktoria Plzen
    Manuel Graefe
    Markus Haecker - Holger Henschel
    Felix Zwayer - Tobias Welz
    Mike Pickel

  13. Hi Polish judges were nominiert for the match 1\8 EUROPA-LEGAGUE: ZENIT.ST.PETERSBIRG - FC BASEL.

  14. Anonymous12/3/13 11:28

    Inter - Tottenham, Bebek
    Newcastle - Anji, Aytekin

  15. Chelsea - Steaua, Lannoy
    Rubin - Levante, Stavrev
    Zenit - Basel, Gil
    Internazionale - Tottenham, Bebek
    Bordeax - Benfica, Hategan
    Newcastle - Anji, Aytekin

    Lannoy is back, very important news.

    1. Lazio - Stuttgard: Tom Harald Hagen

    2. Anonymous12/3/13 14:23

      Lannoy could handle a Quarter Final CL IMO if he shows a good performance in EL.

  16. Friendly appointment.

    Stade de Genève, Switzerland
    Stephan Studer (SUI)

  17. The poll is abused :D
    What is 10690 votes?
    #1 of newspapers in Turkey has put it in its internet site.... Admin would mostly probably consider 1 days before results.

    Milorad Mazic report was handed in last night. Steady fair performance with still areas for improvement. But, great AR flags makes it a very good performance overall.

    One word on Kralovec: maybe Vassaras hasnt observed him officially beforehand, thats normal, imo.

  18. I have deleted the poll (whom would you select to take charge of Wembley final).
    Results are - the last one I recognized consisted of 203 votes:

    1. Cakir 39 %
    2. Brych 20 %
    3. Rizzoli 15 %
    4. Skomina 14 %
    5. another referee 12 %

  19. Blog Observers this week

    Barca-Milan: Niclas E./Me (GER)
    Schalke-Galatasaray: Nik A. (ENG) [Joshua R., GER]

    Bayern-Arsenal: Chefren (ITA)
    Málaga-Porto: ?

    Inter-Tottenham: Gabriel G. (AUT)
    Zenit-Basel: Niclas E/Me (GER)

    If someone else other EL matches, let us know!

    1. @Admin

      I have answered your mail.

    2. Málaga-Porto: Edward A. (GRE)

  20. Poor Performance by Eriksson in first half,he is bad at foul detection.
    6' missed penalty for Galatasaray
    17' missed foul on Drogba before Schalke goal
    26' foul correct but yellow card missed on Höwedes
    28' missed foul on Drogba
    32' missed foul on Farfan
    35' missed foul on Neustadter
    37' correct foul detection on Sneijder before Galatasaray goal

  21. Agree. But the penalty was not totally clear. The Gala player furthermore fell too easily, and also a bit late, perhaps that was the reason for Eriksson to ignore it.
    He never found a clear line, no idea what a foul is and what is no foul. Of course you are right saying that Uchida committed a foul on Sneijder before the 1:1. But for the same action, Schalke did not get a free-kick in 32'. Immediately before this situation, Neustädter was clearly fouled and no whistle followed.
    Result is deserved so far, even though totally unnecessary from Schalke's perspective. As Schalke supporter, I must say that, Huntelaar and the needed calmness are missing.

    1. Second half much better performance by Eriksson. No clear mistake. Good coordination with ARs and AARs. Very good no deliberate handball detection on two occasions imo. Critical decision in second half is 89' offside position for Galatasaray. To me not offside but if offside with few centimeters. Last second perfect offside decision by the same referee by AR2. Congrats Galatasaray by the way. Congrats for the great game by Schalke in second half.

    2. In both legs, draws would have been the adequate result..good fight from both. 5 minutes added time correct, 6 or 7 were also possible in the end. But I have doubts about handball penalty claim and Schalke's 2:2..could have been a foul.

  22. 78': top class offside call by Ring

    1. Did you see the pen claim, Yilmz handball Chef?

      I think he moves hand up to the ball ...

    2. No, I watched only Barça - Milan.
      In the next days when possible I will try to watch something about Eriksson, giving also my opinion.
      By the way, another good performance showed by the Hungarian team, another semifinal is sure for them.

    3. Ah a semi eh? Nice.

      I heard Messi may have been offside for second?

    4. Anonymous13/3/13 05:40

      Eros again with offside problems? There is no better AR in Hungary?

  23. Disappointing. I have rarely seen a referee in this stage of the competition with such an unclear line (Eriksson). Will watch Kassai tomorrow.

    1. I'm sorry for Schalke, Admin...

    2. Anonymous12/3/13 23:15

      I agree.. Not the best performance by Eriksson today but not too bad either.

      Did anyone see Barcelonas 2-0 goal? It looked offside to me.

    3. I am dissapointed by Eriksson's performance.. How an Elite referee whom we too much rely on can have such totally inconsistencies through match long.

      Second goal of Schalke is a clear foul on GK of Galata, IMO.
      Second handball attempt (Min 76, I guess) should have been a penalty for Schalke.
      Too many missed fouls.
      No clear line

      To me an at most 7.9 performance

  24. Report filed. Eriksson: 7.9

    Great assistance via AR's, not so via AAR

  25. Mohamed A.Fattah13/3/13 08:12

    Kassai & his team with horrible performance yesterday in Barca - Milan. 2 missed penalty & He ignored many times to issue the YC for both teams.

    I'm sorry for him as in my opinion will be the last match for him in this year CL. :(

    1. I agree, that there were some YCs missing. One could say, it is his style, but if he had been consistent, he would not have given the YCs to Pedro and Boateng in the first half.
      The situation against Pedro in ~10' was rather a penalty than not for me, I don't know the second situation you think about.
      In other aspects, like control and foul/no-foul detection, he was on a high level, I think.

    2. I am going to watch the match in the next hours. I keep your comments out of mind to be, as much as possible, unbiased.

    3. For me, there wasn't any penalty.
      Especially in the unintentional hadnball situation.
      Excellent Kassai, and as always very able to be accepted by players and keep everything under control.
      But this could not be enough, as long as Eros is appointed with him.

  26. WC Qualifiers Appointments


    Group C

    Slovenia - Iceland

    Referee: Stavros Tritsonis (GRE)
    Assistant 1: Dimitris Saraidaris
    Assistant 2: Leonidas Vasiliadis
    Fourth Official: Michael Koukoulakis

    Group E

    Kazakstan - Germany

    Referee: Anastasios Kakos (GRE)
    Assistant 1: Christos Akrivos
    Assistant 2: Dimitris Tatsis
    Fourth Official: Athanasios Giahos

    1. 2 More appointments

      Hungary - Romania
      Referee: Wolfgang Stark (GER)
      Assistant 1: Jan-Hendrik Salver
      Assistant 2: Mike Pickel
      Fourth Official: Tobias Welz

      Referee: Mark Clattenburg (ENG)
      Assistant 1: Simon Beck
      Assistant 2: Stephen Child
      Fourth Official: Lee Probert

    2. Crotia v Serbia
      Referee: Cuneyt Cakir (TUR)
      Assistant 1: Bahattin Duran
      Assistant 2: Tarik Ongun
      Fourth Official: Baris Simsek

    3. Denmark - Bulgaria
      Fırat Aydınus, Serkan Ok, Aleks Taşçıoğlu, Hüseyin Göçek (Turkey)

      Germany - Kazakhstan
      Halis Özkahya, Mehmet Cem Satman, Volkan Narinç, Mete Kalkavan (Turkey)

    4. Czech Republic - Denmark

      Manuel De Sousa, Bertino Miranda, Rui Barbosa, Artur Soares Dias(POR)

      Bulgaria - Malta

      Eitan Shmuelevitz, Danny Krasikow, David Biton, Menashe Masiah(ISR)

      Austria - Faroe Islands

      Oleksandr Derdo, Oleksandr Korniyko, Volodymyr Volodin, Anatolii Zhabchenko(UKR)

      Sweden - Ireland

      Alberto Undiano, Roberto Diaz Perez, Raul Cabanero Martinez, Carlos Clos Gomez(ESP)

  27. Andorra - Turkey
    Nerijus Dunauskas, Vytautas Šimkus, Saulius Dirda, Gediminas Mažeika (Lithuania)

    Turkey - Hungary
    Milorad Mažić, Milovan Ristić, Dalibor Đurđević, Milenko Vukadinović (Serbia)

    Luxembourg - Azerbaijan
    Padraigh Sutton, Ciaran Delaney, Dermot Broughton, Neil Doyle (Ireland)

    1. Bosnia - Greece 22-03

      Bjorn Kuipers, Sander Van Roekel, Erwin Zeinstra, Pol Val Poekel (NED)

      I really don't like the appointment. I expected a better referee.

    2. Anonymous13/3/13 15:53

      A better referee?

    3. Yes, since this is the decider of the group I would expect a more experienced referee and maybe some in a better form.

    4. Anonymous13/3/13 15:58

      Kuipers is in a good form after euro12, he showed good performances in CL this year and great performances in the national league.

    5. That's it. Also to be remembered: the first leg was handled by Damato (not even a promising 1st group ref..).
      Furthermore, if Kuipers wants to have a chance for 2014, he must get relevant matches like this one.
      Additionally, Cakir's appointment reveals the big trust in him. CRO-SRB will become hot (-> misbehaviour of fans is to be expected).

    6. No news about Malta-Italy?
      I expect a "strange" referee, here :)

    7. Gözübüyük. Thomas said it in the EL post.

    8. Thanks, good appointment, waiting for his RESPECT Patch...

  28. I can confirm the offside goal (2-0) allowed by Eros, here:
    The strange thing is that yesterday it didn't come out, during the match. The international broadcaster hasn't shown the correct replay, therefore all the people thought that it was a correct goal at least until today. I think that Kassai has a big problems with Eros, since in each match there is at least a mistake, often crucial.
    I think that Kispal should replace him on the list, we can't accept other mistakes from him.
    Many chances, many tournaments, and many mistakes.

    1. I would say he makes big mistakes in every international match last time... It must be a change.

      The problem is that Kassai chooses assistants and national federation accept them. They haven't any problem with Eros, Kassai and Eros must be best friends and until Kassai wants him in his team, he will be there.

      Only Collina can do something with that...

    2. I would not blame him that much, the offside situation was difficult to read. He had to consider three Barca players who could have got Iniesta's ball, and not even a half second after Iniesta's contact with the ball, Messi was not offside anymore. So of course this screen shows it was offside, he'll get 7.9, but it was not a really significant and striking error..but I agree, perhaps an error too much.

    3. Some minor mistakes too...

    4. He missed also at least another offside...

  29. Most WC qualifiers for 22-23 March are out. Just writing the reerees now as it gets quite long otherwise.

    Israel - Portugal
    Referee: Stephane LANNOY (FRA)

    Croatia - Serbia
    Referee: Cuneyt CAKIR (TUR)

    Bulgaria - Malta
    Referee: Eitan SHMUELEVITZ (ISR)

    Slovenia - Iceland
    Referee: Stavros TRITSONIS (GRE)

    Norway - Albania
    Referee: Kevin BLOM (NED)

    Andorra - Turkey
    Referee: Nerijus DUNAUSKAS (LTU)

    Liechtenstein - Latvia
    Referee: Kevin CLANCY (SCO)

    Northern Ireland - Russia
    Referee: Tom HAGEN (NOR)

    Scotland - Wales
    Referee: Antony GAUTIER (FRA)

    Slovakia - Lithuania
    Referee: Michael OLIVER (ENG)

    Luxembourg - Azerbaijan
    Referee: Padraigh SUTTON (IRL)

    Czech Republic - Denmark
    Referee: Manuel NEVES (POR)

    Austria - Faroe Islands
    Referee: Oleksandr DERDO (UKR)

    Netherlands - Estonia
    Referee: Vitaliy MESHKOV (RUS)

    Hungary - Romania
    Referee: Wolfgang STARK (GER)

    FYR Macedonia - Belgium
    Referee: Deniz AYTEKIN (GER)

    Sweden - Republic of Ireland
    Referee: Alberto UNDIANO (ESP)

    Bosnia-Herzegovina - Greece
    Referee: Bjorn KUIPERS (NED)

    Poland - Ukraine
    Referee: Pavel KRALOVEC (CZE)

    Spain - Finland
    Referee: Ovidiu HATEGAN (ROU)

    San Marino - England
    Referee: Alain BIERI (SUI)

    France - Georgia
    Referee: ?

    Moldova - Montenegro
    Referee: Daniele ORSATO (ITA)

    Kazakhstan - Germany
    Referee: Anastasios KAKOS (GRE)

    Cyprus - Switzerland
    Referee: Manuel GRAEFE (GER)

  30. Very interesting: OFC realized their announcement to appoint referees from AFC zone.

    New Zealand - New Caledonia
    Referee Strebre DELOVSKI (AUS)
    Assistant 1 Ashley BEECHAM(AUS)
    Assistant 2 Walsh DAVID (AUS)
    Fourth Official Mohd BIN YAACOB (MAS)

    1. Yes, but in this way they can't develop their refeereing.
      O'Leary, Hauata, and then nothing. They need new talents.
      Ir's good if AFC gives a help, but it's bad for their growth.

  31. France - Georgia: Ivan Bebek (CRO)

    and Victor Kassai gets France - Spain in 26-03

    Full team

    Kassai, Eros, Ring, Bognar.

  32. Marks in the report for Kassai (Barca-Milan)
    Kassai 8.5 - Eros 7.8, Ring 8.5 - Bognar 8.1, Fabian 8.0 - Kispal 8.1

    Report will be published tomorrow.

  33. Anonymous13/3/13 18:34


    WC qualifiers later this month:
    BELGIUM-MACEDONIA (Benquerenca)

  34. Wow.. has Kralovec lost control over the match?
    Not the best performance by Kralovec today, assistans with very bad performance..

  35. Too many unnecessary and easy cards for such a game.

  36. Rizzoli on the other hand issued 8 yellows and 1 red.

  37. Just watched the first half of Malaga-Porto and second of Bayern-Arsenal.

    Rizzoli disallowed a goal in first half, I couldn't see anything wrong with that goal, did anyone else see that?

    And what I saw of Kralovec today wasn't very good. Many cards and both teams were very irritated at the referee.

    1. I saw the match. He disallowed the goal for foul on Porto's GK. Replay wasn't so good but there seems to be a contact.

    2. Just watched it again on Youtube. Perfectly legal goal. No foul on GK who fells on Malaga's player and loses the ball. Crucial mistake by Rizzoli and Stefani.

  38. Very difficult match for Kralovec, but at the end (after Arsenal 0-2) he totally lost the control, I'm sorry.
    Furthermore, a probably wrong offside call in a potentially crucial situation by Martin Wilczek, at the beginning of second half, it might have been the 0-2.
    I expected more, by the way at the end there aren't blatant and crucial mistakes putting aside that flag.

  39. I do not really agree.
    Kralovec did to my mind not lose the total control. He whistled more than needed, that's true. But in the troubles after the goal, what could he do? He picked the right players and booked them. Wilczek's error is more relevant, but it was also extreme difficult. An 8.2 performance, perhaps even expected level 8.3 for me.

    Rizzoli was disappointing. The disallowed goal should definitely have been given; he missed a very clear red card to Toulalan for a horrible tackle from behind. Stefani saw it perfectly, as the replays showed. But he did not advise him to send him off.
    Also Mangala was happy to only get yellow.
    Really a bad week for CL refereeing, with the exception of Kassai.

    1. Anonymous14/3/13 14:50

      Agree with your analysis for Rizzoli: poor decisions and even worse assistants. After Cakir, Rizzoli candidature to Wembley is very difficult now.

    2. Anonymous14/3/13 16:00

      Rizzoli was very lucky that Malaga advanced; otherwise his mistake of not awarding the goal would have had important consequences. For some reason, he is not in his best shape for a while...

  40. Viktor Kassai eliminaion match goes on FRANCE - SPAIN - 26.03-2013. This game will be judges fo the Hungerian decisiv, because if GABOR EROES again commit mistakes in this match this may be the end of his mazen to leave the WORL-CUP-2014 in BRAZIL

  41. Anonymous14/3/13 16:32

    Does anyone know who are the observers at the WC qualifiers?

  42. Disappointed that there isn't more talk of the missed handball from the Schalke v Gala game. (I presume the German media isn't so quiet?).

    Interesting comments on Kassai and Rizzoli - I missed the latter completely but expect better from him - saw the highlights of the former - typical Viktor display.

    1. Hi Nik,

      finally I think that I can download the whole match, could you give me the exact minute of the handball situation?
      Thank you fvery much, finally I will have my say.

  43. 69 mins looking at the report I did.

    Look for the hand coming up from the side, to the ball by the head (!) - seemed deliberate - though involuntary reflex (if that makes sense)

    1. Fianlly I watched it this morning!
      Very borderline case, several things to underline:
      1) Johannesson is there, he surely sees everything and the decision can be taken only by himself, since Eriksson is far away.
      2) The distance is very minimal
      3) The defender could have avoided the movement of his arm in that way.
      4) The handball appears unintentional, but at the same time the defender knows that the ball is there.

      For all these reasons, in my opinion is more penalty than nothing, by the way I can accept both calls, since again we have to underline that it's very difficult to evaluate these situations. Galatasaray was lucky in this decision.

    2. 5': for me absolutely no penalty for Galatasary!

    3. Agree on 5' no penalty 100%

      Similar to Torres attempt at conning last night actually.

  44. Nice report on Kralovec by the way. I saw most of the game and thought he did very well indeed - crucially I missed the mini riot that you all talk about though - but you are right, the players didn't seem too responsive and accepting of him for some reason! I remember a Walcott remonstration and Martinez one in particular - clearly a foul, with the response being a verbal volley of abuse. Bizarre.

    So yes, he needs to work on body language and player management (verbal).

    By the way, I didn't see the AR2 error early in 2nd half in your report where Walcott should have been 'through'?

    1. 56': Walcott offside call, probably is wrong.

  45. CL quarterfinals draw:

    Málaga CF (ESP) - Borussia Dortmund (GER)
Real Madrid CF (ESP) - Galatasaray AŞ (TUR)

    Paris Saint-Germain FC (FRA) - FC Barcelona (ESP)

    FC Bayern München (GER) - Juventus (ITA)

    I think that there is a place also for lannoy.

    1. A very early prediction:

      Málaga - Dortmund:
      William Collum & Svein Oddvar Moen

      Real Madrid - Galatasaray
      Björn Kuipers & Mark Clattenburg

      Paris S.G. - Barcelona
      Gianluca Rocchi & Felix Brych

      Bayern - Juventus
      Carlos Velasco Carballo & Pedro Proenca

      I am not sure but I would say Lannoy gets no match in CL. I don't know whether it is like that, but having no CL match in a season and starting with a QF seems unprobable to me.

    2. What about Atkinson?
      Out from everything?

    3. After Lille-Bayern, I'd say yes, but let's wait.

    4. My early prediction:

      Málaga - Dortmund:
      Moen & Eriksson

      Real Madrid - Galatasaray
      Collum & Kassai

      Paris S.G. - Barcelona
      Cakir & Webb

      Bayern - Juventus
      Kuipers & Skomina

    5. Anonymous17/3/13 22:03

      Bayern-Juve: Velasco Carballo & Kassai (the only match - maybe of all remaining matches - where a spanish ref is possible, so IMO quite sure that Velasco will get it)
      Malaga-BVB: Lannoy & Proenca
      Real-Istanbul: Thomson & Kuipers
      Paris-Barca: Webb and Stark


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