March 23, 2013

FIFA World Cup 2014 - March 2013 Qualifiers - Referee Appointments (UEFA zone) II

Among FIFA's referee appointments for the European World Cup qualifier matches to be played on 26 March 2013, the most striking nomination surely concerns the pre-decisive duel in Group I between France and Spain. This top clash will be handled by Hungarian Viktor Kassai at Saint-Denis' Stade de France.

At the same time, Mark Clattenburg will act in Amsterdam (c) TheFA

Group A
26/03/13, 19:45, Swansea
Wales - Croatia
Referee: Luca Banti (ITA)
Assistant Referee 1: Nicola Nicoletti (ITA)
Assistant Referee 2: Riccardo Di Fiore (ITA)
Fourth Official: Mauro Bergonzi (ITA)

26/03/13, 20:30, Novi Sad
Serbia - Scotland
Referee: István Vad (HUN)
Assistant Referee 1: István Albert (HUN)
Assistant Referee 2: Vencel Tóth (HUN)
Fourth Official: Sándor Andó-Szabó (HUN)

26/03/13, 20:45, Brussels
Belgium - FYR Macedonia
Referee: Olegário Benquerença (POR)
Assistant Referee 1: João Santos (POR)
Assistant Referee 2: Venâncio Raposo Tomé (POR)
Fourth Official: Hugo Miguel Ferreira (POR)

Group B
26/03/13, 20:00, Yerevan
Armenia - Czech Republic
Referee: Pavel Cristian Balaj (ROU)
Assistant Referee 1: Cristian Nica (ROU)
Assistant Referee 2: Sebastian Eugen Gheorghe (ROU)
Fourth Official: Alexandru Tudor (ROU)

26/03/13, 20:30, Novi Sad
Denmark - Bulgaria
Referee: Firat Aydınus (TUR)
Assistant Referee 1: Serkan Ok (TUR)
Assistant Referee 2: Aleks Tascioglu (TUR)
Fourth Official: Hüseyin Göçek (TUR)

26/03/13, 20:45, Brussels
Malta - Italy
Referee: Serdar Gözübüyük (NED)
Assistant Referee 1: Charles Schaap (NED)
Assistant Referee 2: Hessel Steegstra (NED)
Fourth Official: Richard Liesveld (NED)

Group C
26/03/13, 19:45, Dublin
Ireland - Austria
Referee: Marijo Strahonja (CRO)
Assistant Referee 1: Sinisa Premuzaj (CRO)
Assistant Referee 2: Goran Pataki (CRO)
Fourth Official: Ante Vučemilović-Simunović Jr (CRO)

26/03/13, 20:45, Nürnberg
Germany - Kazakhstan
Referee: Halis Özkahya (TUR)
Assistant Referee 1: Çem Satman (TUR)
Assistant Referee 2: Volkan Narinç (TUR)
Fourth Official: Mete Kalkavan (TUR)

Group D
26/03/13, 19:00, Tallinn
Estonia - Andorra
Referee: Jan Valasek (SVK)
Assistant Referee 1: Miroslav Benko (SVK)
Assistant Referee 2: Tomas Vorel (SVK)
Fourth Official: Vladimir Vnuk (SVK)

26/03/13, 20:30, Istanbul
Turkey - Hungary
Referee: Milorad Mažić (SRB)
Assistant Referee 1: Milovan Ristić (SRB)
Assistant Referee 2: Dalibor Djurdjević (SRB)
Fourth Official: Milenko Vukadinović (SRB)

26/03/13, 20:30, Amsterdam
Netherlands - Romania
Referee: Mark Clattenburg (ENG)
Assistant Referee 1: Simon Beck (ENG)
Assistant Referee 2: Stephen Child (ENG)
Fourth Official: Lee Probert (ENG)

Group F
26/03/13, 19:45, Belfast
Northern Ireland - Israel
Referee: Hannes Kaasik (EST)
Assistant Referee 1: Jaanus Mutli (EST)
Assistant Referee 2: Hannes Reinvald (EST)
Fourth Official: Kristo Tohver (EST)

26/03/13, 21:00, Baku
Azerbaijan - Portugal
Referee: Andre Marriner (ENG)
Assistant Referee 1: Simon Bennett (ENG)
Assistant Referee 2: Stuart Burt (ENG)
Fourth Official: Anthony Taylor (ENG)

Group H
26/03/13, 20:45, Warsaw
Poland - San Marino
Referee: Ken Henry Johnsen (NOR)
Assistant Referee 1: Svein Inge Wiken (NOR)
Assistant Referee 2: Sven Erik Midthjell (NOR)
Fourth Official: Tore Hansen (NOR)

26/03/13, 21:00, Podgorica
Montenegro - England
Referee: Jonas Eriksson (SWE)
Assistant Referee 1: Mathias Klasenius (SWE)
Assistant Referee 2: Daniel Wärnmark (SWE)
Fourth Official: Stefan Johannesson (SWE)

26/03/13, 21:00, Odessa
Ukraine - Moldova
Referee: Kenn Hansen (DEN)
Assistant Referee 1: Lars Rix (DEN)
Assistant Referee 2: Jacob Bille (DEN)
Fourth Official: Jakob Kehlet (DEN)

Group I
26/03/13, 21:00, Paris (Saint-Denis)
France - Spain
Referee: Viktor Kassai (HUN)
Assistant Referee 1: Gábor Erös (HUN)
Assistant Referee 2: György Ring (HUN)
Fourth Official: Tamás Bognar (HUN)


  1. Nice game for the form trio of 2012/2013 for the UK, with Holland v Romania.

    Actually, you could include Probert in that, as he has also had a super season (bar last game)

    Taylor being worked in gently - another 4th for to cool and collected referee.

  2. I am specially excited how Özkahya will perform. The match probably won't be that challenging, but it's a good opportunity to watch him. As UEFA's appointments indicate, he seems to be a promising future referee.

  3. I will shortly report about Helder Martins de Carvalho in Tanzania - Morocco clash. I expect that it will be really good and probably challenging match for Angolan officials.

    Full team is:
    Martins de Carvalho Helder
    Manuel Candido Inacio
    Daniel Cachicumi Ricardo
    Mauchihuissa Caxala Antonio

    1. Martins with a straight red card. Was it correct?

    2. By the way, CAF results are always strange.
      Nigeria, the team champion in AFCON2013, had a very difficult draw at home against Kanya (they were able to score the equalizer in the 90' or maybe later).
      Then, now something like Tanzania-Morocco 3-1.
      But aso other strange situations, the feeling is that in Africa there aren't so strong team and in each match can happen everything. In all this scenario, it's incredible if we think that Drogba was never able to win the AFCON with his team in the last years.

      Furthermore, about yesterday matches I saw the penalties given by Haimoudi to Camerun (correct) and Otogo-Castane to Ivory Coast in their matches. All correct decisions.

    3. Yes. The only huge team that basically always confirms its name is Ghana, at least I have the feeling sometimes.
      Good to hear that the major calls have been right. The situation in Group A is also interesting, Ethiopia-South Africa could be a decisive clash in June.

  4. Viktor Kassai with his in the match FRANCE - SPAIN. I wonder who will be the observer, and that will focus main on GABOR EROS assitant, of the work of the trio

    1. One thing for sure, Gabor Eros has to stop his mistakes, otherwise, I'm really going to think that Kispal will accompany Kassai in Brazil.

    2. FIFA also knows István Albert as another possible alternative (he accompanied Vad in the youth olympics in 2010).

  5. Costa Rica has stated that a official complaint is ready to be sent to FIFA. According to the news aired, they want to repeat the match, and also a SUSPENSION for Aguilar.
    By the way, it seems that Aguilar had in his mind to stop the game at a certain minute in second half, but the FIFA (or CONCACAF) delegate forced him to go ahead.

    1. Interesting... Throughout the match grounds crew were shoveling off lines in between stoppages. Game was stopped around 55th minute. Official came down from Pressbox to pitch. Aguilar spoke with the official he then spoke with players and coaches. What is reported,stated is that the Players, from both sides, seemed to very much want to still play.(seemed strange to me maybe Costa Rica didn't want to keep playing after all? Their comments after the match seemed to lean that way). So Aguilar continued and that it was his decision to continue.

      That is what we have been hearing here...obviously this could be totally false considering I have never heard any of the media actually bother to check with officials about anything.

  6. In contrary to what I expected, it was very easy match to referee. Small amount of fouls, no-contact way of play of both teams...

    The only case where Mr. de Carvalho, who presented central but rather good positioning, was challenged or maybe even not, was red card for Echchakir for abusive language toward referee. Of course, we don't know what the player said to referee, but it must have been strong, because Mr. de Carvalho sent Moroccan player off without hesitation. Apart from that, he issued one correct yellow card for kicking the ball away and missed quite obvious yellow card to 9TAN who strongly pulled an opponent, making him falling down in promising attack. Referee was also wrong when allowed to take a free kick when the ball was in move.

    Assistants had more to do. Mr. Candido correctly evaluated three non-foul interventions - two of Moroccans (59', 61') and one and very important one of Tanzanian (80'). After that last clear duel in which Echchakir fell down, Tanzanians scored and strongly annoyed Echchakir received the red card after some words that said to referee.

    The mixed-bag performance of Mr. Cachicumi. He correctly signaled offside in important situations (2', 50', 63'), but totally failed stopping a game in 53' (1,5m onside...) and 76' (line, Moroccan player had OGSO...).

    Overall, good performance of officials in really easy match to handle. I was really impressed by Tanzanian GK and his amazing interventions. However, he destroyed this feeling after his big mistake in last seconds, after which Morocco scored.

    Martins de Carvalho Helder - 8.2
    Manuel Candido Inacio - 8.5
    Daniel Cachicumi Ricardo - 7.8
    Mauchihuissa Caxala Antonio - 8.0

    1. Thanks for your detailed report! It seems it has been a good comeback for Martins and Cândido.
      But one question related to AR2 Cachicumi: your mark 7.8 arouses the impression that there has been a crucial mistake. In your description, there is however no clear crucial mistake listed (?).

    2. Signaling offside when it's OGSO is crucial mistake for me but I can be wrong.
      If it's not, the mark would be maybe 7.7. Sorry, but 1,5m onside classified as offside and OGSO stopped by wrongly evaluated offside are to much to give him even 8.0.
      Therefore, 7.7 seems to be even more adequate mark than 7.8.


  7. Under 21 friendlies:

    Today (as already said) Italy-Ukraine h 18:30 in Bassano del Grappa
    Alain Bieri (SUI)
    Devis Dettamanti - Carmine Sangiovanni (not FIFA, and his name sounds Italian, even though Swiss)
    Fourth official: Sebastiano Peruzzo

    Yesterday, Israel-Germany was refereed by Sébastien Delferiere (maybe Admin knows the full team).

    Furthermore, I'm looking for England - Austria this evening (NO UNDER 21), Brazil-Russia and Albania-Lithuania tomorrow.
    Thank you in advance for any info you will be able to give.

    1. Sorry, my mistake about England - Austria.
      There isn't this friendly this evening.
      I read it somewhere but it was a wrong info. The question is about the other two matches.

    2. I don't know the full team, the only thing I know is that he did not allow a goal scored by Germany (the ball crossed the line by ~30 cms)...

    3. Rien Vanyzere and Yves De Neve were assistants of Delferiere.

      Don't know other appointments...

    4. Again a correction abot what I wrote, sorry :D
      England - Austria this evening is confirmed as U21 friendly.

    5. Anonymous27/3/13 04:21

      Two red cards in England - Austria U21. Who was the referee?

    6. England U21 v Austria U21

      Referee Adrien Jaccottet (SUI)
      Assistants Sladen Josipovic (SUI) and Alain Heiniger (SUI)
      Fourth Official Darren Sheldrake (ENG)

  8. Yes, de Neve was clear after I watched the video now.
    Defective performance.
    The handball penalty to Germany was wrong, it occurred 0,5 m outside the box. De Neve correctly disallowed an offside goal by Israel. In the end, de Neve missed a goal by Germany, the ball indeed slightly crossed the line..

    Abdullah Muhammad Noor Balidah Al-Baloushi [QAT]
    Salam Rashid Al-Nuaimi [QAT]
    Salam Talib Al-Marri [QAT]
    Fahad Jabar Al-Marri [QAT]

  10. Anonymous25/3/13 13:02

    This is a wonderful blog, however - how is it even possible that the match report Borussia - Shakhtar (Skomina) is not yet available after - how long - almost a month? You need a month for translating it (if that's the problem)? I'm very disappointed, and am not the only one.

    1. Although I actually do not need to account for that..
      I have the report at hand for a bit less than two weeks. The match was played 20 days ago, I did not receive it immediately. Please keep in mind we are not running the blog professionally, there are other things in life..
      But as you request it, it will appear on Spanish in a few minutes! I translate it until tomorrow.

  11. Referees for Under21 matches played / to be played this month (22 - 26/03/13) on the road to Czech Republic 2015. The qualifying phase has already started.

    Wales - Moldova
    Gunnar Jarl Jónsson (ISL)

    Belgium - Cyprus
    Markus Hameter (AUT)

    Scotland - Luxembourg
    Dennis Antamo (FIN)

    Belarus - Iceland
    Stephan Klossner (SUI)

    Andorra - Russia
    Laurent Kopriwa (LUX)

  12. Brazil - Russia
    Howard Webb, Michael Mullarkey, Peter Kirkup [ENG]

    1. Thanks!
      Many complaints in Eq. Guinea - Cape Verde (4-3) for the fourth goal scored by home team, which led to the win.

      Referee: Mahamadou Keita (Mali)

    2. Thomas H.25/3/13 16:13

      One Cape Verde player, Guy Ramos, expressed his regret that he hadn't headbutted the referee and called it matchfixing on Twitter...

    3. Why did they complain? Too long extra-time or a foul in the 4-3?

    4. If you watch and listen the video, the commentator talks about the possible foul on the defender, so I think this was the reason for CAPE VERDE complaints.

    5. Clear foul on defender not detected...

    6. Fourth official in Brazil-Russia is Atkinson.

  13. Spain will face France also at U-20 World Cup in Group A. Very interesting.

  14. Italy-Ukraine
    AAR2 Sangiovanni raised a offside-flag but it was a backpass (from a defender) at the beginning of second half. On the subsequent action, a penalty might have been whistled, probably two mistakes in one, but this flag is unacceptable at this level.

    1. sorry of course I meant AR2, not AAR2

  15. Anonymous25/3/13 19:52

    No Skomina at qualifiers matches.Why?

    1. He was appointed on last October, Italy-Denmark.
      Remember that FIFA has to appoint many referee, in these qualifiers matches we can't see always the same names.

  16. Other appointments taken from Refereeing World / FIFA


    Mexico – USA
    Referee: Walter Lopez (GUA, photo)
    Assistant Referee 1: Gerson Lopez (GUA)
    Assistant Referee 2: Hermenerito Leal (GUA)
    Fourth Official: Oscar Reyna (GUA)

    Panama – Honduras
    Referee: Jair Marrufo (USA)
    Assistant Referee 1: Eric Boria (USA)
    Assistant Referee 2: Charles Morgante (USA)
    Fourth Official: Baldomero Toledo (USA)

    Costa Rica – Jamaica
    Referee: Enrico Wijngaarde (SUR)
    Assistant Referee 1: Ramon Louisville (SUR)
    Assistant Referee 2: Egberth Paesch (ARU)
    Fourth Official: Rudolph Angela (ARU)


    Bolivia – Argentina
    Referee: Enrique Osses (CHI)
    Assistant Referee 1: Francisco Mondria (CHI)
    Assistant Referee 2: Carlos Astroza (CHI)
    Fourth Official: Julio Bascunan (CHI)
    Observer: Jorge Larrionda (URU)

    Ecuador – Paraguay
    Referee: Sandro Ricci (BRA)
    Assistant Referee 1: Emerson Carvalho (BRA)
    Assistant Referee 2: Alessandro Rocha (BRA)
    Fourth Official: Paulo Oliveira (BRA)
    Observer: Oscar Julian Ruiz (COL)

    Venezuela – Colombia
    Referee: Antonio Arias (PAR)
    Assistant Referee 1: Rodney Aquino (PAR)
    Assistant Referee 2: Dario Gaona (PAR)
    Fourth Official: Enrique Caceres (PAR)
    Observer: Alberto Tejada (PER)

    Chile – Uruguay
    Referee: Nestor Pitana (ARG)
    Assistant Referee 1: Diego Bonfa (ARG)
    Assistant Referee 2: Gustavo Rossi (ARG)
    Fourth Official: Saul Laverni (ARG)
    Observer: Carlos Alárcon (PAR)

  17. OFC

    New Caledonia – Tahiti
    Referee: Rakesh Varman (FIJ, photo)
    Assistant referee: Noel Berry (SOL)
    Assistant referee: Terry Piri (COK)
    Fourth official: John Saohu (SOL)

    Solomon Islands – New Zealand
    Referee: Averii Jacques (TAH)
    Assistant referee: Paul Ahupu (TAH)
    Assistant referee: Kaloata Chilia (VAN)
    Fourth official: Robinson Banga (VAN)

  18. AFC

    Jordan – Japan
    Referee: Alireza Faghani (IRN, photo)
    Assistant Referee 1: Hassan Kamranifar (IRN)
    Assistant Referee 2: Reza Sokhandan (IRN)
    Fourth official: Saeid Mozaffari (IRN)

    Korea – Qatar
    Referee: Yuichi Nishimura (JPN)
    Assistant Referee 1: Toru Sagara (JPN)
    Assistant Referee 2: Toshiyuki Nagi (JPN)
    Fourth official: Yudai Yamamoto (JPN)

    Australia – Oman
    Referee: Ravshan Irmatov (UZB)
    Assistant Referee 1: Abduxamidullo Rasulov (UZB)
    Assistant Referee 2: Bakhadyr Kochkarov (KGZ)
    Fourth official: Dmitriy Mashentsev (KGZ)

    Uzbekistan – Lebanon
    Referee: Abdul Bashir (SIN)
    Assistant Referee 1: Tzu Lee (SIN)
    Assistant Referee 2: Yew Mun Tang (SIN)
    Fourth official: Muhammad Jahari (SIN)

  19. Serbia - Scotland

    Referee: Istvan Vad (HUN)
    Observer: Athanasios Briakos (GRE)

  20. I watched almost the whole second half (starting from 55') of Korea Rep. - Qatar officiated by Nishimura. As always, very firm and at the same time calm style by the Japanese referee. He gave several correct cards, but the end was really challenging. Many wasting of time by Qatar players since they were able to score the 1-1, and he gave 5 minutes as additional time. Two riot happened in the last minutes, the first was very difficult to calm down and Nishimura was immediately helped by both assistants (excellent cooperation), then the second was a minor one. Qatar did two substitutions in the added time, trying to keep the 1-1 score, but Nishimura was able to give a further minute and then in the 96' Korea Rep. scored an epic goal which led to the final win (2-1). I can't give a full opiniom, since I missed the whole first half, but the impression was again good with the experienced Nishimura on the middle. His assistants (as often for AFC trios happen) are always alert.

    1. The same counts for me. I also watched his performance, already starting in the 20th minute though. From what I saw, faultless performance. Good management, although he was unable to prevent these riots, but it was not his fault. And yes, specially Sagara is always 100% concentrated. Complete mental focusing, this even becomes clear by his running method and flag movements..

    2. Many interesting results in AFC qualifiers.
      Jordan - Japan 2-1
      Australia - Oman 2-2
      and the very important win by Uzbekistan against Lebanon
      I think we could see at least a surprise in Brazil about Asian national teams.

    3. Uzbekistan have rapidly improved their position within AFC zone. They were at U-17 WC 2011, have - to my mind - one of the three or four best referees in the world and are now also present at U-20 WC 2013 and very likely WC 2014..whoever is responsible for the development of football, this Uzbek has done his job very well.

  21. The one of goal-lines is too wide at our National Stadium :D They must paint it in green a bit :D

    Observer: Ferenc Gera Szekely (HUN)
    Delegate: Gerhard Sager (SWE)

    1. What happened in the U21 friendly Poland - Latvia?
      3 red cards, can't believe that.

    2. In 25' there was riot after one of the fouls resulted in two red cards. The third red card was for DOGSO in 52'.

  22. In the first minutes of the match, already two penalties whistled by Serdar Gözübüyük, the first scored by Italy, the second missed by Malta. In the second case also YC (to Buffon), all correct decisions, well done. It seemed a easy match on the paper, but for now very difficult!

  23. Albania - Lithuania
    Ivaylo Stoyanov, Ivaylo Milkov, Plamen Hadzhiysky (BUL)

  24. Penalty?

    1. Very difficult decision to take, always the same problem wth these handballs! Here to me seems more nothing than penalty because the distance is minimal and the defender jumping surely doesn't want to commit a handball. But his action with arms and hands is stupid.
      We can accept this whistle, but in my opinion not a mistake in both cases.

      Reading several sites, it seems that Kassai missed a big penalty to Spain in 31' when Lloris fouled an opponent in the box.
      Looking for video.

    2. It was perfectly seen. I ensure you that you will at first think it is a penalty. But it was not, the striker (was it Pedro?) fell a few moments before there was a touch with Lloris. Clear case of conning, excellent decision.
      Apart from that, the typical Kassai. He missed a couple of fouls and should have issued one yellow card for a reckless challenge.

    3. Concerning POL-SMR, difficult, but rather no penalty to my mind. In this case I really must ask how one can suspect any form of deliberate or reckless act behind it. Do you have seen someone who can jump without having his arms spread a bit from his body? Me not.

    4. You are 100% right, and I again repeat myself: the problems about handballs are caused by the rules. The rules are wrong, there aren't objective criteria. One referee can whistle each handball, another referee can consider everything as unintentional.

      I have found Kassai video:
      Excellent decision, agere with you, absolutely no penalty, but tell me how he was able to detect that, being so far away and having also a player obstructing his view (see the video).
      Sometimes we don't underline so much these masterpieces...

    5. Great decision. And SO also quite simple …

      How did Eriksson do in the England game, I observed him last time around, was doing ok (missed last night due to refereeing myself!)

  25. Anonymous26/3/13 21:57

    No penalty. Good call by kassai but it seems that ring told him that there wasn't any fault. On French télévision, replays show clearly that Pedro is falling down before lloris is coming. So obvious exageration of the contact by spanish player.
    But after that, many complains by spaniards and a player is touching kassai on the post non-penalty call.
    In general, another lenient match by hungarian referee. Some clear fouls forgotten.
    Eros with good offside décisions but perhaps a big mistake on 13"mn with an offside flagged after a throw-in!!!! ( Arsene Wenger said on French télévision "what the hell there is offside on a throw in"). Didier Deschamps seems to be furious too. But you don't see the flag on TV screen.
    High performance of gyorgi Ring : offside positions 100 % correct and probable help on penalty call.

    Kind regards from Paris


    1. Can't believe a flag on throw in I will download surely the whole match

    2. Anonymous26/3/13 22:28

      I watched that situation. I believe it was a free kick call due to holding by Ribery. And not for offside by Ribery, because it was indeed after a throw-in.

    3. Anonymous26/3/13 23:08

      Yes i believe that too chefren but French commentators and consultant say that the flag was up...and kassai if i m correct doesn't indicate clearly the Free kick it s Little weird situation ;)

  26. Anonymous26/3/13 22:16

    And now see kassai at 56" : How is possible that Pedro was not booked here !! It's orange card here ! Just Free kick....unbelievable....

    another handball penalty in second half in Poland - San Marino

  28. Correct sending-off, stupid action by the French player.
    I missed this situation in 56' to be honest, or at least I do not know which scene you exactly mean.
    I can imagine that the Spanish newspapers will flame Kassai for the non given penalty.
    Kassai has not shown his best performance thus far, as I already said in the half-time break, he missed too many things today.

    Halis Ozkahya with a decent performance in a not challenging match GER-KAZ. Weaknesses in foul detection though.

    1. Anonymous27/3/13 10:16

      a very unconventional referee who was not always correct, but he is always referred to as topreferee.

  29. Anonymous26/3/13 22:56

    Clattenburg with a good performance Penalty and cards were correct.

    1. I just saw the 1-0 goal. Lens committed a foul before it (high leg/studs a bit up -> dangerous play). Should not have counted to my mind.

  30. Strahonja's penalty was undoubtfully correct.

  31. Ken-Henry Johnsen with a very poor performance in the match as easy as POLAND - SAN.MARINO, complety lost its many fauls of the SAN.MARINO, was treated for 38 year old too kindly, and egg yolks should be kell. My rating for the NORWEIGAN - 6,7

  32. I have seen Mazic and Aydinus full. Quite good performances by both.
    There is a penalty by Aydinus for Denmark. Tackle is obvious from behind. The mistiming by Bulgarian defender results in this relatively out of control contact. Enough for a penalty, imo.
    Mazic was ok with rejecting penalty appeals of Turkey.

    And, a word must be said on Kassai. I have seen second half. Seemingly, still one of highest rank of Europe refereeing.

    1. I totally agree, Catagay! Mažić and Aydinus are " ripe " for the elite.
      Serbian referees are tactically very well prepared for a tough game in Istanbul. He recognized the nature of the match in the first part of the act as a prevention, with full control.

  33. OH MY GOD!!!!

    1. Dreadful...
      Good management afterwards by Danish referee.

  34. Be glad it was bit Clattenburg or Webb, because then it would have been only yellow card... By the way, very good the ref preventing that the players go to atack the ukranian player, thats a good prevention of a possible riot...

    1. Totally agree, phenomenal referee's action!

  35. Now watched the situation of the flag after the throw-in, I think that Eros reported a foul by Ribery, if you take a look at Kassai, he doesn't raise the arm, making the clear offside gesture.

    56': Pedro deserved surely a YC

    78': correct sending off for Pogba

  36. African qualifiers
    Egypt - Zimbabwe 2-1
    Diatta on the middle:
    the penalty which decided the match is a correct decision, he gave YC I think that it's borderline to red.

    1. Hm yes should have been red actually. But I think the AR2 talked with Diatta.
      I like the commentary by the way ;)

    2. The commentary, as always when it's Arabic, it's amazing...
      Well, Diatta was with Camara (AR1) and Cheikh Toure (AR2). I don't know why Malick Samba wasn't there.

    3. Agree this is clear red. Strange decision

  37. Seechurn's sending-off, seems correct, although it's not clear where the touch with the hand exactly occurred.

    1. Yes but what about the striker?
      He had a so big chance to score and he made a pass to the keeper? ;)
      Poor action!
      By the way, in my opinion more out than in the bx, so free kick.
      Here it's impossible also for the AR, since the keeper hides the ball with his body, and the touch happens on the other side.

    2. guys, are you sure that the keeper touches the ball with his hand? isn't it struck between his legs all the time?

  38. Luca Banti in Wales Croatia gave this penalty:

    I can understand the call but my feeling is that Wales player was able to run towards the opponent, looking for this inevitable contact.
    See this pic, prior to the contact:
    The arms are already raised and he is ready to make a theatrical fall, but I understand that we can point out all these things only thank to TV images.
    This is the behavior by the players which I don't like.

  39. I am with you 100% here Chef - these penalties should not be given. Needs greater football understanding from the referee. Don't know about Banti, how is he?

    How did my man Clattenburg do btw?

    1. Banti is a "normal" referee here in italy, don't know how to descrive him, he offers regular performances.
      On international level, I think he will not be promoted from Category 1 due to his age, now we have already Rizzoli, Rocchi, Tagliavento and Orsato in the first two categories and that's enough for a few years.
      Admin also knows a bit Banti because he had a Schalke match a few years ago ;)

      I don't know directly about Clattenburg, anyway I have read here that the penalty and his overall performance were ok.

    2. Thomas H.28/3/13 13:27

      I watched Clattenburg, good positioning and good decision for penalty. Cards also correct. I believe there was a foul preceding the first Dutch goal, however.


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