April 10, 2013

Málaga CF have started attack on UEFA and Thomson

Spanish club Málaga CF launched an astonishing attack on UEFA and the Scottish whistler following their controversial Champions League loss against Borussia Dortmund, who scored a late winning goal from an offside position in the third minute of stoppage time. 

Málaga president Abdullah Bin Nasser Al Thani today accused UEFA of being "corrupt" and his club blasted Scots referee Craig Thomson following the Spanish side's controversial Champions League exit.
Al Thani launched a furious online outburst last night immediately following Malaga's 3-2 aggregate quarter-final defeat at the hands of Borussia Dortmund in the Westfalenstadion, which saw Dortmund score twice in stoppage time to claim a remarkable win.
Malaga, playing in the competition for the first time, were fuming with some of the decisions made by Craig Thomson and his team of officials. This included Felipe Santana's 93rd-minute winner which he appeared to score from an offside position.
Al Thani last night claimed on Twitter his side had been the victims of "racism", although it was not immediately clear at whom the accusation was directed, and urged UEFA to open an investigation. And the Qatari owner returned to Twitter this morning to continue to show his outrage. "Yes, we were targeted from the beginning of the season by corrupt UEFA and based on racism," he wrote on his personal account, ANAALThani. 
Manager Manuel Pellegrini added: "It was extremely difficult to regain possession under these conditions. We're all extremely bitter at the outcome. There was no refereeing in the last seven minutes. The players were allowed to do whatever they wanted, which made it impossible for us to maintain our lead.
Defender Martin Demichelis said: "We're frustrated. There are ways of losing in this sport but when something happens like that it hurts much more. I'm convinced there there were two offsides."

In December, Malaga accused UEFA of unfair and unjust treatment after they were handed a one-season ban from European competition - to be imposed if the club qualify for the Champions League or Europa League during any of the next four seasons - due to outstanding debts.
Málaga's responsibles seem to have forgotten that their leading goal, the 1:2 scored in the 82nd minute, resulted from a clear offside position as well.
It is the second time that a club publicly beefs about Craig Thomson's refereeing after Schalke 04 and their representatives had also criticized his decision in the media in 2012.


  1. A interesting question about which we can discuss: when the goalkeeper is the second-last defender and the offside line must be marked on him, how to act if he is almost lying on the ground and his hands are clearly behind his body (trying a save)? It's the case of the last offside: if the hands are the correct position from which we have to draw the line, the NO-FLAG remains still a mistake but maybe less blatant than it appears.
    I'm honest, I don't know how it works in this case. But I think that since the hands can be used to play the ball by the keeper, the offside line has to be marked there.

    1. Good remark, nonetheless in this case it is irrelevant, because even if the hand are the position we must draw the line from, Santana was still nearer to the goalline.

    2. the hands should be taken into account in this situation, as you correctly noted, because the goalkeeper may play with his hands.
      however, it doesn't make any difference in this case as niclas mentions above

  2. Anonymous10/4/13 15:39

    Craig Thomson is the worst referee ever. Take a look what he did in a decisive EURO 12 qualification match.


    1. Anonymous10/4/13 16:38

      In that case - I'm extremely impressed by Mr Thomson! To be the worst referee ever in the whole wide world among so many others in every level in every country and still manage to advance to the highest category of UEFA and referee some of the biggest games in the world in Euro 2012, Champions League and Europa League... Wow!


  3. I find it incredible that teams and directors of teams are allowed to come out and complain of racism. Yes for sure the two offsides are incorrect and the Thomson's team season is over as far as UEFA is concerned but racism, get a grip.

  4. Anonymous10/4/13 19:53

    Legend spanish Lopez Nieto talks about this
    http://www.marca.com/2013/04/10/futbol/liga_campeones/1365589781.html (in spanish I'm sorry)


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