August 3, 2013

FIFA World Cup 2014 - Qualifiers Appointments September 2013: CAF Zone

There are already some CAF appointments floating around for the crucial Matchday on 07 September.

Team Haimoudi facing Ghana-Zambia (c)

The big clash of Group D between Ghana and Zambia will be handled by Algerian pre-selected referee Djamel Haimoudi. The other sonorous clash of Group J between Uganda and Senegal will be overseen by pre-selected Daniel Bennett from South Africa. The big match of Group F between Nigeria and Malawi will be controlled by 29 years old Madagascar referee Hamada Nampiandraza. The Tunisia - Cape Verde decider of Group B will be handled by Gambian pre-selected Bakary Gassama. Finally Mahamadou Keita from Mali will be in charge of the Group G match between Zimbabwe and Mozambique.

06 September 
Group D - 18:00 CET Kumasi
Ghana - Zambia
Referee: Djamel Haimoudi (ALG)
Assistant 1: Abdelhak Etchiali (ALG)
Assistant 2: Redouane Achik (MAR)
Fourth Official: Mohamed Bichari (ALG)
Delegate: Nicholas Musonye (KEN)
Observer: Mohamed Bahou (MAR)

07 September
Group B - 20:45 CET Rades
Tunisia - Cape Verde Islands
Referee: Bakary Papa Gassama (GAM)
Assistant 1: Angesom Ogbamariam (ERI)
Assistant 2: Felicien Kabanda (RWA)
Fourth Official: Maudo Jallow (GAM)
Delegate: Etubom Bassey (NIG)
Observer: Essam Siam (EGY)

Group F - 15:00 CET Nairobi
Kenya - Namibia
Referee: Ghead Grisha (EGY)
Assistant 1: Ahmed Elela (EGY)
Assistant 2: Daya Skran (EGY)
Fourth Official: Omar Fahim (EGY)
Group F - 17:00 CET Calabar
Nigeria - Malawi
Referee: Hamada Nampiandraza (MAD)
Assistant 1: Velomanana Ferdinand Jinoro (MAD)
Assistant 2: Jean Thierry Djaonirina (MAD)
Fourth Official: Seth Jaovanona (MAD)
Delegate: Anthony Baffoe (GHA)
Observer: Abdul Radwan (EGY)

Group J - 16:00 CET Lubango
Angola - Liberia
Referee: Slim Jedidi (TUN)
Assistant 1: Bechir Hassani (TUN)
Assistant 2: Anouar Hnila (TUN)
Fourth Official: Nasrallah Jawadi (TUN)

Group J - 21:00 CET Marrakesh
Uganda - Senegal
Referee: Daniel Bennett (RSA)
Assistant 1: Zakhele Thusi Siwela (RSA)
Assistant 2: Aden Marwa Range (KEN)
Fourth Official: Victor Gomes (RSA)
Delegate: Békaye Magassa (MLI)
Observer: Rachid Medjiba (ALG)

08 September
Group G - 15:00 CET Harare
Zimbabwe - Mozambique
Referee: Mahamadou Keita (MLI)
Assistant 1: Jerson Emiliano Dos Santos (ANG)
Assistant 2: Stevens Khumalo (RSA)
Fourth Official: Johannes Muinjo (NAM)
Observer: Charles Kafatia (MWI)

Group H - 17:00 CET Porto Novo
Benin - Rwanda
Referee: Mario Aboubacar (GUI)
Assistant 1: Aboubacar Doumbouya (GUI)
Assistant 2: Abdel Raffi (GUI)
Fourth Official: Jacob Camara (GUI)

10 September

Group H - 21:30 CET Blida
Algeria - Mali
Referee: Eric Otogo-Castane (GBN)
Assistant 1: Theophile Vinga (GBN)
Assistant 2: Serge Meye (GBN)
Fourth Official: Christian Mouity (GBN)


  1. More appointments are coming.

    Angola - Liberia: Jedidi (TUN)
    Kenya - Namibia: Grisha (EGY)
    Benin - Rwanda: Aboubacar (GUI)
    Algeria - Mali: Otogo (GAB)

  2. Are there news about August friendlies appointment?
    I can't find info about Italy-Argentina, for example, to be played on 14 August in Rome.


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