April 9, 2013

UEFA controverts alleged punishment against Stark

According to a report of the publicly governed Catalan TV3 channel, the complaint lodged by FC Barcelona against German match official Wolfgang Stark for being unaware of the Laws of the Game has been accepted and confirmed by UEFA. Europe's football governing body has controverted every form of a punishment issued against the German though.

Red Card to Wolfgang Stark? (c) Weltonline
The report said that the UEFA referee committee headed by Italian Pierluigi Collina had allegedly reproached Stark for a total number of three infringements of the Laws of the Game. In compliance with the report, UEFA hence considered his dealing with two injured Barcelona players as irregular. Stark did not stop play immediately when two Barcelona defenders collided in their own penalty area. Furthermore, he asked both of them to leave the field of play and allowed them to reenter it from the goalline. All these three procedures are infringements of Law 5, as UEFA allegedly testified.
Therefore, the Catalan TV channel concluded, Wolfgang Stark had been suspended and would not be appointed for any further game in this UEFA season 2012/13.
Following the report, he had been the major favourite to take charge of 2013 UEFA Champions League final to be held in London's Wembley Stadium.
This report was rejected by a UEFA spokesman in the early evening.

source: Welt Online


  1. It would be interesting to know if a mistake like this is evaluated by UEFA heavier than a crucial mistake in penalties, red card, and so on.
    My opinion is that it's surely heavier, because a referee (especially at this level) MUST know everything about the LOTG.
    What do you think?
    It's something like a "technical mistake", for which a match can be declared defective and it must be repeated....

  2. Yes, it should be like that. But something with this report is wrong.
    UEFA has rejected it!

    But even more. Immediately stopping play was not necessary, furthermore, players may reenter the field of play from the goalline as well. Law 5:
    "When the ball is out of play, the injured player may re-enter from any of the boundary lines."

    So 2 opportunities: either UEFA has forgotten the LotG themselves, I do not think so, or this whole report was a medial canard.

    1. My thoughts exactly! The players didn't need immediate attention since he allowed play to continue so he was permitted to send them off the field of play. They can re-enter on the goal line as well since ball was out of play...

      Hope this report is a fake.

  3. Maybe you remeber that immediatly after ManUtd- Real in one spanish newspaper appeared an interview with Cakir .
    Few days later turkish football federation informed that Cakir didn't give any interview.
    Spanish media is not the most reliable in the world...

  4. Right, and therefore it's always a fine line when deciding to post it or not. I won't delete this post now, but I regret it tbh.

    1. Thomas H.9/4/13 19:47

      Better post something with the risk of it becoming irrelevant than not post something and miss something relevant ;)

  5. Do you think that the rumor about Wembley is true?
    Can't believe.... and it's said with all the respect for Stark.

    1. I could believe they planned it in 2012, but not in 2013 actually.

  6. Hi Josef Kosec committed suicide, he fellunder a train. He was to be the last saterday assistant at the Czech-League match, but because of family problemsdid not go. This is the second such case in recent times, at the beginning of 2012 befere the Franchman Stephane Duhamel committed suicide


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