March 9, 2013

Turkish Football Federation controverts alleged interview given by Cüneyt Çakır

In the aftermath of last Tuesday's UEFA Champions League match between Manchester United and Real Madrid and of the Turkish officiating team's controversial performance, referee Cüneyt Çakır's media scolding does not come to a rest. 

Returning to his Turkish league duties: Cüneyt Çakır (c)

Following a report concerning alleged statements given by Çakır to a newspaper, the Turkish Football Federation (TFF) has now controverted any form of medial statement given by the match official, since "...Cüneyt Çakır didn't give any interview to any journalist or to any media organisation". The statement furthermore said that he also didn't have any social media account on websites like Facebook, Twitter, etc, because of their rules.
Spanish newspaper AS reported that Çakır "didn't doubt his decisions" and claimed that sending off Nani for his challenge on Álvaro Arbeloa was the correct call. Quotes were also attributed to the 36-year-old which rubbished suggestions that he had an agenda against English clubs after sending off Steven Gerrard, John Terry and Mario Balotelli in previous Uefa competitions.

A UEFA spokesman has reinforced the football body's full support for the referee and his performance. In compliance with the report they received from Çakır, UEFA will desist from punishing ManU defender Rio Ferdinand for his derisive applause after the final whistle.

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  1. Anonymous9/3/13 21:37

    Rumours... Why should he talk to media. UEFA gave a comment. That´s it. All articles by boulevard should be ignored!!!

  2. Mohamed A.Fattah10/3/13 10:43

    My expectation for Tuesday appointments :

    Schalke – Galatasaray: Rizzoli
    Barcelona – Milan : Webb

  3. According to an online newspaper (if google translator did its work properly, which it rarely does), Kassai has CL this week.

  4. It was also rumoured in the other post that Eriksson would have one.. we'll have to see soon

  5. TFF always posts the Turish appointments in CL (teams and referees) always in the early morning, this time I'm sorry Admin: still nothing.
    Even though Gaatasaray is involved in that match.

  6. Schalke - Galatasaray - Jonas Eriksson (SWE)
    Barcelona - Milan - Viktor Kassai (HUN)

  7. Mohamed A.Fattah10/3/13 11:08

    I believe that Rizzoli, Webb , Kassai & Kralovec will get this week 12th and 13th matches. :)

    @Chefren @ Admin

    1. Mohamed A.Fattah10/3/13 11:11

      Taking in consideration Webb today's appointment in FA Cup match Man Utd - Chelsea.

    2. Mohamed A.Fattah11/3/13 14:44

      @Chefren @ Admin

      3 predictions out of 4 is matched.. :) Nice work for me;)

    3. I expected Kralovec and Rizzoli for Wednesday's matches as well, but the other way round, after having read Tuesday's appointments.

  8. Cakir given Totally correct decision on Nani's red card.Nani is acting from the tackle to Arbeloa.Thanks Cakir.I think he is the best referee in the world.


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