August 13, 2013

Match Situations - Handball 1 - Solutions

The following solution is supposed to clarify the incident having occurred in the Champions League Quarterfinal tie between Real Madrid and Tottenham (2010/11), controlled by German Felix Brych, that was put up for debate in this blog post.

The correct assessment of this situation would have been:

Penalty for deliberate handball (unnatural hand position, movement of the hand towards the ball, significant and decisive enlargement of the player's body volume thus preventing a dangerous shot on goal).

81 % of the voters in the poll have shared this interpretation.


  1. That was an easy one but what do you guys think about that one?

    1. should be direct free kick for real madrid for deliberate handball. no disciplinary sanction should be taken.
      reasoning: even though the attacking player was in offside position, deliberate handling the ball ocurred at the same time (even before the attacking player became active in his position) is more serious infrigement and should be punished. since there wouldn't be any goal scoring opportunity due to the attacker's offside position, the defender didn't deny goal scoring opportunity or any promissing attack. for that reason no card should be issued.


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