March 21, 2013

Peter Rasmussen has quit international refereeing

Denmark's Peter Rasmussen has decided to immediately quit the international refereeing stage having been a UEFA Elite Development Group member, the second highest referee group within the European football governing body, for nearly two years.

Peter Rasmussen (DEN, 3rd l.) has left the FIFA list (c) Sportsuptodate

In compliance with an article published at Denmark's football federation DBU's official website, 1975 born Rasmussen exposed the incoherency of job, family and refereeing as the basic reason for his international retirement, which has been an idea for a year, as he stated. Thus, he was not able to completely fulfill UEFA's and FIFA's requirements. As a consequence, he found himself unable to cope with the pressure arousing from the various parts of his life. 
Having received threats and having faced heavy medial attention after a non-given penalty in his last UEFA Champions League match between Manchester City and Ajax Amsterdam at the end of 2012 (the penalty would have been in favour of Man.City in the last minute of stoppage time), he denied himself to any further national or international match for several months. He admitted that this incident also fired his decision to leave FIFA refereeing.
Seasoned UEFA referee observer and the chief of DBU's Elite Referee Group Kaj Østergaard expressed his regret concerning Rasmussen's decision, while he stressed that he was "pleased that Peter [had] still the motivation to handle matches on national level, partly because he helped to ensure a high quality of tournaments and because he [was] a role model for younger referee colleagues". 

Rasmussen became an international FIFA referee in 2006, followed by the participation in UEFA's CORE Programme in 2007. His biggest international achievements comprise two matches at UEFA U-21 EURO 2009 Sweden and a couple of Champions League (3) and Europa League (13) matches. He became the first official who conducted a test of the recently established hawk-eye system (Goalline Technology, GLT) when refereeing the friendly match between England and Belgium at Wembley Stadium in June 2012.


  1. A decision taken in full awareness.
    I respect this choice which is surely clear in its reasons.
    If you recognize that you aren't able to assure the best, it means that you are a wise person.

  2. And rightly so, because the REFEREE two metches of the group stage CHAMPIONS-LEAGUE, this season being in poor niespadł still available to the FIRST-CATEGORY. I hope that this place will be july my counrtyman PAUL GIL, because it is in the ELITE-DEVELOPMENT should be PAUL

  3. My short report about Mr. Studer in ITA-BRA match:

    1. I agree with your report!
      The match, even though a friendly, presented several situations in which the cards were mandatory. Players were always fair, but the game was intensive.
      Balotelli stopped himself just a few seconds prior to a reaction and probably a red card...

      I can add several info which surely you will appreciate, Relaxed Man.

      Today Italy-Russia under 21 with Turpin the fourth official is Andrea Romeo. On Monday, Italy-Ukraine (still U21 friendly) the fourth official will be Peruzzo (don't know the main referee).
      Then, other Italian appointments:

      Four Nations Tournament 22/03/13
      Davide Massa

      U21 Friendly Greece-Estonia 22/03/13
      Andrea De Marco
      Massimiliano Grilli - Alessandro Giallatini
      (Edward should know the fourth official)


    2. Hi Chefren

      On Greece - Estonia U21 Friendly the fourth official is Charalampos Kalogeropoulos from Athens (non-fifa)

    3. Of course, really appreciate it!

  4. Something happened in New Zealand - New Caledonia with the AFC trio invited!

    Not even a YC here by Strebre Delovski (AUS).
    It was better to appoint a OFC refere...

  5. No joke, Delovski and the AR1 should be suspended for a couple of weeks to think about their decision and behaviour after it.

    1. Ashley Beecham was the AR1, while David Walsh the second.
      To be honest, AFC appointed a too unexperienced trio, Beecham is 25 years old, born in 1988 (FIFA assistant just from this year). Not enough in my opinion, to be appointed as first assistant in a so important match. Yes, it was New Zealand - New Caledonia, by the way a crucial clash.
      I think that a OFC trio might have performed better.
      More generally, I hope that OFC can return back, appointing only OFC referee for their matches.
      This is not the good way to solve something

  6. Kralovec' performance not so good:

  7. Friendly game, 26/3 20:15
    Slovenia - Sweden

    Referee: Gerhard Grobelnik (AUT)
    AR1: Richard Huebler (AUT)
    AR2: Roland Braunschmidt (AUT)

    1. Sorry, its Slovakia - Sweden

    2. Anonymous27/3/13 10:30

      Grobelnik was a sovereign referee in this game in Zilina

    3. Anonymous30/3/13 21:50

      But he didn't notice some clear fouls


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