August 30, 2013

Match Situations - Handball 3 - Solutions

The following solution is supposed to clarify the incident having occurred in the Bundesliga match between Bayer Leverkusen and Borussia M'gladbach, refereed by Felix Brych, that was put up for debate in this blog post.

The official assessment issued by DFB's referee committee member Lutz Michael Fröhlich upon The Third Team's request:

No deliberate handball and therefore no penalty, because the player who handled the ball (Arango, white 18), raised his arm above his head as a part of a natural movement while jumping and because the player was unable to see the ball coming from his back. Therefore the correct decision would have been letting the play go on.

87 % of the voters in the poll have disagreed with this interpretation - including me. A further post on this current issue in refereeing will follow in due course.


  1. In the clip I see that the player wanted his arm to stay in the position above his body. He just prolonged this action but he knew he had to lower it. So it's a penalty. If the ball had hit him a bit ealier it is a play on.

  2. Tell that DFB please.

  3. We shouln't find here ways to protect the ref. We are here to learn. And seeing the explanation from DFB's referee committee member makes it clear for me why he said so.Just take a look who was the ref.

  4. I did not get that, sorry. You have understood that Brych gave penalty, right?

  5. No, I meant that it was the assesment by Deutch referee committee member and the ref was from Germany.

  6. Ok, but would not it have been smoother for DFB to back their referee then?

  7. But Brych didn't give a penalty and DBF supported him in this decision

    1. Jackkk, the penalty was given...

  8. :) Sorry then. My fault. Good decision!

  9. One can accept such statement if the penalty is not given by the referee (backing the ref by boss). However, saying it's wrong penalty given by Brych is ridiculous IMO. How strict must be Mr. Frohlich - I fear for Szymon Marciniak under his eyes :/

  10. It's basically a strict interpretation of the Laws of the Game. The position of the hands does not automatically mean it is deliberate...of course Fröhlich does not take such instructions and interpretations on his own, the committee and observer at the stadium decide it.

  11. Anonymous4/9/13 12:09

    In most of those cases my general impression is that we have very bad rules. Think about it - there is a big difference between such handball and Suarez's handball against Ghana. Same is the case with fouls near goal-line and fouls in the edge of the box, where 20 players are inside.

    The punishment is the same - penalty from 11 meters. This is against any reasonable punishment theory. That is why referees are always in horrible situations, because they always need to think "was that worth of such a punishment"?

    I see one sensible solution - introduce penalties from different distances. They should be ruled according to the seriousness of the foul and misconduct. For example Suarez's handball should award penatly from five meters. It was practically a goal.
    A minor foul in the edge of the box could be from 20 meters.

    I think this would be a great advance in refereeing of the penalties.

    The punishment should be proportionate to a misconduct. I cannot see why we should not trust this rule in football.

  12. That's an interesting proposal. You are the first one I hear proposing that solution, nice.
    Actually I have little arguments against it, only that in nearly every sports infringements within a certain box in front of the goal / bucket have penalties as a consequence, always from the same distance, no matter what type of infringement it was. But I agree with you that in Suarez' case a penalty without goalkeeper would have been more justified :)


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