July 26, 2013

Cristina Dorcioman assigned for Solna final

After Teodora Albon having officiated the 2013 UEFA Women's Champions League final in London, it's another Romanian official who may joyfully notice a remarkable final designation in her career: Cristina Dorcioman.

UEFA's Referee Committee, represented by Dagmar Damková and Bo Karlsson at the final tournament in Sweden, has appointed Cristina Dorcioman to handle Sunday's Women's EURO final between Norway and holders Germany. Her group stage matches were the ties between the Netherlands and Iceland as well as Finland vs Sweden.
The 39-year-old, who only joined the list of referees due to the absence of Greek Thalia Mitsi, will be assisted by Spaniard María Luisa Villa Gutierrez and Sian Massey of England. Finland's Kirsi Heikkinen will be the fourth official.

28 July 2013, 16:00 CET, Solna (Stockholm, Sweden)
Germany - Norway
Referee: Cristina Dorcioman (ROU)
Assistant Referee 1: María Luisa Villa Gutierrez (ESP)
Assistant Referee 2: Sian Massey (ENG)
Fourth Official: Kirsi Heikkinen (FIN)
Fifth Official: Lucie Ratajová (CZE)
UEFA Referee Observer: Bo Karlsson (SWE)
UEFA Delegate: Ivančica Sudac (CRO)


  1. Kirsi Heikkinen in final:D Great:)

  2. Anonymous27/7/13 11:54

    Ratajova from Czech republic is the fifth official.

    /Swedish observer

  3. Ivančica Sudac (CRO) is delegate :)

  4. Anonymous28/7/13 11:44

    Bosse Karlsson from Sweden is the referee observer in the final today.

    /Swedish observer

  5. Thanks to both of you :)

  6. Anonymous28/7/13 16:32

    What a horrible 30 minutes so far from her. Awarded a corner to NOR when no german player touched it and then gave a NOR a penalty which was never, in any life, a foul.

    So far, so bad!

  7. Anonymous28/7/13 17:14

    Yes, not a good Performance of the Referee. In 52th Minute she allowed an injured norwegian player to re-enter the game though ball was played not more than 10 metres away....

    André from germany

  8. Anonymous28/7/13 17:20

    Now another awful penalty given, then a clear four missed.

    The crowd is also a bit against her and that crowd knows what's up.

    I get the impression that she has (the order?) to help NOR win...

    1. Anonymous28/7/13 17:21

      Every decision is in favour of Norway it feels.

  9. Anonymous28/7/13 17:24

    Without having seen a replay yet I would say that directly after german gk saved the second Penalty there was a clear foul from german Defender. this would have been the third (an first clear) penalty....

    Correctly disallowed Goal for norway (offside)

    André from germany

    1. Anonymous28/7/13 17:29

      Yep, looked like it. Also the yc against Krahn is just pure comedy...

      Rarely i have seen a worse ref.

  10. To use Swedish observer's words "as coloured as I am", but I felt Dorcioman did extremely badly on the pitch. Both penalties did not exist in my book. Mistakes also besides that. And yes, one could have given a 3rd penalty.

  11. Anonymous28/7/13 18:49

    Not well Cristina Dorcioman.

  12. Anonymous28/7/13 18:50

    Niclas - I am sure that Palmqvist would have made a much better job today :-) But then again, I might be coulored here too :-)

    /Swedish observer (who did not see the match, by the way)

  13. I have watched the crucial decisions of the match: I think that both penalties are wrong. Especially in the second case, the Norwegian player is able to make a dive having noticed that the referee is easy in whistling in the box, this was my feeling.
    And just a few seconds after the save of the keeper, there is a clear ad blatant foul, missed... not the best performance but at the end luckily the score was not influenced.

    1. Anonymous2/8/13 12:30

      Why this woman finalreferee? I think a political decision.

    2. She did very well with her AR in the stage group so she deserved it. Her mistakes:
      - two penalties(3rd not given).
      - Tackle near Kirsi Heikkinen in the first half
      - Corner kick - 1st half
      - Two or three hands when the female players played with arm
      - YC in the second half. She gave the card only by noticing the screaming Norway player.
      - One YC missed in the end for the Norway player for foul in the penalty erea.

      That's from me.


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