April 16, 2013

Referee Observers for UEFA CL and EL Semifinals

These are the UEFA referee observers for the matches of the round of the last four, the semifinals of UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League.

Bertrand Layec will observe Bayern - FC Barcelona (c) L'équipe
23 April 2013, 20:45 CET, UCL 
Bayern München - FC Barcelona
UEFA Referee Observer: Bertrand Layec (FRA)
UEFA Delegate: Jim Stjerne Hansen (DEN)

24 April 2013, 20:45 CET, UCL
Borussia Dortmund - Real Madrid
UEFA Referee Observer: Hugh Dallas (SCO)
UEFA Delegate: Petr Fousek (CZE)
> Howard Webb will not take charge of this match.

25 April 2013, 21:05 CET, UEL
Fenerbahce - Benfica
UEFA Referee Observer: Terje Hauge (NOR)
UEFA Delegate: Harry Been (NED)

25 April 2013, 21:05 CET, UEL
Basel - Chelsea FC
UEFA Referee Observer: Herbert Fandel (GER)
UEFA Delegate: Sergio Di Cesare (ITA)
> Felix Brych and Nicola Rizzoli will not take charge of this match.

30 April 2013, 20:45 CET, UCL
Real Madrid - Borussia Dortmund
UEFA Referee Observer: Jozef Marko (SVK)

01 May 2013, 20:45 CET, UCL
FC Barcelona - Bayern München
UEFA Referee Observer: Bo Karlsson (SWE)

02 May 2013, 21:05 CET, UEL
Benfica - Fenerbahce
UEFA Referee Observer: Manuel López Fernández (ESP)

02 May 2013, 21:05 CET, UEL
Chelsea FC - Basel
UEFA Referee Observer: Nuno Castro (POR)


  1. Fandel in the first leg of Basel - Chelsea FC should mean something.
    As you can notice, at least for now (waiting for Benfica - Fenerbahçe appointment) he is the only committee member in Europa League semifinals.
    This probably means that the referee appointed for Basel - Chelsea has chances for CL final. And he is a man not from Germany or Italy.

  2. It is also a help to know that Castro is in Chelsea. He observed Björn Kuipers and Alberto Undiano this season, so both should be out for this match.

    1. BTW A Scottish observer in Dortmund is a strange choice after Dortmund - Malaga ;D

      It's anyway important to remember that this match (Borussia - Rea) was officiated in group D by Kassai (first leg) and Cakir (second).
      So, both are surely out. I think it's almost impossible to get the same match twice in a CL edition.
      Kassai should get the first or second leg of Bayern match.

    2. And I would say Munchen for him, not Barcelona, because Camp Nou was hist last appointment in CL.
      So Kassai almost sure of Bayern - Barcelona.
      The observer should be ok, Layec...

  3. I think it is possible that UEFA have sent a commitee member (Herbert Fandel) to assess Cuneyt Cakir after the Manchester United-Real Madrid controversy. Do you think he can still get the Champions League final?

    1. I think Cuneyt Cakir will get Basel vs Chelsea.

  4. Bertrand Layec is becoming a very important observer for UEFA. He observed Cakir in last year's CL semi-final. Then he observed Brych in the Real Madrid-Manchester United and now another CL semi-final. Do you think he will become a committee member?

  5. Anonymous16/4/13 16:26

    UEFA appointed, for the first and second leg, all six referees ( assistants, AAR and fourth official) not just referee for all matches. Means that the national Federations don`t appoint the Assistants, AAR`s and IV official for the semifinal.....

  6. Webb, Mullarkey, Cann have a League One (!) match on Saturday. Could that be a hint for Bayern-Barca...

    The referee for Dortmund is a bit difficult, if we exclude Kassai and Cakir because of the group stage match, and maybe Skomina because of the R16 match, there are only Rizzoli and Proenca left... Or maybe Kuipers?

  7. Anonymous16/4/13 17:11

    it's a tricky decision.
    For the first leg maybe, Rizzoli in Dortmund-R.Madrid and Skomina in Bayern-Barcelona.

    Webb and Proença for the second leg

  8. Anonymous16/4/13 17:55

    If we predict Kassai for BAY-BAR (and it should be quite a safe bet), it'll probably be the first leg (as Kassai was in Barcelona in R16). Skomina should get the 2nd leg (perhaps it's time to test him in a really, really big match).

    I doubt Proenca for Dortmund-Real. He probably does not need Dallas to observe him ...

  9. Difficult to predict.
    At the moment I would make it like that:

    Bayern-Barcelona: Kassai
    Dortmund-Real: Skomina
    Real-Dortmund: Proenca
    Barcelona-Bayern: Webb (he already had this match once in his palmarès)

    Basel-Chelsea: Kralovec
    Fenerbahce-Benfica: Undiano Mallenco
    Benfica-Fenerbahce: Eriksson
    Chelsea-Basel: Kuipers

    An alternative we could keep in mind:
    Basel-Chelsea to Skomina with Fandel as a pre-Wembley test and Rizzoli to Dortmund-Real.

    1. Thomas H.16/4/13 19:50

      Wouldn't Kuipers be out for Chelsea - Basel, having already had Castro as observer this season?

    2. Anonymous16/4/13 20:04

      Hm, Skomina in Dortmund twice in a row? Doubtful. As same as Webb in Barcelona, IMO, for a reason you have staded - already had this same match a couple of season ago ...

    3. Anonymous16/4/13 20:04


    4. Anonymous16/4/13 21:44

      Not possible Proença for Mourinho.
      Proença for Bayern-Barça.

    5. Anonymous17/4/13 07:15

      That's not a reason against. Proenca already had Real with Mourinho in charge before.

    6. Brych refereed Real-ManU although Khedira and Özil are Germans and played for Real..that's no problem UEFA should be interested in I think.

  10. Anonymous16/4/13 19:41

    I don't think Undiano Mallenco will get another match this season after Celtic-Juve clash and official protests by Scottish club.

    - - - - -


  11. CONCACAF Champions League final.

    1ST LEG: Garcia Orozco
    2NS LEG: Rodriguez

    Both teams are from Mexico, too. A full Mexican scene.

    Surely, an important news. He is still highly considered by CONCACAF. And maybe also by FIFA.

    1. Thomas H.16/4/13 21:12

      CONCACAF always uses referees from the same country, if the teams are from the same country. All this means, is that Garcia and Rodriguez are regarded as the top two Mexican officials, and we knew that already.
      But maybe the question who is Mexico's no.1 is resolved by looking at the referee for the second, deciding leg... ;)

      By the way, what do we think about this policy? Does it allow better refereeing or not? I think it depends on the match, but on the whole it's better to follow UEFA's policy on this matter, in order to relieve the pressure on the referee. Also, a foreign referee is often met with more respect than a national one. One last argument (not a very good one): let's keep the Champions League special ;)

    2. Anonymous16/4/13 21:37

      The situation is very different because CONCACAF does not have as many high level referees as UEFA.

    3. Very interesting speech.
      The policy used by CONCACAF is accepted by teams and the fans, because they are accustomed. This is the first thing to underline. UEFA uses to act in a different way, also because we have many countries with a highly developed refereeing. Nevertheless, the statement by Anonymous is not totally true. CONCACAF maybe has lass countries with high-level referees, but if they want, they can appoint a man from a different country. So, it's their choice. I respect it. Of course, the only important thing is that the referees must come from a different city than the two teams involved. And that should be enough, in order to assure neutrality.
      I don't think that merely based on the countries, we can say that a referee is better or worse for a certain match. All depends on the feelings of the fans. Furthermore, it's also a geographic speech. For example, USA is a made by 50 states, but they are one country. Canada is one of the biggest states of the world. Mexico, too. So, CONCACAF includes a very wide land, but at the and, just a few countries. Therefore, even though in those contries the refereeing is on a high level, it's clear that they have not a big choice.
      Having said that, I hope a development for Caribbean countries.

    4. Anonymous17/4/13 13:36

      Mexico is no. 1 in CONCACAF by far. Do not forget that Mexico had two refs at the last World Cups, Archundia and Rodriguez. They also used to referee several CCL finals with two Mexican teams involved. Now, Rodriguez and Garcia are the top refs.

    5. I think that looking for the future, Joel Aguilar, Mark Geiger and Roberto Garcia have the biggest potential and politics behind them. So I also predict these 3 as sure names for 2014 WC..

    6. Anonymous17/4/13 15:07

      That is correct, but those few neutral good refs are being kept for matches with only one Mexican team involved. When there are two Mexican teams, Mecican refs are the best choice in CONCACAF.

    7. I can only say that in the only final I saw from Rodriguez in Mexico (that was a national league final), it was a disastrous performance, he completely lost any form of control and was suspended afterwards for showing two yellow cards at the same time (he really had 2 cards, not only 1).
      So it might be that Mexican officials are good for those matches. But I hope Rodriguez will do better than in this match.

  12. I think Webb will get Bayern - Barcelona match along with his FIFA World Cup assistants.

  13. BTW:
    Tow same incidents in two different leagues :)
    Clatts and Kalkavan forgot their cards in the same match week.



  14. Thomas H.16/4/13 21:06

    Webb's been "relegated" to a League One match, according to the British press, after a bad performance in the Newcastle derby.

    By the way, I like your predictions Niclas. I've given it a try myself.

    CL Semi-finals
    Bayern-Barca: Kassai
    Dortmund-Real: Skomina
    Real-Dortmund: Proenca
    Barca-Bayern: Rizzoli

    The top 4 talented officials in Europe to my view would lead the CL semi-finals - in my ideal world :) Skomina could be tested for the final. Rizzoli should show better performances for a final IMO, starting with this crucial match.

    EL Semi-finals
    Basel-Chelsea: Kuipers
    Fenerbahce-Benfica: Undiano
    Benfica-Fenerbahce: Collum
    Chelsea-Basel: Eriksson

    Kuipers gets his SF on merit, just like Collum. In fact, a CL (or EL) final for him would be warranted based on performances, however I think Brych and Skomina are more obvious candidates for the former (I'll get on to the latter in a minute).
    Undiano partly gets his appointment on political grounds, I don't think the committee would exclude Spanish officials completely from the final stages of the two top competitions. Also I think Undiano's style would fit to the match.
    Eriksson gets the match I think would fit to him excellently, I'd imagine a fast-flowing, physical game, but not too much distraction from the football.
    Collum is, after his promotion at the start of the season, one of the best and most consistent officials of the Elite group. I think he'd fully deserve this appointment and has already shown he can handle hot matches. I thought of sending him to Turkey, but maybe it's too much to go again. Perhaps he could be switched with Undiano if the committee wants a more experienced official in the second leg. Collum would be a slight surprise and maybe even risk, but we know Collina is not afraid to throw his referees in the deep end ;) One last thing about Collum - are his assistants up to it? We've seen Scotland's supposedly top assistant referees fail miserably in Dortmund, does the committee trust their understudies to do better?

    Then to the finals...

    CL Final
    Real Madrid-Barca: Felix Brych
    German team - Spanish team: Damir Skomina

    I'd like to see Brych for a Clasico final, I think he really deserves it and can handle it. In other cases I'd go for Damir Skomina, who seems ready. Dortmund - Real should be a good test (if he gets the appointment of course) and his style would fit a Spanish-German clash. I'd see Kuipers (on merit) and Rizzoli (on reputation and ability) as outsiders.

    EL Final:
    No Chelsea: Mark Clattenburg
    Chelsea - ... : Stephane Lannoy

    EL final would be deserved for Kuipers, but if the rule is that he may not referee a home final (I actually think it's a good idea; it would save UEFA money!) Clattenburg would be a good option. Again a big if (perhaps a too big if): Chelsea must be knocked out. If they go through, the final might just fall to Stephane Lannoy, who showed a good CL performance in Istanbul and seems free from injury.

    So many names, so many games... I'll probably be dead wrong, but at least predicting is fun ;)

    1. Anonymous16/4/13 23:16

      Sorry, completely forgot Collum's match in the last round involved Fenerbahce as well... Insert Clattenburg for him then, and Lannoy/Kuipers for the final.

    2. Anonymous17/4/13 07:19

      Skomina twice in a row in Dortmund? Don't think so. And where is Webb? Clattenburg for the final? He wasn't really good in his last CL match ...

  15. Delegate for Dortmund Real Fousek Petr (CZE) AND Fener-Benfica Been Harry (NED)

  16. Anonymous17/4/13 00:00

    My prediction:
    Bayern-Barca: Kassai --> reason as I posted last week: He was in Camp Nou in quarter finals and he officated Dortmund-Real.

    Dortmund-Real: Kuipers --> He either had Dortmund nor Real.My favorite was Webb, but thus he is out of the clash according to Hugh Dallas, I´ve to chose another one. For me, it´s Kuipers: He had good performance in quarterfinal.

    Barca-Bayern: Proenca --> He had no matches of them in this season. Furthermore, the world ref of 2012 gets the clash between No 1 and No 2 of Europe --> very romantic ;-)
    Besides, UEFA can avoid a match including ref of Portugal, coach of Portugal and superstar of Portugal.

    Real-Dortmund: Webb --> I have no doubts that he´ll get a semi. Because of my predictions for the other three matches, this one is the onliest possibility.

    best regards, phil

    1. Anonymous17/4/13 14:02

      Phil, what about Skomina? Does he not deserve a semifinal in your opinion?

    2. Anonymous17/4/13 23:28

      No, I don´t say that he doesn´t deserve a semi. I think he is a bit too unexperienced to get one of those semis in CL. To explain it because he is a good ref: These can be four very challinging matches, so we need refs who are - without any doubt- able to handle them. Looking on Skomina´s matches of the last two years (including EURO), I see some good matches but not the real top clashes (Valencia-Atletico or Real-ManCity are interesting but not top matches). I believe that he is able to handle them, but he has to show it. And a semi final of CL is no place to test somebody. Because of this, I would like to see him in EL semi or in EL final. I prefer him in a final of Chelsea-Benfica.
      I know my attitude is a bit strange and conservative but I don´t want to see again a semi like Chelsea-Barca with Ovrebo. For me the same case, he had several good matches but no top clash and then he wasn´t able to handle the semi.

      best regards phil

    3. Hm. At least I think that before MD1, Real-Man City was THE top clash of the whole matchday. Nobody could know Man City would fail in such a way during the coming season.
      Furthermore, matches like Real-Lyon, Schalke-Inter, Benfica-ManU, Arsenal-Milan, Chelsea-Benfica, Valencia-Atlético, England-Sweden, Germany-Greece, Chelsea-Atlético..all these were big matches and he did well in most cases. Dortmund-Shakhtar was an important game, too, as both teams surprised in a positive manner in their groups. As the first leg was 2:2, nobody could know the second leg would be thus clear and thus easy. And the fact that he was left out during the quarterfinals from both competitions is something which unequivocally indicates he will get a CL semifinal, at least..
      I understand your view, but I doubt UEFA shares it.

    4. Anonymous18/4/13 13:06

      Agreed. I sincerely believe that there are only two options open for Skomina this season - one of the legs of BAY-BAR or BAS-CHE as a test for Wembley.

  17. The members of the judiciary UEFA maches REAL with BORUSSIA, it could meanthat one of team gets to me EROPA-LEAGUE-FINAL.

  18. Peter Edibe of Nigeria has been appointed to take charge of matches at CONFED CUP.

    = Néant Alioum, Evarist Menkouande and Peter Edibe seems to be the first trio we know.

    1. Is that official?
      According to Philipp news, they should select the official only in at the end of May.

    2. Nigeria's press has released this news and in the past, they were always very reliable.

    3. By the way...at the end of May the referees are going to be RELEASED (on the FIFA website)..this does not mean the national federations and officials themselves do not know it earlier. And one of them must have broken the silence, at least in Nigeria.

    4. Very interesting! So if confirmed, Alioum will be able to handle matches only in group A (Brazil, Japan, Mexico, italy), since in group B there is Nigeria.
      We have to underline that FIFA is trusting very much in this young referee. The Confederations Cup would be his third FIFA tournament. And we must add two AFCON... impressive palmares at the age of 30.

    5. But keep in mind, even though it seems reliable, it could also be that this news is wrong. And even if Edibe is there, there is also the opportunity that Alioum will only get matches as a fourth official. We do not know it by now.

    6. BTW there should be a mistake in FIFA official documents, about Alioum.
      He is reported to be born 01/01/1982 while according to my sources it should be 17/07/1982.
      Do you know which date is the correct one?

  19. I have three dates..
    Weltfussball: 17 July 1982
    Starafrica: 16 July 1982
    FIFA: 01 January 1982...
    so we may choose..:D

    1. 16 or 17July is not a big difference, maybe he was born around midnight :D
      I think that 01/01 is the wrong one. They probably didn't know the date and they wrote 01/01 as default.

  20. Benfica Fener Lopez Fernandez Manuel (Esp)

  21. Hi everyone!

    We just spoked to a pre-selected ref and he told us the following about the confederations cup: NOBODY was selected for the tournament in Brazil, they will be only selected after the courses that FIFA is doing in every federation. The confusion came to the air because FIFA send all the referees the papers so that they can do their visas in case they need them. (In fact all the referees thought that they had been selected and then they noticed that all got the same papers) So its completely FALSE that FIFA already selected the referees, and of course, it is false that Alioum and Edibe are going to the Confederations, that is not confirmed.


  22. Great info, makes a lot clearer. Thanks!

  23. Anonymous18/4/13 10:51

    B.Dortmund-R.Madrid Rizzoli
    Bayern-Barça Proença
    R.Madrid-BD Webb
    Barça-Bayern Skomina

    1. Anonymous18/4/13 19:29

      Yes, Kassai out. I hope.....

    2. There there...
      He is one of Europe's best, no reason to leave him out..

  24. This time the RFEF documents do not reveal a Spanish sextet in UEL semifinals. So it could mean that Undiano is out for the first week, or that they did not update it, or that UEFA intervened and asked them to not mention these confidential appointments.

  25. I don't think Undiano will see a further game after his performance in the Celtic- Juventus match.

  26. CL final really does seem to have Rizzoli's name on it. Everything has fallen into place for him, including the draw, Carkir's controversy and observers. Still think the Turk has a chance, but if not, he is surely a certainty for next season.

    As others have stated, the 3rd candidate is Skomina ..

  27. Anonymous20/4/13 17:08

    Out of topic: Marriner to referee FA Cup final: Simon Child and Simon Long are assistants

  28. Anonymous20/4/13 17:57

    Coupe de la Ligue - final:

    AS Saint-Etienne Loire - Stade Rennais FC
    REF: Ruddy Buquet
    AR1: Guillaume Debart
    AR2: Cyril Saint Cricq Lompre
    4OF: Olivier Thual

  29. It is Kassai for Bayern-Barcelona.


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