September 20, 2013

Klopp's behaviour is inconsistent with Respect campaign

It is quite sure that nobody would have liked to change with Venâncio Raposo Tomé, who was the fourth official at Wednesday's Champions League clash between SSC Napoli and Borussia Dortmund having almost been "eaten" by BVB coach Jürgen Klopp.

Pedro Proença sends off Jürgen Klopp (c)

BVB defender Neven Subotić had left the field of play to undergo medical treatment. When he wanted to return onto the pitch, he did not get the permission by the fourth official as his bleeding still was not totally stopped. Thus he only returned a minute later than planned and just arrived while a pass after a corner kick reached the penalty area and was converted with a header by Gonzalo Higuaín - 1:0 for Napoli. Jürgen Klopp was not amused.

It's always a fine line between emotions and exaggerated outrage or even disrespect. Ignoring that Raposo Tomé had to act in that way and that Klopp actually had no reason to complain (Subotić in fact returned to his position in time), the behaviour of this eccentric coach is a problem. Pushing match officials including the fourth official and confronting them in such an unfilial way is inconsistent with UEFA's Respect Campaign outlined at the stadium as much as possible: with remarks made by the stadium announcer, advertising boards, a patch placed on the jerseys of the referees and a banner that is stretched right at the point where the teams and referees are lining up seconds prior to the Champions League anthem. There is no way to excuse this disrespect during the match. Pedro Proença and Venâncio Raposo Tomé had to send him off and did so. Seconds after his derisive applause, Klopp wanted to shake hands with Raposo Tomé, who however refused to do that. You can sympathize with this reaction (not captured by the video above).

After the match, it was reported that Klopp had apologized for his behaviour and reconciled with Raposo Tomé. That's basically good, nonetheless Klopp should start to think about his role as an idol for many people and his responsibility as a consequence of that. UEFA won't get out of suspending Klopp for at least one Champions League match, that is quite sure. They have to react on disrespect for their match officials and their own respect campaign.


  1. As said the scene was poor. But at the end we must underline that he immediately apologized for his behavior. I don't know if Klopp is accustomed to act often in this way, since I don't follow each Borussia game, but once in a while it can happen, of course. The tension and the pressure for the match are high. Having said that, probably he will get at least 2 matches of ban.

  2. Yes. It is current procedure in Bundesliga and he has not learnt from all his suspensions and fines.

  3. An apology after the match to the official is not enough. He should publicly apologise at the press conference because all the players and coaches learn from this and attempt to replicate it at all levels of play without realising what goes on the scenes at the highest levels.
    Well-warranted coach ejection though. Well handled by Proenca.

    For the sake of entertainment and football, I don't think it will be a very severe sanction because Klopp will miss out on important matches for Dortmund and take away from the enjoyment of watching the match which UEFA stands to gain viewers from.

  4. Small info: Hugo Cruz of Costa Rica has been also nominated for U17 WC.

    1. Anonymous21/9/13 17:38

      Is he replacing Bonilla or has been just added to the list? His name is not on the FIFA web site yet.

    2. It is said that Rodriguez failed a fitness test due to injury, but I cannot confirm that by 100%.

  5. Anonymous24/9/13 14:30

    Normaly 2 matches of ban, but UEFA.........
    Well handled by proenca, top! Klopps Handling terrible!

  6. It is reported that Klopp received a 1 match ban. No comment.

    Furthermore PAOK coach Huub Stevens received a 3 match ban for his behavior on B. Kuipers in P.O. Match PAOK - SCHALKE 04.

  7. Well Klopp perhaps had the luck that Mr Tomé did not report his dissent - in fact he was only sent off after he applauded in an offensive way. Perhaps he was also lucky that Tomé did not understand everything while Stevens was said to have found clear words on Dutch to his countryman..;) But yes, 1 match is definitely too little.


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